It’s Here: Oregon First State to Launch “Pay-by-the-Mile” Driving Track and Tax Scheme

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The freedom of driving is about to get a lot less free in more ways than one.

“Rare American” David Hastings, Oregon hybrid car owner told Fox News, “I’m a statist who is happy to blindly contribute to the total tyranny that has almost completely surrounding us all and I see no potential downsides to a technological control grid where the government tracks my every move—”

No wait, sorry, it was, “I’ve been free-loading on the highways for 20 years driving electric cars or hybrid cars, getting at least 40 miles to the gallon. So I haven’t been paying my share.”

Mr. Hastings apparently cannot wait to pay more taxes to drive on state roads while being tracked by the government as he drives on those roads. In fact, he has volunteered for this in a state transportation taxing scheme that will eventually be mandatory not just in all of Oregon, but likely the entire country.

In a move that 28 other states are in some form of transitioning toward, Oregon has officially launched it’s OReGO program, which will replace the gas tax by tracking a driver’s every move and charging a one-and-a-half cent per mile tax on it. Two of the three programs involved will use GPS tracking to trace and store driving and location data on every driver.

“To put a GPS monitor in everybody’s car, the government already knows too much about us as it is,” Jeff Kruse, a Republican lawmaker told Fox News.


(If I could have put more types of visual emphasis on that last line, I would have.)

So because of inflation and the reality that less people are driving and more people who do drive are choosing hybrid or higher gas mileage cars, this is the new way the system and its loving bureaucrats have come up with to pay for road and bridge maintenance: taxing your every driven move by tracking, tracing, and databasing your every driven move.

On top of that, OReGO vendors will take .40 cents off the top of every dollar collected just to run the system. That means someone’s making bank off this off the top, and that has nothing to do with fixing the roads.

Right now OReGO is on a volunteer-only basis and capped at 5,000 people, but the plan is to eventually make this mandatory for everyone, everywhere and as Fox News reports, “change the way states pay for roads — forever”.

At least the gas tax was a passive way to track people’s consumption/travel. It didn’t watch and store your every single mile driven.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) even made a cute (read:patronizing) little cartoon to introduce the program.

“With OReGO, you put a simple device in your car and drive! It’s cool!”


Watch ODOT Communications Manager Tom Fuller insert his GPS tracking device and explain how his car will be tracked everywhere he goes. Yay!

There is one version through ODOT that doesn’t involve direct GPS tracking, but obviously from the video of Mr. Fuller above and information on the OReGO website, this is not the option they are promoting or incentivizing.

In the non-GPS enabled version, the department of transportation sends you a mileage tracker in the mail, and you can track the miles driven online. The site states, “This OReGO option is delivered through a partnership with Sanef ITS Technologies, a global road charging expert, and Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS), a technology leader in connected car and telematics systems.” Hard to believe it won’t also be tracking someone’s location, but that’s the claim.

However, with this version, you get charged for miles anywhere you go, even outside of Oregon. So if you take a cross country roadtrip, you will have to pay taxes on every mile driven to ODOT, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t in Oregon.

This version also does not come with all the “Value added services,” such as being able to “Earn badges that unlock for good driving behavior,” so you can “Compete with friends and family to see who can unlock the most badges.” Other features include showing you maps of everywhere you’ve been, tracking your carbon footprint and setting up “safe zones” that, for example, will alert you if your teen were to drive to an area you don’t want him or her to go.

Being tracked and traced by the government was never this much fun! Woo-hoo!

With the coming smart grid and Internet of Things, this will surely be mandatory for everyone, everywhere eventually.

It’s only a matter of time.

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  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Trust me when I say this, it will cost more to implement than it will take in. The fact people in general aren’t opposed shows just how far from what the founding fathers intended we have fallen. This is more government and more encroachment on liberty. The freedom to drive from point A to point B is being violated by this idiotic liberal agenda.

    • armydadtexas

      Same was said of Obloq-hole care

    • AllenBarclayAllen

      The custom made mouse trap we build for ourselves genetically built perfectly made for our entrapment. This is a Perfect example that letting a Government use Technology is a Behavioral disorder, because their first three attempts will always be AGAINST ITS PEOPLE !! From ObummerCare to lost Emails Government will use a Computer wrong every time ! This is the Reason why We The People Have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights written for the states and its people To recognise this FOOLISHNESS and put a stop to it !

      • Arizona Don

        Exactly why we must get computers out or voting booths.

        • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq

          the computers can be made to vote for whom the people want to win and it does not matter who the person int the booths votes for

          • Arizona Don

            Exactly my point!

    • Why do you think people in general aren’t opposed to this? I can assure you that there will be quite an uproar over this if they attempt to implement it. We already pay for road repairs with our tax money above the gasoline tax. Just because some knucklehead prints something does not make it a fact. You can rest assured that the people are not going to stand for this level of privacy invasion.

      • Why not, they’ve never objected to privacy invasions before?

      • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq

        I bet they will, that state as well as CAL normally votes for these far left wing nuts and then wonder why they are losing their feedom

      • Stuck_in_Ca

        I hope not.

        • Arizona Don

          We have working examples of progressive democratic results from their economic approach. Their share the wealth projects if you will, large government and extreme corruption. Detroit is the best example of large government corruption because it is about two stages more advanced then Chicago and several other cities operating under progressive “rule” for decades. Make no mistake however the state of California as well as some others perhaps like Oregon, (and many in the east) due to that progressive democrat approach are rapidly proceeding down into the same progressive abyss. No one, even cities, states or federal governments, can survive for any length of time in a socialistic society. They, as Margaret Thatcher once said, soon run out of other peoples money. The end is always the same and predictable. Yet so many are blinded by the very give away programs that will eventually destroy them.

      • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

        They blindly submit to the invasion of privacy caused by Google and Facebook, why wouldn’t they also blindly accept this?

  • Mark

    When we arise from the ashes of Judeo-Luciferian globalism, our rights need to be more clearly enumerated—the right to travel and the right to privacy among those that need to be enumerated and protected.

    We also need to end “sovereign immunity.” Politicians, bureaucrats, judges, and armed enforcers must be severely punished for any and every violation of our rights.

    • Guillotine_ready

      I agree. And I feel the current parasites, pedophiles, and their fellow travelers must feel the consequences of their actions.

    • tomas rader

      U see it all started with nader and seat belts being mandatory. Not the corsair. Fuk ralph …. bet gore hates u too.

