Insiders Warn of More False Flags to Confiscate Guns

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by Dave Hodges

There is a chill that is settling in over the country. In my years on the planet, I have never seen such a foreboding of collective dread and doom. The re-election of Obama has seemingly brought these feelings of extreme apprehension to the forefront. My sources, retired ex-feds, tell me that America is in much more danger than just a looming and catastrophic depression, resulting food riots and extreme government suppression of civil disobedience.

Soon, if my sources are correct, nobody will be safe, not even the politicians. I would add that my sources, as revealed in part one of this series, are voting with their feet as they are joining other ex-federal official and several hundred Wall Street bankers by going into hiding in order to escape what they believe is coming.

Why the NDAA? 

The NDAA allows the government to play Gestapo with the population. In fact many of us in alternative media have been fearful of the NDAA because we are concerned that it will be used against us if we ever uncover a story which is too sensitive, and that we will just be “disappeared.” However, my sources, ex-feds from FEMA and DHS, tell me that the reason that the NDAA was passed was to frighten federal would-be whistleblowers into silence. The forces behind gun confiscation want to come like a thief in the night with little or no warning so as not to stir up any more opposition than need be. Some ex-feds continue to talk behind the scenes because they do not agree with what is being planned and implemented, but I believe that they do so at their own peril because of the threat of the NDAA.

In part one of this series, I detailed about how I have learned that there are settlements of ex-federal officials who have gone into relative “hiding”, with some forming enclaves with like-minded people from the same background and professional affiliations. Uniformly, they seek to avoid the draconian imposition of martial law and accompanying gun confiscation. The second phase of what is planned for America, following gun confiscation and martial law, contains a degree of oppression never before seen in our country and will rival some of the world’s darkest days.

This part of the story details how the government plans to get our guns. Gun confiscation is the primary short-term goal of the globalist forces which have hijacked our country. Americans, in large numbers cannot be permitted to maintain private gun ownership. One of my sources states that the dark side of our government refers to private gun owners in America as the Viet Cong. The historical reference should be obvious as American forces were not able to subdue South Vietnam because the communist farmers by day became determined foes by night and no matter how hard American forces would try, they were not able to separate the Viet Cong from their weapon supplies. The globalists seek to avoid history repeating itself here in America.

Guns Are the Last Bastion of American Freedom

America can never become a subjugated nation so long as we have 300 million guns in our possession. The ultimate goal of the globalists is the total destruction of America. These two facts are on a collision course. My sources, in effect, have said that the powers-that-be are ultimately seeking to make America lower than a third world country. All of my sources are uniform in this point in that the globalists want to destroy our dollar, our culture, our language and most of all, our Constitution because it is antithetical to the establishment of a complete police state grid where a few have the power of life and death over the many.

Many ex-fed sources feel that if the American economy was merely crashed by the planned destruction of the American dollar, that there are enough Americans with the ability to rebuild this country, that we would be able to create an even stronger America than before. The globalists view traditional American notions of freedom and resilience as a form of virulent cancer which must be totally cut out and destroyed. When George W. Bush said “they hate us because of our freedom,” he was right. However, in all candor, he should have been talking about the globalists who have hijacked our government, which are the ones who hate our freedoms, not the imaginary terrorist threats that the globalists have created in order to strip away our civil liberties.

Our guns are the backbone of our strength because our guns give us the ability to resist foreign occupation and throw off the shackles of an oppressive government. Every source has stated that getting as many guns as possible out of the hands of the people is the number one goal. What does it say about how evil the government has become when ex-federal officials from the alphabet soup agencies have gone into hiding because even they are afraid of what is coming? In short, our guns must be seized and this is how I have been told they are going to accomplish this goal.

Gun Confiscation

Most well-informed sources, including my own, believe that we are on the precipice of martial law. However, the globalists do not want a lot of direct confrontation in the early stages with a majority of the population. Their 1.6 billion rounds of recently purchased DHS ammunition will only carry them so far. Therefore, before martial law can be carried out against a minimal amount of opposition, as many guns as possible must be seized, without sparking a Lexington and Concord event. The fact that these ex-feds and Wall Street banking executives have gone into hiding at this point is not coincidental. The potential for gun confiscation to become a flash point for civil war is significant and these people and their families were in a rush to get out of the cities and into their perceived safe havens.

