Jeb Bush Would Go Back in Time and Kill Baby Hitler (to Get Elected)

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Jeb Bush would say just about anything at this point to get you to vote for him, since hardly anyone seems to want to. If the puppet masters running things really want a Jeb presidency, they’re going to have to basically shove it down America’s throat at this point.

Jeb is trying to prove he can stand his ground on the important issues, considering earlier this year he faltered on whether or not he’d invade Iraq in 2003 like his brother did “knowing what we know now”. He tried to say he thought the question was “knowing what we knew then” when he said he would invade Iraq again on completely made up pretenses anyway. Then he backtracked, as other candidates like Chris Christie claimed that would not have gone into Iraq. In the end, Jeb couldn’t seem to give a straight answer on what should be a pretty straightforward, simple question.

So now, apparently in an attempt to make up for that, he gave a straight answer on another “time travel” question — this one whether or not he’d go back in time and kill baby Hitler in his crib.

Jeb answered rather emphatically, “Hell yeah, I would!”

Huff Po Reporter: “Even if he was really cute?”

Jeb: “You’ve gotta step up, man, I mean, that’s, that would be key…”

Then, Jeb Tweeted about it.

I guess this is a sad attempt to manufacture street cred? Because the most important quality for president is whether or not someone can stand his ground firmly and decisively on a completely hypothetical science fiction film plot.

Kind of ironic, considering if the question had been posed to his grandfather Prescott Bush, Prescott would’ve said, “No, I think I’d wait a few years until Hitler grows up, then finance his rise to power.

Because that is exactly what happened.

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