ISIS Releases City ‘Kill List’: Most Towns Included Make Sense to No One

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Talk about a psyop. More ISIS fear porn, anyone?

In an ongoing bid to scare the public with propaganda direct from our government’s own creation, it is being publicized in the mainstream media that the Pentagon has responded to what has been dubbed ISIS’s “kill list.”

The newly released list includes a multitude of US cities, many of which make no sense unless I’m just not seeing it because I’m not a government funded and trained terrorist.

Here’s the list of cities by state (copied and pasted spellings and all directly from News Channel 10 out of Amarillo, Texas):

Texas: Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, Kileen

Indiana: Michigan City, Bolivar

Michigan: Dearborn Heights, Lake Orion

Connecticut: Barkhamsted, Manchester

Nevada: Reno

Georgia: Griffin

Maryland: Upper Marlboro, Warrensburg, Lexington Park

Arizona: Phoenix

Louisiana: Shreveport, Bossier City

South Carolina: Daniel Island, Charleston

North Carolina: Fayetteville, New Bern

Virginia: Burke, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Springfield, Norfolk, Chesapeake

Colorado: Colorado Springs

California: Manford, Solvang, San Ardo, Monterrey, Newberry Park, Carlsbad

New Mexico: Farmington

North Dakota: Minot

South Dakota: Rapid City

Florida: Merritt Island, Palm Coast, Saint John, Middleburg, Saint Augustine

Washington: Colton, Cheney, Seattle, Spokane, Ancortes

Nebraska: Bellvue

Illinois: Orland Park

Rhode Island: Newport

Idaho: Bonners Ferry

Sorry to be so flippant, but is this the waiting list for DHS funding or…?

I’ve asked around to friends and family, including a geography whiz with a degree in politics well-versed in geopolitical issues and the fraud that is the War on Terror. Most of these places we’ve never even heard of to be honest.

Some make sense; well-known cities such as Seattle, Washington or Reno, Nevada or Colorado Military-Industrial Complex Springs, Colorado. Ft. Hood, Texas has a large military base, for example. I could maybe even see Dearborn Heights, Michigan with its vast Muslim population…but…

New Braunfels, Texas? Really? Do the terrorists hate water parks and kolaches?

[Edit — Great comment from ThistleMeThis below: “Pathetically crafted propaganda is hilarious, I had to google Colton WA, population 418 wtf.”]

I did see two chinook helicopters flying in tandem over my house in central Texas earlier, headed toward Ft. Hood, but I was informed by a friend on Facebook that it likely has to do with a civil unrest drill involving some 3,000 soldiers and not this.

I guess this list is supposed to scare Mr. and Mrs. America that terrorists can target you anywhere at total random for no reason other than because they hate our supposed freedom?

Well it can’t be that either. New York, where our new freedom tower was built on the ashes of 9/11, isn’t even on the list.

Military and police patrols and security are set to increase in these cities under the potential terrorist threat.

In addition, the list reportedly included publicly available information (including names, addresses, and social media posts) of various U.S. servicemen with orders for US sympathizers to kill the soldiers, so security and police presence will reportedly increase in their neighborhoods as well.

(Hat Tip: Terri Jean Wilson-Straka)

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  • Bert

    Yeah, looks like a made-up bunch of shit to keep people afraid of their own shadow, to me.

    • AsianGlow

      Knowing our government, they will waste money preparing for nothing. So who wins?

      Taxpayers 0 vs. Terrorists 1

      • William Burke

        Government 1, Taxpayers 0. “Terrorists” = The Boogeyman.

      • Jeffersonian

        Waste money preparing for nothing? They are the ones wasting our money to fabricate this entire ISIS boogymen that obozo needed after his red line in Syria failed to garner support for one more war! He told us tht he killed off Al CIA-da, so he needed another muslim boogymen group to blame for murdering Syrians and justify overthrowing president Assad for the bakers and Exxon! There is no ISIS and the fact that their Twitter accounts link back to UK, aka NATO aka US, proves it! Go watch the fake beheadings and tell me our media and our govt can’t see how fake those are

      • Dennis R

        Oh no doubt that taxes are an insanely AND PURPOSEFULLY confusing on a typical basis. That’s how top-level accouning firms (even ones with the DoJ or priv citizens with FOIA slips) don’t/can’t do much about it!!!!! that’s GOTTA cross your minds at some point right? How do you think you pay for impoverished community healthcare or why our law enforement’s life saving gear is so low end in so many towns? Why do you think that ambulances take forever sometimes? Lack of motivation by itself? Maybe but I doubt it. They aren’t paid by the injury….Let’s put it that way. I know an EMT….believe me. They DO CARE, dont get me wrong…it’s just idk….ask someone k? You’d be surprised at how much on this blue marble you have not a single dumb ass clue about…..NO we aren’t behind some oil-conspiracy with ISIS (jeeezus, we already have that locked down. That whole theft is already old news!!)…I mean, if we only send troops for resources like diamongs, oil, minerals, uranium, gold, etc then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me ask on question…..WHY ARE WE THE ONLY (OR ONE OF VERY VERY VERY FEW) THAT SEND OUR WHOLE NAVY TO DISASTER ZONES? WHY DID WE SEND COVERT OPERTATIONS TO CONFRONT THOUSANDS OF CRAZIES IN SOMALIA IF THEY DON’T HAVE OIL, JUST DIRT AND KHAT (THE METH-LIKE WEEDS THEY CHEW ON)?????? Yikes…..You guys. Please don’t disappoint your parents OR US any further….go travel. Meet these people. They will open your eyes. Even if we were wrong, we wouldn’t have ten times the countries we had during Iraqi Freedom against ISIL right now if we supported tossing children “thought to be POSSIBLY homosexual” off rooftops, burning women with skin showing alive, hanging local cops (who have nothing to do with the politics of ISIS or the West) by the arms from behind over highway overpasses.
        My god, get your sh-t together you guys. Oh wait…I just realized logic will fall on deaf ears. You guys forgot that those who get paid GS-5 pay grades in the CIA don’t make even CLOSE to enough to support ISIS lol….And no, our gov won’t kill em if they don’t get behind it. It’s not too late I hope for you to be educated….OR you can just continue being the HIGHLY, AMAZINGLY INTELLECTUAL GIANTS YOU ARE!! lol

    • qcubed

      Sounds like a Republican tactic.

      • Vernon Bennett

        no, it’s the Russians.

  • isn’t Dearborn Heights Mi. primarily Muslim..??
    this is BS, and not even particularly good smelling BS.

    • …and now that I look at the demographics of some of those other towns, I think someone seriously screwed up

    • It is dehydrated bullshit. Just add 1 part water, two parts lies.

  • Wally D

    Well a quick search of google shows that most are close to a cross roads.
    Whether that is a rail or road or water way but they are all close to some kind of cross roads.

