Intelligence Insider Warns Of Imminent War: “Likely In The Next 12 Weeks… The Director Of The CIA Told Me”

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Having worked closely with U.S. intelligence agencies over the last two decades, James Rickards was once asked to simulate asymmetric economic attacks on the U.S. financial system. He is an expert at escalation scenarios and end games, and in a recent article at The Daily Reckoning he warns that the geopolitical situation on the Korean Peninsula will soon come to a head.

According to Rickards, author of The Road To Ruin: The Global Elites Secret Plan For The Next Financial Crisiswhile the world concerns itself with stock bubbles, bitcoin and debt, the most imminent threat we face is military confrontation with North Korea.

And while the rogue state has been an ongoing  threat for many years, the first half of 2018 will likely see the trigger that sets the whole powder keg off:

The most important financial or geopolitical issue in the world today is a coming war between the U.S. and North Korea, probably in the next twelve weeks.

How can I be so sure about the timing? The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency told me.

In a private conclave in Washington DC on October 20, 2017, CIA Director Mike Pompeo told a small think tank group (including me) that it would be imprudent to assume it would take North Korea more than ‘five months’ to have a reliable arsenal of nuclear-armed ICBM missiles. These could strike U.S. cities and kill millions of Americans.

Five months from October 20, 2017 is March 20, 2018. That’s an outside date but the war will likely begin before then.

That would create an element of surprise — and avoid the surprise of a faster than expected deployment of strategic weapons by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Source: The Daily Reckoning via Survival and Prosperity

Interestingly, a very similar timeline was put forth by Chinese General Wang Gongguang, who indicated that hostilities could break out at anytime between now and March.

As Rickards highlights in his report, the United States has coexisted with other nuclear powers like Russia and China without any serious incidents since the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960’s. But North Korea is different, because unlike these nuclear super powers, Kim Jong Un has repeatedly threatened the destruction of the United States and killing millions of people in the process.

Some have suggested that Kim may be bluffing, but what if he isn’t?

The Trump administration has made it crystal clear that they are prepared to call the bluff and a nuclear armed North Korea, especially one with ICMB’s capable of striking major U.S. cities, will not be allowed. Rickards continues:

We relied on deterrence, containment, sanctions, diplomacy, and eventually arms treaties to avoid a nuclear war. Why not do the same with Kim?

President Trump’s National Security Advisor, General H. R. McMaster answered that question at our Washington conclave also.

He said acceptance of a nuclear-armed North Korea is ‘unacceptable’. The U.S. will stop North Korea from acquiring its nuclear capability in the first place rather than learning to live it.

Earlier this year it was reported that Japanese citizens who sit in the direct cross-hairs of the North have been building bunkers in anticipation of a potential war. In the United States, cities like San Francisco and the State of Hawaii are actively reviewing their nuclear contingency plans in the event of an attack.

As well, at the height of tensions in August, panic buying of nuclear preparedness supplies led to widespread shortages of anti-radiation pills, which have also been stockpiled in the millions by the U.S. government.

The general public may not understand the seriousness of the threat, but it appears that someone out there does.

China, Russia, the United States and North Korea are all mobilizing for a coming war.

President Trump’s national security teams have set deadlines and determined military options, including a decapitation strike on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un should the order be given.

By all accounts, the world appears to be on the precipice.

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  • Look not at the man behind the curtain. He knows nothing. I can tell you that everyone has nothing to worry about. Everything is just fine. Did you not see the headlines at my favorite news outlets? Nothing about war with NK. That is all you need to know.

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    should they be calling this department INTELLIGENCE?

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    Ask your bankster, they are the manipulators to every war, and they’d know precicely when the escalation will begin.

    • Warren

      Close. Watch for spikes in short sells and put options on ROK tech companies. War will be within a few days.

  • Eskimo man

    The war will not be started by North Korea or Russia, it will be started by the country that starts all wars (AMERICA) for Israel. Why doesn’t the US give up their nuclear weapons? America and Israel are the worst two countries on earth that should be eliminated.

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      Too late now. The program has been written, and is about to be implemented. All we can do now is buy up some radioactive resistant undies, and wait for the light show to begin. Get a good set now before they are all sold out. If you live in the states, you may want to go to some other country before it all happens. Not sure where, since the whole world will be effected by the war.

      • Eskimo man

        Australia is not a bad place to be when you consider avoiding bombs, but the best way to get through what’s coming is to be friends with God. The one true God that is, not the fake one that the majority seem to follow.

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    If you believe a word that comes out of the mouths of the CIA, FBI, or any other alphabet agency, you haven’t been paying attention…

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      For decades.

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    This is more B.S. If its to be a surprize attack then how could it be mentioned here…? You think the N.K. intellligence people dont read all this supposedly alternative chit? C´mon, get real………Kim Jong may be a wack job, but so what……ignore him and let the S. Koreans and the Chinese deal with him…..We have more pressing problems at home which the p.t.b. would like you to forget about……….I see BIG trouble ahead and soon………..looks like the Deep State will get its way……….make a lier out of me…..I will pick up the tab………

  • cliff sullivan

    This is a course of action that both humans and off world beings have determined to be an unacceptable outcome. The Clowns In America and their nk puppets will not be allowed this option as they’re taken down, simple as that. Consider that the president and his military have already dealt with them.

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  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    Let China take care of NK. China has already stated that it will take out NK if they do another nuclear test in their favorite testing area that is only 50 miles from the China border, as the area is ready to collapse from past tests & 1 more test will cause radiation to leak out & affect the Chinese people living just across the border. Nk has announced they will do their biggest test yet very soon. So let’s just wait for China to respond.

  • Clumpner_Archives

    Ain’t gonna happen in this timeline! The SK ‘Games’ are coming up in Feb!
    Too much income involved!!!!

    • Jon Gulah

      Hmmm, Seems to me that this would be the ideal time to strike – when we are “playing war GAMES”. Duh ! Go Figure!!!

  • da6675

    I seem to remember that recently the US President threatened to destroy NK in front of the UN assembly. The US is the only country I know of that declares a “right” to a nuclear first strike. In Rickard’s original article, he admits Kim is not crazy or suicidal. Meaning, why think he will strike against the US, which would mean total destruction of NK, and beyond? If the US strikes first, China, Russia, and SK will not be pleased about tons of radioactive dust overhead.
    Kim is belligerent because the US is even more belligerent. Kim does not keep 30k troops in a foreign nation bordering the US. NK does not conduct live war games with hundreds of planes and ships up and down the entire US coastline on a regular basis.
    NK is a relatively weak target for neocon and MIC warmongering efforts, the goal being to keep the gravy train rolling. REPUBs are already talking up higher defense spending, right after they gave the “defense” corporations billions in tax breaks and amazing new loopholes!
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