Jeff Sessions Announced The End Of State Legalized Marijuana

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Jeff Sessions marijuana

Acting like the authoritarian most know, attorney general Jeff Sessions just announced the end of protections for states that legalized marijuana.

The Justice Department chief effectively withdrew federal guidelines that helped limit prosecutions of businesses and individuals who sold pot in a legal manner under state law because marijuana sales are still banned under federal law. (Keep repeating “I am free…I am free…”)

According to Politico, Sessions said future prosecutions would be up to individual U.S. attorneys. However, the announcement appeared intended to discourage marijuana-related business by being deliberately vague about future federal enforcement efforts. The new approach will probably increase confusion about the legal risk of marijuana-related activity in states that have passed legislation allowing people to grow, buy or use pot.

“Given the Department’s well-established general principles, previous nationwide guidance specific to marijuana enforcement is unnecessary and is rescinded, effective immediately,” Sessions said in a one-page memo sent to federal prosecutors nationwide. In a statement, the attorney general said the department’s earlier guidance “undermines the rule of law” by second-guessing the national drug laws Congress has passed. -Politico


Perhaps a little terrifyingly too,  Justice Department officials who briefed reporters on the announcement declined to say whether the new policy was intended to increase federal prosecutions for marijuana-related crimes. But knowing Sessions, that’s exactly what’s intended.

“I can’t sit here and say whether it will or will not lead to more marijuana prosecutions,” said a senior DOJ official who spoke on condition of anonymity. “We believe U.S. attorneys’ offices should be opened up to bring all of the cases that they believe are necessary to be brought. The Cole memo as interpreted created a safe harbor for the marijuana industry to operate in these states. There is a belief that that is inconsistent with what federal law says,” the official said. “The Cole memo was not consistent with federal law. [Sessions] believes that it’s important that the Department of Justice be enforcing the laws that were enacted by Congress.”


Sessions, a hard-liner against the push to legalize marijuana, has vowed to take a tougher stance since joining the Trump administration last year. In February, Sessions said that while states “can pass the laws they choose,” he maintained that it remained “a violation of federal law to distribute marijuana throughout any place in the United States.”

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  • Phil_Ossifer

    Maybe this isn’t quite what it looks like.

    Could be that Sessions is essentially telling Congress, “Hey, don’t pass laws you don’t want to see enforced to the letter.” In other words…get off your dead asses and revise Federal statutes such that I don’t have to waste precious resources going after pot businesses.

    Trump essentially told Congress the same thing when he officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He was simply enforcing a Clinton-era law that his predecessors (Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama) refused to enforce. “Don’t pass laws that you don’t want to see implemented and enforced.”

    I hope that’s what this is, anyway. We will see.

    • Dooley Knoted

      Great concept, but do you really think that’ll happen!?

      • Phil_Ossifer

        Admittedly I wrote that with much more hope than expectation.

        • Dooley Knoted

          Agreed! Waiting for the perp walk!

        • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

          Not likely, Phil. Sessions has gone on record many times about his fear&loathing of weed…..

    • Nailbanger

      Its all about asset seizure

      • Viktoria Sigrun

        Right. It is called,”The Take Away Program”.

  • idontknow

    Let those in states who have legalized marijuana use a well regulated militia to RESIST any and all armed feds…

    • patriot156

      damned strait!

    • Uncle Sham

      let me know when someone in a legal state is hit with federal charges, until then i’ll refuse to be gaslit

  • YeahRightOkay

    …might as well delete anything and everything to do with our first president…not only was he a slave owner…he made his own moonshine whiskey…and to put the cherry on the top to remove anything to do with George Washington…his main crop was mary jane otherwise known as Hemp…

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Back then the hemp plant (not necessarily of the variety cannabis sativa, aka marijuana) was used to make rope and paper and was therefore a profitable cash crop for those purposes. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are written on hemp paper as were many other documents of the era. Hemp had many uses, most of which have been supplanted over time by newer technologies (e.g., paper made from wood pulp or sugar cane).

      They knew of the effects that could be obtained from smoking or otherwise ingesting the plant, hence expressions like “smoking rope.” But the use of hemp for that purpose was looked down upon by Whites as being something being done only by blacks and the lower classes.

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        Henry Ford’s earliest autos were designed to run on hemp oil lubrication……

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      His journal contained an entry that read “…separated the males from the females today. Too late, I fear….”
      The ONLY reason he was “too late” was because these plants were for smoking. It doesn’t matter w/ hemp, just sinsemilla-type smokables with a buzz quotient…..

  • So let’s change the Federal law! Sessions is not my God! Power to the people!

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Sessions said that while states “can pass the laws they choose,”

    Actually, that’s not entirely true. While a state can pass laws more strict than those in the constitution they cannot impose laws less strict… As long as they don’t violate the first 10.

    This is where all the arguments come in.

    Take–for example–the precisely worded 2nd. “Shall not be infringed.” Pure genius. Anything less strict takes rights away. Anything more strict reinforces the right.

    Let them battle it out. It’s fun to watch when you’re high.

    • Rift

      Exactly what the civil war was fought over. Who really had the authority to make laws with the final say, State government or federal.

      • dav1bg

        Public education taught about the civil war. I suppose it was about slavery right?

        • Rift

          Couldn’t tell you, for some reason the years between 1861 and 1865 are missing from my history book.