      • Mark

        Rachel Carson’s “environmentalism” was another early stalking horse for the unconstitutional expansion of state control.

        • Rodney Steward

          Another socialist, no doubt!

        • tomas rader

          Was that the unqualified lesbian that also got DDT outlawed? I know environmentalists are shunned by ecologists. Psedoscience like parapsychology.

          • Mark


      • Clay Fitzgerald

        You mean the Chevrolet Corvair, one of the subjects of Ralph Nader’s “Unsafe at Any Speed.”

        • tomas rader

          Thanks … lucky I remember nader even. Why I even today hate NGOs.

      • Mort

        Seat belts save about 13000 lives a year. Bravo Ralph and thanks.

        • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq

          and how many lives have they cost? tell both sides of the story. I used seat belts until the asses told me that I had to and have not used one sence

          • Mort

            You tell me how many lives seat belts cost. During my 20s and 30s (well before seat belts were required) I always drove small sports cars (MGs, Triumphs) and always wore a belt (Air Force pilot, lap type) and there was at least one instance were I or my passenger was REALLY GLAD we had them on. You are welcome to risk yourself all you want if it makes you feel like a hero but the evidence is that many thousands have survived serious injury or death due to a belt. In this case government is way ahead of you.

        • tomas rader

          Prove it … all progs ever give up are numbers n stats. I want to see all 13000 names and then have them prove that subjective claim. Maybe the airbag helped. The PA in me knows I can manipulate numbers and data.

          • Mort

            Prove it? You don’t believe in statistics so you probably don’t believe in science but the physics of a car crash make it obvious that seat beats work. Consider the following:

            When a crash occurs, occupants are still traveling at the vehicle’s original speed at the moment of impact. Just after the vehicle rapidly comes to a complete stop, unbelted occupants slam into the steering wheel, windshield, or other parts of the vehicle’s interior. Seat belts are effective in reducing fatalities and injuries caused by this second collision, or “human collision,” when the vehicle’s occupants hit some part of the vehicle interior or other occupants. Seat belts provide the greatest protection against occupant ejection. In fatal crashes in 1995, only two percent of restrained passenger car occupants were ejected, compared to 25 percent of unrestrained occupants. Ejection from a vehicle is one of the most injurious events that can happen to a person in a crash. Three-quarters of the occupants who are ejected from passenger cars are killed.

            I had a friend die because he was not wearing his belt when his VW was involved in an under 20 MPH head on crash.

          • tomas rader

            I’ve known friends that were burned and drowned because they panicked and couldn’t get belt off. They make a knife for that now … how serious is that when u can profit marketing a seatbelt cutting knife (must happen a lot huh). Assuming with the inertia u keep your head about you. People HAVE been thrown clear even out of windshield and lived. This is nanny state bs. I’ll take my chances in life and suffer the consequences … you do the same mommy.

          • tomas rader

            Your friend should have bought heavy metal american … why soccer moms transport the kids in SUVs and pay extra for fuel costs … safety. Wait till we have prius and other fiberglass aluminum crap involved in crashes. Good time for funeral directors. LOL

  • HI FEDS ! How is the bribery working?

    We don’t drive anyhow, we just travel in our private automobiles / private conveyances which is untaxable as it is an inherent right !! Don’t sweat it kids….. too much ammo out there

    • Rodney Steward

      For Now!

    • When was the last time you tried to find the federal district court record that reported that finding? Oregon state is not federal, and they issue drivers licenses, so maybe you do drive there.

  • BigGaySteve

    So for the being tracked 24/7 I can earn stickers for good driving?

    • YeahRightOkay

      …red and gold stars…

  • The Watcher


  • I’ve had a Commercial Drivers License for a quarter of a century, and have trucked through all of the lower 48 at some point. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to realize that highways that are built to routinely carry 80,000 pound trucks aren’t going to be very affected by vehicles weighing less than 10% of that. If the highways were built like skyscrapers, they wouldn’t require anywhere near the routine rebuilding that is done. Further, if they were built to routinely carry the heaviest trucks on the road, they wouldn’t require any rebuilding at all unless they were damaged by roadbase movement, like an earthquake, which could be largely prevented by proper design that would allow the entire road to float when the roadbase became subject to the liquefaction of an earthquake.

    • Gearmoe

      Much is done by lowest bid process. People need to understand how weak most roads are. Most just meet requirements.

      • That is true, but the design of all public roads is based on the premise that there will always be future work to be done involving tearing out the old road and building new. If skyscrapers were designed with the same premise, they’d be falling down without a need for boxer cutter armed terrorists, or the demolition people who did their special effects.
        In Germany, a contract is based on the original construction and ten years of maintenance. If the road is built well enough, no maintenance is required, and the builder turns a better profit than if they designed the road to crumble, because they don’t have to spend the fixed remuneration on rework.

        • thinkalittlefirst

          If they could repair a road so it didn’t feel like an off road test track in california, they should have to ride in a car with a bottle of nitroglycerin over the repairs they just made !!! How can you have a repair patch that is 2 inches higher then the regular road, and just about breaks your ball joints and blows out your shocks, most of the repairs are much worse then the damage they were trying to fix !!!,Who trains these guys, and why dont they get fired?

          • Are you sure they are patches versus the plate tectonics that highways in certain parts of California develop in between maintenance?

        • Lumen_Kelvin

          If you really watched the movies of that one building as it began to collapse, you would have seen the blasts of explosives, going off along the standards of the building in a timed manner, thereby causing that building to begin collapsing as those charges cut a path of damage. That’s what I saw.

      • tomas rader

        Lowest bid … but union or highest labor is bacon davis act.

      • Mort

        If the road meets the contract requirements then the builder has done the job it was hired for. Only good business.

      • Blogengeezer

        Alb NM ‘Co-Con’ highway contractors built many miles of interstate ‘concrete’ highway…. minus thousands of engineer required re-bar ties between sections.

        Two problems. Concrete lobby for the materials. Cutting costs by scrimping on re-bar. Both contributed to the most wavy highway with noticeable ‘thunder bumps’ at each section.

        Bidding process in every state that depends on lobby fees and political corruption, suffers from the same problems. Note the states, counties with perpetually bad highways.

      • thinkalittlefirst

        The earmarked road repair bids would be ok if they weren’t regularly stolen for other pet projects ! But hey if the money is gone they can always find a new tax to get more of your already taxed money.You get taxed on your fuel and registration to get to work, taxed on your income, taxed when you spend your cash , oh I almost forgot, you get taxed again

    • Oingo Boingo

      Road builders are some of the richest, most politically connected people in the States, like New Jersey and Ohio, where they have leveraged that activity into officially recognized State Sports, where the orange marker domes have become The State Flower.

