INSANE: California Government Criminalizes Teaching Of Trade Skills To Youth, All “Education” Must Be Government Approved

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As the United States Constitution continues to become nothing more than a dated piece of paper in the eyes of the left, the federal government continues to grow, spreading like a plague and infecting virtually every institution in American society. Sadly, America’s education system is no exception.

The liberal state of California recently passed a law requiring trade schools to deny admission to students that have not completed high school or a state-approved equivalent, meaning that the government ultimately has the final say over what young people learn and what they don’t learn.

Concerned about this blatant attack on his First Amendment rights, Bob Smith, owner of the Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School (PCHS), recently filed a federal lawsuit against the state of California, arguing that he has a right to educate anyone he wants to, regardless of whether or not they have completed high school or a state-approved equivalent.

The lawsuit, which was filed by a nonprofit organization called the Institute for Justice (IJ), has gained the support of Esteban Narez, another resident of California who wants to attend PCHS but can’t because he never completed high school.

“Just like publishing a how-to book or uploading an instructional video to YouTube is protected by the First Amendment, so is teaching,” argued Keith Diggs, an attorney at the Institute for Justice who is representing Bob and Esteban in the lawsuit. “By limiting who Bob is allowed to teach and what Esteban is allowed to learn, California has not only harmed the students most in need of an education, but also violated their First Amendment rights.”

With any luck, the lawsuit filed against the state of California will be successful, and our country as a whole will take a tiny baby step in the direction of limited government and constitutionalism. Still, though, the federal government has been growing steadily for decades, and its unlikely that it’s going to stop anytime soon, regardless of which political party is in control of Washington D.C.

The truth is, a government that has the ability to control what young people learn and when they learn it has the ability to successfully replace a system rooted in liberty and individualism with a system rooted in tyranny.

And because the government now plays a significant role in the education system, the government can indirectly teach students that this transition from constitutionalism to authoritarianism is actually a good thing. Sadly, that’s exactly what is going on — and it appears to be working. (Related: U.S. universities are now officially offering anti-Trump resistance training to students.)

According to a recent study put together by the Victims of Communism Memorial Fund, 44 percent of young people say that they would rather live in a socialist country, and an additional seven percent would rather live under communism.

This means that over 50 percent of millennials would rather live under socialism or communism instead of capitalism, a clear sign that one, the upcoming generation is detached from America’s roots, and two, that America’s education system has failed. (Related: A high school in California is now forcing children to watch a vaccine propaganda film and give “correct” answers or be penalized.)

This is exactly what happens when the lessons and skills that young people learn must be approved by politicians and bureaucrats. The government, which as a body always acts in its own best interest, indoctrinates students to believe more government is always the answer, and that the government always knows whats best.

If this is allowed to continue, not only will our children be forced to learn and think in certain ways, but America will also continue down the cold, dark path of tyranny.

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  • magatastic

    please wildfires, burn it all!
    and then a big quake!

  • Phil_Ossifer

    According to the information in the lawsuit, PCHS is totally private and takes no CA state or FedGov funds. But, because they charge tuition, they fall under the regulation of “postsecondary education” laws in CA. I suppose that, if Bob Smith wanted to teach his trade for free, he could, but we’re talking about CA so there’s probably some law against that, too.

    And they wonder why the apprenticeship system is effectively dead in this country.

    • Gil G

      Nope, this character could teach for free if he was truly interesting in teaching. Rather this proves he’s after a quick buck.

      • SP_88

        Yeah, because we wouldn’t want anyone to try and earn a living now would we?

      • Phil_Ossifer

        Teaching a trade requires equipment and supplies and those have to be paid for somehow. I doubt seriously that PHCS and Bob Smith are getting rich off of these training courses.

    • darkhorse

      all those holding jobs shall work for the government only

  • Simon says

    trade jobs are for tax avoiding illegals only out here…can’t have citizens working for fair pay cause they might vote out the democratic mafia here on the left lost coast

  • Gil G

    Con artists are trying to use the 1A to legitimize their trade.

    • SP_88

      Yeah, we wouldn’t want anyone to learn something that isn’t government approved now would we? Because government has proven how competent they are. Not.

  • Veritas

    Keep buying guns and ammo.

  • Robert Stiles

    I did finish high school and during the last 2 years I also enrolled in machine shop.
    I made enough money working after school to buy a car and a boat before I graduated. That shop education allowed me to advance quickly in the automotive
    repair field and I made 2 to 3 times more money than the college grads. How in the world would California not allow additional learning during high school? Insane.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Remember…Kalifornia (like most states) is run by liberals and liberals are control freaks. They can’t stand the idea that someone might learn how to do something without learning it from an “approved” (by them) source.

  • tscull

    Ok, fine, no admission to the majority of the illegals that never completed high school either!

  • J_in_TX

    “This means that over 50 percent of millennials would rather live under socialism or communism instead of capitalism, a clear sign that one, the upcoming generation is detached from America’s roots, and two, that America’s education system has failed”.

    No, this means that America’s education system has been taken over by communists and is doing exactly what they designed it to do.