Is A Serious Event About To Take Place? President Trump Warns “It’s The Calm Before The Storm”

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President Trump, speaking ahead of a planned dinner with his top military leaders, told reporters late Thursday night that the meeting could be the “calm before the storm,” a statement that has many wondering if some sort of major military action is set to begin in the near future.

As reporters were brought into the White House State Dining Room, Trump addressed them while gesturing to the officers who stood next to him – and then he dropped a bombshell that has triggered establishment media outlets across the country.

“You guys know what this represents,” Trump asked the assembled reporters who then asked the president to tell them.

“Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” he replied before repeating the same line after the press pushed for more details.

This statement has predictably infuriated the mainstream press, who believe it is their divine right to be given whatever information they demand while at the same time openly working against the same White House they expect information from.

“We have the world’s greatest military people in this room, I will tell you that, Trump continued. “Thank you all for coming, thank you.”

As Trump attempted to wrap up the impromptu moment with reporters, he was asked, “What storm Mr. President?”

“You’ll find out,” Trump responded.

Obviously one has to wonder what the president meant by his comments. On one hand we already know that he loves to troll and confuse the mainstream press (which he has done here once again) but on the other we know that tensions with North Korea are at an all-time high and that he may also be planning to pull out of the Obama era Iran nuclear deal.

Openly anti-Trump CNN reporter Jim Acosta Tweeted less than an hour ago that the White House has suggested that Trump’s comments should be taken very seriously.

Stay tuned in the coming days as we will be covering whatever “storm” is on the horizon and, unlike the establishment press, we will not be doing so from a specific anti-Trump perspective that denies reality while working for the goals of the globalist world order.

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  • dav1bg

    Putting Mueller in Jail would a big step forward.

    • Robert Sanger

      That won’t happen he is deep state

  • FGD135

    Hillary’s comin’ to dinner?

  • emptymag

    Hit that little punk kim jon sickass dweeb & make him #2 in short pants!

    • Smarty

      Kim Soongone isn’t the problem. That little freak has hated South Korea since he was a sperm, and he still hasn’t done anything to them. All he wants to do is to be left alone, but he knows he’s about to get the Gadaffi treatment, so he’s doing what makes the most sense. It’s like when you’re approached by a bear in the woods. You’re supposed to make yourself look as big as possible. We’re all being played by the military industrial complex parasite that needs to make billions (trillions?) to keep existing. Trump is either in on the game, or he’s been compromised. But either way, there are currently NO threats to the USA if it would just mind it’s own fucking business. Instead, since war is money, tons of civilians on both sides must die, and many of our young people must come home in body bags. Unfortunately, my friend, that is the cold hard truth….

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        Psssst: It’s Kum Dung Bung. And that ain’t what Donny’s intimating.

      • archer

        Couldn’t agree with you more, not only Gadaffi but our former “ally” Saddam got the royal treatment at the end of a rope, thanks to the neo-con war mongers.

  • anonymous4u4me

    For having the greatest military minds in the world, the failure rate of the USA is proof he is wrong.

    • Paladin

      I disagree, the reason why we lose is because the policy makers keep the military from taking total victory. The US military could easily wipe out an enemy within days using its full arsenal of weapons and strategies, however wars are mean’t to be sustained and profitable so they make rules keeping the war going and the US military fighting with two hands behind its back.


        this is what Hitler and his henchmen believed and look how it ended. every satanic empire believes itself invincible and all end up in ruins. So keep up your hubris, Paladin, and see yourself evaporated ‘cuz others have nukes also and will use it if forced by your bully approach

        • Paladin

          Obviously I was speaking about our wars with Vietnam, Iraq and Afgan and why we lost those wars and why we took so long to pull out. I’m quite aware of Russia, China, India and many others who hold nukes and have a military that could challenge the US. You read too much into my post making assumptions. As me being “evaporated” I personally don’t make policy and I certaintly don’t have access to the red button or control military deployment so if I find myself in that situation is because of the actions of others and has nothing to do with what I believe.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Three words: “Rules Of Engagement”……

  • Jeri Brace

    When Trump tells his Chief of staff to not bother wasting his Breath on Diplomacy with Rocket Man because negotiations have failed you can figure out what storm he is referring to. keep prepping people.

