It’s Airborne: CDC Warns of “infectious material through the air”

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As the saying goes, $&@# just got real.

The CDC has confirmed fears of airborne transmission of Ebola.

A CDC advisory entitled Interim Guidance about Ebola Virus Infection for Airline Flight Crews, Cleaning Personnel, and Cargo Personnel reveals that the federal agency is concerned about airborne contamination.

The advisory urges airline staff to provide surgical masks to potential Ebola victims in order “to reduce the number of droplets expelled into the air by talking, sneezing, or coughing.” (emphasis mine).

The CDC is also directing airline cleaning personnel to, “not use compressed air, which might spread infectious material through the air.” (emphasis mine).

The CDC’s concern about the Ebola virus being spread via the air is understandable in light of a 2012 experiment conducted by Canadian scientists which proved that, “the ebola virus could be transmitted by air between species.”

Researchers demonstrated that the virus could be transmitted from pigs to monkeys without any direct contact by placing the two animals in pens separated only by a wire barrier. After eight days, some of the monkeys were found to have symptoms of Ebola likely as a result of “inhaling large aerosol droplets produced from the respiratory tracts of the pigs.”

The results of the study led scientists to conclude that, “limited airborne transmission might be contributing to the spread of the disease in some parts of Africa,” although they cautioned against making comparisons to the airborne nature of the influenza virus.

In addition, the Public Health Agency of Canada’s official website states under a section entitled “mode of transmission,” that “airborne spread among humans is strongly suspected, although it has not yet been conclusively demonstrated.” (source)

This means that maybe it really wasn’t a great idea for the American Ebola victim(that we knowingly imported back to the US on a plane) to waltz into the hospital in Atlanta on his own two feet, rather than being carefully transported in an isolation unit.  The government has already established quarantine centers and the President has passed an Executive Order making legal the forcible quarantine of individuals suspected of illness. Joshua Krause wrote just days previously that this Ebola outbreak was somewhat different than previous bouts of the dreaded disease, and it appears he was right.

 It will only be a matter of time until vaccinations are made mandatory, and if you aren’t too keen about having an untested, rush-job drug injected into your body, it might be time to finalize your preparations to isolate your family in the event that this hits close to home.  It’s vital to get your supplies now, and beat the frantic horde when everyone else gets the same idea

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  • No more Mile High Club?????

  • Stu

    Yes the guy walked with aid…but I’m pretty sure the video I saw had him in a full suit and mask.

  • andrea mitchell

    no way the media is in damage control mode , and they said today that because of cultural factors of african countries the actual number is probably 4 times that of the official figures being released ,because they estimate they have only diagnosed 1/4 of cases , and the official # is about 2000 and steadily climbing , so around 8000 cases

  • Undecider

    Airborne from aerosol engineering?

  • usmcmailman

    This has been “Known” since the first outbreak !

  • Donald Keith

    ebola is not air born what a croc of shit! nothing like trying to scare your readers.

  • It’s not a true airborne virus; however, contamination can happen when the virus is spread from droplets of infected body fluids. So, if an infected person sneezes, and you inhale the droplets, or they land on your eye, you could get infected. Or, let’s say someone sneezes or coughs and the droplets land somewhere that you touch, then you touch your eyes, mouth, nose…

    Now would be a great time to get some surgical masks or reusable germicidal masks and keep them on your person. Also, make sure you have bleach or vinegar + hydrogen peroxide for decontamination of surfaces. Make sure that you and your family is practicing proper hygiene.

  • Bryan Blackburn

    When you realize how easy it is to kill viruses you never need to worry about any such disease ever again then you will want the heads of these pharmaceutical drug companies and execute them for their crimes against humanity in keeping the other cures off the market all in the name of profits. They do deserve to be boiled in oil for their crimes.

    • JeannieCollum

      Please tell us how to kill the virus Mr Einstein because right now there is no cure.

  • M_111

    Supposedly it is airborne in droplet form. Not crossing vast areas, such as with anthrax. Supposedly. I, for one, am not effing happy about this at all. This is something I have feared for 20 years. Hell, I have a few stuffed plush Ebola viruses–more as a joke. Although it’s not really funny. Yes, it takes one mistake. Truly scary shit.

  • Justin

    I find the anomalies between this outbreak and past outbreaks to be slightly disturbing. 1) the percentage of health care workers who are getting sick is much more significant than previous outbreaks. 2) it is now being reported by the CDC that they are seeing back to back surges of patients, where previously patient volume would rise and fall with the 21 day incubation period. What this means to me, at the very least, is that this is not the same strain. What frightens me is that governments have long been trying to weaponize ebola by making it airborne. As far as we know it was never accomplished, but this may very well be the ribbon cutting ceremony. We are on the precipice of a global financial crisis with people in high places looking to consolidate their power. We are on the cusp of world war. And many Americans see the charade for what it is and are mad as hell. And those people in high places need something such as an epidemic to use as a scapegoat for disarming and neutralizing any resistance to its plans and as a means to distract us from the fomenting world war.

    • Muddslinger

      University of Manitoba (Canada) ran a trial in 2012 with pigs & monkeys. I believe the conclusion was that the potential for airborn transmission exists. Public Health Canada was also involved.The WHO is also aware of the study and acknowledges it.
      I read somewhere that when you sneeze the particles emitted can travel a distance of up to 12 feet, something to keep in mind I guess.

  • JeannieCollum

    Thank you Mike ..these idiots don’t understand what airborne is Apparently .If I sneeze and you breathe the snot or salvia I sneezed you get Ebola…those that can’t comprehend shit like that ate the ones who is. Gonna infect all…Oh I though I had to screw, touch blood or eat infected shit to catch it…I didn’t know the sneezes traveled and I breathed it….damn…well they said it wasn’t airborne ..I believe everything the government tells me they don’t lie…Right stupid non airborne infection can occur Idiots…You why you brainless folks go help the infected Emory science lab rats blow there nose or clean vomit…Might as well if you won’t use that brain now just think if outbreak happens..y’all idiots will be first one to get and first to blow yalls shit on folks…and if one of y’all blows your snezzes or coughs on me…Ebola won’t be your cause of death ..It will be sucide yup hanging from a tree.

  • Alexandra

    I don’t know NS… It could be a media scare but something this horrible with absolutely no cure definitely IS something to be scared of, or at least take precautions of. I sure as hell don’t want to go out like that have you seen what it can do to you? And I agree. The idiots who let a man walk in knowing his background of living and the probability of him being contaminated should be fired.

  • Alexandra

    Jeanie you are so right….this type of serious NON CURABLE HORRIBLE DISEASE being AIRBORNE is nothing to joke about or to shrug off. Atlanta is two hours away from me and I have children. Yes, I’m going to be cautious so should all of you. Like I said previously, EBOLA DEATH IS NOT THE GREATEST WAY TO GO OUT. I sure as hell don’t want to

  • Alexandra

    Swine flu had a cure idiot. Ebola doesn’t.

    • one cure for ebola is death of the host,

  • Robin Williams beat u to it