Is World War III Coming? The People of Twitter Share Their Thoughts

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Last night, President Trump authorized a large strike in Syria, firing 59 tomahawk missiles at Syrian government positions (where Russian soldiers were stationed) over what we’ve been told was a chemical weapons attack President Assad perpetrated against his own people in Northern Syria.

As we pointed out earlier today…

It’s probably not even a coincidence that all of this occurred 100 years to the day that the U.S. officially entered World War I, April 6th, 1917…


How anyone can claim we aren’t at war in Syria today after the US just bombed the Syrian government is completely ridiculous. This is the next step to World War III and it’s unbelievable anyone anywhere is unaware of it at this point.

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to the U.S. blasting Al-Shayrat airbase in Syria, as quoted by spokesman Dmitry Peskov, saying he regards the strikes as aggression against a sovereign nation,” adding the strikes were carried out in violation of international law, and also under an invented pretext.”

Many people are afraid – understandably – that World War III is inevitable: it is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN.

Some shared their thoughts about the possibility on Twitter.

And perhaps, the most truthful and rational Tweet of all…

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  • You know this airbase is as close to abandoned as one can get. So why use 60 plus million worth of cruse on such a crap target… and not hit anything of value?

    • Nexusfast123

      Over a $100m and many did not make it to the target – only 23 apparently. One guy found one in his garden on the Syrian coast. I guess the Russians probably had some fun jamming them.

      • Russia only tested passive systems, The real active systems will be held until the real shooting starts, then you will see Russia’s ability to mess with the electronics of the west’s best missiles. I remember the Donald Cook and the smack down it received from a simple SU-24. That is just a taste of the tune-up coming to the Yanks. How many F-4 did the Vietnamese shoot out of the sky because of the crap thinking about the BVR myth of the Americans superiority in missiles.. ? More than one i can assure you. Same thing here in this environment, same crap thinking, same ‘Thud’ as the weapons prove ineffective. A show i am looking forward to watching..

        • NVAF scored 37 F-4 kills using the fishbed

        • Nexusfast123

          According to Syrian sources, via the veterans affairs site, they did not use missiles as that would have exposed them to fixed wing attack (takes time to reload) – shot down a crappy tomahawk or a B52 that is trying to unload bombs on you.

          I’m with you as I think that Russia and China have applied advanced technologies to underpin a devastating asymmetrical strategy

          Apparently they splashed them in the Med so the USS dingbat and USS pointless would have seen them fail.

          • Everyone with working radar knows exactly what happened to those 36 missiles. America is not going to admit a thing of we without radar are left to speculate… but the Donald cook event tells us lots more than any American will, There is more wrong with the American and NATO military systems than just cost and indebtedness. One can see that their might be some other not published systems tossing a spanner into the American hopes and plans for empire and control. The silence tells more than the denials would.

          • Another thing to keep in mind is the Americans did not show any strike footage, so most likely they had none. Damage is not consistent with 23 cruse strikes and there is footage of a cruse warhead un exploded, this can lead to thinking that there was a EW type of inhibitor at work that fried the arming and detonation circuits. it was found after the missile crashed so we can reasonably think it’s flight systems were fried too. One can also think that the use of these passive, or i should say Electronic defense systems was held to limits to avoid showing too much of the hand at work. All in all i would say this whole attack was testing the Russian EW systems against the most used system the cruse missile. The Russians Know the Americans want to know what they have, and are willing to fire a large volley of missiles into a useless target to glean some of the information they don’t know too much about, this gap in knowledge is obviously causing the Americans large amount of stress for them to go to this length to just gather Intel on defensive measures the enemy has to deploy.

  • I will give you a hint ‘Joe punch clock paid for the entire strike’ Paid for the men to load the weapons, the fuel to transport them, the cost of the blow back from their use, paid for the stock price increase for the manufacturer and future systems sold…the cost is huge to the taxpayer and the profit is huge for the men selling the weapons… you don’t even have a voice in this .. even if you are paying for the entire show.

  • Well lets say this then Of the weapons that hit the target, 34.5 million was wasted on a target worth 5.5 million MAYBE on the high side. The math of aggression is not in Ol Joe’s favor is it? In fact a Hellfire missile at $115,000 might be worth more than any one of those MIG-21’s that was grounded waiting repairs or scrapping. As parts a Fishbed without working engine might draw $100K IF it was in great shape… These perhaps $50k perhaps even less. So expend $34.5m and hit targets worth perhaps $450k. And i thought this Trump guy was a Billionaire business man… i guess not so much.. .

