Is This Picture From Mars Proof of Alien Life… And Why Did NASA Try To Edit It?

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There have been numerous anomalies detected on Mars in recent years that have led some to believe that alien life not only existed on the Red Planet at one time, but may well still be there to this day. Recent photos taken by the Curiosity Rover have included a strange valve, a Mars Rat, and a mysterious artificial light emanating from the surface.

NASA, which recently announced that water continues to flow on Mars, has stopped short of confirming alien lideforms and has vehemently denied that any of the photos to date are proof of the existence of life.

But researchers nonetheless continue to search for clues to solve the age old mystery of whether we are alone in the universe… or our very own solar system.

A new photo released by the space agency, however, has researches in frenzy. It not shows what seems to be an alien hand or claw, but NASA reportedly edited the picture by cutting out a large portion of it, suggesting that there may be a conspiracy to hide the truth about Mars and its potential for alien life.

UFO hunter Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily has analyzed the images and argues that NASA screwed up when they edited the photo because it appears that someone left the fingers intact:

This…below is only half the main photo. Imagine the treasures the other half must have!

On the hand that is visible on the far left of the screen, you can easily make out pointed fingernails and joints of the fingers. I wonder what NASA said when they saw this alien? Instead of covering it up, they cut it out, but failed when the accidentally left its fingers.

Waring analyzed the photo utilizing various techniques and claims he has spotted as many as 20 additional alien artifacts in the image including a fallen statue and many “faces” lying on the ground.

Image analysis courtesy of UFO Sightings Daily:




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