Inside The Lawsuit Against Soros Claiming He ‘Wields Political Influence’

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It’s only a conspiracy theory until it becomes proven as a fact. Anyone not living under a rock and knowing even only a little about the political landscape in the United States knows who George Soros is. And now that we are getting more details about this $10 billion lawsuit, conspiracies are looking more like realities.

For decades, Soros has used his money to influence the political climate of not just America, but other countries as well. Hoping for a full blown leftist style fascist takeover by the government and a New World Order would ensure power and money for the geriatric propagandist. But the lawsuit is mostly about his meddling in African politics, leaving Soros free to continue to finance groups like “Antifa”. Antifa seeks to perpetuate violence and cause destruction to allow for a complete government takeover – which is fascism. So Antifa, the “anti-fascists” are ironically more fascist than perhaps all other groups.

Being Anti-Trump is one thing, but the fact that Soros pays these agitators to cause violence and confrontation is now mainstream. We’ve known about this for at least a year, as this video from March of 2016 shows. All of this has been engineered by the elites in power, and this is no longer a conspiracy theory. It’s well documented.

Getting back to the issue at hand, Soros, the 86-year-old investor, controls a web of international nonprofits in addition to his vast financial empire. Soros has used his money to convince the government of Guinea to freeze the Israeli company BSG Resources out of the West African nation’s lucrative iron ore mining contracts. According to the suit filed last month in New York Federal Court by BSG Resources, “Soros was motivated solely by malice, as there was no economic interest he had in Guinea,” BSGR alleges in court papers.  As we finally get a glimpse into the mind of wealthy fascist, it looks like those who labeled Soros a propagandist and financier of leftist brainwashing for years are slowly being proven correct.

The elites, who wield the power and control the country, like George Soros, have no other option but to pay governments to abide by their rule, stripping rights and freedoms unilaterally in exchange for some money.

Americans do not understand the extent to which Soros fuels this anti-constitutional, anti-American agenda,” said former Department of Justice attorney, J. Christian Adams. Soros should be the evil 1%er that the left hates, but he’s the one financing their delusions, so he’ll get a pass.

BSGR filed suit against Soros and his Open Society Foundations in court Friday, opening the document by claiming Soros is a “racketeer billionaire” who “acts in utter disregard for the rule of law” while he “epitomizes” the well-worn phrase “power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The suit claims Soros and “his minions” used “fraud, illegality, defamation and criminal misconduct” to besmirch BSGR’s reputation, which led to them losing the contract to develop the mine in the Simandou mountain range. –ZeroHedge

As more in-depth details about this lawsuit against the billionaire Soros emerge, we are reminded that the world is controlled by those who choose to buy governments and your freedom. Soros is nothing more than the “leftist agitator” that those seeking freedom from the government have labeled him as for years. His moves are no longer being disguised well by those who can read and see the truth behind his attempts at funding violence in the name of “leftism” or fascism.  Make no mistake, Soros doesn’t care about any human beings, he’s concerned only with keeping and getting more money and power. The money spent now to cause violence is done so he can remain rich in the future. It’s actually astonishing that the left hasn’t picked up on this scheme yet.

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  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Just nuke the motherfucker and BE DONE WITH IT. Nothing LESS will stop this.

    • I guess the collateral deserve to die with him.

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        You’re a right fuckin’ DOOSHBAG, aren’t you. FUCK OFF, Soros asslicker. Go harass someone who cares, CUNTforbrains.

        • 667..neighbor of the beast

          You can always spot the dainty fragile types who must have been so tortured growing up…. they turn into “tough -guy” Douchenozzles like little elbustaroyjetspeekerson here from the faceless safety of the interweb…isn’t even aware of what he isn’t even aware of.

          • Rachel Masson


            Your first sentence literally perfectly describes you haha, brilliant.