  • philip gunby

    something is definitely wrong about all this.

    • Dorotheascaldwell

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  • Greim Davy

    The art of the Deal. Read it and you will understand why Trump did what he did. Nothing to do with the Middle East. It is North Korea and China that are in his sights. Just wait, listen and learn. Trump will address the American people as soon as the Chinese Premier is safely on his way back to China. As for McCain traveling to Syria just prior to the chemical attack. Watch this space. It will backfire on him and all who applauded Trump in the Government. Trump is not stupid.

    • TrevorD

      Interesting…Can you explain more without me reading the book?
      I think there is more too this but cant put my finger on it.

      • G’ma G

        I can’t get past the innocents who lost their lives over whatever this play is about.

  • After having a look at this base using Google earth and using the historical imagery thing one can see very plain and obvious that this base is not in use, the aircraft seen in those images shown us in the reports are all mothballed junk. The Mig-21’s shown as undamaged in RT coverage have been sitting in the same spot from at least 2004 without moving an inch. the other things seen their seem to have the same disposition… Junk. So 88.5 million worth of cruse missiles used to attack an abandoned airfield with nothing but junk sitting around… and they missed most of that to boot… Go ahead and look for yourself… look at the old imagery there. Nothing but junk.

  • Freespirit

    To Luke Rudkowski, I say yes Deep State always wins BECAUSE you the American the people don’t organize and TAKE them out, GUERRILLA Style.

    I know of what I say because I am 76 and my family was involved in fighting the British for the REPUBLIC of Ireland.We won against 100 to 1 ODDS , by 1959, when I was 19 BECAUSE we used GUERRILLA warfare.

    WE were NOT indoctrinated to believe,one can win with WORDS and Peaceful Gestures, against a powerful force, like you Americans have been brainwashed. PROTESTING Peacefully is “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

    Remember all the PEACEFUL protesting in the 60’s? How has that that worked for America , so far? 222 years of WARS since before the Republic, THAT’S how

    You will NEVER win against those PSYCHOPATHS, who reside in Tel Aviv and Washington, using WORDS and Peaceful Gestures

    Get them on their doorstep, surreptitiously…….Eventually they will surrender.!!!

    • G’ma G

      It is a regrettable law of physics that a force in motion stays in motion until stopped by another force–violence begets violence.

  • John C Carleton

    Just theZionist USA Washington DC criminal Empire doing what it does best, War crimes. Washington DC has a two hundred plus year history of war crimes.

  • tropicgirl


  • TrevorD

    100 years to the day that the U.S. officially entered World War I, April 6th, 1917…
    Maybe not coincidence, long held plan by the Rothchild NWO Banker Psychopaths

  • SP_88

    We can speculate all we want about whether this is Trump’s fault, Obama’s fault, Bush’s fault, or someone else’s fault, but the fact is that this agenda was set in motion long ago by TPTB.
    Wesley Clarke came out and said that we were going to take out seven countries in five years, ending with Syria and Iran. Other than the time frame, nothing has changed.
    Bush was in office for 9/11 and the resulting war in Iraq based on fabricated WMD’s and the war on terror. Obama spent his time trying to do the same thing to Syria with fabricated chemical weapons attacks. Now Trump has attacked Syria based on the same fabricated chemical weapon attack narrative. They just won’t give up on this agenda.
    I think this is the strongest evidence that there are people running our government from the shadows. These people are unelected, and have no obligation to we the people. They tell our elected officials what to do and how to do it. And our elected officials do it, because if they don’t, they will end up like JFK. These people apparently don’t fuck around.
    We the people need to do something about this. Otherwise nothing will ever change.
    We need a group of people who are willing to do whatever is necessary to end this shadow government. And we need the authorities to go along with it, so that this group doesn’t have to worry about going to jail for trying to save our republic.
    I’m sure that this will never happen, at least not until it’s too late.
    At some point we are likely to end up having WW3. And many people will die. And all so a handful of these elitists can get richer.
    If people were smart, they would have said that enough is enough long ago. But they aren’t. And….hey isn’t “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” on tonight? Now what was I saying? Oh well, it probably wasn’t important.

