Is Something BIG Coming? Report: FEMA Just Quietly Activated Civilian Corps

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The Daily Sheeple received this email tip from a source who received a message warning that FEMA just quietly activated it’s “hush hush” Civilian Corps last week.

The message began with, “That was the very odd message about FEMA that came into my spam box at work.”

The message is titled, “FEMA activates it’s hush hush Civilian Corps, why now?”

Click to enlarge it:


It reads:


We received reports last week of various employees, citizens and etc. heading down to Atlanta Georgia to either the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the Center for Community Preparedness (FEMA).

As far as we can tell it is true. One girl we spoke with actually gave a cover story for her absence and flight into ATL. We believe Federal Emergency Management Agency is actually activating its Civilian Corps. This is primarily a group of current and former government and military people, many with various training backgrounds to broad to cover here. [SIC]

While this group is unarmed, they are generally drafted from the fighting branches of the US Military, medical and communications. We were informed that several companies in Minnesota responded large numbers of their own veterans heading south. Only the families we asked confirmed where they were going and why. Few spoke to us without agreeing to anonymity.

Why is this an issue? Should it concern you?

YES! If you know anything about these guys, they are basis of Tom Clancy’s novel ‘The Division’. This is a real group of actual people, not some made up branch or etc. For FEMA to pull in it’s entire Civilian Corps to Atlanta last week for training means that something big is about to go down in the United States. While we can confirm, none of the people we spoke with gave us a straight answer. This is highly concerning. [emphasis added]

At this time, FEMA is denying the news.

Anyway, that’s the story as we know it.

The email is signed from NECHAMA, a Jewish non-profit disaster preparedness organization. The screen capture has been archived here.

Thoughts? Is something big about to go down in the U.S. or is this just a normal training situation? Seems like strange timing, right before Bilderberg and, coincidentally or not, right before what our government and mainstream media are reporting as the worst mass shooting in American history in Orlando (although it is not, there have been many worse mass shootings dating back to Indian massacres all the way up to the Waco massacre).

Is FEMA and Homeland Security preparing for something to go down that the rest of us are blissfully unaware of?

Once again, this is proof we need to be prepared either way.

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  • Chris

    If a guy named John said it… MUST be true!!

  • bill lopez

    FEMA Civilian Corps – do you mean Ameri-Corps? The 1,600 18 – 24 year olds who get paid $4000.00 + R&B for a 10 month contract to “volunteer” their time to FEMA?

    • Afshin Nejat

      And probably spend way too much time engaged in cointelpro-style activities against targeted Americans.

  • frankw

    Just one more thing to keep an eye on without jumping to any conclusions.

  • Frank

    I hate to pour a dose of reality on this conspiracy-fomenting story, but most of us should acknowledge that we’re going into Hurricane Season, right? It actually makes sense that FEMA would be hosting a pre-disaster conference or training for disaster response workers. A quick look at the FEMA website ( shows that the “Civilian Corps” aka: AmeriCorps is comprised of mostly unpaid volunteers that are willing to respond and assist in disaster recovery, usually by handing out food and water and providing disaster recovery assistance information to affected persons – none of these folks are “gun carriers” and they usually don’t have any experience or training in holding people in refugee or detention camps. Phew! I feel a lot better!

    • Badger Badgerism


      • 67N20 Army

        I believe so ALSO !!!

    • Oboehner

      There’s a lot of hurricanes in Minnesota.

      • Loog Moog

        it IS the land of 10,000 lakes, you know…

        • Oboehner

          Where there’s lakes, there’s hurricanes…

      • Bobby Bill

        CNN hasn’t mentioned that.

        • Oboehner

          Then it can’t be true.

      • Jocko Sarlucci

        Way TOO MANY liberal folks there to ASSURE Your 2nd Amendment Rights. JEW’S Only will Allow THEMSELVES GUNS – Wise-up to True Forms of History. England purposely maimed Gulf of Mexico so BP could poison and kill natural flow routes.. Read-The Art of WAR, they still at WAR With YOU YANKS!!!