          • 667..neighbor of the beast

            You on the other hand had different issues.
            Your obsession with Pizzagate and imagining you are interacting with someone underage….you are quite obviously fighting impulses.

          • Rachel Masson

            Classic shill behaviour. Misdirection, implications, insults and stupidity. You fail.

          • You seem to have the template as well.

          • Rachel Masson

            Do I?

          • You could do it in your sleep.

          • Must be related to Donald Rumsfeld…

        • Calm down. I agree that Soros is a problem, but we shouldn’t be drastic about this; the easiest way to expel him is to get money out of politics and reform the system to even prevent people like him from exerting any real influence over the system.

          Does wanting to use force against someone make us better than the criminals who used force in the first place?

          • Frank Energy

            For sure, if we are on the moral side of things, and better yet, also on legal side of things, then being of the moral high ground, and having the capability, and willingness to take on a strong adversary definitely makes us better.

          • Consider this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche:

            “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become [sic] a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

          • How are you going to get money out of politics when the politicians control the supply? It doesn’t matter what happens to Soros, he’s expendable, and readily replaceable.

          • The brute force method would be to audit the Fed and order the Treasury to start printing money again, whilst demanding all gold and silver reserves from overseas and issuing a warrant for Soros’ arrest. A more covert method (or after the brute force method is applied) would be to clandestinely shift quiet regulations against corporations and billionaires from lobbying and institute a bureaucratic screening method of our Congressmen. We’d also do away with useless government programs and impose term limits on career politicians.

          • The easiest way would be to refuse to vote and charge them with fraud and harassment should they have the temerity to continue to attempt to spam us. The collapse of the debt-ridden debt-based Federal Reserve system approaches, and smart money is in PMs or mattresses, depending on how much currency you think you’ll need to weather the malstrom.

        • And give up the entertainment that comes from watching you babble on a keyboard?

  • Clementine

    Soros will win, further proving his influence and power… it’s all about the money, everything on Earth is about money. Quite pathetic when one thinks about it…

    • Until the slaves discover that they are slaves and decide to do something about it, nothing can be done. Elitists think of everyone who isn’t one of them as a slave. Many of those who think of themselves as slaves aren’t willing to do anything more than carp about it.

      • Such as renounce U.S. citizenship and go someone more pleasurable and without Zionist influence, such as Singapore or Iceland.

        • Renouncing one’s citizenship merely moves the same problems to another venue. What evidence do you have that Zionist influence is less global than American?

          • Frank Energy

            Good point Bro, but at least Iceland effed the evil bankers. Zion doesn’t like that.

          • I doubt if the Icelanders did anything different for the few Zionists they might have there. They were interested in draining the bankers’ swamp and they did it well. Trump could learn a lot from them, both in strategy and courage.

          • Considering that America is the forefront of all Zionist activity, I would be better served to go to a country where I can live cheaply AND get away from the system as much as possible.

          • It is also in the forefront of most of the libertarian movements in the world. If you want to get away from the system, America has more empty space to do that than most others. You could assemble a backpack of essential tools and disappear into a forest like dozens have. This is reminiscent of my favorite scene in Fahrenheit 451 where all the locals are known by the name of the book that they memorized and spend their time regurgitating.

    • It is easy to buy everyone in the courtroom when you have billions and the other option is an early grave.

  • Jimmy Yost

    This might sound like it’s off the subject but it’s not: Whenever I see a headline saying that Obama did this or Obama did that I have to laugh. The reason I have to laugh is because as an American I spent eight years listening to things he said and observing the things he did, and I concluded that he was merely an actor, a hand-puppet who was saying and doing whatever his puppet-master told him to say or do (I actually wonder if he ever has an original thought). It appears most likely that his puppet-master was/is George Soros. Bush Sr. may have also used him as a hand-puppet. Bush Sr. and George Soros are high-level members of the same cult (i.e. globalism aka The New World Order) so that their agendas were/are the same.