    • Bert

      More than half the cities and towns in the country are at or very near a crossroads. When towns were being established, crossroads and water crossings were usually first choices, as that was where it was easiest to set up some sort of commercial venture. I have some maps from the civil war and earlier that show almost every water crossing with a large city on it today, and highways along many cattle drive routes, etc. Pretty interesting how things evolve over time and after awhile most people don’t even know why.

      • Eatie Gourmet

        If people today had to found a town they wouldn’t know where to start. Water was vital, not just for animals and humans to drink, for agricultural purposes, but for transport as well. Railways started towns, too. Many roads in the area where I grew up were deer tracks in colonial times. People today have no sense of history, no sense of “situational awareness” — their heads are stuck in their phones seeing what they’re friends are wearing on Facebook.

        • Bert

          I’m not one of those folk who are eager for civilization to fall….I figure it’s coming anyway, eventually, and there’s little I can do about it, but one thing that actually makes me excited about it is that people won’t walk around with their faces buried in their goddamned smartphones afterwards. That shit’s ruining (ruined?) our society, literally.

      • paulgilpin

        if you ever drive from grand junction to denver, or vice/verse, you will see what you speak of. the highway was built on the same route as settlers took moving west from denver. and what parallels the highway all the way west? a river. what a kawinkydink?

    • William Burke

      So ISIS is coming to America to sell their soul to the Devil?

      • Wally D

        Where did that come from?

        • William Burke

          Look up the bluesman Robert Johnson. Crossroads. I don’t feel like explaining!

      • helen sabin

        Ummmm they only have Allah – they don’t have a devil as far as I have heard…..

        • BTeboe

          Yeah I think they’re too busy emulating the devil as well. Such barbarism has not been seen in centuries.

          • Dennis R

            Yeah it has….Holocaust kinda counts….Of course, there, chubs, I know getting your fat ass up off the couch to grab a book about WW2 attrocities is a tall order (sorry, wrong pun) but hey….You learn something new every day.
            OH!! And if you wanted something as evil and barbaric in RECENT times? I got some….

        • William Burke

          More proof I should cast pearls before swine.

          It was a JOKE. JOKE!!

          • Eatie Gourmet

            Pretty obscure.

          • William Burke

            To YOU. Ask ten random people where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil.

          • Eatie Gourmet

            Will try that this week, honestly, I will.
            Its probably obscure to me because I don’t live in a bluesy area, and never been that much exposed to it, nor particularly a fan.

          • William Burke

            It’s pop culture, believe it or not. A part of the legend that we call America. Though you’re more likely to find the correct answers at Yale than you are in the streets of Laurel, Mississippi. Maybe.

          • brubenow

            The towns are locations of the homes of US military servicemen who have been identified as targets. Do your research.

          • Karen

            Some just don’t know how… Virginia has the largest population of Military and those cities listed is the ones that most reside in… I know, I lived there until August of this year for many, many years.

          • Eatie Gourmet

            But at least now, if someone randomly asks Me, I can answer it! So thanks for that!

          • William Burke

            No charge! You’re very welcome.

          • Mark Belk

            Right up the road from where I was born and raised.

        • testiculus_gigantus

          Not that they yet know of.

        • gingercake5

          They do a “stoning the devil” ritual when they go to Mecca. Every Muslim is supposed to go at least once in their lifetime, and of course perform all the rituals (circle the black box, and then walk out a few miles and stone the devil, as well as a few other things). It is a mass of people trying to go the same direction in limited space, so some years a lot of people get trampled to death. You can see the layout on Google Earth, and many have added photos and explanations. The Kaaba (the black box), which “of course” is not an idol of any kind, can be seen from space, as well.

        • Dennis R

          If they have a hell, they have a similar figure LIKE the devil (or a perfect representation of the polar opposite of God himself). I’m not religous either….I just know that many Muslims are normal people, and the rest like ISIS are just losers (with neurons not firing right) gathering all over the world because of THIS (the internet) and talking each other into blowing up OTHER PEOPLE in THEIR OWN HOMELANDS, not so much where those leading Daesh come from. I mean, Baghdadi (dead or alive) would’ve tried to not let his town get burned down by suicide vests if the Iraq War (which he and Muqtada Al-Sadr were having the times of their lives!!!) hadn’t happened….BUT, however, raping, pillaging, burning, and murder all fall under Sharia so…hey! why not right? WHEN IN ROME!!! LMFAO….”Everyone knows those dang Americans are behind them ISISES FOLKS!! I knew it! next them aliens is coming and going to join forces with em! you just watch” lol

      • testiculus_gigantus

        There are plenty of well-armed and accurate Americans that can help arrange the meeting.

    • jaguar

      Colorado Springs has the military academy and Cheyenne Mountain…

  • Eric Blake

    Looks more like a list of cities with multiple soft targets.

    • gerry d welder

      Massachusetts not on the list? … with all their easy pickins, dis-armed sitting ducks?

      • Agrilz

        If you think the birthplace of the American militia isn’t properly armed and defensible, you’re more delusional that the ISIS guy who came up with this list.

        Liberal doesn’t mean pacifist. Remember that.

        • gerry d welder

          Maybe then your a MA cop? Because MA has among the strictest gun laws in the country disarming the majority of law-abiding families thinking it will keep them safe. Hows’ that working out in NYC, Washington DC, Newark and Philadelphia, etc., etc?
          How’s Holyoke these days? I used to wake down High St; at night a long time ago,

          MA citizens are almost 100% defenseless, clueless and criminals and terrorists know it.
          Nice people in MA, but vote super majority left, liberal, progressive democrat.

          So, good for you, your one of the few, now go to the movies (make sure it has a ‘NO GUNS ALLOWED’ sign out front before you go in.

          • Agrilz

            Not a cop. Not one of ‘the few’. You just proved you have no idea what happens here, no matter how much a badass you think you were marking time in deepest darkest Holyoke. Please keep shouting about your sweet sweet guns. Those of us who understand how to be armed and smart will keep doing it the right way and shaking our heads at the noisy scared immature
            people who don’t get it, and never will.

          • gerry d welder

            … when MA voters stop electing utopian hypocrites and outright traitors that undermine our constitution and Bill of rights, then maybe you will have some credibility.
            Go campaign for your Massachusetts idol Lying Elizabeth ‘I’ma indian’ Warren that wants to spread her liberal idiocy all over the country.
            I’m done wasting my time with you.

        • gerry d welder

          LOL. New England has since embraced far left, liberal progressivism so much it is in their DNA. ‘The New England Patriots’? what’s that? sarcasm?

          • Agrilz

            Liberal and progressive don’t mean pacifist. Remember that.

