Jeb Bush Just Challenged Donald Trump to a One-on-One Debate

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What do you do when you’re polling at around four percent behind five other people, and the top guy is getting about 37 percent?

“Donald, I’ll take you on one-on-one in a debate, any time, any place,” Jeb Bush recently vowed at the Forum Club in Palm Beach, Florida. “You name it and I’ll do it.”

Well, that’s what most candidates would do to stay relevant when they’re obviously losing, but considering how awkward it has been to watch Bush screw up in debates all by himself when he isn’t specifically addressing anyone, the tough talk comes off as particularly silly. It’s the kind of hollow threat someone makes only when the other guy isn’t in the room.

In the meantime, Bush has been taking on such tough topics at his speaking engagements as “how the role of the selfie has changed the candidacy”:

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  • Mike

    lol jebula knows he is not going to be the nominee and so does the RNC, so they want to try and take Trump down to make way for an establishment candidate. Imagine that.

  • StevetheHun

    I watched the RNC take out Ron Paul in my state. They’re a corrupt bunch of craven liars, much like the DNC.

    All John Bush has going for him is this huge, evil political machine that owe the Bush family big time. That may be enough to put Little Bushie into office even if he wears his big red nose and clown shoes.

  • doucyet

    I’m sure that his challenge entertained both of the folks at his rally.

  • Joe2D2

    Yep, the song below says it all.

    A little Brain Salad Surgery never hurt anyone, right?

    • watchmanonthetower

      ‘It will work for you, it works for me.”

  • StevetheHun

    Most of the losers at the bottom want a one on one with the front runner.

    All little Jebbie is doing is saying he’s a loser.

  • Reverend Draco

    The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

    • watchmanonthetower

      Oh, classic reference, Rev! Oldie but a goodie…

      “War Games” (1983, J.Badham – United Artists)

  • Enough is enough

    Jeb might be as dumb as a box of rocks. But he is funny as hell.

  • YourMonarch

    Poor Jeb. Kin to a convicted war criminal.

  • As a matter of fact

    The guy who is happy to be at the bottom.

  • Not a Trump fan, but Trump would DESTROY Bush (anyone could) and I hope would completely embarrass Bush.

  • WeeSee
  • rich

    Jebbie should have listened to his mommy when she told him to stay out of it!

  • Sammy

    Jeb! should start with kachish or sanders and work his way down to hillary

  • David in MA

    Ignore this RINO, it’s setup Donald.

  • WeeSee

  • YeahRightOkay

    …I wonder if Jeb will wear his tutu…to show how much a manly man he is…for the…rino establishment…???

  • 11Mic22hael33

    Jeb acts like an immature, spoiled frat-boy. He never grew up. He is a bought and paid-for phony doing a bad job at acting like he cares about the decay America is suffering and pretending he would do something about it. He also seems to have some type of mental problem. TRUMP2016!

    • Rivenburg

      I’m offended he’s in my face with that fratboy attitude. The powers that be have VERY little respect for the middle class any more and it REALLY shows in snobby little lord Fauntleroy’s like Jeb.

  • sunshine

    Wow, Jeb hasn’t been cucked enough by the Trump train yet?? Haha that’s a cuck for ya, he LIKES his humiliation. If the Donald was into squat Aztec peasants, he would probably offer up his troll wife too! Maybe the Donald needs a maid though!

    • YourMonarch

      Had to flag ya..a bit too nasty

      • sunshine

        Uh, why? You don’t agree with free speech? What exactly do you take offense at?

        • YourMonarch

          Free speech? No sir. ‘Nasty’ is what I wrote. Let’s see, what did you write?

          “..been cucked..”, “..squat Aztec peasants..”

          This is not a forum to be abused. Read the terms of service.

          • sunshine

            Haha you’re funny! Nice trolling 😀

  • BaronGreenBack

    Bush just looks weak