  • The Watcher

    Drivers on local streets and roads, for
    example, pay gasoline taxes for the miles they drive on those roads,
    even though those taxes are typically used to pay for state and federal highways. so take your B.S pay per mile tax and shove it up Obama’s ass where it belongs

  • Gearmoe

    Hello Fascism, goodbye liberty. Believe it. Won’t be too much longer before the scales can’t hold more and topple with an all-out revolution for Rights and liberty.

    • I think the situation is exactly what Thomas Jefferson predicted would come to pass:

      “The spirit of the times may alter, will alter. Our rulers will become corrupt, our people careless. A single zealot may become persecutor, and better men be his victims. It can never be too often repeated that the time for fixing every essential right, on a legal basis, is while our rulers are honest, ourselves united. From the conclusion of this war we shall be going down hill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of this war, will be heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or expire in a convulsion.”

      • Jollyjoke

        Excellent quote!
        It’s odd that those claiming the mantle of conservatism always bring up the sacrifice and philosophy of our Founding Fathers but never read quotes like the above.
        Shame to these faux patriots and kudos to posters like Disqus!

        • Most ‘conservatives’ are neo-cons. A true conservative would have to be a constitutionalist, that being the tradition that conservatives claim to support.

  • watchmanonthetower

    Pay-as-you-drive insurance using telematics, the technology of computers on the go communicating with central devices.
    Flo from ‘Progressive’ says it’s cool. Get it?

    As usual, it isn’t the advertised ‘use’ of this tech that is concerning, it’s the shadowy ‘ab-use’ that, at this late date, seems a certainty given the evidence lately.

    Not unreasonable to assume, in the future, that using telematics will be compulsory for the privilege of operating a motor vehicle. Should make for an interesting black market.

    • If we all wind up riding in self-driving cars, the owners of those cars will be paying for the insurance, not us. Most of them would be self-insured, making the automobile insurance industry largely redundant.

      • watchmanonthetower

        Interesting hypothesis.

        And, perhaps as an intended consequence, a slick way to succinctly transform a major industry (insurance) into another globally managed asset owned by the NWO…who will more than likely own all the SDCs, as well.


        • Most of the insurance industry is owned by unregulated banks of some kind or another, and if the premise is that banksters are running the world, they already own the insurance companies. That’s why they wrote Obamacare to take it over completely.

          • watchmanonthetower

            “That’s why they wrote Obamacare…”

            Makes sense.
            Another glimpse at the machinery that runs the worldwide leviathan that is the NWO. They may be evil; but stupid they’re not…

          • Nor ignorant of our ignorance.

          • Rick E.

            Unfortunately you and watchman are exactly correct!

      • Rick E.

        I’m not sure that the concept of those cars would be practical for those that live off of the grid like I do! “F” that crap!

        • They’d work fine regardless of the presence of the power grid or not. Google’s operates off their cloud, so you wouldn’t even need to be wired. Eventually, they’d probably be available in electric versions that would maintain their own charge by charging when you aren’t on board, but petroleum is too available to go away any time soon.

  • Bubba T

    It’s far past time for the politicians to start taking dirt naps.

  • huntress

    Fuck off gubmint bottom feeders, you make me sick. Go fuck youselves and leave us the hell alone! GO FIND A JOB INSTEAD OF STEALING FROM THE PRODUCERS!

  • patriot156

    how do they thinkg they will enforce this? Those of us who don’t own modern cars will need grandfathered in so we don’t have to. Otherwise good luck trying to get me to use that. i’ll throw it as far as I can give me another same. either that I’ll move to where that’s not the case then yet.
    Conspiracy to get us to buy Horses I bet or buy bycycles?

  • “Device” the cars now, the humans, later. My, how dangerous the matrix is, how dumb people can be!

  • Guillotine_ready

    The next vote should not involve a ballot or a vote count, a little closer to the spirit of slaves deciding to be free, rather than wishing it were so.
    There are so many who have a degree of understanding that corruption and the desire to subjugate others in concert with greed is all our government consists of that it is not an impossible task to run the would be masters right out. Some would be egotists that would in their fear of losing their position attempt to respond with violence that they came to know so well from using to bully the people, but they would be a minor nuisance and dealt with swiftly.
    Freedom is a scary concept for many people who have never had to fend for themselves and who have no idea how fulfilling it can be to just do for yourself without a bureaucrat digging their nose into your business.
    Carpet baggers, thieves, robbers, pedophiles, muggers, rapists, murderers and assorted psychopaths are the problem, that should put into perspective. Their laws never apply to them, therefore they are never actually laws and need not be followed.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    The monster is always hungry,and looking for more ways to feed itself. The gas tax won’t go away..taxes NEVER do.. We must stop feeding the monster,plain and simple.Do whatever you can to slow or stop the money going into the governments hands. The other day,someone asked me if I accepted food vouchers for payment. Wow…out of’s now or never time. Don’t feed them.

  • Jim

    Sad thing is that for some reason, these 5000 people in Oregon felt compelled to be the big brother guinea pigs. That or else they like having the fist of tyranny shoved up their asses every day. This is the automotive version of the electronic monitoring bracelet they use to track criminals. I’m sure once you plug it in, that’s it. If you unplug it, you will immediately get a phone call from the state asking why you unplugged it. I feel also that the state will have the ability to fry your cars computer system using this device, a remote kill switch if you will.
    I also wonder just how secure and ‘hack proof’ this technology will be?
    This ‘warn and fuzzy’ tracking system is ripe for exploitation.

  • sharonsj

    I’ll consider paying by the mile only when the government creates public transportation in my area. I live in rural Pennsylvania where if you don’t have a car you don’t work or eat. If the bureaucrats provided me with an alternative (even a lousy bus), then I could see paying extra to choose the car instead. But until then, my message to the politicians is: Up yours.

  • unbubbleslayr

    Don’t worry, the hackers will solve the problem for you.

  • unbubbleslayr

    If you own a house you pay property taxes that support schools and parks even if you have no kids and don’t use the park. Do the same with cars. You own a car you pay a flat annual tax. Very simple.

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      The state I live used to have that, a high excise tax based on the value (the state’s estimate was always higher then the real value) that could amount to $1,200-$1,500 for just a late model, average car PLUS a per gallon tax on fuel.

