It Will Take 6.25 BILLION “Man Years” to Pay Off Federal Government Liabilities: “A Mathematical Impossibility”

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We often hear government officials and mainstream financial pundits throwing around numbers like a billion or trillion. To most Americans these numbers are indiscernible. They are so incredibly enormous that we can’t even imagine what one billion dollars actually looks like, let alone what it takes to generate such capital. And a trillion, or better yet, the $17.9 Trillion that is our national debt? Forget about it! That’s so much money that we’re talking piles of cash the size of skyscrapers.



But even a visualization like this makes it difficult to understand how much money this actually is.

Ann Barnhardt, who in 2011 shut the doors to her investment firm and urged her clients to withdraw their money from all markets because she says the entire system has been utterly destroyed, will blow your mind in her most recent blog post.

It turns out money the way we were taught to understand it in school isn’t really how we should be valuing economies or debt. Instead, we need to be looking at what that money represents.

How do we define the sizes of economies?  In dollars?  Nope.  These systems should be measured in terms of a transcendent, invariant unit.  Currencies are, by definition, variant, because they are constantly changing relative to one another.  This includes the dollar, which is itself measured against a BASKET of other currencies.  I propose that GDP should be measured in the unit of MAN HOURS or MAN YEARS.  $20 per hour average wage.  2000 hour average work year.  Because the buying power of an average man hour or man year shouldn’t change much at all.  Think about it.

So, if we take the latest bee-ess GDP for the former US of $16.8 trillion, and if we use an average wage of $20 per hour, or $40,000 per year, we get an economy of 840 billion man hours, or 420 million man years.

Puts a different spin on it, huh?  Now, you really want your mind blown?  Do that same calculation with the debt (now $18 trillion).  Now do it with the unfunded liabilities of the FEDGOV (conservatively $250 trillion).

450 million man years, and 6.25 billion man years respectively.

Source: Notes for Apres la Guerre Part 2: Banking and Financial Market Theory

So, when we talk about trillions of tax dollars being spent on banks or infused into shadow investment houses around the globe, we’re actually not just talking about money being stolen from one group of people that’s being distributed to another. What we’re talking about is the literal theft of our lives – our time and energy.

The unfunded liabilities are estimated at $250 trillion, or as Barnhardt noted, 6.25 Billion man years.

To put that into perspective, it will take roughly 139 million Americans working non-stop for 45 years just to cover the government’s unfunded liabilities at their current levels. 

Currently, there are about 144 million working Americans with about 100 million not in the labor force for various reasons. So, just to pay off those liabilities, every single working American would have to spend the next 45 years of their lives sending 100% of their income to the government.

That’s how bad of a situation this is.

The arithmetic is clear: Repaying our national debt and unfunded liabilities is a mathematical impossibility. It will never happen.

Barnhardt understands the frustrations of many Americans who are fed up with having their livelihoods stolen on a wholesale basis by government, as well as business leaders who claim they are doing God’s work. She has a solution:

Since you’re probably sitting there thinking that people need to be executed for this mess, let me throw out an idea for how to go about meting out justice for these massive financial crimes after the war.  I would simply say that the amount of a theft should be converted to man years, and if the man years-equivalent of what was stolen is in excess of the average working life of a man, say 50 years, then the offense would be a capital offense and execution would be on the table.  For anything less than that, the man years conversion would inform the judge or jury as to incarceration terms.

So, just pulling a completely random number out of the sky, say $1.6 billion, and converting that to man years at an average wage of $40,000 per year, that is 40,000 man years, which equals exactly twelve feet of rope, which happily, can be reused an almost unlimited number of times.

Over $1.6 billion in shareholder deposits were vaporized at MF Global under the watchful eye of Former New Jersey Governor John Corzine (left). He served no prison time.

We’re talking massive amounts of time and energy here that have been pillaged from the American people, as well as tens of millions of others in Europe and Asia.

As Ann Barnhardt notes in her post, the end result can only come in the form of widespread warfare and a total collapse of the system as we have come to know it.

We are on the tail end of a paradigm built upon debt and false promises. The numbers are now so incredibly large that the trajectory is irreversible.

Our banking system, monetary dominance and geo-political influence are at a breaking point and those who want to come out the other side of the coming disaster need to be making final preparations.

The U.S. government has war-gamed and simulated these very scenarios. They know a massive economic collapse is not only on the horizon – it’s happening right now. They also know that as more people lose their jobs, homes and ability to put food on the table they’re going to come looking for someone to blame. There will be panic and violence. There will be bloodshed and war.

