Inside A FEMA Disaster Camp: “We Got F**ked”

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Ever wondered how you might fare inside a FEMA camp?

Northeast residents are getting a dose, and as you may have guessed, it’s not exactly a fun-filled party with treats, air conditioning and group dancing.

Sitting there last night you could see your breath,” said Sotelo.

“At (Pine Belt) the Red Cross made an announcement that they were sending us to permanent structures up here that had just been redone, that had washing machines and hot showers and steady electric, and they sent us to tent city. We got fucked.”

“The elections are over and here we are. There were Blackhawk helicopters flying over all day and night. They have heavy equipment moving past the tents all night.”

Welcome to the part of the disaster where people start falling through the cracks.

No media is allowed inside the fenced complex, which houses operations for JCP&L’s army of workers from out of the area. The FEMA website indicated on Monday that there had been a shelter for first responders, utility and construction workers to take a break, although the compound now contains a full-time shelter operated by the state Department of Human Services.

Sotelo scrolls through the photos he took inside the facility as his wife, Renee, huddles for warmth inside a late-model Toyota Corolla stuffed with possessions, having to drive out through the snow and slush to tell their story. The images on the small screen include lines of outdoor portable toilets, of snow and ice breaching the bottom of the tent and an elderly woman sitting up, huddled in blankets.

Source: Asbury Park Press

Billions of dollars recklessly spent on purported ’emergency response plans’ by FEMA and this is the end result.

Is it any wonder why no media is allowed in the FEMA complex? Americans would be appalled.

It’s almost as if the Agency is purposefully incompetent at their job.

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  • Anonymous

    They are trying to lower expectations, as well as control the dialogue simultaneously. How else can they put Buchenwald in new jersey?

  • Donna W.

    Well good! They’re giving the internment camps a dry run. Now they know how to lie their asses off to get people in there and make them as uncomfortable as humanly possible! A portent of things to come people. Really.

  • Mark

    All this luxury brought to you by… YES YOU GUESSED IT


    • Nexus789

      FEMA was created in 1978. Pretty idiotic blaming one man for the systemic failure of an organisation that goes back a couple of decades – recall Bush and Katrina do you.

      Also while we are at it Obama did not set up Dept of Homeland Defense (a pointless organisation). He inherited it. Not a lot he can as he would have to repeal the Patriot Act.

      • 142

        Good points, and you might add that obama has worked tirelessly to fix all things wrong since he has been in office, well, with just a bit time off for golf on rare ocassions. He is going to inherit a lot of problems this time around from the failures of the last 4 years….

        However, it is certain that obama will make great improvements in the “little people’s” lives from this point forward!

        (rolls eyes)

        • Obviously Obvious

          Yeah, he’s been doing a great job fixing everything up with his 900+ executive orders that bypass congress and the American people. Yaaaaaay!

          America is full of brain dead idiots.

          • 97% to be exact my friend……………

        • just me

          umm…. that was sarcasm, right??

      • FOG .45

        Obama doesn’t have to repeal the (un)Patriot Act he resinged it back in 2011 with an auto pen while he was visting France.

        This isn’t about the (un)patriot act its about FEMA. After Katrina Fema realized they couldn’t handle an emegency of this size, so they encouraged average citizens to be prepared to survive for atleast 2 weeks without any gov help. Apparently the people of New York n\and New Jersy didn’t get that memo. They also don’t watch the news or read the paper or listen to the news on the radio, as even here in Wisconsin we knew the east coast was going to get pounded fo about 1 to 2 weeks out, plenty of time to make atleast a small effort for yourself and loved ones.

        This whole mess out there is really irritateing to watch, listin to, or read about, its all lazy, stupid, and corrupt on top of lazy, stupid and corrupt.

      • Anonymous

        patriot act WRITTEN BY>>>>>BIDEN

        • Part of the Hegelian Dialectic.
          Biden writes the Patriot Act.
          Romney writes Obamacare.
          Both sides blame the other, and we all get pulled under a tighter web of control.

        • AS obama whispered to his buddy putin of russia,soon as I get relected I’ll have more room to finish off america,then we’ll sell all their shit to,I don’t think the russians realize the anti-christ is a lyer and thief,he tells china the same BS as he told the russians ,chinese,canadians,mexicans,cubians,and who knows who else was promised the same things to get them to help take down america,BUT in the end DEATH, is the only thing there getting,DIDN’T the bible say in the last days they would all be decieved by the anti-christ……………….