  • jim_robert

    There are three, and only three, things they can do with our debt, which Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff says – counting ALL unfunded liabilities – is now $222 freaking TRILLION (including $20 trillion spent on the War on Poverty – did a lot of good, didn’t it!)

    Assuming no 10% growth, which will NEVER happen under socialism, you can print money, cut services, and raise taxes. THERE *ARE* NO OTHER OPTIONS.

    “Socialism is the great fiction,whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.” Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

    • You forgot their favorite thing to do, nothing.

    • Mort

      This country has never been socialist (except for programs like Social Security and Medicare) and has been able to achieve GDP growth of over 4% only a few times. Even so, bipartisan cooperation under Clinton had us paying down the national debt at a significant rate. If only “W” hadn’t decided that cutting taxes would make him popular even though it put us back into the debt spiral, we would be much better off. Maybe after Bromback bankrupts Kansas we will all agree, trickle down isa myth.

      • At least Kansas found a way to stop the genocide of the unborn.
        The socialization of this country started with Hamilton’s first central bank, once you understand what socialism is.

        • Mort

          Kansas has also found a way to limit job growth, educational opportunity, health care, and pass the tax burden down to the middle class. All those babies they saved will need to move out of state to have any opportunity for “the American Dream”

          • Isn’t relocation better than being ripped apart by forceps and vacuumed out of the womb like so much debris in a carpet? One has to survive to suffer the routine dregs of communofascist government.

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        “Trickle down” was a term coined by brain-dead, liberal democrats and has no meaning in the realm of economics whatsoever.

        • Mort

          Neither does the discredited “theory” that reducing taxes on the rich will stimulate an economy.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            Maybe not, but reducing taxes for ALL does stimulate the economy. That’s a fact, bucko!

          • Mort

            Maybe so, but the concept is NOT supported by the Republican Party. The following is from The Christian Science Monitor, hardly a leftist publication. Hope you read it, buckeroo.
            “Of all the curious rhetoric floating around both Washington and the campaign trail, the strangest may be the demand of many Republicans that Congress raise taxes for low-income working households even as it cuts taxes for the wealthy. The left has, not surprisingly, gleefully leapt on the issue. And, honestly, it seems like terrible politics for the GOP.

            But this idea is hardly new. It is a key element of various forms of consumption taxes such as the National Retail Sales Tax (including the wildly misnamed FAIR tax). It is also favored among those on the right who want to close “loopholes” to force low- and moderate-income households to pay some income tax even as they cut rates across the board—a design almost certain to favor high-income taxpayers.”

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            I read it and I’m not impressed. I have no idea of the leanings of the CSM, but then a quote of on context and not attributed to a person is worth nothing.
            BTW, I wouldn’t attribute the any credibility to what “many Republicans” may demand without the understanding exactly which taxes that may refer to. For instance I’d say that what many low income people receive from the Earned Income Tax Credit is more like a windfall because they get a better benefit than not having to pay federal income tax, but actually get more money back than what may have been withheld from wages or salaries.

  • Gearmoe

    Unless this is forced through, you know, like rape, it will not be implemented. If it is rammed, I predict complete non-compliance. Is the State going to fine all its residents for tossing the idea in the river?

    • grammy23

      Sounds like Obamacare doesn’t it? Rammed through, non compliance. Don’t doubt they can/will shove it down our throats.

      • Rodney Steward

        Yep, but this big house of cards, will soon be tumbling down, and then Obama’s army will come around, and loot every house hold of anything of value. Look at Greece, no access to their money, in the banks! Sound familiar , we here it all the time!

  • Janthony132

    And then the great American revolution commenced and no one could be found in Washington D C. All the Demon-cratic Senators and Congresspersons fled, for their day had come. And the Dictator and Chief vanished – like in thin air, and was suspected as hiding in Chicago.

  • p1965wi

    Can’t you just feel that noose closing in oh so slowly? This nation has had to endure leaders over the past 50 years or better who really should have in the least been tarred, feathered and rode out of DC on a rail! I look back in recent history and I can see how each different administration (regime) since President Kennedy, has contributed to the slow demise of our nation and it makes me sick and yes, it makes me want to take up the cause to physically remove the present system of government we are currently abiding under.

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      It started long before JFK, in fact he actually got the income tax rates lowered. One can split hairs, but many believe it started when the constitutional amendment allowing a federal income tax was passed about a hundred years ago; some believe that it goes back even farther, to Lincoln, when the Civil War imposed federal authority over states’ rights.

  • gerald Hughes

    looks like if you drive or bake cakes in Oregon, it’s time to start packing

  • Peatro Giorgio

    It appears those who say they like this idea are those that use public transportation or are the so called green lunatic left. So let’s sat it’s 10 percent of any population . I believe the other 99% are those who actually pay taxes in the first place. And have grave misgivings of such a proposal. And in fact will in all likelihood rebelling against such intrusion. No matter how hard the progressive morons try to promise this crap.

  • armydadtexas

    Oregon and its leftist assholes can all go to hell. Keep it up you left wing pukes you will introduce civil war to the U.S. It is time to push back. It is time for the Tree of Liberty to be fed. The left IS destroying our nation from with in. The Clowns in DC have turned against the American people and the leftist sloths (sheeple) are blindly following the statist ass holes called democ-Rats

  • scott

    funny how all the liberal communist scum are on the west and east coast.revolution now people

  • Philip Allen

    I’ll Ride a bicycle before I’ll use the Gps Pay for mile system…Riding a bike won’t need gas nor diesel, won’t need an inspection sticker nor registration, and won’t have major engine or transmission repairs either. Save money all the way around.

  • Rodney Steward

    Oregon is one state that has literally gone to he$$. Between them, and Cal., they’re trying to see who can out do the other, in stupidity! We’re gonna be in a world of hurt, when they start taxing us, for taking an Obama!

  • Bob Martin

    Wow, that’s great! Now they’ll have much more highway “maintenance” money to divert to bike and walking trails, rapid transit and public art, like they’re doing now!

    • Rodney Steward

      And most all this BS, is a waste of money!


    40% for a 3rd party to operate. That’s going to be the source of the kickbacks the corrupt pols will be/are getting. Once they run out of volunteers the automakers will be next. Mandatory install and registration at time of purchase. Good luck prying my hands off the hood latch without a grandfather clause for older cars.