    It’s obvious (to me at least) that Obama was/is an actor. I think the same is true of Trump, Bush Jr., Clinton, Reagan, Johnson, and Ford. Reagan tried his hand at influencing policy and the globalists tried to assassinate him (after that he was an obedient little hand-puppet).Kennedy tried to do the same thing and they did assassinate him. Nixon and Carter dabbled at it and the globalists smeared them out of office. Bush Sr. was most likely the hidden hand controlling Clinton and Bush Jr. Then it’s my guess that when Obama came along the plutocrats’ control was so firmly established that he decided to pass the power of control of the Presidency over to Soros, maybe because he was getting old and was tired of having to babysit such idiots. Evidently Soros doesn’t care whether or not his puppets are idiots as long as he gets to control things.

    Luke chapter 4 verse 6 of the Christian Bible (King James Version) explains all of this in a very concise way. It’s all right there in just one verse. The problem with it is that the explanation is so simple most people find it hard to believe. Many people who observe politics and world events think that these powerful evil geniuses are thinking up all of this insanity on their own. Maybe the reason they want to think that is because they don’t want to accept the truth about what’s really going on (i.e. the truth about the spirit realm). All of those New World Order evil geniuses who are reveling in their feeling of power and taking delight in oppressing and destroying mankind are going to have their comeuppance in the not-too-distant future. I can well imagine that when Christ returns that they’ll be wishing they had never been born.

    • Have you ever wondered if there are trillionaires above the billionaires?
      Of course there are, but they are smart enough to know that if they use the billionaires as proxies, and we never hear about trillionaires, that we’ll assume that the billionaires are running things, and won’t try to find the trillionaires that they work for. Until we get the guys on top, they’ll just keep putting people in the middle who are willing to be lionized and demonized.

      • 667..neighbor of the beast

        Amassing and stashing 1 trillion would draw a lot of attention. Considering we know the size of the pie and can account for more than half of it divied between 70-80 individuals… I have my doubts that trillionaires exist… 1/2trillion …yeah… one or two for sure.

        But of course that leaves us, once again, knowing stuff….and …since this is Daily Sheeple and there needs to be some big secret scary boogeymen…let’s assume I am wrong.

        • Ho Lee Fook

          Hah—isn’t that how all conflict-based narratives work? Be it Sheeple or FOX or CNN, there’s always a bogeyman. I don’t see stories about puppies and baseball cards blowin’ your skirt up b/c you’re here reading about bogeymen with the rest of us.

          • 667..neighbor of the beast

            You’re right there always is… sometimes they’re even real.

        • Those who control the Pentagon didn’t have much trouble amassing and stashing $15,000,000,000,000 over a recent decade. The Fed didn’t have much trouble doing the same with almost $20,000,000,000,000 on budget, over $200,000,000,000,000 off budget. The world’s bankers didn’t have much trouble likewise with over $1,000,000,000,000,000 in derivatives.
          Since most of these numbers exceed the actual currency in circulation if not the GDP of the countries involved, and the theft took place on paper or in computers, it was very easy to hide. If I were the thieves, I’d have a safe full of COMEX bars to show for it, but they don’t either.

          • 667..neighbor of the beast

            I know you are real big on vetting and verifying info before you believe it …would appreciate some source on those insane numbers.

          • The big chunk of money that the Pentagon misplaced has been on the mainstream news for some time. At least 2 trillion is routinely discussed.
            The other numbers are available from John Williams at
   who routinely unspins the stories that the federal government and the Fed peddle constantly.

      • Jimmy Yost

        Well yes, I do know about all that, but I still maintain that there is a spiritual ingredient behind it that empowers it. Did you take the time to read Luke 4:6? It may be hard for some people to believe but it’s the truth and it speaks volumes.