          • gerry d welder

            “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” – RONALD REAGAN

            “I’d be very happy to tell them I’m not a liberal at all…I’m not comfortable with those people.”
            – John F. Kennedy – Saturday Evening Post, June 1953

            “Liberalism itself has failed, and for a pretty good reason. It has been too often compromised by the people who represented it.”
            ― Hunter S. Thompson

          • gerry d welder

            Remember this:

            Liberal left progressives have infested our public school system and many universities, have been wildly successful producing dumbed down millions of low information voters, aggressively propagandize, re-segregate and instill interracial distrust in American citizens and have everything to do with the fall of the USA and the coming, frightening consequences. That’s what we get for having under achiever liberals, Marxists and low information voters charged with teaching our next generation.

            The frightening consequences of our public education system are real and are just beginning.

            YOU WANT PROOF?

            Just need watch the first 30 seconds of each:

            Americans Don’t Know WHY We Celebrate the 4th of July or …

            Can You Name An Author of a Book? Any Author?

            Americans Who Don’t Know the Capital of the United States!!!

            A monumental WORLD embarrassment and IS being shown around the world. What a laughing stock.

            Can you think of two counties that start with the letter ‘U’?

            “Utopia”, “Urope”.

            Lunch Scholars

            The fruit of the wildly successful, left liberal, progressive under achiever, useful idiot infestation of our public schools and universities.

            So, our constitution is bad, conservative thinking is bad, our founding fathers are bad, math is consensus, sexual promiscuity and deviation is good and must be mandatory starting with pre-teens, the global warming scam must be pounded into students daily, religion is bad and has no place in school unless it’s Islam, our 2nd amendment and right to defend ourselves is bad, free liberal progressive speech is good, conservative speech is prohibited, open borders and overwhelming our hospitals and economic stability is good, encouraging students to leave school during class to protest in the streets with anarchist trouble makers and Marxist adults (and not having a clue why) is good.

            Great job, you ‘educators’, you and MSM are directly responsible for now millions of low information voters and the resulting imminent cataclysm our country now faces. Your pensions and living standards deserve the destruction coming.

          • qcubed

            You are such a god damned idiot.

          • David Combs

            Clueless and the biggest part of the problem of this country are sheep like you spreading lies and misinformation long since been debunked by anyone that can read or think for themselves….The right is the one dumbing down America that and down right cheating and election fraud is all they have left….Nothing but failed policies over and over again alway’s a Democrat to bail out the mess the Reight make of this country when in Charge …Just look at today they control three of the four branches of government and blame one man for their failures & treason. Today Republicans have a complete lack of Real leadership and lack of any TRUE American’s left in their Reight wing Fascist party of the Rich and Fools….Which are you?

          • gerry d welder

            In one sense I have to agree with that, just look at the mess the world is in right now thanks to liberals and progressives (THEY ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE HAD ALL THE POWER FOR YEARS).

            RINOs are progressives

            Democrats are liberal progressives
            Both are Rockefeller controlled globalists and …

            American citizens are on the globalist menu as are the Europeans, Russians and Chinese.

            Hey federal employees, the globalists can’t create their NWO without you.

            If you understand the treasonous club, things will make sense (as they make grand speeches about ‘restoring America’ to the sleeping sheep obsessed with ball games) they conspire against our constitution, Bill of Rights and state’s rights.

            RINOs and democrats have the same boss and agenda, they only fight about which party will have more power and perks, the videos below will explain their hatred of the Tea Party and constitutional conservatives. The constitution is a threat to their end game and it must be destroyed.

            Boehner, McCain, Kerry, Bush(s), Clinton(s), Graham, McConnell and who RINOs and all democrats bow to:

            Check out the last 30 seconds of 2, then watch these two short videos:

            youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 1

            youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 2

            You have to watch the above two videos before you can truly appreciated this one:

            Hillary Clinton admits the CFR gives the Orders


          • Tsuki no Usagi

            Yes, we all know that. Communists are history’s biggest butchers.

          • Agrilz

            Ha. Compared to Christianity, they’re rank amateurs.

          • Jeffrey Mailly

            Dude, you need to get out more. Maybe visit MA before you critique it from behind your keyboard. I walked into my local police station 3 years ago with $100 and 3 months later had my license to carry a large capacity concealed weapon. And I was born and raised in liberal MA. My arsenal has only grown from there. Maybe if you live in or around Boston you embrace that view and believe the propaganda. But take a ride 30mi west and it’s like a completely different state. Everyone I know has their gun license. Everyone I know has guns. And I know a lot of people. Rest assured Massachusetts is very well protected. Maybe not Boston. But MA has plenty of guns and ammo.

        • gerry d welder

          ‘The New England Patriots’ is now an oxymoron.

        • helen sabin

          LIBERAL means STUPID!!

          • Agrilz

            Conservative means coward.

          • gerry d welder

            “The left wants, needs, loves, and exacerbates violent conflict. The question is…why?…Conservatives generally want policy discussions because we disagree with liberals. Liberals need gutter politics because they despise conservatives personally.”
            ― Eric Golub

            “Do not speak in the hearing of a fool, For he will despise the wisdom of your words.” Proverbs 23:9

            Here’s a conservative:

            “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” – RONALD REAGAN

            So Agrilz, now your turn, show me a conservative coward that you claim is out there.

          • David Combs

            Every Draft dodger in DC and every fascist puppet of Corporate fascist America and by your words you sir are also a coward that will hide and try to switch sides when the Cons destroy this land and come for your Guns.

          • David Combs

            Cons Who Serve Satan= Conservative

      • William Burke

        They’re now aware of New Mexico’s existence, though… Terrible news!!!

    • helen sabin

      The cities with multiple soft targets are the LIBERAL cities with the anti-gunners.

      • Agrilz

        In Texas, Nebraska, the Carolinas and the Dakotas….riiiiiight.

      • David Combs

        Try again

    • Karen

      You call Norfolk, VA a “soft target”? That is home to our Largest Military presence in the world!

  • Robert Gest IV

    I live in Upper Marlboro and I do hope they bring a pickup truck with a machine gun mounted in the bed because I could use a second vehicle.

    • helen sabin

      YEAH – good idea!! I need one too!

    • Joe Mertens

      And a nice machine gun after you clean it.

  • Mike

    Faked list.

  • Joe Lizak

    You’ve never heard of the Connecticut town called Barkhamsted? It’s just north of Crap-a-lot and just east of Puke-in-puss.

  • Joe Lizak

    The numb nuts in Washington have their calender mixed up. They must think it’s 1 April….. April fools day.

  • M Fr Nch

    Scare scare, terror terror, run run and pay us more so we can keep scaring you

    • gerry d welder

      Easy targets in Maryland these days, nobody will shoot back.