  • Daniel Pelkowski

    How can they say driving is a privilege, I’m a tax payer and all those roads and signs, and even the cops salaries are paid by the money I pay in to taxes that there supposed to be fixing the roads. Its just another politicians way of steeling more money from the tax payer. Tax, tax, tax, when is it ever going to stop. Can I buy some property and succeed from America so I don’t have to pay a million tax, sooner or later there going to tax me on wiping my butt in the morning.

    • Ken

      That Paper is Taxed many times before you wipe your Butt.

  • danny kimbrel

    About time to sell the car and buy a horse, no battery so no GPS or possible way of tracking everyone.

    • Rodney Steward

      Great, But U have to feed that thing, and it’s not Cheap, I know!!

      • danny kimbrel

        Unless you pick up a wild mustang, that can eat just about anything including weeds and bushes

    • Daniel Pelkowski

      Good idea!

    • jackcandobutwont

      Just wait until RFID chips are mandatory…no exceptions!!

  • If elected president I will fight this, the government tracks us, and our movements now. come on people help me bring back the America we once new and loved.

    I keep
    hearing how everybody is fed up with the B.S. in Washington. Well I am to, but
    I am trying to change it. I am running for president, yeah I know that it is a
    long shot, but I have to try. Now my problem is that I need an experienced
    campaign manager. I know someone out there can help me, or know someone who
    can. So please help me. Tom Irwin

    Federal Election Commission ID #C00571612

  • Ken

    Will the people vote for this. California voted themselves a tax increase “Yes the did”.a few tears ago. This year we have a TAX SURPLUS and the politicians are scrambling to find ways to spend it. That Surplus belongs to the stupid people who voted in a tax. Oregonians Don’t be foolish like California “VOTE NO”

  • jyrine

    For a nation that has flourished since inception from the peoples ability to travel freely, taxing that freedom will be a death-knell.

  • mesaman

    Gee, this way the nitwits of Oregon (NOO) can spend 90 percent of the revenues on tracking, identifying, citing, and charging. How very clever the NOOs are. Next they will impose an embargo on foreign trash (not illegals) that washes up against their beetches. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.

  • tomas rader

    This can be defeated by hackers. We used to disconnect odometer in 70s. A cisco n BICSI grad.

  • Original Rebel

    This is effin too much! Well, my question is – HOW MUCH LONGER ARE WE GONNA TAKE THIS CRAP? If the political pimps would stop sending our hard earned dollars to countries that hate us – we’d have enough to take care of our roads, our elderly, our vets, AND our power grid. WHEN ARE WE GONNA LEARN? Oh wait, I forgot, we are all too busy with our iphones, games and tv reality shows, and caitlyn jenner.

    Never mind …….

    • Rodney Steward

      This is called, loose of Morals, but most people have not been taught morals, or being destroyed by our school systems.

      • Original Rebel

        My point exactly, Rodney. Thanks for the support.

  • littlebit43

    One more nail in the coffin.

  • Merlin

    Oregon seems to be a tax grubbing state that wastes money on fraudulent healthcare plans and bridges to nowhere.

    • Rodney Steward

      Where I live, taxes have been raised 5 times, on different things, for roads, and bridges. Every time, officials got raises, and still not a road, or bridge has been fixed. If work was done, it was usually on a old back road, that wasn’t traveled much, so they could claim some kind of improvements, were made!

      • jackcandobutwont

        Because , for the left, and govt as a whole…it is NEVER enough money…if they only had this much more, they could solve ALL the world’s problems…and then they would have their utopia:

        Unstoppable government





        Always a bad idea.

  • freedixie

    They are spending a dollar to chase a dime. Typical Marxist control freaks. Taxes are paid when buying fuel. Use the money collected wisely. Don’t steal from the coffers. The government has no right, or need, to follow every move we make. This is just more usurpation of authority and more infringement of rights. This cracks open the door to another slippery slope. Next, you will need to contact the government to get “permission” to travel to a desired location. This insanity has got to stop.

  • Sharon

    They dont’t need this expensive way to track. They only need to record the number of miles on the odometer when the vehicle is inspected each year. I am totally against this tax! And definitely against being tracked to show where I go.

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      You have a point, but that includes ALL miles, even those accumulated while driving in other states or even other countries. Is that reasonable? Not if when you’re driving in other states and paying their gas/fuel tax.

    • jackcandobutwont

      What about when and or if you go outta State?? Say a rv where most if not all the miles are in other States??

      • Sharon

        That reason too. The whole tax thing is ridiculous. Especially when we pay taxes on every gallon of gas we buy. We’re already being taxed for how much we drive.

  • Lillyhammer Lip

    Now you’re talking! That would pay off the national debt several times over!

  • George Cahonna

    Anyone that puts up with this tracking BS is as brain-dead as the A-holes introducing it. That means the Oregon Residents. Long Overdue to start pushing back America!

  • jackcandobutwont

    Just another way for the govt to impose, intrude and spy on you…..and more govt employees to hire to do nothing. I am amazed at how readily and easily folks give up their rights, security, and privacy….WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    • How would YOU propose that the state of Oregon should pay for the maintenance and improvement of its roads?

      • Bob Martin

        They can cease diverting highway money to bike & walking trails, light rail, rapid transit and public art for starters…

        • They only do that because their budgets for those other non-transportation things was cut off by recognition that is was non-transportation. All you need to do is demonstrate to them that bike & walking trails, light rail, and rapid transit have nothing to do with transportation. Public art is publically funded?

          • jackcandobutwont

            Just who pays or buy that public art?? The tooth fairy?? Or does that money come outta oabama’s stash of cash???

            The more you post, the more it confirms just how ignorant you are!!

          • Then why do you bother to read anything I post, like I’m not going to anything you do, starting now. Ad hominem demonstrates more ignorance than anything else.

          • jackcandobutwont

            I am always amused by the stuff stupid people say and the things they do….you funny!!

            You are the reason more animals should eat their young!!

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        How about an fee or tax billed monthly, annually or bi-annually for vehicles that don’t use gasoline, diesel, propane, etc. that’s based on the average amount of fuel tax paid in Oregon. That shouldn’t be too hard to figure out either, use simple arithmetic… the total amount of fuel tax revenue of the state divided by the number of registered motor vehicles in the state.

        • In other words, from each according to ability, to each according to need?

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            Not sure what that comment’s supposed to mean, but for those driving vehicles that don’t use fuel where a tax can be imposed, electric/plug-in hybrids, etc., it seems like a reasonable way to collect revenue that goes toward road, street and highway construction and maintenance.
            So, what’s your idea? Or do you want to have the state follow your every move and track all the miles your drive wherever you go? And to have 40% for overhead is outrageous.