  • tonye

    I got this LP, Santana, first pressing from the early 70s. It plays very well still.

    What’s interesting is that the Left and Right channels are backwards, they didn’t realize this until years later when they pressed the CD.

    But, oh… those congas, when they make their intro…. Sure, they come like ten feet towards the inside or the left speaker, whereas in the later mixes they come on the right side.

    A most excellent album.

    Oh, I put an LED lightbulb in the lava lamps to save power. Now the lava lamps don’t lava any more. I wonder why?

    • Dow Jones

      Point being concerning old fart sessions?

      • tonye


        You miss the point, huh?

  • Robert Driggers

    This calcified douche bag troll needs to be returned to Hobbiton where he can live out his remaining days out to pasture so reality can get on with being reality.

    I’ve said this time and again – this government has become increasingly irrelevant with each passing year. I cannot think of many actions, policies, laws, regulations, standards or codes that do not directly and adversely effect the majority of Americans and more often than not is against their wishes. Things that are irrelevant eventually get ignored. What is the last good thing you recall happening associated with government? I can’t recall a time in recent history where I’ve actually heard of something government sponsored and thought “what a great idea” or “smart use of resources” or “glad I’m a part of that” or “I couldn’t agree more”

    I know of not one single person who believes that pot should be illegal that isn’t a cop, lawyer, judge or jailer. And increasingly the cops (with some sense and whiskers) are seeing the stupidity and hypocrisy in the whole mess.

    This moronic shit needs to end and why we allow these idiots to impose their archaic bullshit on us is beyond me.

  • patriot156

    Like I’ve said many of times Sessions is evil! wears a UN Blue helmet as well. Molon Labe!

  • Molon Labe

    Federal law says that pot is illegal. A douche bag with a pen and a phone doesn’t nullify that law. That power resides with congress. Stop bitching about it and let your reps and senators know that you want it legalized or shut the fuck up!

  • Undecider

    Likely what happened was Session got a phone call from the Prison Industrial Complex. They discovered there were too many empty beds in the prisons and that could not be allowed. Thus, more convictions were needed to keep the cheap labor present and prison staff employed.

  • It is not Paranoia

    I would tie this fucker to a chair and force him to smoke weed all day.

    These fucking people need to go away….to me, having a problem with A PLANT is a mental disorder.

    • Gary

      Probably starting to affect the share price of he and his buddies’ investments into Big Pharma. Anyhoo, welcome back. I for one missed your comments.

  • John C Carleton

    i am announcing the end of protections for the evil that raped, robbed, murdered, occupied the Confederacy.

    They all yours boys.

  • joetentpeg

    Guess my small ‘deplorable’ mind is having trouble thinking this through.

    This guy has two rogue agencies under his direction (DOJ/FBI)…and he’s launching a jihad on a weed?

  • dav1bg

    Bill Murray can hardly even talk after a life of weed. He could have used “protection” a little earlier in life.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Bill Murray has always had an IQ of .0003……and weed had NOTHING to do with it.

  • Dow Jones

    Big Pharma must be protected at all costs. Meanwhile the “philanthropic” Sackler Jewish crime family is doing damn fine, thank you very much. More opioids to keep USSA’S proles under control.

    Drugs ‘R US
    Don’t tell the USSAN lumpen proles poisoning themselves with every kind of
    filth they can shove up any orifice and into their drug-addled gnat brains but
    just like Al CIAduh and ISIS, the Zetas mutant filth terrorizing Mexico are
    simply another USSAN asset in the Washing town criminal enterprise known as the
    US government. Look at heroin production in Afghanistan since the Langley Crime
    Syndicate took over. Hint, count the opioid deaths in a shithole near you on
    any day of the week. Hint… the Paki ISI slash Al CIAduh Gulen ratlines are
    destroying peasant USSA and NOBODY gives a shit obviously as long as the
    product of the deep state gets to market and keeps the hogs on animal farm
    sedated. The regime is destroying USSANS and making a fortune keeping the
    rednecks and ethnics in poverty.

    Ever wonder why all that crap gets over the border and to market so easily
    like a well greased supply line for Walmart? Ever wonder why there has NEVER
    been a USSAN cartel drug boss? Because the rotten institutions of the CIA, FBI,
    DEA and Border Patrol are the USSAN cartels. Capiche!

    Face it USSA, your plantation owners herd you at will and cull you like cattle, tax cattle.

    Mexican Cartel, Los ZETAS trained by USSA

    Mike Ruppert “CIA are drug runners”

    Ron Paul “Bush is a drug runner”.

    The Sackler Gang, a Jewish crime family that makes Al Capone look like a Prohibition era social worker.

    • GAguidestones

      Dow Jones summarized the problem very well.

  • Viktoria Sigrun

    We are going to legalize it and then prosecute you for it. How’s that sound? They set the marijuana businesses up for failure as well. Welcome to the Hunger Games folks. GET READY

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      In this case however, it should be called the “Munchie Games”……

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Your “Session” is over, Jeffie-poo. Go back to Goomer Valley in the Ozarks, or wherever your rock is that you slitherslide under every night.

  • billyjackeng

    Jeff got the word from the DEA that their payoffs were down due to the drop in cash flow to the Drug Cartels by the legal competition.

  • GAguidestones

    If Sessions is serious about outlawing weed in stated who have legalized it, I recommend he begin with Washington DC. After the riots, he might then consider the others.