    • L O

      When in danger when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

      • BTeboe

        Haven’t heard that in a long time. LOL

  • bill lopez

    The California cities are hilarious. Solvang? really???

    • EgbertThrockmorton1

      You are correct. They had to have meant Hanford, which is home/near to the Lemore Naval Air Station and a bench of USMC Marines who would LOVE to meet them. Solvang is just a tourista trap with excellent pastries and it’s of Danish origins, not the Dutch.(minor correction) Carlsbad is at the tip of Camp Pendelton, another USMC stronghold, Monterrey? Morons can’t even spell correctly. Again, a huge military contingent there at both the Defense Language Institute(a prime target since they produce the linguists and intel analysts) and the Naval Postgraduate School, which has a LOT of SEALS there. Yeah, just the two places to try and attack. Symbolic crap picked for someone unknown idiotic Islamofacist reason.

      • Bert

        Yeah, they probably did (mean Hanford, that is), though I don’t know why they wouldn’t just target NAS Lemoore instead. Not that it would do any good, the air station side of the base is a good distance from the other side (and really, really tough to get to, security was reasonably good even when I was there during the cold war days), which is a fair ways from Lemoore, and even farther from Hanford, with Armona in between the two towns. Targeting Hanford would result in….well, civilian casualties only, and likely an ensuing (and immediate) airstrike. Doesn’t take long to fly a jet 15 miles or so.

        This is a bunch of horseshit most likely put out by someone within our own government, just scare tactics. The spelling and other mistakes are deliberate misdirections.

        • Andrew Samuel Martinez

          They’d target Hanford not lemoore (if they’re smart) because most of the higher ranking officers live in Hanford rather than lemoore, it’s a small town even compared to Hanford

      • Dadasmithywinkle

        Carlsbad is decently far from Pendleton. I live near the Southern Gate of Pendleton and Carlsbad is a good 15 minute drive. Oceanside is right next to Pendleton, but Carlsbad is a more touristy and rich area.

    • Andrew Samuel Martinez

      It’s a misspell, it’s Hanford

    • Red Cabbage

      Solvang is a Danish town, not Dutch. When you drive through town there are Danish flags lining the main boulevard. Remember the cartoons that caused an uproar–they were Danish. This makes sense.

  • Sir TuberKopf

    After 911 when homeland security was beefed up, the places where the terrorists lived, trained, and launched their attack from turned out to get the smallest funding for antiterrorism.

    Wash, rinse, repeat!

  • ThistleMeThis

    If Jihadi Joe & the federal funky bunch CIA-Islamic State thinks it can swoop into Spokanistan they’re in for one HELL of a fight.
    Pathetically crafted propaganda is hilarious, I had to google Colton WA, population 418 wtf. Enjoy

    • Steve C

      As someone who lives less than 20 miles from Colton I can attest to the fact that there is no target there. Well, unless you count Dave’s golf and gun shop. Lol. This isn’t the left side of the state.

  • Works for me. They aren’t interested in being exterminated in Wyoming or Montana.

  • Heather

    It’s not the cities on the list but maybe what cities are near them?

  • Kevin G.

    Does this in anyway connect with Jade Helm 15???

  • chibi reaper

    coman brah…

    fucking nebraska did nothing to your dusky asses…

    why do you insist on harming those who never did you harm personally, DO YOU NOT VALUE THE YOUNG, AND THE WEAK?

    do you not value life?

    • Are you talking about ISIS or the US?

      • chibi reaper


        and both actually…

  • If that is the point, neither is Saudi Arabia.

  • firehammer

    If I may offer an observation.
    Imagine the brain dead masses if the 6:00 news headlines was, “Terror Hits Small Town America From Coast to Coast”
    Today, eleven towns, most people have never heard of were attacked in broad daylight by ______________(fill in the blank) leaving over 1000 dead, 5000 injured and local authorities in shock as …..

  • Infidel51

    This sort of ham fisted propaganda is a perfect example of how stupid they believe the American people have become. They are right too.

  • Perhaps they lost money betting on Quinnipiac Bobcats.

  • clearmind

    We have ‘doom porn’ and now we have ‘terror porn’….the govt and its voice piece,the msm, are on the mountain topp screaming..FEAR!FEAR! THERE’S A TERRORIST EVERYWHERE! ( hay, thats sorta catchy )

    How is it that the govt sees a terrorist bent on killing americians in every country, in every cave, in every organization and even its own citizens are potential terrorists? The govt has a delusional, pyscopathic mentality. The only people that ‘ hate our freedom’ is the govt and they are doing thier darndest to take it away…all in the cause of ‘ saving us from terrorism’.

  • right

    If New York not on there list yupp its def made up or a government detraction to turn the people heads the other way while something big goes on under our nose

  • There is a Navy Base in Newport RI.

  • Kelly Meiche’l Somes

    I understand Spokane , WA we have Fairchild AFB less than ten miles from downtown

  • RdHdKid

    Many of those cities have military installations in, or near them.

  • gerry d welder

    Looks like a great opportunity to bolster our 2nd amendment rights

  • socoloco

    Somebody at the DHS has been throwing darts at a US map again.

  • Jaime Lene Lewis

    The cities listed have specific military personnel residents that performed air strikes on ISIS. I am in Solvang right now and there are rumours that the military guy is in protection now. It has nothing to do with population. It’s specifically a kill list of names, city is by chance. We are next to VAFB.

  • Bert

    Having spent quite a bit of time at NAS Lemoore and the surrounding areas, I can say with a pretty fair degree of certainty that the overwhelming majority of those working at the air station do not live in Handford. They mostly live in Lemoore, or on base. There are a few in Hanford, I’m sure, but the number would be negligible to that compared to those in the two closer towns. And if one were going to attack an area with the intention of causing high military casualties in a civilian area, Hanford wouldn’t be the pick, and wouldn’t be any more or less difficult a target than Lemoore.

    And why would they target Phoenix? The odds of hitting any military personnel there in a random attack would be about as great as hitting a 1 meter target, blindfolded, from a thousand yards out. With a .22. Pistol. In a high wind. And rain. Shooting with your feet.

    These cities are random. There’s no discernible pattern and no logic behind them at all.

  • Tabatha Chachulski-Morgan

    Day of Wrath by William Fortschen, I was thinking the same thing.

  • FreddyB


  • armst

    I say nuke em from orbit…end of problem…

  • L O

    I’m trying to figure out what ISIS wants to kill in Bonners ferry..A town of 2500 people, Mostly farmers and loggers, fiercely conservative and armed to the teeth …I personally wouldnt want to tangle with either.

  • Robert Gest IV

    Indeed! I hope they bring some flags too so I can use the reverse side for blackout curtains 😉

  • Bob

    I live in Mississippi and we were left off the list. I feel insulted.

