JADE HELM 15: Military Drill Identifying “Hostile” US States Sparks Alarm

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Editor’s Post: Is this why so many people, especially in the below-mentioned states, are reporting such a heavy increased military presence in the skies over their homes?


A massive U.S. military drill dubbed “Jade Helm 15” lists Texas, Utah, and part of California as “hostile” or “insurgent pocket” territory. The unclassified information about this drill is causing widespread alarm nationwide, with more than a few analysts suggesting it may be some sort of exercise practicing to impose martial law on Americans fed up with an out-of-control federal government. During the exercises, which will take place over the summer, Special Forces from various branches of the military will work with local law-enforcement in scenarios that, to critics at least, sound suspiciously like they are aimed at subduing rebellious American civilians and states amid a civil war or large-scale unrest. The federal government issued a response dismissing the concerns and saying that the training is to help U.S. forces prepare for overseas missions, but not everyone is convinced.

The most alarming components of the drills highlighted by concerned citizens and media commentators surround an unclassified presentation about Jade Helm 15’s “realistic military training” that was apparently leaked. In a graphic showing the territory across which the training will take place — essentially the American Southwest — different states are colored based on the fictional status of their loyalty to Washington. Colorado, Nevada, and most of California, for example, are dark blue, indicating that they are “permissive.” Utah and Texas are both shaded red, indicating that they are “hostile.” Southern California is also red, with a note reading “insurgent pocket.” Arizona is light blue, which in the legend is listed as “uncertain (leaning friendly),” while New Mexico is brown, or “uncertain (leaning hostile).” Two more states, Florida and Louisiana, have reportedly been added to the exercise.

According to the presentation, the eight-week training program involves Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces Command (Green Berets), Air Force Special Operations Command, Marine Special Operations Command, Marine Expeditionary Units, the 82nd Airborne Division, and unspecified “interagency partners.” Underneath the logo for the Jade Helm drills, a sword with two arrows crossing it, it reads: “Master the Human Domain.” What exactly that means was not clear, but at least some critics of the exercise have suggested it may be a euphemism for subjugating the population of the United States. Indeed, as other analysts have noted, citing available information, the drill almost certainly has nothing to do with defending the Southern border from invasion. The few details that have been provided, though, are causing concern among analysts.

On a slide explaining “what to expect” during the two-month training program for “unconventional warfare,” the document warns of “increased aircraft in the area at night,” possible noise complaints, personnel carrying weapons with blank ammo, and more. Especially alarming to critics of the program is that “some individuals may conduct suspicious activities designed to prepare them for complex environments overseas,” and that “some participants will be wearing civilian attire and driving civilian vehicles.” Separately, a slide describing what “realistic military training” means has also raised alarm. The document mentions that it will be conducted “outside of federally owned property” and that it is designed to “ensure proper coordination between DOD representatives and local and regional authorities.” News reports citing military officials said the DEA, FBI, and the “Joint Personnel Recovery Agency” (JPRA) would also be participating.

Citing other recently leaked U.S. military documents such as “FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations” about interning American civilians in camps, using “psyops” (psychological operations) on those detainees to affect their views, and more, David Hodges with the Common Sense Show said the drill is “undoubtedly the most frightening thing to occur on American soil since the Civil War.” In a widely re-published article about the training program, he said it could be “conclusively stated” that the drill was really about “preparing for a Red, White and Blue invasion.” “This is a massive rehearsal for martial law implementation as well as implementing the proverbial and much rumored Red and Blue List and the ‘snatch and grab’ extractions of key resistance figures from the Independent Media as well as uncooperative political figures,” Hodges added. “The various provisions of Jade Helm make it clear just how dangerous this drill truly is.”

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  • Cuchulain

    I used to think that the American government went nuts. Now I’ll getting the feeling that the American people have gone nuts for tolerating it. Please don’t think I’m bashing Americans in particular, we Canadians have been “supping from the same table”.