The guns must seized through a series of incremental actions by government and by the purveyors of false flag attacks in order to resurrect the spirit of the Reichstag fire in order to give the government the pretext that they need to totally subjugate the American people. I cannot over emphasize what I have been told. The guns are the target. For now, everything is about getting the guns. Along these lines, I have been told that the leadership will likely be targeted, set up if you will, in embarrassing criminal endeavors (e.g. child porn) in order to discredit their pro gun stance.

Please allow me a digression. Here we have criminal government which shipped tens of thousands of guns into Mexico in order to undermine the Second Amendment under Fast and Furious. Holder was in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify, Obama tells the fairy tale that he did not know about Fast and Furious, conducted right under his nose, which resulted in the death of 40,000 Mexicans, last year alone, 300 Americans and three border patrol including Brian Terry whose family is suing the government over his death. Obama has killed hundreds, if not thousands of children, in his Predator drone attacks in various foreign countries. Not one federal official has gone to jail. And this criminal government wants your guns? You would have to be dumber than a box of rocks to surrender your guns to these criminals and render yourself and your family defenseless.

According to my sources, gun confiscation will be achieved in two phases. There will continue to be false flag operations (e.g. Batman and Sandy Hook shootings) against individual citizens in order to achieve a public consensus against the private ownership of guns. The media will continue to beat the anti-gun drum and they are already having some effect. One of my sources thinks that as many as 25% of American citizens can be influenced to participate in gun buy-back operations. As an aside, we are already witnessing a well-orchestrated psyop against gun owners through publishing gun owners names and locations in New York City. The full court press is on and the guilt meter for gun owners is going to be ramped up after the inauguration.

My sources are of like mind when they say that if Congress will not sign on to the UN Gun Ban Treaty, Obama will incrementally ban guns through a series progressively draconian executive orders, with each likely to follow another progressively horrific false flag attack. One of my sources felt that at some point in America, gun ownership will eventually become a capital crime. It is estimated by the DHS insider that as many as 70% of the guns can be confiscated through these Obama Executive Orders and accompanying compliance. The belief is that most Americans will buckle to perceived authority when push comes to shove. I agree, as we have become a nation of sheep.

I asked how far the false flag attack will go in their intensity and lethality. I was told that the psychotropically, mind controlled lone gunmen who shoot up the malls and schools is wearing thin in terms of public believability and that plans are now in effect to ramp up the body count by using a different strategy.

All of my sources agree that the Batman Aurora massacre was a false flag attack but it quickly lost its punch because there were too many holes in the story and the alternative media was quick to point out the implausibility of the government’s explanation and the mainstream media could not hold together the story because of all the provable lies and inconsistencies. Since the election, America has seen three mass shootings and each is championed as a reason to seize American guns. The Sandy Hook shootings are riddled with just as many holes as the Batman shootings, but the administration has control of most of the media and the media is putting on the full court press for de facto gun confiscation as they continue to assume facts not in evidence against Lanza at Sandy Hook. I was told there were three shooters at Sandy Hook. It is likely that all three are now dead in order to cover their tracks.

Former FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl, an infiltrator of Obama’s original backers from the Weathermen Underground with Bill Ayers, has also told me that the word on the street is that two teachers took down Lanza. Another unnamed source told me that there were at least 3 other shooters, not including Lanza. I must say that the evidence is compelling as we listen to the raw police radio recordings where the police are clearly stating that they have two shooters in custody, after two teachers reported seeing two shooters run by the gym.

In addition, CBS News reported that they had a man wearing “camo” in custody. What do you want to bet that these three individuals are no longer around to tell their side of the story?

Here is another account of another arrest in these tragic shootings.

If Sandy Hook is a false flag event, and it has all the earmarks of being every bit of a false flag as the Batman shootings, what will they stop at if they are willing to murder our children in order to get our guns? The public is asking a lot questions, even those that think the corporate news is objective in their reporting. Let me be clear on this one point, if this government is willing to murder innocent children to get our guns, how far are they willing to go? Does that give any of you any notion about how bad things could soon become?

Phase Two: Widespread “Terrorist Attacks” 

All of my sources are in agreement that we are in the midst of series of escalating false flag events which will tear down much of the opposition to seizing our guns. I asked what escalating meant and one of my sources have told they will go as far as they need to in order to get what they want. I have been told that school and mall shootings will soon escalate to bigger and more horrific mock terrorist events, Mossad style. I asked my DHS source to define bigger and more horrific and he said all options are on the table. I asked if that meant nuclear and he said he believed that going nuclear is the last line of defense in this strategy which is designed to bring about martial law. However, my other sources tell me that the coming false flag events could go biological and involve a one or two densely populated areas.

