International Space Station Floats Rogue After Massive Communications Failure

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by Shepard Ambellas

HOUSTON — NASA mission control lost contact of the International Space Station (ISS) Tuesday as a 6 astronauts await repairs.

NASA has managed to establish intermittent communications about once every 90 minutes in a short spotty garble, but nothing consistent. One must wonder what a feeling that is for the astronauts involved.

The random 90 minute garbled transmissions only occur as the ISS passes ground stations in Russia. Crews are attempting to restore communications at all costs.

At this time the astronauts aboard the ISS do not appear to be in danger.

It is not yet confirmed if this is related to cyber attack from the previously lost ISS control codes in 2012.

During an RT interview the question was popped, “What could happen from this (the loss of the codes)?” The correspondent replied, “Oh you know, just a hacker could control the International Space Station”.

Likely this communication loss was not terror related, however the establishment could seize on the opportunity to pass blame clamping down on police state measures nationwide.

There was also this strange feed from February 15, 2013 on the ISS:


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  • > International Space Station Floats Rogue After Massive Communications Failure

    I believe this is the beginning of a movie. Once the space station manages to fix communications, it’ll find that the planet is in ruins and zombies roam the earth.

  • Cnsay

    Can you hearme Major Tom? Can you hear me major Tom? Am I floating ia a tin can, far above the world? Planet earth is blue and there is nothing I can do…..

  • neslo

    Any chance this is space weather EMP type thing?

  • David B

    It would really suk if they hacked this thing!! Then brought it back down to earth!! Then it would be back to the drawing board as far as our tech goes!!

  • Locus

    There is no excuse in this age for communication reduced to some ‘short spotty garble’ when radio amateurs have been bouncing signals off the moon for decades.

    It sounds like we’re at the far end of technology creep where routine communications have been encapsulated in increasingly high bandwidth Ghz digital connections, until it’s a fragile ‘all or nothing’ single point of failure scenario.

    NASA should task the ARRL to come up with a package of reliable transceivers and a multiband antenna array to deploy at ISS.

    The substance shown in the second video is ooblek. I’d know it anywhere. Bartholomew Cubbins to the rescue!