It’s Time to Stop Pretending North Korea Is a Threat to the United States

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North Korea is a threat, goes the narrative. And we, as loyal Americans, should fear the potentiality of that fact.

That’s why U.S. aircraft carriers, accompanied by fighter jets and warships, are currently steaming toward the Korean Peninsula.

That’s why the best soldiers the United States military has to offer are currently in South Korea, training — goes the narrative — to take out Kim Jong-un.

That’s why Japan, staunch U.S. ally, is considering deploying troops to South Korea — in preparation for the time when that evil dictator from the north will try to harm Japanese nationals in the south.

Conveniently, if Japan does deploy those troops — and, let’s be honest, they will — that will put the coalition of Japan, South Korea, and the United States together on the Korean peninsula.

Consider that for a moment.

They actually want us to believe that it would take the combined military might of the U.S., Japan, and South Korea to take out Kim Jong-un. There literally is no other way to look at it.

As in all cases when it comes to geopolitical analysis, it helps to look at a map. North Korea is sandwiched between a U.S.-occupied territory to the south and a global superpower, China, to the north.

In what universe does it make sense that Kim Jong-un would think attacking an “enemy” in the region would be beneficial? On Monday, Anti-Media reported on the fact that former Pentagon chief William Perry told CNN in November that North Korea would never strike first because, very simply, Kim doesn’t want to die.

“I do not believe the North Korean regime is suicidal,” he said. “Therefore, I don’t believe they’re going to launch an unprovoked nuclear attack on anyone.”

That’s because Kim has certainly applied to the situation what the mainstream narrative would like you to discard — common sense. With just a dash of it, any logical being can look at the events unfolding and see that North Korea poses no threat, to any surrounding nation, period.

Which poses an immediate question: Why the military buildup in South Korea?

China, incidentally, reportedly just deployed 150,000 troops to its border with North Korea. Much like Japan, the reason given was preparation. Preparation for war was the message between the words.

But it wouldn’t be war with North Korea. That tiny strip of land is merely the buffer between two military juggernauts, the United States and China. That’s World War III, friends, and it has nothing to do with Kim Jong-un.

And since we’re discussing the mainstream narrative, let’s look at the latest on that topic. From a New York Times piece that ran Tuesday:

“Just over a week ago, the White House declared that ordering an American aircraft carrier into the Sea of Japan would send a powerful deterrent signal to North Korea and give President Trump more options in responding to the North’s provocative behavior. ‘We’re sending an armada,’ Mr. Trump said to Fox News last Tuesday afternoon.

“The problem was that the carrier, the Carl Vinson, and the three other warships in its strike force were that very moment sailing in the opposite direction, to take part in joint exercises with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean, 3,500 miles southwest of the Korean Peninsula.”

This is a political machine that can’t even keep the narrative coherent within itself, much less the public. And they want us to believe. That’s the crux of it all. They need us to believe. If we don’t, it all falls apart — for them.

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  • Innocuous

    “That’s why U.S. aircraft carriers, accompanied by fighter jets and warships, are currently steaming toward the Korean Peninsula.”

    I call BS on that statement. The USS Carl Vinson carrier group has entered the Indian Ocean and is heading west. The carrier group was in the China Sea for scheduled manuevers during March and early April. There is no armada heading to make war with Korea.

    If the US would stop playing war games along with Japan and S. Korea; N Korea has told China they would stop testing missiles. When countries like Iran and N Korea constantly see US warships in the vicinity it is only normal for them to get defensive. The US calls this defensive posture provocation. I call it bull. Neither N Korea or Iran are a threat to the US. Yanqui go home.

    • Declaring peace is too much of a threat to the profits of the military-intelligence complex to allow them to consider it. The Pentagon is operated by the inbred descendants of Dr. Strangelove.

  • Frank

    It’s not the “combined military might” of the US, Japan, and South Korea that’s important, but rather the combined national WILL of those nations to stand together in staring down North Korea’s belligerent antagonism and unpredictability.

    While many see the US/Trump’s decision to move a carrier strike group to the area as a reactive and or antagonistic move, I expect that it may be (besides being a blatant show of force) primarily intended as a show of solidarity with/for South Korea and Japan. The carrier strike group’s primary and most pertinent asset is the capability of the missile cruisers to shoot down any North Korean missiles. Missile cruisers of the three national navies in conjunction with the land-based anti-missile defense systems now deployed can provide sufficient containment/defense.

    To neutralize (neuter) Kim Jong Un’s ability to send missiles anywhere outside of North Korean airspace would give him the figurative spanking that he deserves. If North Korea makes the suicidal decision to conduct a first strike, all of those same naval and land-based assets can be used for a retaliatory, offensive strike. Analogy: North Korea has pulled their gun out of it’s holster, while the nations allied against it have just released the thumb break – ready to draw.

