Is the Army Preparing for a Major Deployment: Orders 177,000 Bulletproof Armor Plates

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Traditionally, the best way to keep track of future military deployments – absent unexpected events, of course – has been to follow key procurement contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense of mission critical offensive wartime equipment such as weapons and ammo, or, less followed, core defensive components such as kevlar, body armor and other forms of core personal protective gear. These usually take place shortly prior to major “events” involving US armed forces.

Which is why we were surprised to learn that earlier today, the US Department of Defense revealed it had placed a $93 million order for 177,000 ballistic body armor plates from the US military’s traditional supplier of protective equipment, Ceradyne which several years ago was purchased by 3M. Both production and delivery are  expected to be concluded over the next several months.

Here is the press release

Ceradyne, Inc., a 3M company, has been awarded a $92.7 million body-armor contract by Defense Logistics Agency for delivery of 177,000 pieces. The plates are designed to meet stringent performance requirements outlined by the U.S. Department of Defense. Production and deliveries are expected to begin in 2016.

For those unfamiliar, this is what Ceradyne’s body armor plate looks like.



As Ceradyne explains, body armor is worn by virtually everyone in the US armed forces.

Worn by U.S. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, the lightweight enhanced small arms protective inserts (ESAPI) are inserted into outer, modular tactical vests to provide torso protection against small-arms fire. These body-armor plates routinely protect U.S. armed forces in battle.

Meanwhile, 3M is delighted by the bottom line

“3M is pleased to win this contract, and we are honored to provide body armor for the U.S. military,” said Cheryl Ingstad, business manager, Advanced Ceramics Platform – Defense, 3M. “We continue to make it our mission to leverage innovation in advanced materials science and the manufacturing process to deliver highly engineered body armor that meets the exacting quality standards of the U.S. Department of Defense. We never forget that the primary purpose of every body-armor plate is to save the life of the military member who wears it.”

Ceradyne has become the go to provider to the DoD for virtually all armor-pierceing protection: it has fielded orders for hundreds of thousands of body-armor inserts and at least 100,000 enhanced combat helmets to the U.S. Armed Forces.

The last time Ceradyne announced a major ballistic armor insert contract with the Pentagon, was last October when the DoD ordered some 28,000 armor inserts for a price of $34 million. This happened just as US troops were being covertly deployed in increasing numbers to Iraq and Syria.

With this latest, and largest to date, order of bulletproof armor inserts, is the US army preparing for another major offensive, and if so where?

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Contributed by Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge.

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  • Frank

    This purchase DOES NOT indicate some kind of “deployment.” The half-wit author, “Tyler Durden” (nom de plume) is selling Fear with this article. This is likely a contract for replacement of expired body armor plates. 177,000 peices? Puh-leeeze! The purchase of equipment does not qualify as an indication of a deployment. Perhaps the author skipped the class on Integrity in Journalism? One thing, coincidentally, does not necessarily equal another. Durden, your credibility is in the toilet with Joshua Krause’s.

    • JayC777

      He doesn’t say that it absolutely means deployment. He clearly states that it is a common lead indicator. He merely asked the question. Should we be fearful? Not yet but, we should be informed and vigilant. The words, “selling fear”, are as misapplied as the word, “racist”, is these days. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

      • Frank

        My panties are fine. The author’s inference was clear – leading people to assume that the Army is preparing to deploy, the purchase of armor plates being an indicator.

        • JayC777

          Nonsense. The only thing the author inferred was that deployments USUALLY follow these kind of purchases and not that anything of the sort was iminent. All you are doing is selling fear of this article and the author.

          • Frank

            Whatever, Dude. A garbage article has spawned and increasingly stupid and pointless discussion thread. I’m cutting my line. Adios!

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      I don’t think the author is “selling fear” as much as he’s drawing attention to what is, admittedly, a significant purchase of body armor and the correlation between similar types of purchases and the future, subsequent deployment of US forces. On sites such as TDS, fear is a tough sell, as most of the regular visitors are likely to already be predisposed to distrust and fear of the government. They don’t need someone to tell them what or who to fear-they already know. As evidenced throughout the comments, we’re all big kids here and capable of making up our own minds about what these things may, or may not, mean. Personally, I prefer a little fretful vigilance to the blasé treatment given to these things by the MSM. The authors integrity, IMO, depends only upon the veracity of his claims regarding the purchase of the armor plates. The rest is up to us to determine.