          • Since most motor vehicle registrations already take note of vehicle fuel, they should divide any deficit in the state’s road maintenance equally among those who pay no fuel tax, since they have demonstrated that they have more money than sense by buying ridiculously expensive vehicles:-)

          • jackcandobutwont

            What about those using bio diesel?? where and how is that done and paid!! and cow flatulence. how is that done and paid??

          • It depends on whether you sell it or not. If not, you are clear. If so, in most states, you have to get a permit to make it, paid by the gallon produced. Cow flatulence isn’t used as a fuel, so far as I’ve heard. Do you know otherwise?

          • jackcandobutwont

            COW flatulence is methane gas…can be captured and used as a fuel source.

          • Don’t forget the odorous gases, methane being odorless. What is your state of the art method for capturing the bovine flatulence?

          • littlebit43

            Obama took in hand his pen and phone this morning. A new division of the government was formed which will employ 3 million. They shall be called Fart Catchers. They each will be issued a plastic bag and a funnel and sent to wherever there are cows to capture cow farts. The methane will be turned in and processed as fuel. There will be bonuses paid for any farts captured from OLD FARTS.

          • jackcandobutwont

            That is the best description of how all of govt works!!

      • Doski

        Does Oregon Pay for City Streets ? How about County Roads ? Will it “Share” the revenues according to the miles driven per Governing body’s jurisdiction ?
        The bottom Line here boils down to the fact that Oregon State Lawmakers want to reap the profits for “Miles Driven” regardless of what Road someone drives on. I can’t wait until the Cities and Counties responsible for building and maintaining the roads in their jurisdictions will “NEED” to pass similar measures to acquire “Their Fair Share” !
        That 1.5 cents / mile will likely be 10 cents in very short order, just to accommodate all the Jurisdictional Governments ” Fairly. Yep, that way we can ALL pay each of those jurisdictions for the miles we Don’t drive in their jurisdictions. On the brighter side, We’ll be Fiscally Raped “Equally” unless, of course, you’re driving an exempted Government vehicle.

        • If it is GPS-based, they’ll know exactly which road was driven on.

          • Doski

            TRUE, But Knowing and Sharing are NOT related unless the Fine Print and all the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. Even then, the regulations become subject to interpretation and revision.
            Beware of the consequences which follow the allowance of the Camel’s head into the tent.

      • jackcandobutwont

        Here is a novel idea…how about the existing gas tax??

        > Tax as pct. of gas price: 13.5% (19th highest)
        > State fuel tax: 31.1 cents per gallon (14th highest)
        > Gas price: $2.31 (10th highest)

        At $2.31 per gallon, Oregon has the 10th highest average gas price, due in large part to the relatively high state fuel tax. The high price of gas is also affected by the state’s requirement that gas stations provide full-service. Oregon is one of only two states that ban self-service stations.

        Read more: States With the Highest (and Lowest) Gas Taxes – 24/7 Wall St.
        Follow us: @247wallst on Twitter | 247wallst on Facebook

        Is $0.311 cents per every gallon of gas and diesel sold in the State not enough??

  • Clete Tacker

    I find one aspect of this pathetic invasion of privacy and greedy power grab hilarious. For years now the environmentalist fruitcakes have been bashing us over the head and trying to force us to drive crappy little electric cars and telling us we were fools if we didn’t drive them because we could save all kinds of money. Now that a few more people have decided to drive the electric and hybrid vehicles to save money they are hit from a different angle to extract more dollars. Now people have gone out and spent a lot of money for the electric and hybrids and are now told they are not paying their fair share. And 40 cents of every dollar goes just to “oversee” the project? Sounds like a big government program to me, expensive and inefficient. But don’t worry,they would never track your movement or collect the data unless it was for our own good because they know how to run our loves better than wet do. Sounds familiar doesn’t it, kind of like the same liberal politicians telling us it’s patriotic to pay taxes while they try and figure out ways to pay less on their own taxes. No matter how much a wacko liberal gets they will always want more, more of what everyone else has, they are never satisfied with the amount of control over the American people. Wake up people, there is not an end to their quest for for total control over your lives

  • Doski

    Wise up folks. How many Taxes have actually gone down ? The politicians ALWAYS sell their money grubbing TAX Plans as affordable to get them passed only to claim later that they Underestimated and raise the rates incrementally until those Taxes become outrageously burdensome. At 1.5 Cents/mile the tax will be approximately $1.00 / hour driven at highway speeds but as the Tax is increased to cover the “Underestimated Shortfall” it will rapidly become $5.00/ hour driven.

    Just wait until the Politicians realize the they forgot to put in their infamous Supplemental tax for “Car Pool-ers” and have to add sensors to the devices so that the “Burden” is shared Equally. Yep, we all “Need” to pay “Our Fair Share” ! Of course, in order to make sure it truly is “Equally Shared” everyone will need to be “Chipped” to Assure the Actual Driver isn’t “Over Taxed” while passengers skirt “Their Fair Share” .

    Sorry, NOT, if you are offended by my candor but even Helen Keller and Ray Charles could see where this is headed.

  • Tim Richardson

    A not inconsiderable amount of civil disobedience is going to be required here: Set up ad hoc groups to steal other groups of peoples, GPS devices, put them on trains and long-haul trucks; or just break the damned things. There are lots of things which can be done to “break the back” of this type of government bullshit.

  • goodoldeboy

    Who Is Tracking The Tracker??–If Implemented Will The Current Tax On Fuel Cost Be Terminated Or Will This Be Just Another Tax On Top Of The Fuel Tax We Currently Pay…??

  • AllenBarclayAllen

    All Carbon Taxation is Taxation without Representation by UN Agenda 21 !! Oregon’s tracking law will be shot down by Supreme Court the same way Traffic cameras were stopped. This invasion of Privacy cannot be legitimised by a tax that is a Communist Zone tax that will eventually put a stop to all travel and tourism industry ! A Zone tax Forbidding interstate travel with an ID. What Oregon has done here is a fast track to COMMUNISM Legitimising it with a TAX !

  • MDKTT20

    Nope, not in my state. the question will be from us who pay that tax each time we fill up is, show me what you did with every penny of Tax from every Gallon sold in this state, until then . back off.