For many reasons, I believe that Chicago will be the site of a horrific false flag attack. For individuals who think a false flag upon Chicago sounds crazy, ask yourself why Rahm Emanuel, most likely aMossad agent, would leave a high level cabinet post in the Obama Administration and step down to the relative lowly position of being a mayor of a city? The simple and obvious answer is that this foreign asset was put in place to carry out the task over overseeing a false flag event, so big, so devastating, that the Obama Administration will have their pretext to execute martial law in order to stem the wave of (1) massive protests which will surely accompany the globalist plans to have the United States commence a war in the Middle East over Iran’s insistence over selling oil to Russia and China for gold, thus forsaking the petrodollar; or, (2) a false flag terrorist attack upon a major American city as a pretext to martial law and total seizure of most guns. Two of my sources agree with logic of this assessment, although neither has any direct knowledge of Chicago being the site of a false flag attack. However, I would encourage you to ask yourself, why did Obama sell his Chicago residence and take up permanent residence in Hawaii, his alleged birthplace?

My original source for this information about Chicago becoming the victim of a false flag attack was Jeff Joe Black. I first encountered the eccentric Black as he frequently called into my talk show. Some of his information was intriguing and I had several off air conversations with him. At one point, Black was scheduled to be a guest on my talk show and Black cancelled at the last minute. Black informed me that he feared for his life and was going into hiding, which he subsequently did.

Earlier this year, Black resurfaced and contacted me. We spoke a couple of times about his appearing on my show to talk about Emanuel and his evil intentions towards Chicago. Why do I think that Black was on to something nefarious about Emanuel? Because Black appears to have been murdered this past October and his death is being investigated as a homicide. His supposed murder was also recently reported on RBN. Black told me, on several occasions, that his life was in danger and he was obviously correct.

Based upon the combination of my unnamed sources and what Black had told me, I still believe that we are going to see Chicago being the site of a massive false flag operation which will be the catalyst to martial law. This will follow a massive wave of house to house gun confiscations. My sources refused to speculate as to the specific site of a false flag attack, but they are uniform that this would be an event which will take place as a lead up to the implementation of martial law. As an aside here is a video of Black being arrested for protesting after he filed paperwork challenging Emanuel’s eligibility to run for mayor based upon this status of being a non-resident in Chicago.


Please allow me to be very clear. Soon, and from all indications, based upon the fact that some ex-feds have recently gone into hiding, I would say that this phase will follow congressional action on gun control and Obama’s rollout of his new set of executive orders designed to separate Americans from their guns. Nobody has any firm time estimates. In saying goodbye to one of my sources as he was moving to his safe haven, I asked him if this would be over before the end of an Obama second term, and he felt that without a doubt that it would be. Obama is the right man at the right time to carry out this agenda on behalf of his handlers.

What will martial law look like? What will follow the implementation of martial law and gun confiscation? This will be the topic of part three of this series.

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms PhoenixNews With Views and The Arizona Republic.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.

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  • Wolf

    We welcome your ‘door to door’ attempt to disarm us. Weve been planning for it for years. The pigs foolish enough to become traitors will die in many horrible and painful ways. Come on over.

    • Jean

      If (since) they will treat Americans as terrorists and criminals anyway, I would “vote” for pre-emptive strikes.

      As full disclosure: I am a non-gun-owner, as I come from Jersey (lousy laws), white, well-educated, and nearing middle age. I have no children or family of note at this point.
      As I am near middle age, chances are I will not HAVE children, either.
      And last, I believe I am going to hell when I die – so I’m not anxious to – but if I’m condemned anyway, why not make the world a BETTER place with my passing?