  • AtTheRubicon

    I see Phoenix, Az is on the list. Oh cool. We’ll get to play Cowboys and Muslims. (Phoenix is probably one of the most well-armed cities in the country)

  • LksLady

    One should take a closer look at some of these locations. Farmington, NM is in the upper north west corner of NM. This is a small town situated within close proximity to the Navajo Nation and in the “Four Corners Area”. The Navajo will not do a thing to prevent Muslim influx, they are too lazy, live off the government and any “business enterprise” that they see bringing revenue into the area would be welcomed. There is a mosque just fifty miles south in Gallup, NM and Muslims from that mosque are active in business on the Zuni reservation. This area has water (underground), coal and uranium resources. We are not talking an “overt” take over of the selected areas but a more selected “immigration/invasion” or “settlement” of Muslims in the area. It is also in the middle of remote terrain and topography that resembles much of the middle east. Great place for “training camps” that would be difficult to find.

  • Jakob Stagg

    There is a reason the behavior is called terrorism. It helps make the fear mongering more effective. It is being used to crank down harder on citizens.

  • Ken, North Face

    Slight tip for ISIS:- I doubt if they can read this post but anyone in Western Media and Connections can:- America is a helluva long way away boys. Israel is nearer. Do you have a policy on Israel? One does tend to get sick of hearing the same old malaise does one not? America do not have a monopoly on Islamophobia, correct me if I am wrong. It’s just that a normally fun geezer in an english public house can, just by visiting Google maps, look up easier targets LOL. Much of Israel is now on Street View LOL.
    Would Israel go live on Street View with the Islamic State so real and so near?
    Take it from me the Islamic State is as real as Ebola. You stand a greater chance of meeting the Loch Ness Monster than an Ebola virus or a fundamentalist of the sort spoken about by the media.
    So help me God.

  • Citizen

    Maybe there is logic behind their selection of targeted cities. First, there are certain cities that have large military installations in or nearby. This would serve not only to disrupt but also to display their disdain for our military. Second, what if they are indicating that can target any city JUST because they wanted.

  • Jim

    So Reno but not Vegas, strange.

  • Melissa Melton

    You’re a wonderful person too.

  • JeromefromLayton

    Why New Braunfels? It’s close to Fort Sam and San Antonio. So, lots of military and dependents.

  • helen sabin

    Let ISIS come to Colorado Springs and LEARN about all the concealed carry people in the town and the NEW Sheriff in town – I call them target practice!! And a reason to get a new scope and a full auto weapon! WOO HOO!! Maybe a few will drop theirs after taking a couple to the mid section and I can have one that I won’t register with the ATF!

  • clarioncaller

    Right out of the Vallely-Aquino Psyop playbook.

  • BTeboe

    I think if you start cross checking High Value Targets in these cities you’ll find that some have nuclear power plants close by, others have Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine bases. They would love to shut this country down, and I’m sure our Dear Leader will love any reason whatsoever to declare Martial Law.

  • abinico

    What is it that they don’t like about Florida?

  • Chessmaster

    Perhaps they just had a Big Map of the USA and threw Darts at it, in order to come up with the Cities they’ve listed.
    Or maybe it’s just a Ploy to throw the Government off from their real Targets.

  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    Wonder why they did not include Detroit, Newark, or Camden? Oh, my bad, because they are already destroyed.

  • TanDaLayO

    It was hilarious to see Solvang, CA on the list…OMG, all those tourists and high end shops are now in heinous danger….. I don’t think anyone will even pay attention to this crap….from the govt..of course…

  • Brogue de Irlanda

    ISIS was founded and funded by CIA? The world needs to be informed by Independent Certified News as opposed to the Habitual Liars of the US News Media and Joke of a Government about the total collapse of the US Police State. US is totally broke with a Debt of $228 Trillion not the $17 Trillion they broadcast every nite. Now the illegal Liar, Drug Addict and Queer from Kenya as Verified by the PM of Kenya, has illegal filed legislation to steal all Your Bank Accounts and Investment Accounts?? YOU the People better take Notice of The Real Truth??

  • Eatie Gourmet

    You sure most of these places aren’t on the ISIS bucket-list for vacation destinations?

  • Eatie Gourmet

    Is that why DC isn’t on the list? I would think it would be an obvious target. Perhaps too obvious?

  • Eatie Gourmet

    Minot AFB. Ft. Hood/Killeen is Army. Carlsbad, USMC
    Norfolk/Chesapeake/Virginia Beach is all Navy

  • JohnFornaro

    I am familiar with several of the cities in the list, and some of these are just ordinary localities, unlikely to have militarized their police departments all that much. They would be rich in soft targets. At the same time, if ya take a look at a map of red and blue states, there’s an awful lot of red states included in their “list”:

    (with Cali always being the outlier.)

    There’s no logical argument suggesting that a Wiki Map is a guarantor of safety from a terrorist attack, or that some random list is a USG psyop.

    The wannabe perps of this threatened attack are also quite capable of psyops too. They could list one city and attack another one.

    It would be interesting, in a scary clinical sense, to see if any of these cities coincide with the Jade Helm gameplan.

  • Linda Martin Hendrix

    Wyle, Texas, should be Wylie, TX has a major water distribution plant that sends water to 1.4 million homes in the Dallas Metro area. You have to think of major water plants, not just military bases, etc.

  • Charissa

    Could be a good way to divert attentions to these towns while they show up in others not listed!! Just a thought!

  • David Stroud

    They misspelled Anacortes.

  • disqus_QkZ7nipItM

    They are very scary well planned hit places, but should be hard to hit. Very smart and very strategic planning for sure. If they hit these places it can really cripple our country. People who say these are a mistake are the ones making the mistake.

  • Bradley James

    ISIS is the USA ,#CIA and Israeli #Mossad .Wake up sheep. Zionist Talmudic NWO at work . Stock up unplug stay home and prepare. Store food goldSilverLead.

  • Floridagal51

    If The Daily Sheeple had done their homework, they would have found that the list includes the city where military personnel who are targeted live. That’s why the list looks odd.

  • DavidRSetree

    Perhaps it’s a list of their sleepers residences.

  • Steve Harbour

    It looks like they are focusing on areas of production. DC should be fine.

  • tlynne

    I am originally from Anacortes, WA. Its in a group of islands in the pacific northwest. However, one of the islands is Whidbey Island, which is home to Whidbey Island Naval Station. My brother is a senior serviceman stationed there. Many of the soldiers that are stationed there live in Anacortes. So that particular location makes sense to me. That naval base has made many trips to the middle east conducting whatever it is they do. I am, to say the least, a bit concerned. Its just like during the first Desert storm when the current town i am in, St. Marys, PA.was a target. We are known as the powdered metal capital of the world here, and during that war, many of the factory’s here were producing parts and munitions made for the military. Saddam had us on his target list as well. But this town, isn’t heard by anyone. We are a town in the middle of the Allegheny National Forest. Maybe im just overly worried because Anacortes is my own town, and my brother is there, and he’s in the Navy. It’s hard for me to not to be upset about it. Fake or not, its really f**ked up.