  • richard Ittner sr.

    if there ever was a case for the death penalty this would be it. this is unconstitutional also, somebody wake up this Moron, Please

  • Alan404

    Might the next step be the following? Government telling you where you can drive, possibly when also? Of course, it will be, All For Your Own Good, such decisions-determinations of course being the option of “others”.

  • Dannie Poe

    Doesn’t each car have a mileage driven amount? On the State income tax form could they simply declare mileage driven in a year and be taxed on that amount. I am not saying I agree with paying for my trips. I seems installing monitoring is not necessary.

  • Fred_K

    Is there a way to derail this BS?

  • ROB

    They don’t care what it cost because it has nothing to do with climate change road fixing or any other thing like that. It is control over us. Period.

  • Roy Clingenpeel

    They will have to introduce mass transient to carry the load or pay a lot of welfare to those not willing to pay. The roads will still be in disrepair for the same reasons they are at present, government ineptness of management and use for their other nonproductive pet projects to pay off election donors.

  • Fred_K

    They should be taxed for every vote they make that costs the citizens money.

    • Which they’d then have to tax the citizens to pay that tax. If We the People more actively petitioned the government for redress, they’d get afraid to offend us for fear we’d show up, en mass, in their offices and the gallery. When was the last time you visited your representatives’ offices? I do on a regular basis, and I’ve always been the only constituent there. What do they have to fear?

  • Galveston1

    Maybe the Amish have something after all!

    • littlebit43

      They won’t let me keep a horse in town.

  • Blogengeezer

    I receive Oregon State Senator Jeff Kruse informative newsletters. Therein is explained the problem. A Super majority ‘Democrat’ legislature that will not in any way listen to reasonable alternatives.

    Liberalism is most definitely a mental disorder, nurtured through the national educational system. Nothing else explains their propensity, their political agenda for the motivation of absolute control in every aspect ….’.over’ humanity.

    Formerly we traveled yearly in Oregon to partake of the beautiful western coastline of ‘Our’ USA. With fast approaching taxation and govt controls on mileage and travel choices, we will now consider ourselves blessed…. for living in former times of Freedom…. and sanity.

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    And WE the PEOPLE are going along with this BS. WHo is goingto pay for the illegals taxes?? Who is going to know who they are?? Maybe we ALL should tell the gov’t we are MUSLIMS and what they want ot d ois against our religion and our religious freedoms act. If that does not work claim to be Mexican and illegal. One of these should work. Are WE the PEOPLE not taxed enough??

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq

    just more of the left brain washing people and our kids in school so they will not think, but to do what big brother tells them to do.

  • Kevin Baldwin

    yup, big brother.. 1984.. ‘ same thing just a different year with more frightening results that the sleeping populace has no clue about ,or, interest in becoming aware of, until it’s too late , and then they say…. OMG how did this happen.

  • WilliamHarrington

    Nazism and Communism share some traits, among which is the requirement to have your papers that allow you to travel. Having a tracker in your vehicle is a technological version of this.

  • Lee

    Yup. More liberal bullshit.

  • Douglas Forde

    Was the writer correct when he said they would only take 0.4 cents per dollar to run the system or does he not understand how to use a decimal point?

  • Priscilla Cruger

    Would someone explain to me how tracking my miles (i.e. where I go and how far I traveled) is any different than the government tracking me on my phone or the internet?

    • Bloodnut The Flatulent

      “Tracking” is one thing. The problem here is with “TAXATION”. That costs money. That’s why this is different.

    • littlebit43

      You can turn the damn phone off. Or leave it at home. I refuse to be enslaved by a phone.

      • Priscilla Cruger

        You misunderstand. I was talking about my objection to a dictatorial government being able to track my movements. It is called “freedom”. And don’t kid yourself. Your phone can be tracked, even if it is off.

        • littlebit43

          Not if it is also wrapped in Aluminum foil.

  • Jack

    We the people need to vote these simple minded bureaucrats out of office. We need practical people in office not lifer politicians.

  • AFMissilier

    There once was a vehicle requirement in Florida called a “Safety/Emissions Inspection” back in the early 80s. Floridians fought to have it thrown out. From the time it was implemented to its demise by the voters was just over 3 years. One thing about Government Officials is that they have to go home at night. And, each morning they want to go back to their offices. When that routine is threatened by the voters, government officials start running scared.
    Oregon is a state with little industry or tourism. I just pass through to get to Washington. Many other states are in this same situation. They will have pressure placed on them when inflation of goods and services are affected. Imagine paying a mileage tax to get to the grocery store to pay $5 for a gallon of milk. That will be the last straw for even the “volunteers”.

  • Mo

    This is just another Communists scheme to take total control of our lives. It is time for “We The People” to stand up and say “NO” to these Communists Anti-American POS!(pieces of SH*T)

  • SheriffJon

    Can’t help but to think that the gubbamint will do as they have with the state and federal highway taxes….Use them for pet projects or vote buying instead of maintaining and improving our roads and highways. As far as tracking goes, we have the technology in place, just need the GPS unit with SatCom to plant on your car or motorcycle. Imagine the possibilities!

  • disqus_e1rjNMkUay

    HALT ! so you are, say 190 lbs, suppose a calculation of how much air a person breaths in order to stay alive. There would be no set up costs, no maintenance fee and no transfer fee, when finished. Children could be free until they mature, NO ! strike that ! 2 chancy.

    • littlebit43

      Do I get a discount for having COPD?

      • disqus_e1rjNMkUay

        No !. count yourself lucky with no surcharge .once established, no discount for visits 2 the jem.

  • J.B. Young

    Have the people in Oregon considered firing the idiots in their government?

  • cae973

    Whatever happened to the privacy we are supposed to be guaranteed?

  • 3Curmudgeon3

    Oh goody, the NSA monitors my phone, internet, the IRS monitors my money, the Government has already taken my Social Security, PG&E charges a fee for my conversion to solar because I’m saving energy and going green. In California because a drought caused by the Sierra Club and overzealous politicians, I pay a premium for my water. The state just passed a one cent per oz on bottled water, so what the hell, I get to drive my new Tesla, get monitored where I drive it and pay extra for the gas I’m not using. I’m so happy I could………….well you know what I mean, but wait, they’ll now figure out how to tax the food that goes out much the same as they did, going in. What a country, the politicians are working overtime.

  • Irvan

    More DAMN intrusion of privacy and taxation…..a government for the tyrant, by the tyrant.

  • wapitihunter

    War on Liberals, Just say NO.