      So I definitely think, given the chance, let alone certainty, of a false-flag operation targeting all the “evil gun owners”, that Americans should take the situation in hand – and demolish all they can, before the problem occurs. 10-20K dead LEOs across the country, ESPECIALLY if not killed with guns, MIGHT get the point across. And I include in LEOs Secret Service, CIA, FBI, DHS (Gestapo), and however many other alphabet-soup agencies exist, at federal or state levels. The nice thing about doing such devastation without guns is it “doesn’t fit the narrative.” Making it compressed and brutal – say, no longer than a work week – magnifies the pain and hurt, and increases the media coverage – until it’s impossible to ignore. And lastly, it should probably be limited to known-corrupt departments and cities. Shouldn’t be indiscriminant bloodshed, but taking apart NYPD and LA and San Fran (and a few others I’ve read about, like South Carolina Highway patrol, and Keene, NH, and of course, Chicago, Detroit, Jersey City, Washington, D.C., Trenton, NJ… )

      The problems are, how to do it without killing civillians, to instill maximum fear and terror among the POLICE and Ruling Elites. It has to be a clear, concentrated, connected message, and it has to NOT injure anyone else, and if at all possible, result in NO property damage, either. Reduce the police station to ash, good. The neighbors shouldn’t know it happened, though. And there would have to be statements made via papers, internet, news casts, too – not showing face, distorting voice, done in quiet settings – prevents background noise that could be used to identify the video location.

      Message: We outnumber you. We will be peaceful as long as you are. You have shown you are NOT peaceful, so we have responded. Big Bad Evil GUNS were not used, yet look at the devastation. No civilians harmed – that means no one on OUR side injured, or identifiable.
      We will repeat this as often as needed until the message is clear: Human Beings are NOT cattle, NOT slaves – and we will, by our nature, resist attempts to destroy us.

      Do NOT cause a repeat. Next time the gloves will of necessity come off.

    • SKIP

      A lot of US are going to die too before we get organized enough to slow and then stop the murders when it becomes evident that when “THEY” come for US they may be serving their own death warrant. I am 65 and have never feared dying or killing (done a lot of that) and even less now.

  • Hiker

    I keep reading about this and wonder what can be done?
    I seems voting is a worthless exercise. Writing my congress man and senator is next to useless. Most people are lemmings and will do what they are told. Example: TSA and full body scanners. Last time I flew hundreds were going through the machines. My wife and I were the only ones to opt out. What am I going to do when the police are at my door demanding I turn over my Guns?

    • NA

      Give them to them one round at a time.

    • Jean

      Invite them in for coffee.
      Sweeten the coffee with ethylene glycol (Distill from antifreeze.)
      Engage them in conversation, ask why they are doing this, try to get them to talk Constitution, Human Worth, Self-reliance, and self-determinism.

      If the poison is inadequate, palm a knife, move on to the search phase. Follow, when you catch the last in line: Hand goes over mouth, knife goes in under vest (they’ll be armored), and then in under jawbone. Best done when turning a corner. Then shoot the other one with his partner’s gun.

      If they come in squad strength, and are careless, similar methods may still be employed. Otherwise, use of booby-traps might be helpful – a claymore inside the gun safe, for example, linked with radio detonator to several others that will blanket that area with so much shrapnel and concussive force that not even bacteria can survive. Whoever was left to guard you will be unnerved, distracted, and hopefully shortly afterwards, dead.

      Even if those stubborn 10% who refuse to give up their guns resist, and only get a 5:1 kill ratio – still enough to outlast the oppressors.

    • Lost America

      When they show up at your door, have a piece of crap weapon to gladly hand over in compliance. Have your protection weapons well hidden. With any luck your weapons are not registered.

      You want my gun, OK, here it is. Do I at least get a 50 dollar Walmart card for it. No, well thanks for keeping me safe.

  • J

    I don’t think the police will do this, willingly anyway. I think they will have massive abandoning of posts, both with the police and the military. They know that it would be suicide to attempt to disarm Americans in a house-to-house search.

  • Stef

    Our political systems are completely turned against us and are beyond possible recovery.

    We need to escape and establish a new republic.

    • SKIP

      NO! we don’t need to “escape” to anywhere, we need to stand, fight and KILL those who would take our liberties away.

  • Patrtiot2013

    So the delusional zionist insects at the amerikan gestapo, a/k/a dhs, actually think 70% of gun owners will turn in their guns and forfeit the lives of themselves and their families, if these illegal roaches [temporarily] running the country make it a fed offense to own a gun?

    That number is so absurd, that it actually makes me wonder if the true purpose of this article is a disinfo psy-op by suggesting that 70% of Americans will cheerfully hand over their guns for a certain execution and mass genocide. Like f***ing hell they would – dude. I could be wrong about your article though.