    • SupernaturalCat

      The terminally brainwashed populace have been little more than deer in the headlights over the past 15 yrs of the shadow govt implementing their totalitarian C.O.G. plans (via the wholly manufactured ‘terror’ war) in preparation for the impending nuclear war. Everything presented to the world from 2000 to present has been little more than an ongoing dramatization of a functioning servant govt. We’re a post-constitutional, de facto police state, one major (nuclear) false flag away from more overt implementation of the vast totalitarian machinations awaiting us.

      Peter Dale Scott on COG:


    • mtrombly

      Actually your assessment i spot on. There is so much division, dis-trust, idealogical hard-headedness, fear, and outright egotistical chest thumping by Americans of ALL walks these days, I fear the coming firestorm is going to pit American against American, not to mention against everyone else. Each faction and idealog is going to exercise his “right” to defend what he considers his, from anyone and everyone, and America is going to implode.

  • fg

    JADE HELM, I justed wanted to inform you that The U.S Military and the federal L.E. ( ATF, FBI, NSA, DHS, eieiooo!} organizations have many on site M.O.U.T facilities. These M.O.U.T sites are mock cities and that it what is used for urban style training. These MOUT sites came to be due to the liability/danger to civilan populations as such training senarios are dangerous. Aircraft can have catasrophic failures/crash,flash bang grenades or any type of training ordance can cause fires, blow off body parts and even cause fatalities, and it is totally reckless for anyone in the federal government to place the people of this country and the military in such jeapordy!
    I can only see this type of action as a way for that lemming at the white house to poke a stick in the eye of partiot minded Americans. And if an unforunate event occurs during their provocation of the American people
    all those involved in allowing,planning and conductiong such training should suffer the penality of TREASON.
    We can’t wait for GOD save th U.S.A, GOD inspired the fathers of the Constitution and they acted with divine guidence which created AMERICA!
    U.S Army active duty 1987-1993 Infantry GRUNT!!!!!!!

  • robbie41


    My wife and step-daughter just came in and woke me up to explain they’d
    never seen tanks before

    but they were held up by a train for about ten minutes. They saw all kinds
    of tanks on it.

    Thousands of them they said, but at train speed 10 minutes only amounts to
    hundreds, coming in

    from Mexico by rail. American tanks they think (but I don’t know how that
    would be). I live 1/4 of a mile from the Mexico border. Yes, they have to
    move tanks around but for half a decade of living here we’ve never seen
    even one tank on rail. Never. Not even one. It must have been a very
    impressive sight because they were just jibbering in spanish in excitement
    about having seen it all. Take care, man. Please forward this to Hawk. I
    lost his address at the moment. Terry

    I saw this post on Steve Quayle’s site, Today March 28,2015 so I’m passing it along to Your readers..

    • If you had spent more time watching traffic on I-10, you might have seen equipment on flatbed trucks that you never saw on a traincar.

  • Just wait until some well-armed citizen finally has had enough of the the military drill cum occupation and starts shooting helicopters out of the sky. It is becoming time to treat Herr Obama’s minions like we did King George’s, since they are already treating us worse than Jefferson described in the Declaration of Independence.

    • Rob

      Makes for a more realistic training exercise if they are under small arms fire!

      • Which is why they should consider themselves one click away from being considered to be invaders and occupiers instead of trainees.

      • Dew Free


    • charmy42

      They aren’t his minions. They don’t make policy. And they don’t much care for this prez either. Shooting them would be tantamount to shooting your best bet at any defense you might have.

      • If they don’t stop violating posse comitatus and the Constitution that they took an oath to protect and defend, they don’t deserve to be treated any different than the common traitors they are acting like, regardless of whether they are anyone’s minions or not.

        • Dew Free

          If they follow an order that leads to more than 10 arrest and 3 lives,those whom are involved are traitors and nothing will change that fact.military acting in any capacity on the soil that belongs to the continental united States that is not fighting for the little guy is certainly traitor to all the Constitution.No less than the soldier that fired the shot in the 60s and or the one that fired at citizen militia .

