Is “Conspiracy Theory” Losing Its ‘Powerful’ Semantic Implications?

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By Catherine J. Frompovich

In my humble opinion, one of the most erudite alt media “talking heads” on the Internet is James Corbett of The Corbett James does his homework and discusses issues of interest regarding geopolitics from an extra-keen mindset, which, I think, seeds some of the more progressive-minded, controlled media reporting that is starting to appear in some of the “Big Six Media” [1] and on the Internet, particularly.

Once a week, Corbett joins James Evan Pilato of to produce a joint production called New World Next Week. The September 10th, 2015, issue took on “Conspiracy Theory” and how it’s losing its pejorative connotations, and that many, if not all, conspiracy theories have panned out—or are panning out—actually to have factual bases. OMG!

I think my readers will enjoy the show notes Corbett and Pilato placed below that online show, which I’ve copied and pasted below.

If readers would enjoy listening to that entire issue of New World Next Week, here’s the link. Personally, I think both these men bring a greatly-needed breath of fresh air that’s counter to the controlled news cycles we are spoon-fed by the mainstream media.

One phrase Corbett mentions, or maybe even ‘coined’, is “weaponized phrases,” something that brings to mind, at least in my opinion, using words that are meant to get controlled media readers to think and act from a Hegelian Dialectic viewpoint. Some conspiracy theorists refer to it as “Problem-Reaction-Solution,” i.e., creating the problem, all while having a desired solution in advance, to achieve a public reaction demanding the very solution the problem perpetrators offered and wanted from the beginning. Do you see how we’re controlled?


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  • SovereignPatriot88

    Preppers who tend to have good intentions, want their families and friends to be safe and prepared should a SHTF scenario take place. One of the biggest challenges to getting people to listen to them is the “conspiracy mindset” and a tendency to tune out as soon as they realize that they are listening to a conspiracy theory. So if you are attempting to get someone like this to prepare for something, it’s a good idea to avoid any talk of hard to believe conspiracies. You should start off with something that is easier to digest like preparing for a natural event like a storm and/or extended power outage. Try to get them to store a week or two worth of food and water and some first aid supplies. Next you may want to discuss some scenarios where the government was caught red handed violating our rights and freedoms like during hurricane Katrina and after the Boston marathon bombing when they went door to door pulling people out of their homes and searching without any warrants or probable cause. These are undeniable conspiracies with video evidence proving that they happened. Afterwards, wait until that sinks in. Once you have a breakthrough, it’s time to move on to the more important issues and attempting to get them to conclude that the government has an agenda that needs to be stopped. Take it slow, don’t turn people off with crazy theories about aliens and the president being a reptilian shape shifter.
    Even just being prepared for a storm is better than nothing.

    • Being prepared is better than not, regardless of the level or the motivation. I have become a non-initiator of conspiratorial conversation unless the other party indicates a lack of confidence in a particular politically correct point of view.
      My van’s windows are another matter, being filled with all manner of politically incorrect and conspiratorially theoretical material. Seldom does the day go by that someone doesn’t verbally or digitally (thumbs up) agree with something in the windows. The single most popular piece is a graphic of a satanic Obama that appeared on the front page of a Egyptian newspaper after he turncoated the Muslim Brotherhood regime he’d just assisted the installation of, which is a popular thing to photograph with smartphones.

      • SovereignPatriot88

        That’s always reassuring. You can get people’s opinions without saying a word. I see a lot of vehicles with stickers and whatnot in support of the good cause. I give them a thumbs up.
        I’ve gone the other direction. My vehicle is devoid of any stickers or easily identifiable markings. It’s the gray man approach. It’s even gray, used to be silver but has faded.
        Sometimes when in a group I’ll say something to see how people respond and I’ll be surprised that many people think the same way. They’ll even mention prepping. It used to surprise me because this is a blue state. But I don’t think it’s as blue as people think it is. It’s not likely to turn red any time soon either though.

        • I don’t understand the red state-blue state dichotomy. If reds are commies, then why aren’t liberal states red states, since liberals are on the same side of the aisle, many of them full-blown commies without knowing it.

          • SovereignPatriot88

            I agree it’s backward, but it used to be the other way around, then for some reason they switched it.

          • The politicians couldn’t stand the least bit of corroboration that reds are from red states, and blue-blooded fascists are from blue ones.

        • Reverend Draco

          The White Truck/White Car approach also works well.

