Is a “Terror” Event Coming Soon?

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With limited options available to them as their popularity drops like a stone, will the government feel the need to come and ‘save’ us again?

How low will they sink to keep us in a state of constant fear?

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  • Mike

    It happens every time they want to take away more freedoms, rights, and liberties. Good old STAGED RED FLAG EVENTS. Those of you who think the government would not turn assassins against its own people are fools. When governments want something, they will bleed their people until they get it. At this point we are left with one and only one constitutional option to dissolve this government for failure to give WE THE PEOPLE A REDRESS OF OUR COMPLAINTS AND ISSUES. If they will not leave willingly, then we have the right under the constitution to REVOLT AGAINST THEM.

  • Apex predator

    I was figuring itd be more like a pandemic event,that would leave everything standing…dispose of corpses nobody gets blamed and they already have a cure stockpile for those deemed worthy…foolproof really..

  • Jim

    The six week cycle.


    The president is being backed into a corner and his plan to survive will come as one of several options that he himself has designed. Executive Orders to take over by suspending the Constitution. A false flag, a manufactured crises in Region 3 or somewhere else and who knows what else he has in store. After all his agenda is, and has been since elected to destroy America and there are way to many people asleep on the bus while this president drives right over the cliff.

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    If it was for radiological contamination it would just be a flag.

  • yeee hawwww

    Is a “Terror” Event Coming Soon?

    Its already has happened, look at whats in charge of the Federal government!!!!!
    Anti Ameri K a n
    Anti Christian
    Anti Capatilist
    Anti Freedom
    Anti WHITE!!!!!
    Anti Liberty
    Anti self reliant
    Anti 2nd Admendment

    Pro Communist
    Pro MOO SLUM

    … — … … — … … — …



    The terrorist are here, the threat real, the Enent is UNFOLDING now.

    Common core!
    National ID AKA federal approved Drivers license

    Killing of the ammunition industry

    The outright fear the BAD people in the government shows against those who are PRO 2nd Admend.
    More people on welfare than those who have full time employment!

    Our country is being destroyed ” WITHIN ”

    We know the problem!

    What soulution do you want to implement?

    DHS NSA FBI CIA TSA EPA If your for this government then you are against the AMERICAN people!

  • Kathy

    I recommend impeachment of the president and all who support his anti-American agenda. That would include any government representative, Democratic or Republican, who stands idly by and allows the destruction of our nation. This is probably our only hope to avoid a revolution.