  • Ryan

    Thank you for cheering me up

  • Ryan

    Start filing DAMAGE CLAIMS. Broken dishes, etc. etc. They have NO BUSINESS doing this and must PAY for all damages.

  • Ryan

    W-rong Bush hired the former head of the East German Stasi Marcus Wolf to design Homeland Security (Followed by many “dual”citizen creeps.). Why? To set up a tyrannical Police state to lord over the American people. You are surprised that you are being treated like Palestinians ……. when your GUARDS are trained by their OPPRESSORS ?
    FEMA-CAMP-GAZA is a PREVIEW for all “PREPPERS/PATRIOTS/OWS/TeaParty” …. ALL independent thinkers.
    just WHO is training your FEMA police/guards? it is the mindset and brainwashing your police have been received.
    Wake up and smell the coffee …. you are NEXT.

    • Don’t forget the FEMA OVEN CAMP pastors leading the sheep to the shearers / butchers / chefs

  • scott_ewing

    I couldn’t blame anyone for wanting to secede from the union.

    The people running it are a pack of shits.

  • Fema Oven Camp preparations.
    1. Recon
    2. Assess
    3. Prepare / Suit up
    4. Practice
    5. Corporate Hostile Takeover completion: Oven Time

  • Rick E.

    Our government already has mock towns just for this reason! And this is so for public safety and legal concerns.
    Therefore they are NOT training for foreign assaults, they are training for the real deal- assaults in a major metropolitan area in the USA in order to completely control and subjugate we citizens if they feel the need to!

  • Bert

    I’m not typically the type to jump to conclusions, but this kinda makes me wonder if we’re not going to see some sort of coup later this summer. I’ve thought for awhile that Obama might try to find a way to remain in office. Maybe this is the beginnings of his plan.

    • Another Thought Criminal

      I think you give the puppet office of president way too much credit.

      • The office isn’t a puppet, the president is.

        • Another Thought Criminal

          Everyone who’s held the office since JFK has been a puppet. To just say that the president is a puppet may incorrectly imply that it’s just this current puppet.

          • JFK was probably the only non-puppet since Lincoln, although Carter might not have been one.

          • Another Thought Criminal

            Although I am no fan of reagan’s record, I wonder if he wasn’t a puppet before bush family friend hinkley shot him in the head.

          • I don’t think he was bright enough to be anything but a talking head. He just latched onto whatever the audience liked best.

    • How many coups will it take before the people demand the return of their government?

  • Joe Lizak

    I have an old WW2 jeep with a star on it. Can I play?

    • Rob

      Everyone is invited.

  • Thomas Lindell

    I suspect this is preperation for the 2016 election there planing on stealing

    • Another Thought Criminal

      They always steal the elections. You haven’t realized that they call the elections immediately after all the polls are closed, but before they counted?

    • They don’t have to steal what they already have the results for before the polls open.

    • Dave from San Antonio

      Stealing? If we do go into martial law…we won’t have worry about anyone stealing elections…there won’t be any for a long time. Minimum…5 years.

  • Jim Evans

    I just don’t know what to make of this yet:

  • Robbie Cheney

    I want to pull the trigger on the aircraft ‘evacuating’ the zio turds and turdlettes. Afterwards I will drive the bulldozer that will clean up the remains. I also want to be at the National Mall when the lengthy procession of traitors and enemy alien fifth columnists are marched to the gallows.

  • Governors of these states need to put a stop this!

  • Catherine McCoy
  • Chessmaster

    Has anyone other than me noticed that from a certain angle in the sky these Helicopters look much like Big Locust?

    • Unfortunately, we’ll have to spray them with something heavier than pesticide.

  • shamu9

    I have a B.A. in Social Science and an A.S. in the Sciences. I think Obama is stayin’ for Life! If we let him. I used to live in Tx. They won’t get Texas w/o a Big Loss!

    • You have a bachelor of arts in a science and an associate of science in sciences? If the Texans have any sense left, they’ll exercise their reservation of right to secede from the US the same way they did from Mexico.

