Is “Gray State” a Psy-Op?

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by Michael T. Winter

In answer to the question posed in the title of this piece, this writer does not have a definitive answer one way or the other. There are, however, several aspects of this trailer that point to this being a psy-op. If you are on a website that would post this article, then there is very good chance you’ve seen the trailer for the movie Gray State as seen below.

Condensed, the movie addresses what it would be like if FEMA began round-ups and executions of US citizens. The trailer, 2:40 long, seems to have one goal in mind; to instill fear in the viewer. It is devoted to violent graphic scenes of round-ups; direct head shot executions and intimidating footage of faceless FEMA soldiers goose stepping toward defiant, rioting citizens. The trailer is laced with heavy machine gun sounds, buzzing helicopters, people screaming, and death; lots of death.
On the surface, one might applaud the intrepid director and crew, facing down Hollywood (much ado is made of this fact in interviews), and, even more so, having the stones to make a movie depicting our government in such a harsh light. But the surface is just that; a surface and we live in an age of deception.

Thanks to the Internet reformation, the plans of the globalists have been laid bare. The tricks they employ are numerous and come at us from every angle. This movie trailer would appear to satisfy two of their primary objectives within the paradigm of this deception. The first objective of the trailer is to instill fear and hopelessness into the population, which it effectively does. The second feat accomplished is to give warning of what is yet to come.

It is well documented that globalist-controlled Hollywood is complicit in these types of ‘pre-alert’ efforts by allowing television shows and movies to become vehicles of warning to the populace. There is massive evidence pointing to this modus operandi; 9-11, here and Sandy Hook, here are two recent examples. There are many more, but this space does not allow for a list, and this is not the focus of this piece.

We cannot claim that we weren’t warned in advance of any number of calamities; those in the past and those yet to come. The globalist stamp is all over this project. The globalists, (one might think not human by their actions) are just people at the end of the day, and people make mistakes. The Aurora, Co. shooting was rife with errors, here, and here. Sandy Hook was even worse, here, from a production standpoint (which from a globalist view was a production, no less so than a staging ofOthello at the Met).

There are a number of ‘tells’ associated with this project. A ‘tell’ is a term used to describe the actions (and thus indicators) of a deception. Most commonly referred to in conjunction with gambling and gamblers themselves, the term is apropos here as applied to markers that this trailer is (in all likelihood unbeknownst to the entire cast and crew) a project of globalist emanation. The trailer focuses on real-life proposals by the elites, such as RFID chips, QE IV, and martial law. Sub themes include empty grocery shelves, cameras in homes, the ripping apart of loved ones and the heavy boot of the state. At the end of the trailer, the last shot shows a pyramid, a favorite image of the elites.

Google and YouTube, two of the most powerful (globalists owned) Internet companies on the planet are fully on board with the promotion of this trailer. A Google search brought up Gray State after typing in only ‘gray st’. After ten pages (11 listings each page) it didn’t slow down – the listings went on and on. What movie trailer in history has yielded such buzz? Remember, this is a trailer. No release date was announced then and none has been forthcoming, (This in itself is suspect. The trailer was made in 2011 and here we are in 2013. There is zero information online pertaining to a release date. It appears the trailer was made and that was it. One could almost call it a mini-movie production of and by itself.)

Most of the numerous links are to alternative news sites such as Prison Planet. Many of the site links are to dis-info shill sites known for being so. There is a great consistency to all the links – in every one there is a hyperlink to the trailer. It would appear the primary goal is to get people to watch the trailer. On YouTube, there are 492,260 views and numerous pages of ancillary interviews and analysis. These analysis focus on the feasibility of the concept of Gray State becoming a reality. In one interview with an actor in the trailer, he stated there was a lot of work to do in the “trailer.” He held up his fingers in the “Quote-Unquote” sign as he said “trailer.” That type of hand gesture is used to indicate (among other things) that what is being “quoted” is not the actuality of what is being inferred.

Research into the production company for Gray State, Hot Head Productions, from Minnesota, proved to be a dead end. There is a website for Hot Head Productions in New York, but not the company sought. The only site discovered relating to the correct Hot Head Productions is here, but the phone number on the site is to a locksmith that has had the same number for seven years.

