Is Our Universe a Hologram? Some Physicists Think So.

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It’s strange to think that not too long ago, the idea that time is an illusion wasn’t taken seriously by the scientific community. Now it’s a widely held belief, especially among physicists. Time may indeed be nothing more than a mental construct; a mere perception. But what if other aspects of our reality are equally illusory. What if something as fundamental “space” is also the product of our perceptions? What if what we see and feel in our everyday lives, or even what we can see under a microscope, is only scratching the surface?

Well, if you’re asking those questions, you may be in good company with some of the world’s leading physicists. Many of them think that our universe may not be the three-dimensional space our eyes make it out to be.

Some physicists actually believe that the universe we live in might be a hologram.

The idea isn’t that the universe is some sort of fake simulation out of The Matrix, but rather that even though we appear to live in a three-dimensional universe, it might only have two dimensions. It’s called the holographic principle.

The thinking goes like this: Some distant two-dimensional surface contains all the data needed to fully describe our world — and much like in a hologram, this data is projected to appear in three dimensions. Like the characters on a TV screen, we live on a flat surface that happens to look like it has depth.

It might sound absurd. But if when physicists assume it’s true in their calculations, all sorts of big physics problems — such as the nature of black holes and the reconciling of gravity and quantum mechanics — become much simpler to solve. In short, the laws of physics seem to make more sense when written in two dimensions than in three.

“It’s not considered some wild speculation among most theoretical physicists,” says Leonard Susskind, the Stanford physicist who first formally defined the idea decades ago. “It’s become a working, everyday tool to solve problems in physics.”

Of course, there isn’t really any proof of this. The idea seems to explain some of the weird stuff we see in our universe, but there isn’t any tangible evidence. Most scientists can’t even agree on the best method for proving it. However, that’s not stopping them from trying anyway.

At the moment, there’s no universally agreed-upon test that would provide firm evidence for the idea. Still, some physicists believe that the holographic principle predicts there’s a limit to how much information spacetime can contain, because our seemingly 3D spacetime is encoded by limited amounts of 2D information. As Fermilab’s Craig Hogan recently put it to Motherboard, “The basic effect is that reality has a limited amount of information, like a Netflix movie when Comcast is not giving you enough bandwidth. So things are a little blurry and jittery.”

Hogan and others are using an instrument called a Holomoter to look for this sort of blurriness. It relies on powerful lasers to see whether — at super-small, submicroscopic levels — there’s a fundamental limit in the amount of information present in spacetime itself. If there is, they say, it could be evidence that we’re living in a hologram.

Pretty wild eh? If the theory is proven, it will have some pretty heavy implications for the nature of reality. How would we reconcile the fact that perhaps, nothing we’re seeing is real? Nothing would change for us in our everyday lives. We’re still seeing and feeling the world in the same way we always have, but in the back of our minds we would always know that we’re taking our perceptions for granted.

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  • The Watcher
  • Mark

    Some people cling to “scientific” THEORIES that, despite CENTURIES of seeking, have NO evidence. Check out how the actual observations from the latest, most refined, and highest resolution probes support geocentrism—no holograms, relativism, dark energy, or dark matter needed.

  • arahn

    Yes. At the most base levels all matter is energy that has taken form.

    • It hasn’t taken form, it has become dense.

      • some denser than others.

        • Maddog

          If anyone needs evidence of how correct your statement is just send them to Wal-Mart.

        • Thus, specific gravity.

        • Workstillbroke

          I hear it’s got electrolytes. It must be good for you…

      • arahn

        I don’t know if you are antagonistic or just like to split hairs but is there really that much difference between ‘taking form’ and ‘becoming more dense’?

        • There isn’t any difference between taking form and becoming more dense, but the energy doesn’t change when it becomes more dense, it is still energy, not matter, which doesn’t exist in the current cosmological concepts. The whole reason why “matter” seems more solid than energy is because of the density of the space charges, which become more repellent when their density increases.

          • arahn

            Well, to us it is matter because it is solid to us. In that regard we define this energy by the form it has taken.

          • You don’t seem to understand my very simple explanation, so you probably don’t really care why matter isn’t matter.

          • arahn

            OK, you’re antagonistic then.