    • Upperthoughts

      Kim is no threat if left alone. He is not on our borders taunting us. But the Jew World Order in the form of dumb US troops are on his border and everyone else. Fight ISIS and Antifa or quit the service.

    • archer

      He might mean the November 4th that anti-fa has been hawking.

  • Upperthoughts

    Instead of using the US military to fulfill the Jew World Order maybe the 2% of awake Americans would ask: What the fuck are we doing on North Korea’s border taunting them for 60+ years? The troops are not protecting us: they are simply pawns in starting WW3 and a NWO. The troops should be home here routing out the Neocons, killing ANTIFA, slaughtering Soros, and rounding up the gay racist ex-president and his accomplices behind all the shootings just as these same slime-fucks have supported ISIS from day one. I could care less about Kim. He has nukes only because the globalists are determined to put troops in his country right on Russia and China’s borders. Wake up idiots. It’s almost too late.

  • tigertmoore

    I do enjoy that comment; “think they have the divine right” how appropriate. I assume that TD POTUS has a Very Big Hammer and as Guido the Icepick would say “someone’s about to get whacked and they will never see it coming”. Excellent. I shall be ready protecting my very small turf and family and friends. As the Japanese General said long ago “we did not invade the Mainland for their would be a gun behind every blade of grass” and that is something the enemies of America have rarely seen. Just moron punks marching the streets. Bring on a Big War and a Big War is exactly what we of America will give.

  • SP_88

    While I respect our military personnel for their service and I believe that they believe they are doing the right thing by serving our country, I don’t trust our government or TPTB who control our government from the shadows.
    They plan these endless wars for profit and the pursuit of global hegemony at the expense of our people, innocent civilians and the lives of our military personnel.
    I don’t believe that North Korea is a threat to the United States unless we continue to provoke them with military exercises just outside their border and inflammatory rhetoric. I believe that Kim Jong Un sees the writing on the wall, and he is afraid that he will end up like many other leaders who were killed as a result of US intervention or invasion. And it’s pretty interesting that North Korea is one of the last few countries that doesn’t have a central bank run by TPTB with the intent of forcing them into debt slavery.
    Kim Jong Un should be more afraid of having a central bank dropped on his country than any bomb. The bank would do much more damage.

    • The Tuna Fairy

      15 upvotes if I could!

  • wenwen69

    “The Calm Before The Storm” IMO the US armed forces ARE the Storm all over the world except for Russia. And it ain’t very likely we are going to start a Storm with them- guess is that this has to do with ET’s.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Noooo. The Clittin’ Cabal is goin’ down, along w/ Obufu, the Pedo-sta bros, and hopefully the buttlicking-lackey fakescream meedeeyahhhh……….

  • Freespirit

    From this article by SHTF writer, Alex Thomas : “This statement has predictably infuriated the mainstream press, who believe it is their divine right to be given whatever information they demand …………..”

    Yes I understand, Mr.Thomas you come fr om a long line of indoctrinated SLAVES but I need to REMIND you that the President, for the Republic, ( which YES no longer actually exists, except on paper) is not our Lord and Master – He is a SERVANT of the American people and they DO have the “divine right” to be told whatever they demand, whether they are Liberal or Alt Right or Socialists.

    READ the ORIGINAL Constitution FOR the Republic , NOT the one OF the UNITED STATES Corporation, which is CONTROLLED by The House or Rothschild and other Zionist/Freemasons. It is writers like, but not limited to, you, who, knowing NOTHING about the ORIGINAL founding Documents, but pretend you do, are and have been bringing down the REPUBLIC for Americans

    As a Libertarian I only RECOGNIZE the Republic, NOT the U.S. Corporation and it is people like me WHO ARE THE BOSS, not the FAKE President. WE DEMAND what we DEMAND from the President. It is our LAWFUL COMMON LAW and Constitutional RIGHT!

    it is his or her OBLIGATION to YIELD to us, NOT the other way around.

  • darkhorse


  • jakemon

    Kurdistan would be my guess?

    The US and Israel want an independent Kurdistan so they can establish bases from which to launch attacks against Iraq and Syria. Russia, Turkey, and Iran are opposed to such a plan.

    All the Ingredients for WW3.

  • Undecider

    What has Trump been tricked into this time?