There is very little information on David Crowley, the director and writer. There are many sites with interviews of him about the trailer, what it means to society, etc. etc. But there is nothing on the man himself. In this age of LinkedIn, FB, Twitter and the like, one would think there would besomething on the guy, but there is nothing. His bio indicates he likes making movies, (but does not list any) and that he was in the army. That’s it.

A search to discover the source of the initial funding remains unknown, not for lack of trying. None of the interviews reveal this fact. One interview has Crowley claiming the trailer cost six thousand dollars to make. The trailer has tanks, helicopters, exploding buildings and uber-expensive military gear. It doesn’t take an MBA to know that, with all the explosions and heavy duty armaments, tanks etc. it cost a hell of a lot more than six grand to make. Where do these resources come from? In an interview with Crowley, he claimed the trailer generated $67,000.00 in investment money. He indicated this would be used to create a media package to help draw investors for the movie. Wait a minute! The trailer was allegedly created to bring in investors. Now that that has been done, and $67K has been brought in, that money will be used to…draw investors?

The company that supplied the weapons and heavy armaments is The Bullet Exchange, here. The owners of The Bullet Exchange are revealed to be David Crowley (Director and Writer, GS), Mitch Heil (Director of Photography, GS), and Danny Mason, (Lead Actor, GS). The company’s C.V. reveals that they worked on two other movies, Pandemichere and Problem Solving the Republic,here. Both movies underlying meme is the government is staffed with malevolent people intent on bearing us ill will. Crowley’s bio on the site lists “Experience: 5 years Army infantry, squad leader, Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan”. Heil shows, “Experience: Five years in the 82nd Airborne, Deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months and Iraq for 14 months”.

The question to be posed is this: How do Crowley and Heil go from being gung ho soldiers to dissident filmmakers? How do they accomplish this feat of rebellion whilst drawing on their contacts accrued from years of military service? One would think, if Team Crowley is genuinely rebellion minded in their project, that the Army, if not discouraging the film, would certainly not endorse the project to the point they help supply the gear to make it a reality. This smacks of psy-op collusion.

Psy-ops are the children of one acronymed agency or another. To obtain tanks one needs permission of the Federists and, well, tanks. Tanks come from the government, and the government would not willingly loan out tanks to be employed in a movie depicting them in this harsh light unless someone, somewhere had not granted approval. If this movie was independent and truly anti-government as claimed then it makes sense they would not have the cooperation of the government for the trailer.

The underlying message the trailer imparts rolls across the screen to the sound of guns blazing, “With every weapon of the state turned against us, how long can we resist?” There is no hope offered in this trailer. There is no ‘resolution’ and no happy ending – nothing but fear and panic inducing images and sounds. It is really little more than another salvo, fired by the elites, to further diminish our feelings of security and well being. Rather than succumb to the fear, there are wise words to ponder as an antidote to soul poisoning fear. “Only focusing on what is wrong is a trap that just feeds the machine. We must really focus on creating what we want, even if doing so only makes it easier for future generations.”

The elites want us to focus on negativity. This mindset, aided via media projects like this ‘trailer’ succeed in germinating fear and negativity. Perhaps this trailer is not disingenuous at all, and is exactly what it purports itself to be. But in this age of deception where the globalist enemy controls every aspect of our existence, the chances of this being a genuine concept trailer are slim. Based on the results of this cursory investigation as outlined above, one might conclude Gray State just doesn’t add up. From a globalist point of view, why make a whole movie (costing many millions), when for a fraction of that cost, they can create the same amount of fear just by pushing a well-made trailer?

Michael T. Winter has been published on RT here and Global Research, here. He also has published a novel called Branko’s Ride, purchase on Amazon HERE. Michael is based in southern Illinois, USA.

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  • Amanda Smith

    This article is the first I’ve seen of this trailer. Are you not just by posting it assisting the Elitists in the propoganda to instill fear in people? Normally I repost what I see on your site but I will not assist in instilling fear to my loved ones. It’s already apparent what is happening. These constant reminders without an action plan are not helpful.

