Is This Picture From Mars Proof of Alien Life… And Why Did NASA Try To Edit It?

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There have been numerous anomalies detected on Mars in recent years that have led some to believe that alien life not only existed on the Red Planet at one time, but may well still be there to this day. Recent photos taken by the Curiosity Rover have included a strange valve, a Mars Rat, and a mysterious artificial light emanating from the surface.

NASA, which recently announced that water continues to flow on Mars, has stopped short of confirming alien lideforms and has vehemently denied that any of the photos to date are proof of the existence of life.

But researchers nonetheless continue to search for clues to solve the age old mystery of whether we are alone in the universe… or our very own solar system.

A new photo released by the space agency, however, has researches in frenzy. It not shows what seems to be an alien hand or claw, but NASA reportedly edited the picture by cutting out a large portion of it, suggesting that there may be a conspiracy to hide the truth about Mars and its potential for alien life.

UFO hunter Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily has analyzed the images and argues that NASA screwed up when they edited the photo because it appears that someone left the fingers intact:

This…below is only half the main photo. Imagine the treasures the other half must have!

On the hand that is visible on the far left of the screen, you can easily make out pointed fingernails and joints of the fingers. I wonder what NASA said when they saw this alien? Instead of covering it up, they cut it out, but failed when the accidentally left its fingers.

Waring analyzed the photo utilizing various techniques and claims he has spotted as many as 20 additional alien artifacts in the image including a fallen statue and many “faces” lying on the ground.

Image analysis courtesy of UFO Sightings Daily:




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  • WeeSee

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    Robin Williams
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    Before the Mariner 4 spacecraft arrived at Mars in July 1965 and dispelled some of the more exotic theories about the planet

  • Since NASA is a military agency, they might act the same way as other military agencies do when their most cherished secrets are threatened.

  • Robert Soaft

    Posting these photos and stories really hurts your credibility.

    • jaguar

      Credibility??? Are you nuts or something ??? How does it hurt? You idiot !!!

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  • AllodialTitle

    I got a passel of relatives on Planet Heaven. A few ancestors remain here in Earth, but not in a good place

  • Tallkiwi

    “The daily sheeple” is right! What a load of rubbish! I live in a house with the wood exposed, the various knots in the wood look like all manner of people and animals if you use your imagination….as these people obviously are.

    • jaguar

      So there is no way, there is life on Mars??? You’re being ignorant!!!

  • Smarty

    Those are some of the nicest rocks I’ve seen since I was in lower western Ontario. I guess everyone needs to read some BS now and then to keep them sane though…

    • jaguar

      There are buildings and a face structure on the moon too , dummy!!! You people are ignorant to think there are no other life forms on other planets !!! Duuuuhhh !!!

      • Smarty

        Listen jag-off….oh…I mean jaguar.. I never said I don’t believe there could be life on other planets. I just don’t believe that those rock pictures show anything other than ROCKS. And that creepy “alien” hand? What was he doing…laying on the ground doing yoga stretches and just happen to get his picture taken? I’ll always accept concrete evidence when it’s given. But there is a huge difference between concrete and rocks in this case….

        • jaguar

          That’s a clawed hand…no matter how you look at it !!! And those rocks show old statues carved out of rocks…

        • jaguar

          You are just too ignorant and it shows!!!

          • Smarty

            And in your little world, Sesame Street is REAL too !!!

          • jaguar

            You are too ignorant and naive to even try and have an intelligent conversation with…your head is up your own butt !!!

          • Smarty

            I’ll look into that. If your allegations are true, I’ll have it removed to make room for yours, so things get back to normal again. In the mean time, find a way to keep your ears warm, ok?

          • Slipperyfetus

            Haha how ironic..

            Im sure if nasa really wanted to hide ‘proof’ of life on mars, then they wouldn’t take photos with life in them.
            ‘Nasa’s hiding evidence of life on mars! These photos they’ve provided prove it you ignorant sheeple!’

            Good one mate

          • jaguar

            NASA also has photos of man-made objects on the moon as well…I’ve seen the photos… Obviously you have not done research on either subject. So your comments are spoken by an uniformed idiot !!

          • Slipperyfetus

            Hahaha, really man? I feel so stupid now. Thank you for opening my eyes!

          • A walk through any department store toy section will prove that Sesame Street is real.