  • Aztiraw Serrot Zepol

    If it’s propaganda or true coming from ISIS.. it is still awful. And where ever they maybstrke if they do.. there will be lives lost.. God help us and every one.

  • MrsP

    Most of these cities have military bases in or around them.

  • Kayla Marie

    And a lot of these cities have major military bases in/near them.

  • Sarah Greuling

    For Florida: St. Augustine is a major tourist spot, same for Palm Coast, St. John and Merritt Island, plus they are all located near military installations and the St. John’s river or Atlantic Ocean. As for Middleburg, it is a suburb near Jacksonville that is home to a military base, as well as being within a 30min to 2hr drive from 3 other military bases, so it is home to a majority population of military families.

  • Linda Nolen

    These cities are some of the cities in which the “targeted” servicemen, whose information ISIS released on a kill list, live. These are cities in which law enforcement is being asked to provide extra protection for military personnel.

  • sport

    It’s almost like the Isis top officials went to some of their American recruits and asked them where it was they lived at before they joined Isis and this list is the result of that. I mean It’s that random.

  • Andrew Samuel Martinez

    It’s Hanford, not Manford California. And sadly it makes sense to be on the list. Our town is right next to lemoore naval base, one of the largest on the west coast. Most of the pilots and high ranking officers and families live in Hanford rather than lemoore itself.

  • dee

    No Boston, New York, Chicago? Why would they release such information? It doesn’t make sense, unless it’s a deflection from the real targets. We know it’s coming, right?

  • Really ? DHS can’t figure out why? Really?

    Fools.. check the databases for relatives, friends or past visits to these areas by Islamists.

    They got these names because of relatives who have in the past invited them to these places or have sent them pictures and stories about these areas.

    Mine the Data bases for Muslims in the area and cross reference them against any communications with the Islamist hotbeds in Paris, Belgium, Syria and Iraq.

    You will find your moles in these cities!!

  • Roadbikeron

    I’ve contended for years now that if you really want to shake Americans up, you don’t strike the obvious. Hit us where we feel safest, in the places we idealize. Attack a small town. The whole town, businesses, schools, police stations. Fortunately, many of those places aren’t filled with sheep.

  • AngelEyes89

    You’re not very intelligent. I live in one of these no name towns, we have several things that could attack…a huge nuclear cooling tower for starters. Also have the Indiana state prison…maybe they have “friends” there? You are what should be considered as part of the “steeple”. Lest we not forget , perhaps it’s not the cities but certain people who live in them?

  • Gayle L Bohlen

    Are any of the 23 known terrorist training camps near the cities in the list? You can google them as “FBI list of terrorist camps”. I don’t know why the training camps have been tolerated for so long.

    The one in Fort Mill, SC is not a long drive to Fayetteville, NC; about 3 hours.

  • readourconstitution

    The California cities, Manford is probably actually a misspelling of Hanford, are all near military bases with military personnel living there.

  • Josh Javage

    Farmington NM, is heart to Oil Wells, Fracking, Coal Mining, Coal Plants, an Oil Refinery (nearby), and a water way (Animas River), which connects to the Colorado River – for which Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona all take water. There is also a nearby base. While you might not see certain areas as being targets, doesn’t mean they aren’t targets.

  • Karen

    Not sure why someone would think this list doesn’t make sense… research the areas.

  • milotais zvirbulis

    Colton is less than 10 miles from Pullman, where there is a large Muslim community. There is also a nuclear reactor at the university. Not to mention the Columbia River Aquifer system.

  • Alice DeHart

    Ninty-Nine percent of the Population of San Ardo, Ca is Cows and Steers, and a little Bull. Solvang and Buellton is Tourists. …And Monterey is Mispelled, Monterrey is a town in Mexico. Monterey is loaded with tourists and a former Ft Ord, also the Naval Post Graduate School. So, what is the deal: It must be the Cows!!!

    • Reverend Draco

      Maybe they don’t like Danish-style houses and pea soup?

  • Julie Patchouli

    Oh brother…

  • David Combs

    These cities have little to do with the grid…I know I help build it and work on it for more than thirty years…………..None of these cities are particularly important to transmission of electricity or transportation or communications just a B/S list propagated to keep you sheep in fear and look like it is working just they way they wanted by the lost comments I see here….This country is so screwed so many right wing knuckle draggers that will cower and hide when the shit hits the fan just like the conservative Tories of our Independence it was Liberal that fought and died to create this land while Conservative Tory traitors sucked on England Tit till the end & like today took credit for deeds they had nothing to do with….Most patriots lost there life to their Neighbors Conservative Tories not British shot and steel ….Go back and take a REAL American History Class….It will set you free and they will provide readers for Republicans who can’t….Or don’t bother//

  • Jeffersonian

    Who writes this BS propaganda for our wonderful government, aka ISUS? They must sit there and laugh their azzes off as the write this lame fear porn! They sit there and think of the dumbest BS like that ISIS story about developing their own gold backed currency that they later walked back after the story was traced back to a dept of defense contractor! Gee? Like anybody with a 3 digit IQ couldn’t tell how lame and phony that reticle was!

    How this bs doesn’t wake up the majority of Americans tht ISIS doesn’t exist, and the only people in Syria trying to overthrow Assad re the United states paid mercenaries that were the same.ones that they paid to topple Liby nd Egypt is beyond me!?! The green screen terrorists that pretend to behead people and show some pisspoor photoshopped pic of the guys head pasted onto a pic of a dummy on the ground with fake blood should wake up everyone that their lying puppets in DC are either idiots for not seeing how fake ISUS is, or they are part of the criminal cabal trying to scare the people into believing we must go kill more people for more bankers and corporations to plunder and enslave

    • se7ensnakes

      you are one of the few awaken people on this planet. Most people are just clevons
      Do you know what a clevon is? Watch the movie IDIOCRAZY

  • defender

    Griffin, GA … ???? Must be some political enemy of the list generator there.

  • David

    st. augustine,fla? tourist, plenty of tourist.this make perfect sense. these are soft targets. the hardened targets in the big cities are impossible to hit. no more plane hijackings. no more targeting shows in garland texas. these soft targets will yield high body counts and the terror effect will be tremendous. some small town with a couple of hundred citizens. i can see this make perfect sense. new braunfels,tx. has many,many tourist in the summer months. i would give this theory a lot of consideration. just sayin’.

  • Mike Schattl

    The list makes sense if the terrorists have nukes…..

  • Shut the full cup

    Funny, one of the towns called out is where my local gun range is.