          • arahn

            You got into it with Sonokar yesterday and I actually told him not to ‘in-fight’ but I think you like to go about antagonizing people. Over the slightest of difference you come-in and pounce on them to make them look ‘stupid’. Does that make you feel powerful?

          • No, it makes me think that most of the people here prefer ignorance just as much as the sheeple we are purportedly trying to wake up. Details matter. When they don’t, why waste the time, money, and effort on the idea?

          • I’ll always choose antagonistic over apathetically ignorant.

  • Nathan Togain

    Them aliens caused it.

  • There is a difference between being a hologram and being holographic. Holograms are, by their very nature, 3 dimensional. If it has a height, a width, and a depth, how could it be only 2 dimensional? People who don’t understand basic physics shouldn’t write about cosmology.

  • Workstillbroke

    Energy becomes matter at frequency in space for a time. Reverse if you like.

    • Reverse what? Time is a human concept of no relevance to energy or “matter.”

      • Workstillbroke

        With no intelligence to perceive any of the above, that would be correct but given our created perception of time matter changes to and from energy and is dependent on frequency to be detected or perceived. It’s this kind of crazy stuff that’s leading physicists to believe their are many dimensions…..but yeah, I’ll agree time is only a concept. I do think we make time relevant to energy and matter but it doesn’t really matter does it.

        • Stephen Hawking’s dimensions are more like spin and charm than height, width, and length.
          How can energy change into and out of matter when it doesn’t change other than in density?

          • Workstillbroke

            Frequency. All things have a unique vibration or frequency. I certainly couldn’t prove it but I just know it somehow. With frequency matter can exist or not exist. Maybe even disappear or instantly teleport by changing from matter to energy and then back to matter again. Energy can travel very fast and can retain intelligence over great distance enabling this energy to take form at a new location. Certainly crazy talk but just theory.

          • You are onto some good stuff there:

          • And slightly similar to what the cosmologists are largely saying at present, with the exception that they are almost unanimous in their claims that matter does not exist, and that the solidity that we identify as matter is merely the very high space charge of densely compacted, or impacted, energy, which is composed of the same things that atoms are, but not always arranged in orbits or clusters. A plasma, for existence, is frequently just a cloud of charged particles with no organization beyond the homogeneity of equal spacing in response to equal charges and identical polarities.

  • If you watch the movie on youtube called “The Spirit Molecule” you will start to understand that there is much, much more out there than you are being told.

    • James Wood

      Have you tried Sun eating?

    • way2inform

      I read the book. 1 year later, I inhaled a huge smokey puff of that molecule, layed back on the beach with my eyes closed and exhaled. I let it take me, i felt my body dissolve as i shot out at lightspeed in every direction and light was the center of that every direction. I was out of time and space, i was in the presence of a powerful being, my only memory of my thoughts are of me repeating i’m sorry, i am not worthy, this is yours, all of this is yours untill i came back. I suggest you try it

      • Wow, that’s amazing! I have more than 2 grams that has been sitting next to my head where I sleep in a jar for 3 years now, lol! I’ve done every drug in the book but this one is different. I took a very small hit and everything started shaking and I saw patterns immediately, I never broke through though. I still have root bark from when you were still allowed to order it. It is non-toxic with no side effects but it intimidates me, I’ll admit. It is beyond religion and that is my main motivation, thanks for the interesting info.

        • way2inform

          I took a few small tokes that afternoon and had intense visuals like i saw everything as a grid, vividly. Everything was a grid and my head was buzzing with the most intense static electric sound and sensation. Later that night on the beach on Maui, i took the real plunge. I remembered the case studies from the book DMT: the spirit molecule and having read that you can sort of fight it and remain “consciously here” or you can close your eyes and relax and let it take, you I chose the latter. I immediately began feeling pulled like a vortex out of my body through my forhead as i laid back on the sand, i thought “you can take me now” as the rush outward from my forhead intensified, I also remember repeating 3 times in my mind -be nice, be nice, oh beee niiiccccee. Once all of me was pulled theough the vortex i felt my body disolve (imagine the scorpian king or whatever movie with the rock, when he becomes a swarm of bees) that was my last physical sensation before shooting every direction at the speed of light ( or more?) When i got back in my body and sat up i stumbled around, the sky, the kihei lights, the ocean and the world where all there, only boxed into to all the grids i saw earlier that afternoon when taking small tokes. It took about 2 minutes to get the grids and the static head sensation gone and, other than the profoundness of the experience playing my mind like a fiddle, i was back to normal. At the time and for the next few weeks, i believed i knew exactly what it feels like to die, and i understood why the good dr. Who wrote the book and did all the studies, is working so hard to get DMT legally accweptable for end of life patients, and those suffering from sever ptsd.