        • Oboehner

          Ah, yeah, the JOOOOOS…

    • A Arizonian

      Reality is very necessary at this time as we live in a house divided. In my time with special ops we always required 3 confirmable sources before making a strike, even then we were just under 95% right!

      • mirageseekr

        Clearly things have changed since “your time”. Unless of course the US was targeting civilians and hospitals.

    • Loog Moog

      haven’t had a big hurricane or hurricane season for HOW many years now ?
      just sayin’
      stay out of crowds

    • Jocko Sarlucci

      Pal, You show me a document showing this Nation is legit without Illegal tampering from England/Vatican, etc. and I’ll throw and ongoing party.

  • randy wellman

    just sent out a message yesterday about a friend of a friend who just quit working(early retirement) for department of homeland security because they were training him for literal war against citizens of U.S…from fema camps to extermination, to germ warfare….hard to imagine this being true,..take these stories with a grain of salt you got to carry home in a wheelbarrow.

    • sea56

      yeah,, I see that happening ,,,, new one world government and UN agenda 21 wants 6.5 billion ppl dead by 2030 or is it 2025, and with all the chemtrail’s they just can’t poison everyone fast enough

      • Joan Camara

        You can depend on it raining or storming, when you see a lot of chemtrails. Lord knows, their flooding us now in South Carolina. I sure hate to see those chemtrails. So tired of it raining here!

        • bonnieblue2A

          Your rain has nothing to do with chemtrails and everything to do with the gulf stream having largely stopped.

          • Joan Camara

            Well, I’ve got two people close to me, that now see the evidence of rain every time there’s a lot of chemtrails here, but I guess I could go for the gulf stream stopping theory too. Got any links of that fact for me? Would like to see it/them.

          • bonnieblue2A

            Is your search engine broken?

          • Badger Badgerism


      • bonnieblue2A

        UN Agenda 21 has evolved to UN Agenda 2030. It is much more broad. The main thrust for support of implementation is indoctrination through mandatory education in global citizenship to be carried out by UN funded NGOs.

        • Tony Holmquist

          “Send me a link, where is that info, is there a website?”
          People sure show their ignorance. They want to debate, but have no info and don’t know how to get it, but expect you to supply it. Americans have become so lazy, physically and intellectually and then wonder how they get snowed every time…

      • Meltonmark

        It has been upgraded to UN Agenda 2030.

      • Mela Us

        Wow!! Scary and evil!!!

      • Badger Badgerism


        • Tess

          I’m with you, Badger. It is going on.

        • sea56

          🙁 🙁 Thnx ! Noted ! Do you know if they have them in every country and city in the world ,,, are they any safe zones left at all ?

    • Dennis B Anderson

      They are making rail cars that have wrist & ankle bracelets in them at F.M.C. Corporation

      4700 NW Front ave
      Portland, Oregon
      I got this from a man who works there.

      • 67N20 Army

        YES,,, They already have over 100,000 of them !

      • The Real World

        Their website describes businesses very different from building rail cars.

        So, is your friend messing with you, or what?

      • Caedus

        You must be a fan of Dave Hodges.

    • Badger Badgerism


    • Caedus

      Yea…your “friend”…

  • truthsayer

    Oy veh!

  • mirageseekr

    “a Jewish non-profit disaster preparedness organization” That sentence is enough to make it suspect as we know we can not trust the zionist controlled media.

    • sailorbill

      exactly,,is that were the 5 billion in aid is going !

      • Joan Camara

        BS again

    • Joan Camara


    • Jocko Sarlucci

      NO, This Means THEY PLAN TO DISARM YOU, and those others will rob you of EVERYTHING has been lesson of Past Experiences in Nations NO LONGER WITH US! Antique Road Show-PBS, most likely scam to gather treasurers of this Nation & UK. Take it to safety or destroy from enemy of mankind.

