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by Jolly Roger

All of the horrors are coming to pass. We are now living the nightmarish existence of a people with no rights or recourse. No justice or peace. Hard life and no liberty, hopelessly denied the pursuit of happiness.

Things that we once believed could only happen in distant banana republics have become the American way of life. Our police brutalize us regularly, and with impunity, using tear gas, tasers, beatings, and bullets. Our property is stolen by government thugs, with taxes, fines, asset seizures, and eminent domain. Our children are being brainwashed to serve the dictator, betray their parents, ignore our morals, and forget their history. Corrupt judges imprison the innocent for use as slaves, sex toys, or just to be killed for knowing too much. Political dissidents disappear without charges into mental institutions for chemical lobotomies. Your dictator helps to destroy the economy, while using the military to plunder foreign nations. You have to pay for it all.

You know what’s wrong, because you’re surrounded by wrong, and it’s all plainly visible, but what you can’t see with your eyes or your mind, is how quickly our lives became miserable. It snuck up behind us like a thief in the night, and made off with all we hold dear. It stole our wealth, shackled our freedom, and demanded we all live in fear. Now they want to take our guns, and we all know what happens later. We get to watch them kill our sons, because we trusted in a traitor. How far down do we have to go, being crushed into the ground, before we let this traitor know, our bravery’s been found?

The tyrant presently occupying the White House has decided upon hiding his latest gun confiscation scheme behind the medical and psychiatric professions, so if you see a doctor, he’ll ask you if you own guns, and probably arrange for you to visit a psychiatrist if you do. The psychiatrist will undoubtedly decide that you’re a possible threat to yourself or someone else, and that crack-pot’s decision will be enough to deprive you of your right to keep and bear arms, and any weapons you own will have to be surrendered, without hearings, trials, or any due process whatsoever. Don’t forget the odd statistical anomaly of more than 90% of all doctors strangely belonging to one ethnic group, and you’ll have a better idea of how the odds are stacked against you as soon as you walk through the door.

There’s no need to debate the legality, or constitutionality of these latest dictates, because they’ve obviously dispensed with the constitution and rule of law long ago, and only pay lip service to these things to placate the brainwashed. There’s also no need to debate whether or not people should comply with these new laws, because compliance would obviously be foolish. Anyone who surrenders a firearm at this stage of the game is an idiot. If you feel you’ll have no choice, arrange for them to be “stolen” by a friend before it gets to that point.

The American people are being bullied into a corner, and have been left no option but to fight if they want to survive. There’s no wealth left to steal from this country except for the land and what’s under it, and America’s useless eaters are unfortunately standing in the way of that “progress” by living here, or living at all for that matter. There’s just no need to keep you alive anymore. They no longer need millions of factory workers to make them rich, because most manufacturing operations are using robots, and even produce-picking has become mechanized. Your life has been reduced to a red number on a balance sheet because you consume more than you produce, and they’re done using you. They only want whatever’s left that you still own, and the only payment you’ll get for it will be a hot chunk of lead being blown through your cranium.

That’s the present situation, and most people are beginning to grasp that fact real quick, but many are still confused regarding what to do about it. The answers are simple and logical, if calmly considered, because you really don’t have many options, if any options, if you want to survive this mess and see a hopeful future for your children.

In the political and social madness that will soon transpire, the only thing that will hold our future together and our nation together, is our ability to work together in adherence toward a common goal and against our common enemy. We’ll want to restore peace and sanity as quickly as possible, and we’ll want to preserve our ability to defend against outside invasion immediately, so that common goal must be the restoration of our constitution, and rule of law. Any necessary or desired changes can be made later, by legal and constitutional means, but our first goal should be to restore peace and stability as quickly as possible.

The best way to accomplish that isn’t a matter of my opinion; it’s a matter of U.S. law. All able-bodied men should now report to their local citizen’s militia, and if no organized militia group presently exists in their county, they should publicly post notices for all able-bodied men to meet at a specified time and location so they can form one. Nail up notices all around your county, and see who shows up.

If the Sheriff in your county is defending the constitution, the local militia should work with him and his deputies, because he was elected by the people of the county. If the Sheriff is not defending the constitution, the militia should enforce their own estimation of how to deal with him, because they are the people of the county, who have had enough of the constitution being trampled.

Grow your local economy by producing the necessities of life, and rendering needed services. Re- establish communications and trade with as many other communities as possible and be ready to join forces with them to repel outside invasion. Help your neighbors, ostracize the immoral, give any civilian criminals a fair trial, and just punishment. The enemy is the enemy, and any justice or fairness in that direction is foolish.

Through love of life and freedom, adherence to morals and duty, and charity to your neighbor, we will get through this mess, and restore our great nation to its former glory. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Because of who we are and who we can be, there’s a lot more in front of us than just hope. May God bless America, and may my best wishes go out to you. Work hard, be good, and be a good American, and I’ll see you on the other side.   — Jolly Roger 

“If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money it values more, it will lose that too.”  — William Somerset Maugham

Anything written by Jolly Roger is the property of the American people, and the author hereby grants permission for you to copy, post, or distribute this article in its entirety wherever you choose to. — J.R.

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