Saudi Prince Detained for Drug Smuggling, 2 Tons of ISIS “Drug of Choice” Seized on Private Jet

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In what is being hailed as the “largest-ever smuggling operation uncovered at Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport,” two tons of drugs were seized by authorities off a private jet.

Among the five Saudi nationals detained for questioning in connection to the drugs was Saudi prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz, member of the Saudi royal family.

Charges involve the smuggling of two tons of Captagon aka Fenethylline pills (amphetamine) and some cocaine to the Saudi capital of Riyadh, according to NBC New York.

These are not big pills. Can you imagine how many it would take to make up a two ton batch?

The bust comes on the heels of an open letter reportedly written by an unnamed Saud family prince who claimed eight out of the 12 surviving sons are in support of a coup against King Salman.

Be that as it may, it was also recently reported that Captagon is the “drug of choice” for ISIS fighters to stay alert on the battlefield, NOT TO MENTION oh by the way the sales revenue of the drug helps fund the terrorist regime’s entire operation:

While cheap to make, it has a street value of $20 (£12.90) and revenues from its sale reaches into the millions of dollars – part of which is believed to be used by the Islamic State and other militia groups in Syria to buy weapons.


Two tons of drugs seized in connection with the Saudi royals worth millions in revenue which is not only ISIS’ drug of choice but the smuggling and sale of which is believed to help fund ISIS as well?

You don’t say…

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  • stephen joseph

    Good news. At the end of all this the saudi’s will have as much credibility as the US government….this corruption cannot stand.

  • NonYo Business

    It was a sad day for American justice when those terrorists fled the country to begin with.

    • The worst terrorists are still working for the American government.

  • Since American troops have always been supplied with similar stimulants, this is the height of hypocrisy.

    • D.Moore

      Hypocrisy none the less

  • paulgilpin

    something about this doesn’t quite ring true.
    a saudi prince would have diplomatic immunity. so would his means of transportation. and what is a saudi prince doing in the middle of hezzieland?

    • Mr Anthill

      He might, but do the other 4 non-royal Saudi nationals that were involved? And as the story goes, the pills were found before they were loaded onto the royal’s private plane.

    • Razedbywolvs

      This is how the warnings to not step out of line are given at the top.

  • bill lopez

    Wow it must be cheap to make if 2 tons only has a street value of $20…

    “While cheap to make, it has a street value of $20 (£12.90)…”

    • Mr Anthill

      Captagon sells for up to $20 a tablet.The article left out the per-tablet part.

    • Razedbywolvs

      An ISIS fighter makes $150 a week. So that is a dam expensive pill.

      • It’s like what they do with strippers.. find their weakness(drug of choice), exploit them with it, now you have a slave working for you!

  • LOL Like ISIS has to sell drugs to buy guns ! Uncle Sam just budgeted another 1.1 billion for them ………..

  • Razedbywolvs

    Well after disqus_3BrONUAJno is done handing you a crow, you should look into the US government’s involvement in Afghanistan.

    All that shit is being flown in threw Edwards air force base.

    • nlightened2

      Good cheap opium is what a lot of drug companies use to make quality pain killers legally for those that need it. A secure location to bring this stuff in only makes sense to me.

      • GMO poppies produce twice the resin… fun fact.

      • Razedbywolvs

        I was unaware that Freeway Rick Ross was a drug company. Or that it is appropriate for the taxpayers to pay for security to a pharmaceutical company.
        Are there any other cases of Collusion that you would like yo point out?

  • nlightened2

    ISIS and drugs? Who would ever have thought those two go together.
    Tweeker drugs for tweeker minds for a tweeker world.

  • nlightened2

    ISIS and drugs? Who would ever have thought those two go together.
    Tweeker drugs for tweeker minds for a tweeker world.


    No, you don’t say…. The Saudi prince caught with drugs? The same Saudis that are great family friends with the Bush’s? Go figure

  • nlightened2

    Amphetamines and ISIS goes together as well as a lit match and gasoline.

  • D.Moore

    For one, our pain medication is made from what? Oh yeah poppies

  • arahn
  • stephen joseph

    Idiot. i was fed amphetamine by the navy under the guise of antihistamine for years….and how do you condone your militaries management of Afghanistan drug business….some military to be proud of? You just were too ignorant to know the difference. But, not to worry….your one of millions.