    • Auragbarton

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    • Ephesians 6:12

      “These people are unelected … ” I still laugh every time I see someone who actually believes in elections. Governments are not elected by the ridiculous public. Do you honestly believe that the powers the be would ALLOW such morons to make the decision on who runs the country?

      Aside from that, I agree with your point.

      • SP_88

        But they are unelected. Of course so are the politicians who supposedly get elected by we the people. But that’s besides the point.
        I am well aware that our election process is totally bogus. I was just saying it that way to separate the people in the shadows from the people who are visible to the public.
        The people who are visible to the public are “elected” officials. It was a fake election, but it was an election. Then there are the shadow government officials, the Rothschild’s, the Soros’, etc. And they are unelected. But they have much more power over our government than the “elected” officials.
        So no, I am not dumb enough to believe that I can cast a vote and make a difference. And I don’t think that the shadow government would leave such a thing to chance. And even if they did, how hard would it be for them to pick two people, and have a truly fair election, and yet know that no matter who wins, it will be someone who will play ball. So either way, we are screwed. Which is what I think happened here.
        Trump and Hillary were both friends before the election. And I bet that they still are. Notice how one of his biggest campaign promises was to prosecute Hillary? How’s that working out? All these people are a bunch of phony actors, pretending to be against each other. But really it’s us vs. them.

    • TrevorD

      Good post, totally agree

      • SP_88


    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Well said, all of it, my sentiments exactly…
      and by the way…OMG look at Kim’s BUTT!

      • Olivedpeacock

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      • SP_88


        • Elaine.Benes, II

          About 7 years ago, waaay before I “woke up”, but long after I began to know SOMETHING was inherently WRONG here in America, whenever I would catch my old man watching KUWTK or hear “news” stories about those MF Kardashians, I would go ballistic. And it didn’t have a GD thing to do with my being jealous of Kim’s butt or Chloe’s hair…it was because for the life of me, I somehow KNEW they were part of something despicably evil and horrific and utterly important to SOME cause, but I could never figure out what it actually was. Looking back now on that and so many other things that I found repulsive about the “entertainment” industry, MSM, politics, and society at large, and remembering how anytime I expressed my disgust with it, people thought something was “wrong” with me, which had started to make me feel like maybe something was…I am grateful now to know that the only thing wrong with me (at least in THAT regard) was that I was not able to be mind-controlled or fall for the psy-ops like all the people around me and the masses. However, then as is the case now, they all seem “happier” and much more content than I.

          • SP_88

            Well I guess that ignorance really is bliss. Some people are perfectly happy being brainwashed by the tv.
            It’s absolutely amazing how much people are effected by what they watch on tv. Look at the way people behave, for instance. The clothes people wear is because of what they see on tv. The stuff people buy, the things they say, the shows they watch, the music they listen to, the cars they drive, the food they eat, and what they drink, the drugs they take, the position they have sex in, it’s all influenced by what they watch on tv.
            It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without tv.

          • It’s the grease to keep the machine running. Living outside the machine’s parlor is worth the intense reaction the machine projects onto you. Fear not being a ‘One’ small things can do great works when needed.

          • Elaine.Benes, II

            It has been, without question, the most effective mind control tool ever created. And i wonder if ANYTHING ever shown on it was real. Yep, TV was and continues to be mind-control for and brainwashing of the masses. And then along comes the Internet. An infinite source of information, misinformation, disinformation, truth and lies, propaganda, debunked truth, etc., much of which is created and put out there by sources with the most evil of intentions who remain anonymous and lurk in the shadows of it. Kind of like the Government. Or the shit on TV. The most effective tool ever created to confuse, stupify, and divide the masses. Wonder what they will think of next my friend?

          • Well with the internet you most likely are engaged in the content not a passive consumer of content… And who ever managed to comment in a useful manner on any TV program? Sure the internet is being invaded by them because they seek audience, But here we can respond to the lies and help others to see the lies, untruths and propaganda.. If they limit our commentary ability we just move onto other places. This simple concept of commentary is critical for wading through the muck and limiting it is a sure sign of the need to move along to greener pastures. I don’t worry about their ability to confuse and distort, I only worry about the ability i have to point out those confusions, distortions and lies. I might be wrong, I might be right, I can choose to see what i want to see and can choose what to do when i need to do. I can speak and i can learn as i see fit on the internet, None of this is possible on the TV. Sure the content is raw, That’s OK. I think the human needs some raw to relearn the skills he has lost to the many years of couch potato TV consumption. One i found realistic answers to my questions about the lies my TV was feeding me i never looked back. 16 years of TV cold turkey is doing wonders for the level of information i can get by not having it’s influence to contend. Frankly after 9/11 i am amazed that as many still watch that crap as do. Oh well One fight at a Time!

