Israel Lobbyist Group AIPAC Thanks US Government for the $8.5 Million per Day in Foreign Aid

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by JG Vibes

The infamous Israeli lobby group AIPAC has openly thanked president Obama, congress and the senate for their support and especially the financial military aid that continues to flow into Israel from the United States.

Despite the fact that most American taxpayers are unaware of the military aid that Israel receives, the US government sends roughly $8.5 Million worth of military aid to Israel, every single day.

A report earlier this year pointed out that the US government already plans on sending $3.1 billion in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) to Israel for the fiscal year 2013.

According to the Zionist publication “Jerusalem Post”:

“The American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Thursday praised the Obama administration’s strong support for Israel’s self-defense, as well as the strong support members of Congress from both parties have given Israel amid the Gaza fighting.

“These statements demonstrate that America continues to firmly stand with Israel and her right to defend herself,” AIPAC said in a statement of its own Thursday.

The group particularly underscored US funding for the Iron Dome short-range missile defense systems which has thwarted over 130 recent rocket attacks since the start of Operation Pillar of Defense. “

People who support the aggression of the Israeli military such as the one who put together the aforementioned statement are insisting that the actions taken this week have been in “self-defense”.

Noam Chomsky has answered this claim by saying that “You can’t defend yourself when you are militarily occupying someone else’s land. Call it what you like, it is not self-defense.”

Many people from all over the world are protesting the recent aggression from the Israeli military, even many people within Israel.

The propaganda seems to be less effective this time around, but unfortunately the military support from the US continues to flow and many western governments continue to support this aggression.


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  • Emuna in Israel

    news flash: Israel isn’t occupying anyone’s land. They attacked us, we fought, we won. it’s our land, end of story. Actually, it has been our land for thousands of years before that, but that’s another story.
    news flash #2: when a terrorist group fires hundreds of missles at you, and you finally decide to shoot back, that’s called “self defense”.
    if Canada fired dozens of missles this month at upstate NY and parts of New England, what should America do? if all the schools along the US/Canadian border were closed for a week, if no one could go to work, all the stores had to close, would the US not fire back? How else, exactly, would you define “self defense”?
    Israel has no choice but to defend its people. unfortunately, Hamas prefers to store their missles in kindergartens, mosques, and private homes, so when an Israeli missile hits, there are inevitably civilian casualties. Perhaps some of your Palestinian sympathizer readers could speak to Hamas and persuade them NOT to hide behind their children, so that this would not be the case?
    lastly, now that the liberal left of tel aviv are also running everyday to their bomb shelters, there are very few if any people in israel who are protesting the Israeli military, as you mention in your article! No one here wants war, but until Hamas stops firing deadly rockets at us very few minutes, we have no choice. THAT is how this conflict started, with HAMAS firing upon Israeli civilians. They are the bullies in this scenario, not Israel.

    • Mikey
      • Emuna in Israel

        I checked it. but it is a distortion of truth. it’s easy to jump on the media “stop the occupation” bandwagon, but I suggest readers do their research.
        what is “Palestine”? it’s the Roman name given to this area, b/c they didn’t like the original name, “Judea”. Too Jewish sounding. The Romans destroyed the Jewish presence here, burning the temple in Jerusalem and sending the Jews into exile, the diaspora. A small % remained, but most were forced out. Since that time, Jews have always longed for a return to their homeland, it is a major part of the Jewish religion to return to the land, also called Zion. That’s where Zionism comes from, the longing to return to our ancient Biblical homeland.
        Fast forward to 1948, when the UN partitions this land into 2 states- one for Jews, one for Arabs. The Jews accept, the Arabs attack. This is the Arab “nakba”, what they call the catastrophe, when approx. 600,000 Arabs flee the land due to the war. They were NOT kicked out, they fled. They could have stayed, if the Arab armies had not chosen to begin a war in the first place. These are the Arab refugees. At the same time, approx. 600,000 Jews living in the Arab countries also flee, b/c they are in danger due to Arab anger over the creation of Israel. Many come to Israel. They are the other refugees, that the world never even hears about. They are absorbed by Israel, or France, or US, and no agency is created to help them, as was UNRWA created to help the Arab refugees.
        If the state of Palestine was so urgent to the Arabs, why was it never created between 1948 and 1967? Jordan controlled the east bank of theJordan then, the “territories”, yet there were no calls for Palestine then. Why?
        There are 21 Arab countries, at least. They have billions of oil dollars with which to help their brothers, the original Arab Palestinian refugees of 1948. Why have they not helped them? in all these years, they have allowed them to sit in refuge camps for generations, keeping them in poverty and breeding hatred of Israel. Whereas the Jewish refugees of 1948, who fled the Arab countries with only the shirts on their backs, have been resettled and have worked their way up from nothing,to normal lives? I do not understand it. I live in a settlement, I work in a hospital in Jerusalem. There are Arab Palestinian doctors, nurses, and patients, alongside Jewish doctors and patients. I shop in a supermarket in the “West Bank” as you call it, with workers both Arab and Jewish.
        this is not apartheid, as the media portrays. These Arabs receive health care, child tax credits, and all kinds of benefits from the Israeli govt. As I write this, despite the war on the Gaza border 40 minutes drive from here, Israeli trucks are delivering food and medicine to Arabs civilians in Gaza! Israel is providing humanitarian aid to Gaza today, despite the rockets Gaza is firing at us! It is just hard for me to accept that folks see Israel as the aggressor here. we are no occupier, and no aggressor.
        I want to thank the person running this site for posting my comments. I’ve reviewed some of the articles, and realize now that my post is not the viewpoint of this site. So I respect that you are posting this.
        For those who persist in hating Israel, after reviewing the history of this region, I suppose there is nothing I can say that will sway you.
        For those who care about Israel, I suggest you follow for accurate English reporting on this crisis.
        Lastly, may we see please G-d an end to this war. I pray for a time with no terrorism, no hatred. May we soon arrive at the time when there will be a true, lasting peace on earth.

    • michelle

      Emanu, I agree with you completly. I just stumbled across this article, it is repugnant. Many, many of us love Israel and support you 100%. This anti Semitic propaganda is quite frankly sickening. hamas is a recognized terror group……what is the issue??? The people of gaza stand behind this illegitimate , terrorist government…I have little pity for them. If they wanted to live in peace, they would. They choose not to. G-D bless Israel and her people.

      • James

        Hamas was promoted by Israel to oppose Arafat’s PLO.
        They are the synagogue of satan.

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    No, thank you AIPAC, its only three minutes of borrowing at our rate of 188 million an hour.

  • Realistic

    Emuna…I think you are missing the point of this article. First the question is…can Israel defend its self or does the US have to pay for it? Also…I’m sensitive to the fact that Muslims were placed there strategically by Hitler to cause conflict but Israel can’t keep them in a shrinking pen and expect them to just disappear. Israel needs to work out a refugee program with a place like Iraq, Iran, or some other Nation that would be willing to place them.

  • Solanoid

    Yep, Israel never done nothin to nobody, they are completely innocent of any wrong doing EVER!

    Anyone who disagrees needs to watch the main stream media news more often.

  • agmand

    How many victims of Sandy are still homeless, with just the the clothes on their backs, in Jersey?
    And all the other Americans around the US …

  • freepalestine

    A very good article!

    Stop foreign aid to the zionist apartheid regime NOW!!!

  • James

    Funding for Israel should have stopped after they murdered 37 sailors aboard USS Liberty with plans to blame Egypt.
    Israel is governed by serpents, truly a synagogu of satan.