    • LocalHero

      “..staring down North Korea’s belligerent antagonism and unpredictability.”

      That’s the silliest, most ludicrous thing I’ve read this year. Thanks for the laugh! NK isn’t even a real country – it’s a cardboard-cutout construct of the CIA.

      • Frank

        Okay, Hero, keep the good times rolling for yourself by adding another layer of foil to your hat and go back to the basement.

      • I guess you have never watched M.A.S.H. or studied the Korean conflict in history class.

        • Frank

          Have I watched M.A.S.H.? THAT’S where YOU’VE learned about US participation in the Korean war?? Really?

          • If you believe that, you haven’t been paying any attention. Time to exit your coma.

  • Just an average joe

    You’re looking at it all wrong. The threat isn’t to the US (as a countries land, you know all 50 states or it’s people) it’s a threat to the Petro-Dollar the two countries you say have no Rothschild Central Bank so it’s a threat to the economic system world wide from the Rothschild point of view.
    Yes I would love to go back to the Gold Standard then people and governments would have to “earn” their money. Then the people would realize how much these government programs really cost the people would realize how worthless college would be and SWJ’s would have to find a job.

    • No government in the history of the world has ever earned any money. They specialize in counterfeiting, not production.

  • Guillotine_ready

    As long as people look outside the country for enemies the thieves at home are safe. War is a great way to make money and kill off a lot of youth who we have no jobs for, not to mention a lot of people in foreigns.
    People need to understand the US has been at war almost the entire time it has existed and it has not made a lot of friends in the process. We are not saving anyone. We are robbing them.
    Look at viet nam righgt after the war ended even though we lost the corps like coca cola and many others went in to rob the country.
    Now it is about a pipeline and opening new markets for our greedy psychopathic corporations.
    None of the nations we have attacked represented any danger to us, none of them.

  • Eileen

    Really believe the NYT? You are right; I don’t believe NK wants war with the US. That being said, every time the North Korean dictator threw a tantrum. the US forked over cash. He is trying again and now that Trump is not biting, he is going to throw a bigger tantrum, so big that even China is getting sick of it. These air craft carriers are scheduled for military exercises or maintenance in Japanese ports.

    The NYT, like other MSM, wants war; war is profitable and they are framing the narrative that “Mad Dog” Matthis somehow is telling Trump what to do. Trump didn’t get successful by outsourcing important decisions. They may be generals, but only civilians want war. Generals didn’t become generals by throwing soldiers at every little gunshot they heard in the middle of the night.

    • If civilians want war, why aren’t we constantly at war, here?

    • unseen

      Everytime Jong says he is ready to launch mighty strikes and wipe us out he has been drinking.

  • marlene

    I don’t believe Russia and China are surrounding North Korea to HELP the US. I believe they are there to PROTECT North Korea FROM the US!

  • unseen

    War has made politicians rich since ancient times if anyone is wondering why we are always in a conflict somewhere.

  • sammy

    this north korea nonsense is a COVER. Its to cover all the crap thats going down domestically: the pedogate exposures, the jewish coup in the trump whitehouse (pence is a jewish freemson and vatican agent).

  • disqus_KxAHnCo4Tu

    Look at history. This must be in the first chapter of the book…..” How to create a country”….Lesson ONE….”.Have the people focus on something. An Outside THREAT, will enable you to have the people join up in a common cause……fight the enemy. Then you can create your country and take over from the dumb clucks !”…Germany did this, Italy did this,,,,,Austria Hungary empire ( the Kaiser) did this…Hitler did this. America has done it( Spanish American War, Panama….etc)…In all cases if the cause was not to ” unify a county” under some BOZO, it was done to take over the oil or other riches of a county, as their payment for starting the conflict ( usually created by the aggressor nation)…Its time we tell all the powers that be…” You know what, we frankly ( the USA) don’t give a damn if Mrs Muhammad can learn to drive or get out to vote. We really don’t care if you choose Democracy or Zoroastrianism…to run your dumb country. “…Then American troops come home and we save TRILLIONS of dollars and cut our Defense budget by 30% ( its currently at 37% of the GDP…Russia, our supposed enemy only spends 10% on defense)….All of this ballyhoo about Russia and N korea is hype so the military industrial complex companies get fatter contracts for more expensive toys…none of which we need. Don;t you think we have N korea and Russia and the Mid East targeted?…IF any of them launched a missile at the USA, it would be the shortest war in history….N Korea would be reduced to the worlds largest parking lot as it would be a barren waste land….Do you think Russia really gives a crap about Communism and world domination any more…???…NO….So don;t sweat about these foreign entanglements that we were told to stay out of 300 years ago by George Washington…!!!