  • Let me make sure I have it straight… this article on the internet said a guy named John said, an unsubstantiated email from an unrelated group said a girl they spoke with said that FEMA said they are activating the “civilian corps”..?

  • Yes, it’s suspect. However, NOTHING Obongo or his Satanic Minions do surprises me. He hates the republic and the Constitution and his time to complete the destruction of both are running out. IF and I say IF indeed they have some nefarious plans, they will no doubt be rushing to implement them over the next few months. I just hope there are enough patriots to stand up to them and cause America to hit the reset button because civil war is definitely coming. Obongo and the left as well as their Republican accomplices know that if Trump is elected they are finished.

    • Chuck Schultz

      Rest assured, there are more than enough. And remember…the head of this lawlessness will be struck down…without hand. That’s a guarantee.

    • Rebel w/out a Cause

      The fix is in. Trump doesn’t have a chance. Between TPTB, our pretend government operating on their behalf, and the MSM sucking up to them both, it’s already been decided. Trump will be lucky to survive this.

  • NonYo Business

    Ready today, Ready tomorrow.

  • TheCogitator

    Maybe it’s just hurricane season like some have suggested, or maybe they know that volcano under Yellowstone is about to blow, or the economy is about to collapse. There could be other things too. It’s hard to imagine that any government agency is gearing up to help the people. They will be saving the government and the evil people who control it.

    • bonnieblue2A

      Nice avatar. You are correct, continuity of government is always the government’s #1 priority.

      • TheCogitator

        Thanks. Under the radar Confederate.

      • Wayno1

        more like continuity of themselves – PERSONALLY vs YOU surviving.

  • All we can do at this point is be aware. Look and listen and don’t believe anything until you can find reliable information from respected sources that verifies what you see and hear. If what you have found is proven to be correct then tell the World and include references to your sources so others can confirm before posting. We have so many things to keep and eye on and there are always new events popping up aimed at confusing us and taking our minds off of previous hot topics that it is suspect as intentional.

    Do not forget any of the past excite points. They are all still areas of concern because none of them have gone away. New events are smoke screens to keep you eyes and minds off of what is really going on. It is the things we don’t see and hear about that are most likely to hurt us.

    Stay alert and armed! Be sure you have a long term water source and emergency water filtration so you can drink any kind of water. Get a good pocket book that helps you identify edible wild plants. Keep Hydrogen Peroxide, Cortisone Cream, Zinc Oxide, Anti-bacterial cream, Vitamins B+, C and D handy. Add dry tinder and a way of igniting it that is long lasting and not affected by dampness. Keep foods that are packaged for long term storage, preferably dry and light to carry. Think longevity and not gormet meals. Sugar and honey do not spoil and should be on your list. There are other things that have long shelflives that will be good to add.

    Don’t forget that you may have to carry this stuff with you if you are forced to run. You may not always be able to stay and home and feel safe. Be ready and able to run should you have to.

    • landy fincannon

      If you’re too old to run , then what

  • TAG

    G4S was in uniform providing Mall Cop service at West Town Mall Knoxville, TN on last Sunday (at least-I don’t go to the mall but was there with my brother) June 12.

    Why is G4S who’s website says 90% of domestic USA employees (they are world’s largest military security contractor) guard nuclear materials and nuclear sites providing mall security in Knoxville?

    Local news reporters and editors have ignored me.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Omar the jihadist worked for a DHS subcontractor.

  • TStephen

    Uncle Intel fails again.

  • Mark Rothschild

    Being an uneducated Doily Sheeple reader,I love being a,”Hysterical Schoolgirl”.

  • Dan Jones

    The sheeple will sleep on, right into the camps…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.c

  • Razedbywolvs

    I don’t care if it’s the government or a Jewish 501c3. You come to help me into a FEMA camp I will hunt you down so hard that joining Islam to fined piece will seem like a viable option.