  • Sonokar

    Its not a list of Kill Cities; it is a list of cities with sleeper cells.

  • Sky Captain

    Shreveport/Bossier City is home to Barksdale AFB, where nearly the entire USAF B-52 long-range bomber fleet is located. Barksdale is also the location of Global Strike Command, a relatively new unit which plans and executes US air strikes around the world. (I was a civilian contractor working on software there from 2005-10.)

  • I’ll be fine, there are none in my state.

  • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    BURKE?? Wow! Look out Burke VA! It might be on the list because it seems to be one of the few areas left in Northern VA/DC suburbs that actually has white American people.

  • Tim

    I cant wait for the day Isis goes into Texas, that will be an entertaining day to say the leat. They’ll find out hte hard war tht Texas and Englan re vastly difernet and Texas has no orries in reards to resurrecting Vlad tepesh type punishment


    I wonder what percentage of the population actually buys into this absurdity.

  • Craig Cardelucci

    Bonners Ferry targeted by ISIS, right on! Nice to know all the target practice won’t be wasted just on paper targets. We’ll be waiting for you with bacon and hollow points.

  • ExecutorOffice

    Dearborn slims ain’t liking the Heights slims apparently

  • Thomas McGee

    Well Griffin is down the road form me about 15 minutes. They had better pray to god they dont go there. Most of the people there have more guns and Ammo than most 3rd world countries.

  • cathy

    The govt loves muslims, i don’t think this stuff is made up. people being burned alive and over 50 killed is not made up. wake up

  • metro143

    Does anyone really have a copy of the list ? I keep hearing about a list but no one is releasing it to the public. Who are the so-called people on this list? I would think if there is a list and your name is on it. Someone should let you know. I mean, How can I move up on the list if I don’t know where I’m ranked? What kind of cool stuff do I need to do to move up on the list. This ISIS group is not fair. I wonder if Hillary could email me the list. Just sayin.

  • rw

    One things comes to mind, as part of a reason for the names on the list. Something I know was used in WWII from my study of that war. Information would be ‘leaked’ so that the enemy would think you were going to be in one place, while you planned to attack in another. This technique was used very successfully in preparation for the D-day landings. Now perhaps, ISIS actually plans to attack these locations, or is simply using this as a scare technique. Or, perhaps it is intended for subterfuge, as mentioned.

  • Gloria Haynes

    Several of these places have military bases or facilities. Bellevue, NE, Minot, SD, Co Springs, CO, and possibly others.

    • Gloria Haynes

      seattle/tacoma, WA, Charleston, SC

  • Paul Kiler

    Terrorists just want to induce terror, especially for soft targets poorly defended

  • That Don’t Make NO Sense

    There are military bases in Abilene, Kileen and San Antonio…obviously Ft. Hood.

  • HotMamasita

    In California, did anyone think of the military connections? Every girl knows where the bases are near so she can go to have a guy buy her a drink.

  • varlog

    If you’re an infidel, you’re on the isis kill list.

  • Sam Morris

    There is two ways to look at this list. One is that there are Muslims living in these locations who are prepared to make the attacks.They would have studied the location and know just how they will make the attacks. The other thought is that this list is a hoax and is used to fool everyone as to where they will actually make attacks.

    I believe we have to assume both scenarios and we should start investigating now before something happens.

    • goatman62

      Well stated

      Consider the panic that would result should several small groups of Islamists attack several small town Friday night high school football games with automatic, or semi automatic weapons, and explosives. The carnage, and resulting fear and panic, from the realization that no one anywhere is safe from mass carnage, could, with the help of the media, create a nation wide panic, and bring a large part of the every day commerce and activity to an abrupt stand still….Or nearly so in large swathes of the nation, at the very least……Imho

  • Jeff

    It probably is pure fiction, however most of the cities listed either have strategic military importance or old- money power centers.

  • roxithefox

    This is a joke.I don’t believe it. I totally agree with the writer. These cities make no sense to me. The top cities that would make sense aren’t mentioned. They would aim at alpha world cities,( New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Washington, etc) not towns no one has even heard of. Duh..

    • goatman62

      Of course, you are absolutely correct.
      One only has to realize the extreme strategic value of shooting up a gay night club in Orlando to validate your conclusion, along with that of the author, who is no doubt an expert on terrorist targets with actual strategic value.

  • ATrober

    Some of them are center points for what are terrorist target: defenseless ordinary everyday citizens.

    For example, Dallas/Fort Worth “mid cities” is a melting point right now. Irving, TX has been in a fight vs. Sharia Law with the city:

    And ‘clock boy’ came from that region. They just filed suit vs. the public school ISD there, and it’s really about draining the city until they get what they want: Sharia Law.

    You have to be living under a rock not to know muslim communities en masse do believe allah is handing the USA over to them. They are mostly complicit with terrorist, because the nation is mostly complicit with it having moved so far Left under the Child in Chief. THEY will be the sheeple going along with the extremists after the USA falls to idiot liberals.

  • goatman62

    Griffin Georgia….The birthplace of John Henry “Doc” Holliday??????
    Aw Hell No!
    These Peckerheads try that and we Southerners will rally round Griffin and stack em up like cord wood.
    After all, Doc would do no less for us…….

  • jim_robert

    “…terrorists can target you anywhere at total random for no reason other than because they hate our supposed freedom?”

    Well, if Hitlery is elected, we will be totally safe as we will no longer HAVE any freedoms

  • tropicgirl

    It may be all talk, but i think it is obvious that these cities are very conservative…

    Melissa, you couldn’t see that?

    And, since ISIS works for the CIA, I think somebody is just trying to scare a certain demographic…

  • seekless

    Come on this is not proof ,we must blame someone else, hey hey my my.

  • George L

    Do they even have any idea how many people carry guns in Bonners Ferry!?

  • amongoose

    Actually when you look at it from a perspective of what they try to achieve it makes sense. Some Ft. Hood, Norfolk, Bossier City (Barksdale AFB) are military targets, the rest seem to be random, but that’s the reason they could be on there. No place big or small would be seen as safe after those targets are hit.
    It’s about terror, that is the desired result not necessarily important targets.

  • MeccaWrecka

    they’re diddling kids & snorting coke, awaiting our reaction.

  • Boris Frankystein

    These are the planned locations of US Government “False Flag Attacks” to justify bigger more intrusive Agencies.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    I would be interested to find out if Tel Aviv has ever been included on a hit list. I hope not. Then why is America so hated when China is just as infidel?
    More, Kim Jong Un is a dirty Kaffar. I am not suggesting ANYONE take him out but I am 100% certain that this funny Korean man is as Islamophobic as Trump if the things we have been told about, about Islam, are true.