  • Are you from babble-on?

  • Unfortunately, he never had any interest in the constitution, and he doesn’t need our guns once he has all of the bullets. I hope you have a container of reloading components and the requisite equipment, unless you are going to use the Liberator (pistol) philosophy.

    • Rob

      He doesn’t have them all, that much is a guarantee.

      • If our intelligence agencies ever start acting like the Stasi, given the technology that they command, we better have a group of patriots who are more devoted to fighting to the death than most of the current crop are.

        • Dew Free

          No soldier is content with fighting to the death until he has been blooded a bit and tested in the heat of the battle.Men you would have never thought would do ,will rise up to the occasion and make stand .look at Ukraine ,standing up to Russia.As far as I know they did not have guns before the event unfolded.
          The fact that they are standing up to veterans of other wars is a testiment to their resolve.The fact is we the people Run this Country,it is our Government that forgets,or just plain does not understand!But please to not give up your hand as this is just play time.Even the Soldiers that are involved should know this.

          • Pat Tillman wasn’t bloodied until he received a group of three in his forehead from the gun of a fellow soldier, who acted on an order he should have challenged according to the UCMJ.

      • Dew Free

        A man died and his daughter was given everything.In all that was given to her was land and home and over 200 guns of all varieties and ammo to fight a 20 year war.They i am told sold them all,yeah right .

    • Sick of everything

      You people are idiots.

      • I will accept that with the knowledge that you are a superior expert in the subject matter about which you write.

      • goldenshepard

        Fuck off liberal piece of shit

  • They can’t train in the form of guerilla warfare they will encounter in America without an American city.

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    I think you mean President Koch and Vice President Koch….

    • At least that vice president never tried to murder his president.

    • Ace

      Oh, please.

  • 4thHorseman of the Confederacy

    Molon Labe mother f******’s

    • If the Oath Keepers who are hyping the movie would make an effort to sign up more members, we could decisively turn large number of oath takers into Oath Keepers and reclaim the republic from the traitors.

  • I’m cool with not voting as long as I don’t have to pay taxes either.

  • They’ve probably been keeping their heads down since Pat Tillman took three in his forehead at point blank.

  • Chad Hatten houston

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  • rathole9

    Everyone sure that the troops participating in this exercise are going to be American troops and not UN troops, and if they end up being UN troops you can be guaranteed they will not have blanks in their magazines. again I will say people need to read about agenda 21 how the UN is planning to take over everything and this could be our dictator in Chief chance to try and take over with the United Nations help

  • Jerry Mcdurmott

    Never lost Iraq, we were ordered to leave. And we have no major ground deployments to Syria. Ignorance is bliss I guess. But anyway, I and most soldiers I have ever met would oppose any action against US citizens or our constitution. I find this exercise to be suspicious and somewhat alarming, but your ignorance has obviously made you blind.

    • charmy42

      Agreed on all counts. The US soldiers have made a vow to protect and defend the constitution. They also vow to protect the president against all enemies, foreign and domestic. If something such as this truly does occur, many will make a choice as to which they will follow, since they will not be able to do both. Most are patriots first, and hold a deep love to the constitution, which is permanent, as opposed to a president that is transient. This I know from personal knowledge. While some will surely stand and follow orders, a large percentage will not because they no longer allow idiots to join the service.

      • Michael

        You have never taken the oath that a military member takes have you? If you did you would know that NO WHERE in that oath does it mention the president.

        • goldenshepard

          You are correct Michael

        • archer

          Exactly, the oath is to defend the constitution not the government.

      • sniperbait66

        Where did you get such a nonsensical notion as this? We took NO Oath to protect any damned Politician. If any Politician tries to change that, he/she will be shot as a Tyrannical Traitor. Adolph Hitler did that to the German Forces after he took over Germany. Only THEY bought it.

