Iraqi and Syrian Civilian Deaths Top 4,000 — Yet, US Insists Coalition Has Killed Less Than 500

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In a wholly unfamiliar world, excessive bureaucracy would equate meticulous record-keeping, particularly when applied to human life; but — because self-interest apparently precludes the need for accurate assessment in the ongoing War on Terror — the total number of civilians killed in multiple undeclared U.S. wars exceeds official tallies by the thousands.

Iraq and Syria, alone, readily evince astonishingly pompous underestimations of resultant civilian casualties from coalition airstrikes ostensively targeting Daesh (the Islamic State), as independent watchdog group, Airwars, now documents more than 4,300 killings of innocent civilians in the two war-weary nations — fully ten times less than the U.S. Central Command total of 484 non-combatants slayed as of June 2017.

“Two weeks ago,” the New York Times reported June 19, “the American military finally acknowledged what nongovernmental monitoring groups had claimed for months: The United States-led coalition fighting the Islamic State since August 2014 has been killing Iraqi and Syrian civilians at astounding rates in the four months since President Trump assumed office. The result has been a ‘staggering loss of civilian life,’ as the head of the United Nations’ independent Commission of Inquiry into the Syrian civil war said last week.”

Iraq declared itself free from the grips of Daesh about a week ago, just as the U.S. ramps up its presence in one of its longest stints of military involvement in history; and deployment to Syria — notwithstanding news from the G20 conference of a tentative ceasefire agreement there with Moscow — has seen a similar buildup in support of the coalition.

While the Pentagon continues to claim efficacy in bombing campaigns aimed at decimating the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria, the sheer number of civilians otherwise uninvolved in the conflict killed by airstrikes leaves ample room to question laudable intent versus tangible results.

“Residents and displaced people have sheltered for months in crowded houses, with ISIS sometimes using them as human shields, so any strikes — including the choice of weapons — should take these conditions into account,” Priyanka Motaparthy, senior emergencies researcher at Human Rights Watch, explained in June. “As Iraqi and coalition forces press forward with the west Mosul offensive, they should make sure that civilian casualties are kept to a minimum.”

Now under the guidance of President Trump, the U.S. military harbors no more a penchant for caution with civilian life than it did under his predecessor — yet, neither successive ruler of the putative Free World seems poised to mandate changes in the way the Pentagon carries out strikes.

As a spectacular example, the feckless U.S. apparently chose to drop a 500-pound bomb on a building whose rooftop was occupied by two Daesh snipers — but, locals castigated the strike for dismissing as many as 36 civilians situated inside at the time.

And that isn’t the sole departure from caution — by far.

“Human Rights Watch could not independently confirm whether the seven Iraqi forces or coalition attacks it documented were air or ground-launched, or identify the munitions. The locations were under ISIS control. ISIS fighters were present in or next to the homes destroyed right before or at the same time in three of the attacks, within 50 meters in two incidents, and were not in close proximity in two others, survivors and witnesses said.

“At least two incidents with no clear military target in the vicinity that killed at least 13 civilians may have been unlawful. The remaining attacks may have caused disproportionate civilian harm in comparison to the military advantage gained, in violation of international humanitarian law.”

Of course, military training must be conducive to dehumanization — after all, who would fight the tactical war, with its inexcusable loss of life, were it not for the soldiers and pilots making the actual killings. As 36-year-old Lt. Commander Scott “Butters” Welles, an F/A-18 pilot based on the George H.W. Bush, told Yahoo News,

“We are certainly aware of what is discussed and presented as popular opinion of what’s going on, but frankly we don’t get too tied up because we’re doing what’s been asked of us.”

It has been asked repetitively of antiwar activists most notably since the tumultuous entanglement in Vietnam how to best go about ending the planet’s multitudinous wars; but thus far — considering the reduction of lives to commodities — elusive would have best described the answer.

But, maybe — just maybe — the key to ending U.S. involvement in conflicts pertaining not one iota to national defense lies in humanizing the tick marks notched in the Pentagon’s apparently endless belt.

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  • There is no value in tallying the “enemies” losses in a war of conquest.

  • Andrew Miller

    They’re all muslims, I know it’s wrong, but I just can’t be bothered to care about dead muslims.

    • How can you tell they are muslims if they are dead?

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      What should concern you, your bias against Muslims aside, is the Imperial aggression of the US. It’s past time to face the fact that the US are NOT the good guys in any of the dubious wars we are currently involved in.

      • And the vast majority of the “terrorists” in the middle east are just trying to defend themselves from our troops.

    • TrevorD

      You are a sick lost soul or a Zionist troll?

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Are we in Syria for the purpose of fighting ISIS or to depose Assad? Wasn’t a part of the narrative that Assad was killing his own people? So now we’re in there and bettering his supposed numbers? At what point do the Sheeple take note that the stated goals of our government and the apparent results seldom fit? If part of the US goal is to prevent Assad from killing Syrian civilians, when do people start to see the US presence is actually making things worse-not better? The American people deserve an accounting for the government’s imperial behavior and it should square nicely with their stated objectives. But it will never happen because the People are asleep and can be found mumbling platitudes like “Support the troops!” and “We’ve got to keep America safe from terrorism.”. Meanwhile, our flag has been irrevocably stained by the blood of thousands of dead civilians-innocents who are written off as “collateral damage”. It makes my blood boil to think of how many children have been wasted, deprived of whatever shred of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness their respective cultures may have allowed. We have become everything I once hated about our supposed enemies.

    • We are in Syria to support the Wahaibi in their attempt to depose the shiites and take their land the same way that Israel deposed the Palestinians and stole theirs. The USS Liberty caught the IDF in the process, so they had to be destroyed.

    • TrevorD


  • John C Carleton
  • TrevorD

    Oh must be so proud.
    Get out of Iraq and Syria, you evil, sadistic, warmongering parasites on Humanity.

    • jimmy joe

      We can thank democans and republicrats, as well as, all of their followers!! Everybody blaming the other instead of facing the facts;in this case, the worlds’ terrorists are the us govt and the deep state, that seems to control govt’s throughout the western world!! None of this shit is by “accident/coincidence!!” when will the people figure this out, as we are still referred to as “conspiracy theorists” by the ignorant!

      • TrevorD

        For sure. Still so many asleep. We also seem to have those that choose to ignore totally and those that actually join in and give support for money, fame and power. The latter are surely the lowest of the low.

  • dav1bg

    Just the cost of getting gas lines accross the country to Europe. Assad said no, we say yes. Simple.

  • Jeff

    Only 500 Syrian civilian deaths, according to coalition forces? Really. Well, in that case, let’s try sending in some coalition-of-the-willing (Can you sound any more ISIS than that?), tourists into places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, and Lebanon and see how long before 500 civilian fatalities becomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, 100, 500, etc. tourists. The U.S. government: Worst case of lying pieces of sh*t in history.