Japan Warning of Impending Mega Quake

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Usually, when the government agencies start talking “impending quakes”, you need to be on the lookout because they’re covering their asses against what they consider to be a significant threat.

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Source: Japan Warns of ‘Impending’ Mega-Quake as Large as One That Caused Fukushima Meltdown

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  • dav1bg

    The rod containment building is listing, the gantry crane is basically washed away, and the rods cannot be moved with out the crane. If this building is jostled enough that some of the uranium rods touch there will be a chain reaction explosion. This will be the largest dirty bomb ever conceived and the end to all life on earth. But hey, Tepco has it under control. Is there anyone driving this paddy wagon, if so do they have our best interests at heart?