International Space Station Reportedly Spots Massive Object Next To Sun In Latest Photos

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Conspiracy theories abound as to what the object in the following picture may be. The image, taken from the International Space Station earlier this week, appears directly to the right of the sun and has many a researcher wondering what it might be with some speculating that it is the mysterious “Planet X” actively moving through our solar system:


Watch the video report:

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  • John C Carleton

    Its Mother Nature, and she’s not happy with humanity.

    • Mark Belk

      Mother Nature? I would say Father God.

      • John C Carleton

        Well, i am a man, heterosexual, i will stick with Mother Nature.

        • Richard O. Mann

          Mother Nature from pagan belief in female god.

          • John C Carleton

            God is a word, a human word. Mankind can not utter the name of that which is, because it can not be said in the human tongue.
            Anyone who insist everyone has to do and act just like their “god “says, is a detriment to humanity, and probably a yankee control freak, or indoctrinated by them.

            Religion is for those afraid of going to hell.
            Spirituality is for those already been to hell.

          • Richard O. Mann

            Religion is man trying to reach god.
            Spirituality is just another name for religion.
            Christianity is based on a relationship with Got the Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

          • John C Carleton

            Take a pill,
            Control freak is a severe mental illness.

          • Marie

            Mankind/human kind made up the word “God”. God i believe is neither male nor female. God is energy and God can also become a flesh entity. I believe that God is SO immense that “God” is not JUST one “person”. I believe that EVERYTHING is God. All the earth, the trees, the animals, the water, the clouds, the sky, the dirt, the planets , the solar systems, the whole universe. How can “God” be just one person/entity. No, God is Everything. God is all the Dimensions. A friend once told me many years ago: “Inner is where it’s at. Outer is just a balance for inner.” God is the Macocosm and we are the Microcosm. Our Souls are just an Atom in Gods immense body. God knows everything about us, because God IS Everything. We are the Small within the Big.

          • John C Carleton

            my father used to say of the Big Bang Theory, he would hate to thing the world just happened, he might go to sleep one night and it would just unhappen.

            You have explained it as well as any i have seen.

          • Marie

            Yeah, our bodies are perfect. Our organs work perfectly unless we don’t take care and get sick. There was some great Designer who designed not only our bodies, but all the animals and insects. How could chaos create such perfection? We have taste buds on our tongue to taste food. If we could not taste food we would not eat and the human race would die out. Same thing with the animals. We enjoy sex. If we felt Nothing during sex then we would stop doing it and the human race would die out. What perfection to create us with taste buds, and “sex buds” or whatever to call it. This did not happen by accident. I don’t believe in the Evolution Theory and anyway it’s just a theory, not a fact.

  • FGD135

    It’s a Russian ‘thingskie’ for sure..and it cost Hillary her erection

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    It’s the accumulation of all the reasons why Hillary lost the election…

    • Tommy p

      No Michelle is the one with the erection…

      • Bedbugger

        Nice one Tom !

  • Thundarr the Barbarian

    Where is the actual video or wider-frame captures showing this vivid blue-and-green object in a larger context? Why only stills of the object itself? Where did they come from? Who provided these zoomed/enhanced shots? Where is the ISS footage itself? If genuine, this is stunning; but I have to be skeptical of such shady, unattributed images with no direct link to the source.

    • FGD135

      ..kinda like the plane that hit the Pentagon on 09/11/2001 skeptical ?

      • Large McBighuge

        yes. Of the building 7 fell on it self skeptical.

        • Jas

          and the first two, I’m a trained fuel tech, no way no how can that fuel melt or weaken those beams. Also, what happened to all the debris? Steel and concrete vanishing into thin air? Where is the rubble pile? The disentigrating vehicles blocks away and the bus?

          • Marie

            And what happened to the PEOPLE??? How come we were never told of that?!

  • rouge1

    Sure love NASA made cgi . The best money can buy or at least the most expensive. They have proven if you can MAKE a picture then it is so.

  • James Wood

    The janitor probably made this one.

  • Mark Belk

    I usually don’t pat attention to this type story but it sorta fits into the biblical accounts of the destroyer and God has to be upset about how things are going so, who knows.

    • MindWarrior

      I reckon if he’s upset, he knew it was coming from day 1. If he knew humanity was going to give him gas, why the whole creation shebang? Unless of course, he was trying to teach himself a lesson…

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Whatthefuckever, dood.