This is the future that awaits.


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  • vic_cdn

    It won’t take 6.25 billion man years. It’ll be wiped out long before that either by massive inflation or a manipulated default. Going to be fun either way.

    • 666 will forgive all ‘debt’ IF you get the implant in your wrist or forehead, then you can buy / sell with it’s permission.
      you may live only by permission of 666, satan’s meat puppet/s.

  • way2inform

    Everything here reaffirms my decision to never pay the fed income tax again. EVER

  • Joe Lizak

    Saying I am responsible for 17 trillion in national debt is like saying I have to payoff my neighbors credit cards.

    • rwhawk

      I’m your neighbor and you better keep paying…..I’m counting on it.

    • gigologene

      There are a lot of folks on welfare depending on you, Joe.

  • ranch111

    Fuck it.

  • Nichole Koonce

    ͏͏◊ Time to hit the reset button‼

  • Cyunvwyatt

    I have been saying for years that money is an illusion to slavery. Slaves did not pay taxes, they did not pay rent, they did not pay for food. 100% of a slaves labor is taken from them. Now today the average person pays 40% in taxes, then they pay rent, and living expenses. So Mon-Wed your labor goes to the Government. Thursday and 3/4 of Friday go to your living expenses, so you get to keep 4 hrs of your labor for yourself. Money is always relative even Gold. This lady is on par with free minded thinking. I hope the rest of you can see she is spot on your just a slave. You can’t remove your shackles until you acknowledge your chained down.

  • As our government and the Fed well knows, this debt shall never be paid off. Those directly responsible for said debt shall either be dead or out of the country with all of their wealth long before the SHTF. The rest of us shall simply not pay (we don’t have it) and learn to live like the Haitians that we’ve become.

  • swami jones

    we are screwed! thanks Jews.

  • Joe Lizak

    2000 years ago when the new Emperor took the throne the first thing he did was to forgive all the debt of his people. This would give his people a fresh start. Super idea! Think the bankers will go for it? We got the Emperor part (Obama).

  • TK3839

    Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I post this but what the hell, I don’t care what others think. All the elites of the world are only concerned about their power and never being held to the same accountability to law as all the worker slaves. Every type of human social media is used to keep the masses unaware of the manipulation taking place. We are conditioned from birth to live short stressful lives, paying entitlements we will never live to enjoy. I suspect in 2036 there is a very high probability Earth will be struck by a 330 meter rock, that will make a near pass in 2029, close to us like between our satellites and our planet. Well if I’m correct our satellites are in that orbit due to Earth’s gravity and anything closer will be affected by our gravity. NASA had this posted years ago however it was scrubbed and altered so it would be confusing to anyone researching information. (That’s a clue). Now there are many variables after the 2029 NEO pass but I’m pretty sure they know there is 70% or greater chance of impact they just are not or cannot be sure until after 2029. That’s when the real crazy starts when the impact models come out and which hemisphere has highest chance of being destroyed. Then whole countries have to move, their land has no value and WWIII begins.

  • Petunia

    She is right about the debt, and congress knows they can’t pay it back, which is why they keep borrowing and spending. It doesn’t matter anymore.

  • Jeff S

    What kind of government does this to it’s people? We have been trashed.

  • marconi314

    Just roll up your sleeves and get to work, you lazy a$$es!!

  • Tatiana Covington

    By that time, the sun will have bloated into a red giant and will have engulfed the inner planets, Earth included.

    So much for money then!

  • as creditors it is what the ‘government’ owes We the People, we don’t owe it to our debtors / trustees / public ‘servants’ .

    It’s my moola and I want it NOW, with interest

  • sweet. excellent. you found the sunglasses

  • ron17571

    How about if the guvment took 8 dollars a month extra from everyone that worked. I was getting sick while writing that. So how about we close a military base overseas. One a month and put that money towards the debt. UHH,That money is borrowed too.
    I was told by a submariner that two nuclear subs could lay waste to almost the whole planet. One in Alaska and one in Maine.From their docks. So its not like all of a sudden anyone is going to attack the U.S.,well not physically anyhow.
    There is a lot of ways to at least attck the debt and keep it from destroying the country. If the effort was actually made.
    Ron Paul would have been the man to at least try and get us to have money that actually was worth something. Oh well.
    Maybe make pot legal and all taxs go to two things.The debt and health care.Pot saves the USA!

  • Now we must pass out the sunglasses to the masses

  • Just push a button from the CAFR account, and in less than one second NO MORE DEBT. Then take away the politicians / satanic meat puppet’s credit card.