        • The same thing is true in the Christian paradigm. Jesus was the only one of his movement that was crucified, and he wrote none of the bible, which was written by followers long after he was gone. I don’t have a bible to read Luke 4:6 from and there are too many versions to know which one might be a close translation of the transliteration that was done to get the message of the source language into english, which didn’t exist at the time of the original. If you’d like to quote it, I’d certainly consider it. Please include the version.

    • Frank Energy

      6 And
      the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory
      of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give

  • Jeri Brace

    you mean the people of our US Government are just now starting to notice how truly evil this man really is?

    • Evil is as evil does, and Soros is a late-arriving piker at the evil business.

  • Jeri Brace

    I think the world can breathe a sigh of relief when this old man kicks the bucket.

  • Renee Ciccioni

    All presidents right or left belong this asshole and those like him even Trump because you don’t get into the well guarded billionaire oligarch club unless you do.

  • 667..neighbor of the beast

    Love how this is built up as NWO boogeyman stuff….BUT….strip away all the added commentary and fluff… and you find out it’s some company looking to strip resources from Guinea …blaming Soros for losing the contract… no NWO agenda involved…. guess that the only actual mention of Soros in the news lately to spin a tale out of.

    • It is all standard conman stuff. Distract the victim and let your cohort pick his pocket.

    • Rachel Masson

      You really are a blind fool huh.

      Clinton receives orders from Soro’s, as shown by Wikileaks.

      Learn to deal with reality. But from your profile history it is clear that you now are a bot…Sad.

      Anyway, you never answered…Why are you claiming my accounts are private? Fool.

      • 667..neighbor of the beast

        Perhaps that was the wrong term…sock puppet.

        • Rachel Masson

          No not perhaps, certainly the wrong term.

          Speaking from ignorance where you again boy? Hardly surprising.

          • 667..neighbor of the beast

            Typing from ignorance …lol.

          • Rachel Masson

            Spelling error =/= ignorance. Nice spin though 🙂

      • Evangelinarcoleman

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      • The Clinton Foundation took orders from anyone who had enough money to buy them.

  • Frank Energy

    Why doesn’t Trump launch 100 cruise missiles at these effers. Strong statement that would be, and effective in making change. Sorry, those “innocents” who die but have aligned themselves with the effers…..sorry, but you made a big mistake.

    • Why don’t we just take our armada off of their coast line and leave them alone?

      • Frank Energy

        Because the global asshats that be are all over, not just one coast. Capite?

        • And not one of them has attacked us since WW2, and the Japanese were put up to that by our own president. If any country were to line up their warships along either of our coasts, we’d be acting pretty much the same way that countries that we have done that to did. The current case in point is North Korea. NATO is doing the same thing to Russia, as our proxy. We will deserve whatever we get.

          • Frank Energy

            I hope we get an eradicated north Korea, I oppose all other military actions

          • We may follow them into that condition.

  • Donna Ross

    AMT – Christopher Green – Alternative Shill is more like Controlled Opposition Disinfo SHILL! He is paid, just like Alex Jones,to control the Truther Movement!
    If you are new to the Truther Movement, then I recommend listening to The Power Hour with Joyce Riley, and you can find her on Itunes or Any Podcast download that you can get on your smartphone. She’s a good place to start if you just fell into the rabbit hole! Stay away from Alex Jones, Dahboo7 and Christopher Green! They just put innuendos on what may have actually happened, but they never dig into stories and proving they are fake shootings, fake ISIS attacks, or whatever the propaganda of the week is. Then, just like the MSM, move on and distract you with irrelevant issues!

  • dav1bg

    Just send him to Russia where a firing squad is waiting for him.

  • Frank Energy

    trump could release 100 cruise missiles and take out 100 of the worst. It would be a strong message. They are at war with the USA, their declaration is out in the open now.

    • We are at war with Iran since we committed an act of war against them when we got together with the Mossad to build and install the STUXNET in the Seimens controller of their centrifuges, destroying them as surely as bombing them would have, with a very limited amount of anonymity.

  • Sgtsnuffy