  • Lapsed Altruist

    ‘…using various techniques…’

    Liquor and LSD and a little bit of weed.

  • Anothereno

    We all came from mars…. We basically killed it…. like we’re doing to the earth… why do you think its red? we mined iron built skyscrapers then they all rusted and it covers the surface now….

    Where does the myth of giants come from? Mars! There’s less gravity and it allowed us to get taller… Who do you think built the pyramids? Giants!!!

    after we ruined mars we made noah’s ark and brought all living things to earth which was already inhabited by some other species..


    • Nathan Togain

      Correct Anothereno, this is all a moo point. Just like a cows opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo. ???

      • Anothereno

        at least someone got it lols.

    • sunshine

      YES! I don’t know if you heard this but Eisenhower’s granddaughter said they attempted to recruit her to live in a colony on the Moon, and that there are some on Mars now too. I just wonder how we got to Mars to begin with, what it was like before we ruined it, there’s so many questions!

  • whiteberry

    I think it is rather arrogant and ignorant to believe we are the only living beings in an infinite universe…

    • jaguar

      Exactly what I say !!! THESE people are very ignorant!!!

  • jaguar

    There has been Americans living on Mars for at least 50 years in colonies and I also heard there are Raptor like dinosaurs on Mars, and that claw looks like it comes from a Raptor…

  • I_P_Frehley

    Check out Devon Island and what NASA does/did there…

  • none

    The elites destroyed Mars? Then moved to earth, now they are planning to move back. After finishing off this planet?

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    As someone who firmly believes in the presence of intelligent life throughout the universe, I find these stories captivating. The photo in question is interesting and worthy of inspection and discussion.
    There is a growing body of persons who claim to have knowledge of a secret space program run by the US government-and, perhaps others-which has been ongoing for decades. Amongst these people there is also a general agreement that what NASA has been showing us has been fabricated right here on Earth, in order to prevent us from seeing the structures already present on Mars as well as those built by man. Naturally, this casts doubt about the authenticity of the content of photos NASA provides as well as their purpose in keeping whatever findings they have, secret.
    Some of the photos may be genuine while others are certain to be staged here on Earth. Which begs the questions-what do they know and why aren’t they telling us?

  • Glenn Turner

    How can you see anything in these blurry pics? You guys are clutching at straws!!! Your only hurting your own credibility with this BS…

    • jaguar

      Anyone can see that is definitely a clawed hand….you are blind !!!

      • Glenn Turner

        If anyone can see that it’s a clawed hand then why hasn’t the pic gone viral? You say “anyone” but you exclude me!! I truly believe in life from other worlds but I need more than an out of focus pic to convince other people without getting labelled a crackpot…If you look at clouds for long enough you will see things there too!!! The pic of light coming from the surface of Mars is much more compelling than some supposed fingers that in all probability are just rocks! Look at the lower right of the picture and see the irregular contours of those rocks. Seen from the side they appear long and skinny but the above view will tell you a different story. As far as I’m concerned the bottom supposed finger is actually a shadow and the top 2 supposed fingers’ bottom halves are in shadow and are just rocks similar the the ones in the bottom right of the pick. Finally, if NASA were going to edit the pic you would think they would do a decent job of it? I mean a child could have done a better job, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t trust NASA as far as I could kick them but I need more proof to be convinced that I am wrong.

        • jaguar

          You need glasses then!! That is clearly a clawed hand…

  • CLang

    Seriously… Did you retards actually publish this…?!?

    • jaguar

      So what if they did?! It’s interesting to say the least and they have also photographed human like forms on Mars…there has been a colony living on Mars for more than 50 years now…several people have admitted that…and there are creatures on Mars as well…a man who had been taken there by the government , said there are dinosaur creatures and that you can breathe the air, its harder to breathe, but it is possible!!!

  • Rgb Rides

    looks like more of the Devon island test photos nasa has been passing off as real mars pics… sad really.. mars rat indeed, Ha Ha.. walrus bones.. etc.

    google it?

  • Dennis Ryan

    hmmm.! you sheeple know ……..oh maybe 0000.1%………………!

  • sam

    The Rat hand Can be a lizard’s Hand ? Hmmm

  • sam

    No N.A.S.A. is not Military they do subcontract for D.O.D & C.I.A. yeah. But they are not Military.

  • Publeus

    — Somewhere in N.A.S.A. some bored tech is turning out these photos just for the hell of it.