  • johnd34

    Doubt it phy-ops. Phy-ops is flying black hawk helicopters and putting the fear tactic in people. Even though we would win the next big war Domestically. History shows it in many other countries but it will be done with 4th generation insurgency. When they ask to evac a city if I was you I wouldn’t get on that bus even though its the only way out.

    Remember this, Whatever the government tells you, believe the opposite.

  • As he states, this is without a doubt a Phobos and Deimos creator in the mind of the viewer with such mind invading impact, all in a couple of minutes. So as he states, whether this is a deliberate psy-op or not, this definitely serves several purposes.

    One branch of psychological operations is in fact, predictive programming. The author outlines this fact by pointing to the “Lone Gunman” pilot episode and the map reference from “The Dark Knight Rises”.

    This is really the primary goal here. The whole point is for you to expect this as if it is going to happen regardless of what you do. You are dealt a mental death blow and should just lay down and give in to it, since, “there ain’t shit you can do anyway motherfucker.”, which is the real point.

    This operates much in the same way as dropping massively over sized condoms on the North Koreans during that war, to put into their minds that American soldiers are giants and we are coming to stomp you out. The predicted outcome is a controlled reaction, get it? Just as in a game of Chess, you force moves on your opponent to control their moves so you can later force them into checkmate. This shit is no different.

  • blackpowder

    the govt is only as powerful as u believe it is

  • Anon

    I actually think this might be a psy-op.

    Could it be made by foreign interests?

    If it was our government, I find it hopeful. This means that either “they” are scared or “they” want us to believe all government officials will turn on its citizens. It could be a tactic to cement in the minds of those who work for the government or who are in a position of power that this will be their fate also if they don’t go along with it.

    If it was made with foreign interests, it could be for breaking apart the country further. Creating further fear and distrust to weaken our country from the inside. Could it be that the “elites” are pitting all countries against one another so that they can put their main plan into place?

    It does instill fear and hopelessness and realization of a potential outcome of government tyranny. But for those that are afraid, it is normal to be scared. There are going to be people who are made examples of and who will not get to celebrate in the end. But how many would gladly give their lives for a purpose and for freedom, over dying in oppression, living only by the will of another?

    If they had victory spelled out, there would be no need for such tactics any longer….

  • waristheirplan

    Always grateful for good information and some eye opening diverse points of view. I was wondering what was up with that ‘soon to be released’ version of the future scenario. Some thing along the lines of OBEY – RESISTANCE IS FUTILE ? Each of us will have to choose and that day could be today. We know in our hearts how this ends; WAR IS THEIR PLAN it has always been that way. Peace

  • You really are sheeple

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read: ““Experience: 5 years Army infantry, squad leader, Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan”. Heil shows, “Experience: Five years in the 82nd Airborne, Deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months and Iraq for 14 months”.
    The question to be posed is this: How do Crowley and Heil go from being gung ho soldiers to dissident filmmakers?”

    How do 11B’s go from being “gung ho” soldiers to anti establishment? Um, because we’ve actually seen what the wars looks like and they’re pretty stupid affairs.

    Oh, and infantrymen aren’t some elite special forces types, we’re just regular soldiers, man you civilians are absurd with your conspiracies. I was an infantryman in the US Army, maybe IM A GOVERNMENT DISINFO AGENT COME TO ENSLAVE YOU OOoOOOoooOOOo!

    This trailer was made as a promotion by an independent film company to get attention to the project in order to get funding to actually make the movie.

  • You really are sheeple

    Oh, this is comical too: “Tanks come from the government, and the government would not willingly loan out tanks to be employed in a movie depicting them in this harsh light unless someone, somewhere had not granted approval.”

    Um, you do know that all of the scenes with military vehicles and explosions are blue screen CGI effects, right? Are you really that childish? This trailer looks good, but it’s really no better than the cutscenes from a video game like ‘Command and Conquer’ made 10 years ago.

    Get real. This article is absurd, and I really was enjoying reading this site too.