          • Wow, amazing! My cousin crossed over and he said he was very scared when he got there but this thing came right up to him and he told it he was scared so it draped some blue translucent veil around him which calmed him down and when he said he was ready, it lifted the veil off. It was a friendly being but also read there can be evil beings there it’s always different. He was definitely shocked and blown away but he used crappy cannabis as a bedding for the DMT and the crappy cannabis(schwag) caused intense paranoia so he went back a short while later(after the paranoia set in from the first time) and got scared to death and will never do it again now. I’m still gonna do it though but what I have is the super intense stuff so I am a little apprehensive. Like you said it’s like dying and coming back. It has no side effects and is non-toxic so why is it illegal? I believe it is because they have a war on consciousness going on just as Graham Hancock said in his banned TED talk:

          • way2inform

            I know a girl that encountered a being (deity,? Spirit?) Like me…Now im reading your comment about your friend, It is a powerful compound for sure and the evil in this world wants control over everything, but they simply cant have it over me. And i love myself for that.

        • way2inform

          Keep in mind, some of the subjects in the case studies had smoked DMT b4 (in the lab study they were injected) and the ones who had smoked it stated smoking it created a significantly more intense experience than injection. The pineal gland is mostly a mystery to science, but they do know that it absorbs DMT at an astonishing rate. It also may release DMT when you die. I personally believe that if it does this, it’s main purpose is to provide the lubricant from this life to the next world (or nothingness) at the moment of death. Makes all the sense in the world if you have been through what i have. I no longer fear death because of it, i used to lay awake all night fretting about it since i was around so much of it before i was even a teenager.

          • I agree, I think it is the molecule that forms the “bridge” between this world and the one beyond. My pineal gland is jacked up, here is how I know: I have these crazy mood swings that started 20+ years ago. they aren’t natural and I can’t control them. I started doing drugs to try and find relief, even back then I somehow knew to stay away from doctors and this is before I knew about any of the medical tyranny and corruption crap and I am proud of myself for that, I followed my gut. Anyway, I used pharmaceuticals, street drugs, nothing worked until I found out about 5htp. I would be homelss wihtout that stuff, I couldn’t hold a job, my negative attitude was so bad I would never have succeeded at anything. I did 5htp and for the first time I feel some relief so I kept upping the dosage until I settled at an insanely high 1800/mg per day! Science has never even studied dosages that high, lol, and I did it for 5 years. Then I had trouble sleeping at night so I found out about melatonin and started using that, 20mg before bed and it worked! Just a few months ago I was reading about the pineal gland and I realized that it secretes melatonin(which is was talking every night), serotonin(which is what 5htp converts to and also what I was taking everyday), and DMT which I was not taking but had. My pineal must be so messed up that I have to supplement everything it secretes. I found out that DMT is the most potent decalcifier for the pineal gland and boron is second. I even have the glass bat vapor genie which I read was the best tool to do it with.

          • way2inform

            I switched from meletonin to valerian root capsules a couple years ago. It is just as effective (for me) and helps my high blood pressure to boot. Wish you the best brother

  • fatwillie

    Sometimes it boggles my mind when I think of how they will do anything to destroy God and creation.

    • mdogg0724

      Exactly. MANY will fall for this. Only God knows the answers to the universe. His children will find out many of the answers once we make it to His kingdom. This is nothing but another one of satan’s deceptions.

      • Where in the bible does it say only God knows the “answers” to the universe? Does that mean the answers to the universe are then unknowable, or that CURRENTLY only god knows them and they are in fact reachable? Should we not keep trying?