  • Von- steppin

    This is like all government and Military agencies they all have to make a FIELD trip to the ” FIELD ” to PRACTICE what they are supposed to do in cast of a real emergency. If someone jumps the gun and reads anything more into it they are full of crap. thats what this article is CRAP. FEMA held an exercise to see how well their system worked. All of them do it periodically even the Red Cross.

  • AffinityNetNews

    There appears to be something being prepared and may be connected to what a friend of mine related to me several days ago… She met a man who repairs buses here in Colorado. He told her of an experience he had just a couple of weeks ago about receiving a phone call to repair a bus. He was told that it would in the wilderness, and that he must accept the job without knowing anything about it. He blindly accepted the job and was directed to a small mountain town west of Colorado Springs. He found himself at what appeared to be a Christain youth camp but, it was anything but, it was full of DHS, and FBI agents. as he approached the location he was completely surrounded by agents, searched for explosives and weapons. What he witnessed at this hidden location terrified him he said. Bus after bus pulled in from Texas, with agents unloading black oval containers with a silver ring around them. He was ordered NOT to look at them and do his repair. The agents all appeared to be in a state of panic, and were hostile toward him. He was made to stay over night at this compound, and the entire time buses kept coming in from Texas full of these containers. I’m going to attempt to find out more about this person and his encounter. He said, it was very scary, and unearthly which I take to mean that it was being directed by possible aliens. I too, have had an experience in this same area of Colorado some years ago that made me realize there is far more going on than a youth camp. I personally suspect that it’s a massive underground compound and they are preparing for something huge… I’m going to press my friend to find out more and will post if I can…

  • Badger Badgerism


    • Badger Badgerism


  • Delusionalmyass

    Let them come get me-I have a surprise for my compassionate, caring, nation-building, honest government

  • I_P_Frehley

    This is fake. Just look at how the email is worded, does it make you feel that the author is/was at all concerned? Plus the grammar is pretty bad for a non-profit aid organization.

  • Tess

    Top posters are government paid-shills.

  • Tess

    The truth that all of you deserve to know. You need food, water, light/fire, camping gear, bugout bags–NOW.

  • kat

    At a doctors appt the other day and she said that she went to a meeting last week and they talked about meds could be a problem if there was a natural disaster.

  • Synickel

    The crying shame of all this is the idiot people who are in these groups that are clearly destroying America and freedom. Do they think they will escape all this when all is said and done and the elite throw them out like smelly garbage?

  • Defiant

    I don’t think this is impossible…but it’s SHEER speculation! There’s no proof…or even legitimate evidence that this is coming to pass!

  • Red Tick Alert

    Have a look at own owns the patent for the ZIKA virus – by just searching “Who Owns the Zika Virus?” and see how that has suddenly spread.

    These bstards are playing with our lives / killing is off.

  • tomas rader

    This is likely meet of fusion center directors. BFD!! Startup after 911. I declined to be a member. See something say something snitches who are paranoid as hell. I’m still first response but I have a proven record after northridge quake with ventura county. Everything our gov touches turns to shit … thanks to that new math. The smartest guys in san jose would have been avg in my HS. Font sweat it .. they’ll crash on the way to your emergency. LOL Exactly what have these guys stopped or lives they saved? Names please?

  • N_Disnye

    Shalom….yiddishe for “Fuck you Goyim”

  • Jocko Sarlucci

    Well, like the former Defence Minister of Canada recently said, “..those of us who have had to watch the USA be ruined by outside forces for many decades has been horrible to watch..” YES, it has and the scum behind it can be found in the Mass Media of EVERY type. Maybe reason so many entertainers and these people ‘claim their leaving… They ruin our once Great Nation with tons of help paid to sell us out and give away our military secrets to hostile forces. Crimes punishable by death! More of you may wish to move out before your enemies arrive, confiscate your mostly stolen wealth, plus remove your passports! Read a few author Joseph Farrell’s books, to get the general idea…