      • Matt Baker

        Exactly what they said our oath was to the constitution of the united states… I would never pledge to defend a politician, or even a body of politicians…

        We did swear to obey the LAWFUL orders of the officers (commissioned and NCO) appointed over us…. but those must follow the US Constitution and the UCMJ.

    • Iraq wasn’t lost true, both strategically and tactically. Syria however was where O[s]ama frigging gave weapons to ISIS, the same thing the CIA did in 1979 for the Talibann.

      Jade Helm on the other hand is all too real, dangerous,and tyrannical.

      As for protecting the constitution, the others are right. The government swore an oath to uphold our constitutions.Only D.C. dumba$$es think it is to uphold any law passed or the politicians passing them. We have a right to revolt according to Thomas Jefferson.

  • mtrombly

    Somehow I just can’t see Arizona as being considered “potentially friendly” by gov’t forces bent on rooting out “insurgent right wing hostiles” and sending tens of thousands of Americans off to internment camps for re-education. What I CAN see however is Arizona being considered able to hold its own in the situation of an incursion across the US – Mexico border by “insurgent forces” of say Hamas, ISIS, etc. I can see Texas, due to the proliferation of Cartel and other already hostile cross border insurgency, being labeled as a “hostile” region. I can see the southern California border region as being labeled “insurgent pocket” for the same reason. I can see N.M. being labled “potentially hostile” due to the population being willing and able to fight such a cross-border insurgency, but being too sparse and widespread to be effectual in doing so. I can see California, Nevada, and Colorado as being “permissive” (a.k.a. sympathetic) to such a cross-borer insurgency due to population demographics and liberal views regarding border issues. Utah… Im not that familiar with Utah, so why it would be labeled hostile, I’m not sure,… unless it was to create more of an operational challenge by having a hostile force situated in the backyard of a potential area of operations.

    There are two ways one can view the maps related to Jade Helm 15. One is politically, from the stand-point of a political take over by an administration unwilling to give up power and coming after the guns of “God fearing, Gun loving” Constitutional Americans. The other is Strategically, from the standpoint of a cross border insurgency by forces hostile to the US.

    The latter being the first that came to my mind. When I looked at the Jade Helm maps, the first thing I thought of was a military commander viewing an area of operations map of the southwestern US after a cross border invasion by a hostile force and the areas that had fallen to that force, the areas that were holding their own, the ares that were potentially going to fall to that force, and the areas that were sympathetic to that force. The Jade Helm maps fit such a senario to a “T”.

    Jade Helm may very well be an exercise to train special operations forces to operate within the confines of the US, and deal with a panicked and potentially confrontational US population…in the process of attempting to counter an invasion of the United States by forces hostile to the United States in EXACTLY the theater of operations indicated by the maps. THAT is what I see when I look at Jade Helm 15.

    im sure the conspiracy theory fanatics will provide reams of info as to how and why my assessment is flawed, and that’s fine. Keep in mind, while you are preparing to do battle with the forces of Unc’ Sam, you may find yourselves doing battle against ISIS and HAMAS fighters; and THEY are a lot more formidable than anything Unc’ Sam can field, for one reason… THEY look forward to dying in battle, where as Americans look forward to SURVIVING the battle.

    Unc’ Sam isn’t training Spc Ops forces to go against Americans, What would be the point? Americans pose NO threat to Unc’ Sam, if they did the present administration would not BE the present administration. No. Unc’ Sam is training his forces to go against what is soon going to be coming across that open border instead of illegals…. and dealing with all the conspiracy folks who are going to explode in a multi-directional firestorm against any and everyone they consider to be a threat to their own personal survival, which is what those trained ISIS and HAMAS fighters are hoping for… uncontrolled CHAOS, because that furthers their cause and HINDERS a US military response.

    And THAT ensures the fall of the US, because there will be NO organized, coordinated, EFFECTIVE resistance nor response.

  • Michael

    Just so you know, they aren’t using these MOUT sites, in 2013 the military were performing night ops in downtown Phoenix. It was repeatedly reported to several news outlets in AZ.