  • Millard Huff

    The sun let a big fart.

  • sam

    The Planet Nibriu Dos a Fly by Every 3600 Years. That’s 1 year to The Gods that Made us. Brace Brothers and Sisters our Bible Old Testament Was just A Record. Nothing more

  • Frank

    Isn’t it about time people going into outer space bring decent hi def cameras, zoom lenses, lens hoods to cut glare etc?
    Why not turn the hi def satellites around once in a while to zoom in on something out there?

    • Marie

      And how come NASA only shows us ONE picture of our Earth? It’s the SAME picture over and over again! I have read that is becuz they won’t show us the “real” picture.

      • Frank

        Almost every picture of Earth from space is a composite. This after 50 years of going into space? Please.
        Also almost every picture of Antarctica on Google etc is heavily retouched. Of course maybe one or two from very far away may not be but check it out and ask yourself why is that?

        • Marie

          NASA is obviously hiding something! How many lies have we been told over the years? And ya know, if it wasn’t for the Internet we all wouldn’t know sh*t! We only know more now due to the Internet. Oh, and Antarctica for sure they are hiding something as NO one is allowed to go there, not even Commercial oil drilling companies. Why is no private or public person, explorers, groups allowed to go there? What are they hiding? Only government is allowed to go there it seems.

          • Frank

            Exactly. And why(?).
            Recently Obama, A high official I believe from the Catholic church, Kerry and some other ‘dignitaries’ took turns visiting there. This was in the last year of the Obama admin. All very hush hush except for publicly released Pablum to blunt inquiries.
            If Trump wasn’t so busy and having to keep the barbarians at bay we could have asked him to get to the bottom of that as well as the UFO stuff.

            Maybe during his second term.

            Someone needs to unearth the truth which is not ‘out there’ but hidden by the gov for what by now has to be b.s.reasons.

          • Marie

            Ha ha , yes there are barbarians in Washington! I voted for Trump and i still have a large banner up on my house and will leave it up as long as he is attacked by the Left. Of course i live in rural area where 80 percent here are Conservative. If i lived in the Liberal city i would maybe be afraid to leave the banner up as the Left can be very violent. I know Trump means well, but i do not think he will be “allowed” to check out the truth about Antarctica, ufo;s and other things. I also believe that there is a secret gov/group above our own that controls things., and i also believe that Aliens have infiltrated our government and are controlling things and the plan is to kill off the human race. I believe that the chemtrail spraying using nano technology has stemmed from the Aliens. It is alien technology that was either given to us or created by themselves. We are breathing IN aluminum, heavy metal powder nano particles everytime we go outside. These heavy metals are in our body, in our blood, in our lungs, in our brains. We are becoming a human antenna that will attune to the frequencies of HAARP when they are “ready” to turn things on and control our minds with frequencies. Why? I don’t know, but i think a lot of it has to do with controlling the human species. I remember hearing on the radio a guest who was supposedly abducted and the aliens told him, “The world as you know it is coming to an end.” This was about ten yrs ago i heard it. It stuck with me. And now i see trees dying and animals dying all over the planet, and humans being changed right down to changing our DNA into 3 strands instead of two. What are we becoming? No, they will NEVER tell us the truth. Check out

          • Marie

            The Catholic church is the last religion you want to trust. They know things. They control things. Why do they have a gigantic telescope to look into outer space?

          • Frank

            A lot to think about.

  • SP_88

    It doesn’t really look like a solid object. In fact, it looks kind of like a glare or something. It could even be a smudge on the lens.
    But I’ll take a good guess at what it isn’t: a fucking planet. Why do people keep believing that there is a planet X that is somehow able to sneak around the solar system without being seen? We can easily see every planet in the solar system with a telescope. And they can even determine if there is a planet further out in the solar system by seeing it’s effect on the orbits of other planets.
    It would be impossible for there to be a planet right next to the sun without it being seen by anyone with a telescope. Not to mention the fact that it would have a huge effect on the orbits of Mercury, Venus and Earth. Such a thing would not go unnoticed.

  • Peter Clifford

    This is either an insect, bit of dirt or a droplet of moisture nothing more!

    • Marie

      But since it’s “blue” maybe it means it has lots of water and oceans? Would be fascinating if it’s a real pic, but i sorta doubt it’s real.

      • Peter Clifford

        I know it isn’t real it looks more like a speck of moisture!