Jesse Ventura Withdraws Trump Support with Epic Post: ‘He’s going against the people’s will’

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Former Governor Jesse Ventura, of Conspiracy Theory fame, has officially withdrawn his support of President Donald Trump.

The last straw for Ventura was the Trump administration’s recently announced war on legalized marijuana.

Ventura wrote,

I thought Donald Trump ran his campaign as “a man of the people.” Someone who vowed to end the corporate takeover of our government, someone who vowed to bring jobs back. Even thinking about reversing state law and making legalized recreational marijuana illegal is going against the people’s will. This is going against job creation and a reliable part of a state’s economy. The citizens of these states VOTED to make recreational marijuana legal. It wasn’t the politicians, it was WE THE PEOPLE. Obviously President Trump is following in the footsteps of every president that came before him: he thinks the Government knows what is best for us. He’s been president for a little over a month, and he’s already forgotten that “We the People” are the Government! AND he’s planning on reinstating private prisons? Let’s connect the dots: Private prisons need to be 80 – 90% full to be profitable. If they aren’t, then states pay a fine. Non-violent drug offenders make it possible for private prisons to be full. Reverse legalized recreational marijuana, and private prisons will remain full. That’s his plan, people.

Eight states have fully legalized marijuana at this point, and another 17 are in the process. Not only do 59% of Americans feel that marijuana should be fully legalized, but a whopping 71% also believe the federal government should respect the rights of the states where voters do choose to legalize it.

The thousands of angry responses to Ventura’s post prove that.




This is one place where Trump will lose support across the board. The president can say he’s for state’s rights all day long, but that isn’t going to amount to much if he fills his administration with people like Sessions who directly contradict him in actual practice.

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