  • kpd

    Frank Zappa Quoted “Politics is the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex”

  • George Markunas

    Are you out of your fucking minds? Never mind, dumb question. Of course you are

  • Dude Big

    Why are there NO stories on YAHOO or other major websites about this. That alone tells me that there is a cover-up. This is a MAJOR news story that can be found NOWHERE ! The overwhelming liberally controlled new sources have not only played down this major event… but has worked VERY hard to try to discredit any legitimate concerns about these MARTIAL LAW Maneuvers. Our OWN Military being used to literally attack American Citizens on American soil. Entering their homes at GUN POINT ! Confiscating anything and everything that they want. Make sure to thank Obama !
    The news of JADE HELM 15 has caught the internet on fire. Now, coming out of the woodwork are the nay sayers, propagandists, and straight out liars. Yes, I am calling them exactly what they are, liars. Political Correctness stops here. The truth may hurt, but it is the truth. If you don’t like that, then either go to a different site or change your behavior.

    There have been individuals from “trolls” to others that “claim” they are ex-Special Operations Command stating “this is not a real drill,” Or that “the documents have been modified.” These statements are not true, and are only being used in another “PSYOP” upon the American People. I will prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt this operation is, in fact, true, and call these people out for what they are, liars! Anyone who tells you this is not a planned drill is lying to you either blatantly or by complete ignorance, neither of which is acceptable.

    JADE HELM 15 is a (SOC) Special Operations Command (RMT) Realistic Military Training planned drill for the South Western United States covering seven states which broke in alternative media almost a week ago. Freedom Outpost’s Joe McMaster covered this on March 20, 2015. I will not sit idly by and allow our alternative media to be portrayed as “conspiracy theorists” by those that are ignorant or liars. I stand in defense of all the alternative media that have reported and helped to expose this very real “exercise/drill,” JADE HELM 15, to the American Public. I challenge the propagandists, liars, and PSYOP’s to debunk this! You have been caught with your pants down and now you are trying to do “damage control.” It’s not going to work.

  • sudon’t

    The American public is already subjugated. You couldn’t ask for a more docile populace. When the power elites think of us at all, it’s not with fear. In fact, we can plainly see how reaction to the training mission took them completely by surprise.

  • Sick of everything


  • Sick of everything

    Useless right wing bull shit. No there, there people. Does anyone really think that if the Gov was going to do any of this horse shit you clowns are spouting about that they would advertise it ahead of time? Stupid morons, it’s time all of you idiots stop watching Fox noise and just admit that Alex Jones is a douche bag full of hot air and horse shit. He has never been right about any of his bs fear mongering, and yet some of you still listen to this ass wipe, how sad.

  • Dew Free

    Well .let them play.no harm in them playing is it?The thing about an occupying army is that just when you think you have it handled is when you do not.There are 330 million citizen at which 160 million are capable of making life difficult for any army.A scenario such as what is described would be possible only if there is only sissies to speak of.A few people will over react and cause themselves detainment..Are they going to work with the Chinese that have come across the border with Mexicans .All the blue hats and armies of the world will not be enough to completely squash the underground.Remember the French Indian wars,It will not be civilized.This is my best guess .

  • Dew Free

    Hello skipper

  • democrat CockRoach

    Yeah I love how the democrat commies elected him and then he goes to war against the rest of us with our military.

  • LurgidVogon

    If plainsclothes personnel carrying weapons are going around outside the bases, how is anyone supposed to know who is part of the military and who isn’t? Anybody could stick a gun in your face and claim to be part of Jade Helm and you wouldn’t be able to confirm it.

  • USA INC declared all US CITIZENS as hostiles over 200 years ago

  • Shark_FL

    The “blue areas” get Obama bribery

  • Jean

    I am surprised the they are gong along with this I thought they didn’t like him. Who really are these people.

  • John Van Huysen

    Or any “president”, I for 1, will not single out any crook in DC, calling themselves “president”! Until WE abolish the demacins AND republicrats, this shit will continue.