Is FEMA A Threat To The American Public?

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A nationwide flu outbreak could be a sufficient excuse to call up the National Guard Rapid Response Parallel support module to take control of a “national emergency” with possible declaration of martial law protocols. According to a North Carolina police lieutenant, in some three to six months declarations of martial law could be made throughout the nation. In a two part radio broadcast aired by a Virginia pastor, Lieutenant McCoy has attracted the attention of more than 20,000 listeners. “We’re in huge trouble,” he says as he calls up memories of white, granite gravestones all over Europe; gravestones marking the final resting place of veterans who died “for us” during World War II.

Tragically, many of our veterans are now referred to as potential “domestic terrorists” by President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. Men who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan have been declared “risks” should they choose to purchase a firearm for private use. A devout Christian, the 31 year lawman tells listeners, “I cry. . .when guns are gone, you won’t be able to worship the Creator. . .gone. . . Freedoms gone.”

When Katrina made its way through New Orleans leaving portions of the city in ruins, George Bush praised FEMA director Michael Brown, saying “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” It was an incredible statement given the display of incompetence not only by FEMA, but by federal agencies throughout the bureaucracy. Residents of New York City can attest to the fact that things have not improved given that providing water to victims of Sandy was too complicated a task for federal relief agencies DAYS after the hurricane had passed through the area.

Perhaps it’s time to ask the true purpose of FEMA and other federal agencies. When the necessity arises, National Guard Units under martial law paradigms will be rolled out for “control of widespread domestic unrest.” A 2009 report discusses something called a Stability Police Force resembling a hybrid military/ law enforcement entity created “under the guise of controlling domestic riots.” Use of National Guard units became familiar to residents of New Orleans during the Katrina episode, so citizens may initially not consider it unusual to see guard members serving along with FEMA in these 10 regions.

Executive Orders, “…have been on the books for a half century now, empowering the Federal Emergency Management Agency to take control of everything from public and private communications, energy and transportation to housing and more.” (5) And since 9/11, the president has been given nearly limitless power, permitting officers of the Executive branch to ignore completely the constitutional rights of the American people.

In March of 2012, Barack Obama created Executive Order number 13603, entitled National Defense Resources Preparedness. “In this Executive Order, Obama essentially gave himself the authority to declare Martial Law in times of war or peace.” War OR Peace! No longer will the federal government need the excuse of a disaster to impose its full will and authority on the American public!

Lieutenant McCoy was right when he observed that “we’re in huge trouble!” The question is, will We the People have the courage to reclaim our constitutional rights?

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  • Cody

    Those fema coffins make good storage containers and portable shelters. plug the drain holes and they make a good raft for river transport of your gear.

    Flip the coffin over and place it on 4 cinder blocks or large stones and you have a very cool shelter from sun and rain.

  • G-DAWG

    I think there would be a split in military and natgard forces, basically due to rapid availability to information. Unlike just thirty years ago, each individual has means of securing real news outside of the military filter. Let us hope. Our “good” guys will know the difference. The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi.

    • joey

      During Katrina, I was detained in an AF shelter for 6 days with limited communication to the outside world. They hyjacked the cell towers and rotated every six hours or so to another carrier. ATT would go out and Verizon would come back up and so forth. You take power and cell phones out and they will be in the dark and will follow any lies told to them by their leaders.

      • SKIP

        ROGER THAT Joey, folks seem to forget that the military and most of those ACRONYMS have the equipment to totally, I MEAN TOTALLY stop ALL forms of communications including HAM operators. We do it all the time in Afghanistan and did in Iraq. When I say ALL, I MEAN ALL, radio of any type, internet, HAM, smoke signals and semiphore too, banging on logs, yelling, wishing and thinking too.

  • Cody

    Obama will call in UN troops during martial law. Our military must decide to join the resistance or help the UN.

    UN occupation troops are coming and our guns are their target.
    Be ready and make your plan for urban and rural war against the UN.

    Remember the roman legions that went into scotland and germany. They never came out and vanished from history.
    We will do the same to the UN invaders.

    • Bob w

      Cody,the Romans went into Scotland and kicked the living shit out of the scots. Don’t change history….by the way,are you aware that Romans produced and brought the bagpipe to britain

    • SKIP

      African troops will be the majority of UN troops and they should indeed get the 9th Legion treatment or that of the Legions of Varus.

  • wolf

    We all have the power to say no and shoot back

  • Lutz

    FEMA is just another globalist front group.

  • Kulafarmer

    Dont open the door and if they kick it in open up with 000 buckshot, or an ar with a slide fire stock, that should get a retreat, dont think it will get them to go away but is better than just laying down. How many times you think theyll try that if they loose 2-4 guys every time?

    • SKIP

      Well, maybe those 2-4 guys won’t do it again but there are lots of Africans willing to do the deed so their losses will have to be compounded greatly.

  • Theodore Roosevelt

    It’s been apparent to me that….We have a new American revolution upon us. Let us try to reason with our elected representatives,(as we pay their salary & we have the power to fire them,or hang them as traitors),to respect the vows that they took pertaining to the upholding of the Constitution of the United States of America. Infringement upon these rights upon any United States of America’s citizens
    represents an act of treason & shall not be tolerated.