          If you own a white pickup, you can go pretty much anywhere unremarked and unmolested, especially in the countryside- white car is the second best, and works great in a more urban setting.

          • SovereignPatriot88

            Good advice. I think an exception would be a white Crown Vic. Those stand out.

          • Reverend Draco

            Yeah. . . nothing says “Government” like a Crown Vic – of any color, really. . . but especially black or white.

          • SovereignPatriot88

            Yeah, I thought about that after I posted. I’ve seen blue, black, charcoal gray, etc. Any color really.

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        • jaguar

          I’ve always thought putting stickers on your bumper was idiotic and low class…it just looks trashy. But nowadays its downright dangerous and could get you killed or thrown in jail ! Remember cops looking for Ron Paul stickers on cars as terrorists?!

    • watchmanonthetower

      Good advice, Sov.

      Also; don’t start off with Fukushima…personal experience, not good.

      • SovereignPatriot88

        What a mess that is. Their poisoning the world.


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    • Gearmoe

      You can’t save people from themselves. It seems a good thing to help as you suggest, and I suppose it is. But making time for people of this nature will more often than not result in your own disappointment. Try if you have time and the patience, but I am of the opinion it is idealistic and naive.

  • After a while enough evidence appears to overcome the theoretical premise. The problem then becomes one of a failure to recognize reality, which is pretty much the entire purpose of the continual flow of propaganda in the mainstream media, the maintenance of the dumbing down of America.

  • Mark

    The term is being replaced by “coincidence theorists,” for the opposing camp that insists there is never planning; everything happens by accident, by coincidence, in the open, no secrecy.

    Who needs the FBI, CIA, NSA, ФСБ, Sûreté, הַמוֹסָד, Bundesnachrichtendienst, etc.? There are no conspiracies, so no money should be spent on spies, spy gear, and the military…. okaaaay….

    “Conspiracy theorists” is another one of those neurolinguistic blocks, like “antisemites,” that is meant to instantly block all analytic thought. “Coincidence theorists” unmasks the unthinking and the credulous.

    • Is that something like right to exist?

      • Reverend Draco

        Much the same.

  • Bob

    When you compare theory with truth and then apply to the cover stories used by the talking heads, it becomes clear that the theory is what the talking heads are saying. Thus the conspiracy theory must be what the talking heads are saying with their story.

    • D.Moore

      Yeah, they think they are smart beating around the bush, lol

  • Michael Mann

    Let’s start with a definition of conspiracy theory: “A theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups.” The reality is that any theory about what happened on 9/11, for example, is by definition a conspiracy theory, including the government’s “official account.” The problem is that our government and media have made the term “conspiracy theorist” the equivalent of “tin foil hat wearer” which has had the effect of killing any chance of there being any real debate between the promoters of the official story and the “deniers.”

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    I didn’t become a “conspiracy theorist” until I unplugged from the mainstream media-funny how that works, huh? As I started to entertain certain ideas, it occurred to me that these very ideas had been the ones the MSM had steered me from. I haven’t looked back.

  • Ishimo

    Conspiracy theorist is one of those terms which has been over used to the point that it has lost its’ meaning. An ever increasing number of people are waking up to the false narrative of political correctness.

  • unbubbleslayr

    “Problem-Reaction-Solution” aka propaganda.

  • Mr Reynard

    I know that you’re telling the Truth. But i still don’t believe you, because you are a conspiracy theories believer……

    Please.. Stop confusing me with facts. My mind is made up…

  • As more and more of us are talking to family and friends and the stuff we talk about start coming to past – those family and friends ask more and more questions! I have even been giving them this: After the Warren Report, JFK Assassination, where many Americans did not believe the report; the CIA sent a memo out on how they needed a term to discredit those who did not believe what the Government put out. Conspiracy Theorist was what they picked. It became a weaponized term there they can discredit you, make you look crazy, with out an argument against. That memo was released in a FIFO request in the 70s. Stats that show about an 80% accuracy on being true or having truth to it – Conspiracy Theorist have a good track record that is hard to argue against and those voicing it no longer allow themselves to be shut up by that term. A discussion lacking facts and an argument from both sides is NOT a discussion!

  • Mic Czech

    When someone calls me a conspiracy theorist I tell them that I am highly offended and that it is a slur against informed people. I turn that political correctness right back at them and I amazed that they self censor…haha