    • DevoutSkeptic

      Reminds me of jade helm

  • Mr Gadget

    don’t get excited, these are for use at home.

    • Where else would they be of use, since all of the currently deployed already have them?

      • Mr Gadget

        In all fairness, they do have expiration dates…remember not long ago I think a deputy “tested” the expiration date by being shot and died? In Iraq on our CH-47’s we had 2 kinds kevlar and ceramic…all expired, but that was long ago. I’d guess a lot of the federalized police have expired/expiring vests, maybe the UN safe city network demanded only new equipment for their federalized soldiers. It could be a sign, soros and obama are upping their radical BLM/commie violent game.

  • Frank

    Here’s some real news about war on the horizon:
    The Chinese keep pushing, and its only a matter of time before the restraint of US forces will cease and the conflagration will begin.
    Prepare for war.

  • While I agree with that we should not put to much weight on the purchase, it is important to keep track of them. This is never about the small picture but the bigger picture. Liberals and the elite are patient…! They do things a little at a time over the years. Buying large amounts of ammo here, body armor over there, taking large weaponry from National Guard and Reserve units and consolidating them there, massive MRE purchased that time before, coffin purchases the other time.

    Look at all the stuff that has been put into place over the last ten years, the items purchased, the documentation created, the infrastructure made. That is the picture that is scary and concerning. This, is just another piece in the puzzle. Yes, could be just a replacement order for older gear… But with money tight, the economy boiling, and the Administration wanting to spend money on other things – why buy these now? And in the quantity they are… Why not another 28k this year and 28k next…?

    • THe only possible intel value of this disclosure is to advise us of the necessity to practice our head shots.

  • mirageseekr

    They are planning on deploying them anywhere they can so that when the SHTF the American public will not have them for assistance.

    • We won’t need them, since we vastly outnumber and out (small arms) gun our own military and all of the mercenaries that they could get to engage us in the mother of all guerilla wars. Many of our forces are well-regulated from their military service to the beast.

      • Bendys

        I read that they have some fancy machinery, [don’t know how to explain it as I know nothing about this type of things] which can make people barf, or it sends some electronic noises into their heads and so on.
        Seems rather SF to me.

        • Sounds like an LED Incapacitator to me:

  • Time to practice our head shots some more.

    • RomeoOscOscSierraTangoEchoRome

      Use AP’s and API’s

      • Having never been in the military, I don’t know what those are.

        • RomeoOscOscSierraTangoEchoRome

          Armor Piercing=AP Armor Piercing Incendiary=API the second one will light you up.

          • Are they as cheap as .22LR, which needn’t pierce anything but one of their three eyes, which can’t be effectively armored? When the time comes, any caliber will do as well as the Liberator pistols dd.

          • RomeoOscOscSierraTangoEchoRome

            Liberators were .45 caliber and they did not have the body armor that is available today, Good luck with the eye shot….

          • You apparently need to study up on how the Liberator was used, from behind and point blank to the rear of the oppressor’s head. A helmet would be a plus, preventing blood splatter.

          • RomeoOscOscSierraTangoEchoRome

            Alright Rambo….Like I said, good luck

          • Neither one of us were alive at the time, but there is plenty of documentation to be found, if you aren’t a contemporary illiterate. How could I be Rambo when I was never in the military? Is your Alzheimer’s advancing, to have forgotten what I told you very recently?

          • RomeoOscOscSierraTangoEchoRome

            You know I started this by trying to be nice and answer a question for you and obviously you have some sort of mission to be an +sshat, don’t quite know why but Foxtrot Uniform

          • If your narcissism and pomposity didn’t get in the way, you’d be more capable of being helpful. But you seem to desire deification, which isn’t going to happen, given your psychosis.

          • RomeoOscOscSierraTangoEchoRome

            Alright Dr. Phil….

  • The Ukrainians already were provisioned by the Kremlin.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    A much bigger concern to me would be a sudden, unpublicized hand-me-down, of the old plates, to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. That would grab my attention.

  • EnemyOfTheState

    These body armor plates are probably not going to US servicemen; they are most likely going to be air dropped to ISIS.

  • Mr Larry

    is the US army preparing for another major offensive, and if so where?
    the US has always been preparing for another major offensive. closing in on 100 years of this shit.
    where if the past is any indication, the target will be smaller and weaker. like any bully they don’t want a difficult fight they may loose, again.

  • Cracker122049

    They might be for use right here at home!