      • DrBill

        Yeah well you elected the Bum and we are not talking about Bush anymore. Obuma has had MORE than enough time to revamp DHS and he did nothing but run up the National Debt. Sure Obuma did inherit a whole lot of problems, what POTUS didn’t ? The FACT remains that OBUMA has had the last 4 years to do something about the problems and now has the next 4 years.
        If I hear anymore bitchin’ from Libtards so help me God I Am Gonna Be Laughin’ At Your Stupidity !

      • Phil

        So all you are realy saying is that this has been planned for a long time. Well no kidding. Nixon said that the people in this country will only believe something if they see it on television. Katrina was lambasted in the mainstream media regarding Katrina. No one has taken this administration to task as to what has happened in this case. You have to look for it in the alternative media.

  • The Red Cross sent them there. This may be why they had trouble getting money this time. They did not have as much of a problem collecting for Haiti, Japan or Katrina. People are on to the fact their money is not being spent wisely.

  • bob

    LMAO !

    you ‘stupids’ get FEMA (internment) camps , the

    ‘Elites’ get the underground bases that were built

    with monies stolen from us.

    they will be safe , you will die . .. . . . .

    • you know BOB,i’am at a loss to understand one thing about these demoncrates,if they want to see a reduction in the worlds population,why haven’t they killed themselves yet? are they waiting for there anti-christ daddy obama to punch their ticket for them or what??……………..

  • Almost forgot page 2:

    All the while, a black car with tinted windows crests the hill and cruises by, as if to check on the proceedings.

    As Sotelo tells it, when it became clear that the residents were less than enamored with their new accommodations Wednesday night and were letting the outside world know about it, officials tried to stop them from taking pictures, turned off the WiFi and said they couldn’t charge their smart phones because there wasn’t enough power.

    “My 6-year-old daughter Angie was a premie and has a problem regulating her body temperature,” Sotelo noted. “Until 11 (Wednesday) night they had no medical personnel at all here, not even a nurse. After everyone started complaining and they found out we were contacting the press, they brought people in. Every time we plugged in an iPhone or something, the cops would come and unplug them. Yet when they moved us in they laid out cable on the table and the electricians told us they were setting up charging stations. But suddenly there wasn’t enough power.”

    All of this is merely the last straw for a 46-year-old on disability, with two rods and 22 staples in his back.

    “The staff at the micro-city are providing for the needs of all the evacuees,” said Nicole Brossoie, spokeswoman for the Department of Human Services. “Each day there is transportation to the pharmacy for prescription medications, if needed. There are ADA (handicapped-accessible) toilets and showers on site.

    “There were concerns with the heat when evacuees first arrived. Those issues were resolved within a couple of hours by adding more heaters.”

    Sotelo’s seen the home he rents on Kearney Avenue even though residents have yet to be allowed back, having been enlisted as a driver for the Red Cross.

    He was on the barrier islands the day after the storm, as a matter of fact. There had been a foot of water in his place. That’s it. And now he’s left to wonder why he’s still not allowed back.

    Even without gas or electric, he figures it has to be better than this place.

    “Everybody is angry over here. It’s like being prison,” said Sotelo, who grew up in Wayne. “I’ve been working since I was 10. I’ve been on my own since I was 16. And for things to be so bad that it’s pissing me off, that tells you something.”

    After a night of restless sleep in which his cot actually broke at one point, landing him on the floor, what Sotelo wants are answers and action. He wants to go home, and until that happens he wants a little respect.

    Finally, he tosses his cigarette butt aside and sidles back into the driver’s seat of his car, ready to head back through the gates of the encampment, as confused and frustrated as ever about his future.

  • kimcheee

    This is exactly why I am planning how to kill myself. If I need any help – medical treatment, etc….I know how it goes and I’ll just leave without running up a tab and lining the evil people’s pockets with profit. Fuck you, Evil Ones. I’d rather die than give you a God-damned penny.

  • B Jackson

    Even that whack job, Nancy Lieder at Zeta Talk, say not to go into a FEMA…
    But she still loves her Obamamessiah!

  • Obviously Obvious

    Quit complaining about disaster situations. The historical record has proven time and time again that coastal areas (especially the east coast) are vulnerable to disasters exactly like this. Yet what do city planners and people do? The completely ignore the facts and build population centers and cities in vulnerable areas just like this.

    Keep being stupid, keep building in prone areas and you’ll keep getting this and more. How is it going to be when there is a massive earthquake on the east coast and more hurricanes that directly slam right through New York city? It’s not if it will happen it is simply when as it has happened regularly in the past. Do you think just because you build there it’s going to magically stop now? PURE STUPIDITY!