          • Elaine.Benes, II

            You make valid points. I stopped watching TV altogether about the same time i “woke up” and have gotten my 6 year old off of it. The cable cord has been cut and our only source of “entertainment” is the net. I think i am looking for that which does not exist, like a truth machine or something. After realizing that the first 48 years of my life was basically a lie and that i actually fell for the great American scam(s) of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s (which BTW I would not have discovered without the internet), i guess i am pretty much disillusioned with and non-trusting of most everything at this stage in the game. I think it’s just where I’m at in my “recovery”. Keep up the good fight my friend and keep speaking truth. There are many who need to hear it.

          • Yes, I can And Must! This is not even started yet. I hope to have more engage in killing the TV system dead, I think the fight starts there. I know the internet is the rope to hang them with. It’s one of tose ‘It sounded real good at the time’ Sorts of things, Snoop on everything, Hold all the keys, block any door ya want, But even with the tight grip and iron fist, we just slipped more easily through their grasp. Once we recovered our footing we started punching them in the balls, this became a far more entertaining participation sport than any we have ever had to play so we thought hey come on out have a punch yourself. Now all they can do is bitch about being interfered with by ‘Fake NEWS’ so they are having a hissy fit of gargantuan proportions. I Hope they enjoy the beating they get when the tide turns and the real force of power we are starting here is blowing down their firewalls. That show is going to be some heavy shit !
            I am sure we will see. I hope to regain that which they stole from me from all this. I hope you do as good as you hope too. Keep yer stick on the ice Babe!

  • NonYo Business

    Funny how trumps tweets have been deleted.

  • Just an average joe

    It’s funny reading these posts. Does anyone do any critical thinking anymore? So the airbase was abandoned? Maybe, if the inter-net sleuths can figure it out can the Pentagon? 59 missiles launched, 23 hit supposed target a target that is a supposedly abandoned and the destruction is minimal with the ones that hit. Russia runs “electronic warfare” and knocks out 28 of them (with one falling in the Med after take off) “electronic warfare” that hasn’t been used by them before. Russians warned 1 hour before launch. Chinese leader in country to talk trade and NK. Hmm… me thinks one huge psychological world war going on.
    1. Maybe false flag chemical attack
    2. Old fashioned cruise missiles
    3. 1 hour warning
    4. Electronic warfare takes out over half, never done before, however the electronic tracks are left to study and overcome.
    5. Chinese in country at the time of attack
    6. US goes it alone not even Brittan or UN is involved
    7. Speculation as to why
    Why? Flush out any modern tech the Russians may have see what it is capable of and at the same time let the Chinese know that anything and everything could happen. Even when the diplomats are arguing over the selected silver ware for their meetings. The deep-state at it’s finest. Or in Trumps words Win Win

    • With the amount of deceptions flying about, can anyone fail to see this as warfare? The act of using cruse in such large numbers cannot be minimized, The two ships must have expended most of their weapons magazines upon some targets, somewhere. I have seen perhaps 5 strikes of those supposed 59 launches. if fired 59 cruse would do a lot more damage assuming the worked… And i don’t put too much stock into they were old grampa cruse and failed to payout. This was a show for the internet set as far as i have seen. All war is based around deception and this one is no different, We as the combatants are going to have to realize the men throwing the switches and launching the ordnance all are tools of the people… that means your tools, Knowing exactly what the tool kit is up to is a very hard glean these days… But your being held to account so i would work the problem and do the math. This war has been ongoing for some time now, and it is not just going to fade away. Upward is the movement, Upward is the tension. Your ass is on the line. So is mine.The men in power not so much, Beware. .

      • Just an average joe

        The ships according to media hold 35 missiles each for a total of 70, so yes they shot their wad so to speak. As of ol’ granpa cruise missiles, I don’t know for sure but what was reported by the media (MSM) they were developed in the 70’s used for the first time in 1991 for Desert Storm, so yes for that tech it is ol’ granpa since I would suspect that they have developed faster, better systems. But whatever even if they were the new ones I think the Generals got what they wanted out of the test if that’s what it was. I doubt they trust the CIA, or any other agency for that matter (like most of us) to tell them anything until needed. However I do agree with you… it is getting hairy and I think the games are just beginning.