    Every single one of the HUNDREDS of gun owners that I have spoken with in the past few years, or ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, have all unanimously each said they will attack with lethal force ANY person who arrives at their door to remove guns. Think they are f***ing joking??? And no, these are not militia members, these are everyday AWAKE Americans, who BTW, tell EVERYONE who will listen the TRUTH and waking up others each and every day.

    Further, the suggestion that 25% will fall for OBVIOUS moral suasion perpetrated by the goebbelites, a/k/a mainstream 100% zionist-owned media, MZM, and resolve to expose their family to the certain mass genocide that will occur worldwide if this nation is ever disarmed, is also: insane. The chemtrails they are poisoning all of us with 24/7/365, do not turn us into GD idiots, pal.

    But even if your ludicrous 70% “lets all hand over our guns and go to the death camps and get gassed and incinerated” figure is even halfway believed among the acid-dropping hallucination crowd at dhs, my, my my… are they astoundingly underestimating us.

    Not even 7% would commit suicide and get a free family pass to the fema ovens by turning in their FREEDOM devices.

    But I guarantee you there WILL positively be WELL OVER 100,000,000 Patriots, who are not ready for the toasty warm fema ovens, attacking the TRAITORS with a fury and rage the world has never before seen. And I do mean: F-U-R-Y and R-A-G-E.

    Come TRY and get the guns DEAD MEN…Just bid farewell to your families 1st…Not only will you die, your heads will be cut off and placed on posts in millions of Patriots’ front yards. In the same tradition as the Mexican cartel death squads equipped with “assualt rifles” by our criminal zionist controlled “government,” your decapitated rotting putrid carcasses shall hang from freeway overpasses all across America. America promises each promises each of you that….

    There are some 13,000,000 jews on this earth. I wonder how many there will be in any country, after the 2nd American revolution? Maybe the zionist PTB and their loathsome gentile collaborators need to ask themselves that question, while they still can…

  • me

    They can take our guns.. they will not go door to door.. they will just take your drivers license bank account id and all ways to be citizen. Otherwise .. we will eventually cave in due to fines fees arrests etc.

  • Patriot2013

    They can take our guns because they will fine us and take away our DL’s, and make it hard to be a “citizen.” THAT is truly hilarious, TROLL. Take away a Patriots’ DL until they turn in their gun. Take away the back accounts. HAHAHA. What bank accounts? Do you have a clue hom many MILLIONS of “citizens” already pulled their almost worthless fiat money out of the ZERO interest zionist THIEF owned banks? Yep all 120,000,000 armed Patriots will hand over the survival of the family to avoid a fine. Put down all your crack pipes gov TROLL. Nice disinfo attempt TROLL. F-A-I-L. Maybe they will impose a tax on serial killers to stop them, huh?

  • The Arizona Patriot

    This is why most LEO’s are going through swat training and many are ex military. I have fought CQB with well armed opponents while clearing a house or building, the one who has suprise usually has a big upper hand. And dont forget teargas, flash bangs,and supression fire. They can chose the time to attack, you had better chose your place well. MOLON LABE!!!

    • Patriot2013

      AZPat, what they don’t know is how many millions of us are ready to die for our freedom and cheerfully take at least one GG [gungrab] TRAITOR at our door, with us, v. dying in a fema execution center.

      FB’s, gas, supp fire etc will not defend .12 gauge 00 gauge initial Patriot attack fire, without nationwide casualties inflicted upon the enemy traitors. Any door to door gun grab attempts = hundreds of thousands of very DEAD grabbers who will never see their families again. Rest assured of that.

  • steve25

    When a group of people who make Gun Laws so strict. They either 1 ban them or 2 make it impossible to own them even IF they are on the shelves. Then their only leave ones thing left. ITS OPEN SEASON MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!

  • Rebelwithaclause

    MY FELLOW AMERICANS PLEASE TAKE A FEW MIN. OF YOUR TIME TO WATCH THIS VIDEO, it is what has been fed to us, how this all started, THE PATRIOT ACT, we got from The Sept. 11 FALSE FLAG ATTACKS, WE have been lied to, deceived, just so more laws, more right TAKEN AWAY, OUR CONSTITUTION STRIPPED AWAY, year after year. Please watch, I will link if it doesn’t link just go to YouTube
    And in the search type


    It’s only 9:40 min long. Please you will see how we have all been tricked.
    Then if u could come back here and comment. Thank you.

  • SKIP

    I see a possible “Jericho” scenario forming up here and in the end, a large number of military people and LEO types are going to have to make a very tough decision.

  • rick34