  • ChuckS123

    How about higher taxes on vehicles with better mileage? License plate fees, sales tax on new vehicles, etc. A lot simpler and not gestapo-like.

  • Terry Rushing

    Perhaps the global warming crowd got the cars too efficient and they were no longer sucking up enough money in taxes on fuel. It seems that some folks just can’t be pleased.

  • dltaylor51

    As long as you idiots out there keep voting for democrats and giving the the majority you can expect more of this kind of big brother crap.The only reason this is happening in Oregon is because its all liberalized up an no free men are there to stop them.

  • newsnose

    This “greenie” is so brainwashed he doesn’t even realized he is giving up his personal liberty and allowing government into his personal life. Oh, it sounds so good to be able to help – duh. A skunk in a pretty costume is what he’s getting. Hitler knew how to make programs sound good too.

  • mkkevitt

    I don’t care to debate the issue of paying to drive until driving is thrown 100% to the market and all roads and streets are privately owned. Private ownership is the only way to throw driving to the market. Mike Kevitt

  • don lavrich

    another way for beaurecrats to take money off the working man. we are coming down to us being serfs and the elite controlling us. little by little the middle class is being whittled away.

  • crazyfish

    This is true tyranny! We must fight this. This is not right. Tell me why we need a government that does nothing but oppress and tax and fill the greedy politicians pockets.

  • Loving America

    Americans do not let them do this…insist on the voters to implement or stop this tax!

  • Mike

    Hackers are going to be making a killing to fudge miles for people.

  • Greg Leonetti

    I CALL BULL!!!! Taxation without representation – ODOT is a sevice of the Government, since when did they get Kingship rights to pass and enact taxes WITHOUT the peoples consent/vote?! These arrogant punks are asking for a “gas party” if you ask me. This is more ways for these greedy pigs to take more w/o our consent and I’m not going to stand for it! My 88 Nissan got 30-40 mpg, my 14 prius only gets 30-40 mpg, so whats changed in 30 years?! the way it looks and how we’re being fleeced. Taxation w/o representation is ground for dismissal of government powers. That is how this country started and that is how it will be forver! Take your crown and your taxes tom and shove it where the sun don’t shine! You can’t even maintain the roads we have!

  • Greg Leonetti

    This is criminalistics, this is militaristic, this is communism, the gov’t alone does NOT have a right to impose a tax w/o the people’s consent NOR does a branch of the Gov’t – Taxation w/o representation is just what these scum bags are doing. If your in Oregon, get on the phone and call these fleecing leeches now!
    Tom Fuller (503) 986-3455
    Mayor Charlie Hyles 503-823-4120
    Gov. Kate Brown 503-378-4582
    Sen. Ron Wyden (503) 326-7525
    Sen. Jeff Merkley (503) 326-3386

  • Greg Leonetti


    Customer Service Hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm Pacific Time (closed on holidays and weekends)

  • thinkalittlefirst


  • Lumen_Kelvin

    If you are a Property Owner, you are assessed for road Tax, by your County. When you by gasoline, you pay about 45 cents per gallon in Tax. When you buy groceries, or anything, in the County you purchase anything, you pay a tax that, in part, it a tax for Highways and Roadways. You also are taxed for the local schools, of which, 80% of that tax goes to the schools. The rest of that tax goes for county and state services which are never provided to the property owner who pays that tax. We are being taxed for Roads and Highways over 5 times from five or more methods of taxing for the same thing. Now, the gov is trying to figure out how to tax us again for the same thing. This must end, now. This is a clear attempt to tyrannize the people, as clearly printed in the “Communist Manifesto” “Restrict the travel of the people”.
    “Destroy the family as a unit”. “Regulate their Privacy”. “Make the people Dependent upon the Government”. “Tax the people on every activity they enjoy”. “License the People for every activity”. “Take away their Rights, and issue them Permissions by authority”. “Remove their rights of ownership, by taxing them for their Homes and Property”. “Issue restrictions for activity according to health and disabilities” “Change the meaning of Public Service, into Public Supervision”.

    • Lumen_Kelvin

      Voting for a Democratic Politician, has been the cause of Communism, in this Nation. Our duty to America, is to vote for a candidate, who has upheld the “Constitution”. Most of our Government Officials, are Violating our Constitution. They must be removed from office. Their Job is to Protect our Constitution.
      Vote for Rand Paul, and this madness will stop those Law Breakers from being elected.

  • Lorlyn Loch

    The rope is cinching tighter and too many see nothing wrong with it. I doubt the roads will get better with this new plan – nothing our government touches makes more money – just takes more from those who have a job and now even from those who do not have money – so does this mean there will be breaks for those on food stamps and anyone living off the government – things are already free for most of them! Pretty soon the working class will be in the food lines and asking for hand outs with the likes of these kind of plans coming down the pike at us. When will those who think this is a good idea wake up and smell the stink this will cause!!??


    Just cannot understand why the GPS keeps getting fried, must be that 240 volt line I keep zapping it with. AND I wont be replacing it either Get it government keep coming up with insane ideas like this we will start taxing you for each of those hair brain ideas. Whats next a fart tax.

  • James Maxwell

    As with any Government run program the will start off with a small
    lie and fill it full of crap. But as it expands and becomes fuller and
    fuller you will fell the suction on your wallet grow stronger and
    stronger even if you park your car and ride a bicycle to work they
    will want to charge you for that also. Next they will make you carry
    one of the devices everywhere you go even if you are walking so they
    can charge you for sidewalk repairs. This is nothing more than the
    government trying to track your ever move and make you pay even
    more to their pockets so they can get richer off your work and their

  • ron17571

    You are already paying taxes at the pump for years.Those who drive a more gas thirsty vehicle,Pay more. Also years ago the FAA was talking about private pilots having to pay the air mile tax for every mile they flew. People try to get money from you however possible.

  • littlebit43

    If you buy a vehicle with one already installed. Wire cutters and a toggle switch is called for. The toggle switch is for vehicle inspections.

  • Greenstar3

    IT IS AGENDA 21 FORCING PLEBES out of their cars. This is only the beginning: plebians will be forced into 6 mega cities with 6 million population each – and the rest of the population will be made to disappear. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. IT MUST BE FOUGHT. “They” will be allowed to travel in vehicles. I never watched the Hunger Games – but that is predictive programming.

  • Liberty

    Have heard tremors that an earthquake is coming to take the coast. At least with these idiots driving fewer miles, they’ll still be in Oregon and dropping into the ocean soon.