        • mdogg0724

          Isaiah 55:8- God says that His thoughts are not ours. He has knowledge of the universe I believe are unattainable. That’s one of mankinds greatest faults, we tend to be consumed with this God complex. Throughout history mankind have tried numerous times to try and acheive what has always been deemed impossible. I truly believe some things aren’t meant to be discovered or unearthed. In Genesis when man attempted to build a tower to God, He became very upset, destroyed it, and created different languages because God felt that because man was of one tongue, he’s capable of too much.

          • Is 55:8 is ambiguous in this respect, after all my thoughts and ways are not yours either. Genesis 1:26-27 is a better example that god had higher hopes for mankind than he did is other creations. The remainder of your reply is personal belief and conjecture. If we are going to delve into that thenm I’ll say I believe God would never have created man if he thought he was creating just another flock of mindless animals, never to aspire beyond the day of its creation.

      • way2inform

        Its a euphemism for obtaining complete consciousness when dying and returning to your higher, knowing self. Religous types simply cant get the fact that there is no seperation from ourselves and god.

        • Wise words that only someone who has experienced what you have could say.

    • Gearmoe

      I don’t see anyone destroying your belief. Asking a question is not an attack.

      • Some of us do not realize that we have already been attacked… and “they” won!

    • arahn

      Maybe I’m not getting you right but if you are referring to this theory of a holographic universe then that shouldn’t “destroy” creation. In Genesis it say that God spoke the universe into existence. Speech is vibrational energy and string theory says at the most basic level all matter is vibrational energy — consistent with speaking something into existence. Now, everything is the same as it was before you knew that but now you can make sense of the Genesis account of creation — but yes, there are some who want to destroy all of creation.

    • Nick

      If anything a lot of scientific discoveries lately only further prove the existence of God to me. For example the issue of time to me further proves that God exists. The bible clearly says that God isn’t limited by time as we are.

  • Wildstar

    The Earth is flat! I’ve been saying it for years.

    • Check out Eric Dubay’s work on the topic, it is very well researched info.

  • Whitebuck

    “Fact is, the Bible does not concern itself with the details of the physical world, the understanding of which is the competence of human experience and reasoning. There exist two realms of knowledge, one which has its source in Revelation and one which reason can discover by its own power. To the latter belong especially the experimental sciences and philosophy. The distinction between the two realms of knowledge ought not to be understood as opposition.” Thought’s in respect to Geocentrism.

  • Gearmoe

    It isn’t a hologram. Duh. It’s infinite, a word humans can’t comprehend.

  • MW Hohimer

    Yes, reality is just an illusion!

    • James Wood

      Certainly in America this is true.

  • James Wood

    Have used halucinagens since as a kid. Grew my own shrooms for my weekly broadcasts from the University of Washington. I believe they had made me a more sharing individual. It’s no wonder I do not do well in this material world.

    • The more entheogens you do, the more “connected” you become.

      • arahn

        Just like cannabis for the body shrooms are healing for the mind/soul and there is no reason to make them illegal except they don’t want us to be able to heal. Even the crap pharmaceuticals they sell don’t heal and they admit that.

        • Yes we just started trying to create a healthy habit by doing them on the solstices and the equinoxes but then my other half got pregnant so that practice will now have to wait 2 years till after she stops breastfeeding. We did them twice, psilocybe cyanescens, we lost time, about 7hrs, what a strange feeling. I remember feeling “good” afterwards, I couldn’t explain how but it was like I just took a mental shower and cleaned out all of the crap and was now in this peaceful state. I knew this one person a little while ago that had done shrooms many times and they sounded different and were much more “connected” than anyone else I have ever met to date. If entheogens were legal the system would collapse, everyone would awaken and see the evil for what it is. The youtube documentary called “Stepping into the fire”( is a good watch on the topic although it is about ayahuasca but it shows how it woke a New York Wall St. trader up and changed his life for the better… it’s really good.

      • way2inform
        • Ahh yes, been there, thanks! I created my own tek from using clues from some of theirs they have on there, it’s really good. Now I just need to find out where to buy the momosa hostilis. If you know of any sources I would be much appreciative. I read that if you combine ground up momosa with syrian rue seeds you can get like a 45minute effect from it because the syrian rue is a MAOI inhibitor, tastes like shit though.