    • First rule of economics? Scarcity.
      First rule of politics? Ignore the First Rule of Economics.
      Much of the ruin is in areas that were funded by government expenditure. Subways, tunnels, landfill reclamation.

  • just me

    FEMA….. Say, is this agency from that same gov’t that’s now in charge of our health care system????

    • YEA,and not only that its the same agency that killed 6,000 people by shooting them in the head durning andrew in south florida and the same one’s who killed 5,000 by shooting them in the head in katrina in new orleans,and sprayes poison in chemtrails,and a thousand other helpful things they do to make life better for the demoncrats who love them………….

    • Lisa

      The Dept of Treasury’s very own IRS is in charge of the ACA health premiums and for collecting the “penalties”. Supreme Court upheld this year that individual mandates are a tax not a law. No one seems concerned that IRS controls you health issues.

  • 41MagMan

    Too bad for the poor bastards in camps like this one. Probably not any preppers there, though… just some POS Obamunists.

  • Even animals deserve heat, electric, food and medical care. All of the money spent on fema does not make these camps srate of the art. Again my taxes go to make life more comfortable for the elite and corporations. We have a system sucking from the popilace, yet the people should feel compelled to slavery?

  • DrBill

    Obumunists ! AH hahahaha !

  • let me get this right,none of them prepare and they think preppers are ignorant for not listening to the goverment.
    well fema and obama said you all have enough to live on confortably and need no help that fema has it all under control.
    well i was raised god helps those who help themselves,and i prepare,so quit complaining how bad those camps are and not enough food..YOU WANT A GOD LESS COUNTRY ,,,,HAHAHAHAHA YOU GOT IT PAL…ENJOY

  • Maxi

    Practicing UN Agenda 21. This is not a GOP or Dem thing. I was told how FEMA was the most evil gov’t agency – about 15 years ago.

  • BILL they don’t want a godless country,there demoncrates and wished they were dead,and soon their daddy the anti-christ obama is going to arrange their departure from this world,YOU know FOREST GUMP,had it right “stupid is as stupid does” does that sound like the east coast morons or what?

  • HollowHead

    FEMA and the troubles it creates in the US of A is still just a first-world problem in the eyes of those multiple generations of third-world ‘victims’ that are starved/abused to death every day… Not as a traumatic time/event in their lifetimes or a downfall in their lifestyle, but their entire lives are void of any of the resources and comforts the people in Tent City claim to not properly have, have access to and/or are fucked by. They don’t even have a Tent City in those places…

    Not only is it horrible for the people being mistreated by the Government in a FEMA camp, it is just their way of setting the example of things and conditions to come… (Like some evil school teacher that punishes a group of children just to scare the class. While not even caring and/or focussing about those in detention.)

    A necessary pre-lude into whats to comes (*cough* always was *cough*) for western ignorance. In a world where one has to first see his very own neighbour and fellow citizen bleed for one to really believe he too is in trouble. Which is also a first-world issue. They don’t have that problem in the third world. Over there the people are either always expecting injustice, pain, discomfort and are teaching children to prepare for a fucked up life filled with dishonesty,injustice and wickedness or they’re fallen away from their own sane humanity and turned to evil wicked ways as to deal with their fucked lives in a fucked up world and enjoy it.

    Welcome to reality.

  • Pointof OrderSays

    Why are they in such a hurry bto “move” emergency supplies to 15 points for “DISTRIBUTION?”.
    Has anyone seen a wharehouse full of “Supplies”?

    Aren’t there about 15 major locations where there is underground facilities for the safety of the “Elites”?

    This sounds like a payback for the days of Noah.
    Keep the Faith.

  • Jerry

    I’m wondering. Just where are all these guards staying? Do they have their own tent?

  • Tim

    RULE #1
    In the case of an emergency, DO NOT GO WHERE THE GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU TO GO!

  • Bob D

    You clowns wanted the fraud in the people’s house for another 4 years, YOU GOT IT! And, when he gets through installing his Socialist U.N. feces, you’ll be living in Greece, and realize how good you had it under Bush.


    The FEMA camps are the 21st century answer to concentration camps in Poland back in WWII. People will waste away and die of exposure, starvation and who knows what diseases. How can a government even think of taking such action against its own citizens? It is time to WAKE up people, Big Brother is here and we are living in a police state.

  • Virginia Allston

    Why isn’t there some kind of action against these camps? It would be pretty easy to fly your own drone over them and get a good view and then you tube your results: “Tear down those walls”!