  • tonye

    Hey, Solvang sells overpriced cr@p….. so long as they don’t touch the windmill or the Santa Ynez Mission or the ostrich farm, I’m OK with blowing it up.

    Just make sure to give me notice in case I’m in town… so I’ll have time to pack up and go spend my time driving great wine in the Santa Ynez wineries.

  • RomeoOscOscSierraTangoEchoRome

    Come on by….the coffee is on, so is the lead.

  • Perseus A.

    A much better list would be a list of all ISIS members and all of their relatives, complete with addresses of family members.

  • Perseus A.

    A bounty on the heads of all ISIS members would be a good idea.

  • lfthndthrds

    This is your government boogyman.
    What the government doesn’t want you to know is that prescription medication is many times more likely to kill you than a terrorist ever would. I think the last article I read was a John Hopkins study that placed prescription meds as the # 3 cause of death in the USA. NOW, ask yourself who you should really fear.

  • Dennis R

    “most towns ‘INCLUDED’, lol”?????? REALLY —-> DID YOU IDIOTS WHO WROTE THE HEADLINE ON THIS ARTICLE USE GRAMMAR CHECK? OR TAKE ANY WRITING CLASSES OUTSIDE OF WRITING ABOUT THE LOCAL SHITSVILLE FOOTBALL TEAM’S LOCAL HEROES? LMFAO…..DIDN’T YOU MEAN TO SAY JUST S-I-M-P-L-Y “ISIS RELEASES A KILL LIST IN CERTAIN TOWNS BEFORE LEAVING”??? LOL… Not only does this obviously hick-conspiracy nut-run site (OR another one of the trillions of Russian cyberwarfare plants that are meant to turn us against the U,S gov—which you idiots think it would raise some red flags to you? I mean, i get it, you don’t super dig on the U.S, okay….Yelling stupid shit like “down down with America” is just your God-given right I guess (not sure if God’s really into that one lol at least nowadays…but then, I’m not very religious so who knows, maybe he and i are on the same page wheni get to the gates lol).
    THINK!!! STOP SAYING ISIS IS AMERICAN-BACKED MERELY BECAUSE THE FSA BAD APPLES ENDED UP JOINING (PROB OUT OF FEAR BTW) AND THAT WE ARE TO BLAME LOL….It’s like blaming being a dick to your kids and then they act rebellious and illogical and you can’t reason why, so you just blame rap music!! THAT’S YOU PEOPLE RIGHT NOW! ….yikes…F–kin’ millenials

  • Dennis R

    I mean, have you tried reading about the last fifty years? Rwanda? The Fulanis? Shia/Sunnis? (yeah, like you said, there aren’t ANY aspects of older Islamic radicals in those last too I just named is there?) YOU JUST GOT RUINED, LITTLE LADY…..And yeah you are dumb….like some dizzy bitch who doesn’t know who to blame but you’re mad and you just want total transparency (despite how many people would die in the field…who btw, are friends of mine who went to fight for you freedom to talk like a moron with a dick in his mouth! OH WAIT! LET ME GUESS WHAT YOU’D SAY NEXT K??? “Welll..uhhh…it’s not like I, like uh, ever ASKED them to do that for me! So that’s THEIR FAULT!” lol…..jeeeezus. Disgusting. I’m not even a Republican or conservative whatsoever. I hate hardcore right wingers that go all extremist, and i hate predictably neutral Democrats and lefties/liberals….I’m independend for a reason. If you it MAKES YOU HAPPY, then do it as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others to do the same. THAT is what America is and was supposed to be. Do we have problems? SURE! Shit….Look at Obamacare———-> BUT DUDE, TELL ME I AM WRONG HERE? YOU REALLY STANDING BEHIND THE STATEMENT ABOUT HOW ALL MUSLIMS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY (NOT ANY?) OF THE BARBARIC ACTS RECENTLY BY DAESH? (THAT’S ISIS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LISTEN TO RUSH LIMBAUGH).


  • Dennis R

    Who here actually thinks that the few hundred FSA who turn-coated represent the U.S interests or the SDF??? I mean, WOW….I work alongside (as an SME…i.e subject matter expert—it’s on asymmetrics in politics, economy, and wafare) a bunch of non-gov groups who would BEG for this site to be taken down. It’s just sad…’s just more ignorance gettting spread. I saw below my posts that there are like dozens of people siding with ISIS (oh wait, no they called them “barbaric” but only because WE somehow magically “created ISIL overnight” right? LOL….Yeah, Daesh/ISIS had absolutely NOTHING TO DO w/ that one group AQI right? Or AQAP? OR THE THOUSANDS OF SUB-AFFILIATES ACROSS THE GLOBE? ABU SAYYAF? AL SHABAAB? ARE THESE ALL FLUKES? SEEING AS HOW THEY SHARE NEARLY INDENTICAL BELIEFS ABOUT WHAT THE INFIDEL LIKE TODDLERS WHO AREN’T MUSLIM DESERVE (YEAH…..THAT’S F–KIN A’ RIGHT…I SAW DOZENS OF HOMOSEXUALS, TODDLERS, INNOCENT WOMEN–RAPED FIRST–THEN LIKE THE OTHERS, TOSSED OFF ROOF TOPS, BEHEADED SLOWLY, OR BURNED ALIVE.


    “OH MUSLIMS AREN’T THE PROBLEM, WE ARE!” …hey look, i don’t hate Muslims.

    I have a Muslim doctor I think is the SHIT and we are super cool with each other, and i grew up with tons of them. I am talking about the ones they hate more than ANY American does….those in ISIS, Islamic Courts Union, Ansar Al Shariah, etc….These are massive, MASSIVE groups, growing EXPONENTIALLY BY THE HOUR!!! But’s fine. Hey, it’s cool right? Raping Brits, French, and German women in the subways, going on axe-wielding killing sprees? LOL….ok!! You nailed it….The U.S is of COURSE behind all this….not AQI or Muqtada al-Sadr’s sub orgs or anything right? I mean, until he turned, he was our bro!! OH!!!! and let me guess, you probably think they are all ignorant and don’t know about the war of resources and supporting the military industrial complex?? BELIEVE ME. You overstimate YOURSELF and UNDERESTIMATE THEIR INTELLECT.
    YOU THINK THEY ARE TOO DUMB TO KNOW ABOUT OIL/RESOURCE NEEDS AND WHY WE INVADED IRAQ? DUDE!!! THEY ARE SMARTER THAN YOU AND I BOTH! ONE OF MY FRIENDS IS A COMMS SGT AND WENT TO YALE FOR SEVERAL YEARS!!! Yikes….Ok ok…enough rippin the entirety of you morons a new asshole. You may ontinue with your belly-laugh-worthy stupidity…..They DO say ignorance never stands alone

  • betsyanne

    They make sense. These are all towns where there are Air Force or other military operation bases.