      • A week on and not a word about the failure of 36 cruse missiles. The obvious tell is that i was right and there is a easily deployed simple to hide EW system that can defeat missiles systems the Americans deploy. I think i am correct that the Russians were in fact limiting the use and thus the exposure of the way these systems operate. I noticed a story the Saker did on the 11Th detailing much. My first post on this was the 7Th. The Saker believes that the attack was thwarted in part by use of publicly known systems, I do not think this. I think this attack was both an American attempt to glean intelligence about anti-missile systems the Russians deploy, And a Russian threat of the effectiveness of systems they have not made public. I think that the systems that were used against this mass cruse attack might even be man portable systems. Backpack EW sets that will be a very hard thing to even detect let alone counter. Anyone looking for the truth about this cruse attack will eventually come to realize that the entire strike has two faces, one public and the other a secret face. As far as the public face is concerned i see perhaps 10 hits on this base. So do the math. Some force interfered with the other 49. A force that is not even being hinted at elsewhere in MSM circles.
        Just keep in mind that date April 7. Go ahead and have a look yourself. Look at the dates of the reports you do find.

    • The combined load out of these two ships would be of the missiles that most likely would be used in real combat, The cruse has gone through a lot of development cycles and using the old timers would not give the Yanks any relevant info on effectiveness of those new systems employed in cruse deployed on the playing field. I don’t think this strike had any other goal other than to test the Russian EW suite, Several different versions would be deployed across both ships to test the systems effectiveness, Russia would be expecting just such tests and can fiddle with the results accordingly. Fact is the American’s have real trouble with this high tech reliance thing they built the whole system on and Russia knows the real game plays inside out. America was so desperate for intelligence about how vulnerable the whole system is they engaged this open strike to do tests, hoping the Russians would not see through the smoke of this CW baloney and give away their secrets with a attack on a useless target of zero value. I did not hear or see any active defense action on either Syria or Russia’s behalf. As far a is known to me EW was used to interfere with this strike but not stop it cold.I think America is now less likely to escalate, they are very reliant on this system and will be seriously concerned about the complete lack of results of this strike test. This is not the first time the Russians have been able to observe cruse in action and i think they have many secret responses to it’s systems, Aegis is an obvious target of this secret counter tech as is most electronics reliant weapon system the Americans deploy. Russia went to school on this issue and will not have the hard won counter systems exposed in such an easy manner as this airfield strike game.

    • Here is the main point here in regards all this… Russia has a means to negate the American Strategic Nuclear Deterrent using Simple EW gadgets and America is no longer in possession of a credible nuclear deterrent from ICBM and SLBM if this EW thing is effective. Russia is broadcasting this in very subtle ways but it is not being hidden too much. See Donald Cook story to glean more.

    • Ok so now let’s flesh this out some about the EW effect and how far the men in power are willing to go to hide it… For your amusement..

      Now Mr Steele is at 2:20 in this clip claiming that 1/3 of Raytheon cruse missiles are junk, Ok could be, But this system has a very long history we all can look up, and it’s not plagued with trouble… in fact it’s cruse program is very successful contrary to Mr Steele’s claims. 2.4 billion worth of cruse missiles were fired at Iraq and nobody was whining about 1/3 not working… forget that 36 out of 59 failed to put out, somewhat more than 1/3… no the idea was to make Raytheon look bad to hide the effective use of a counter missile system they just don’t want to talk about. This system is aimed at ALL missile systems not just Raytheon’s pet. Go ahead and try to find anyone other than me pointing at this inconvenient topic and you will see plenty of work to avoid it and cloud the waters as to the real cause of this failure.As i have said this is not being hidden by Russia, Even though the entire MSM is blind to any topic that might put Americas systems in a bad light…. Russia is content to keep whacking the American dog military over the nose with a rolled up NY times. So is WWIII looming over our heads? Not so much. In fact America would most likely get it’s ass kicked round the block if it broke out… So no, Don’t listen to the propaganda, It’s just talk and little else.

  • See the forum sliders are working here too.

  • One has to wonder the angle of the next big show the scum in the shadows has planned. After 9/11 i am betting it’s going to be either very bright or very dark, A very big boom or a trip back to 1800.