Ineptitude in FEMA food purchasing continues

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The Federal emergency Management Agency (FEMA) continues to submit requests for even more food for the Brooklyn, New York and Lakehurst, New Jersey areas. However, the New Jersey meals must have poor self-esteem, as FEMA is requiring the commercial meals (MRE) to be “self hating”. The request went out at 4:30 pm today, with a response time no later than three hours later. Yesterday, PPRN reported that two million meals were needed to be delivered by tomorrow for distribution in the same locations.

The Agency is looking for 333,000 to be delivered to each location over a two day period  7-8  Nov 2012, and a delivery of 334,000 on 9 Nov 2012.

Recently stories have FEMA ordering more water as they have run out. However, FEMA has also had to order:

The Department of Homeland Security – the masters of FEMA, have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ammunition for training, and it appears to have been caught with their shorts around the ankles when it comes to disaster preparedness.

Just think, we could get health care being managed by the same administration that can’t even provide food and support to it’s citizens.

That should just give you a warm fuzzy feeling all over.

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  • pissed

    These people telling DHS what to do know exactly what they are doing. They are purposefully allowing people to suffer and die while funneling most of our tax dollars toward their domestic army which will make war upon us soon. Any questions?

    • Lutz

      True… We don’t need FEMA or DHS, the national guard will do just find.

      • Lutz

        “find” as in “fine.”

  • The difference is the bullets are to protect the elite and food is only for the lowly paupers. So proud to be an american and not lining up for the privilege of voting for commander and thief.

  • Jeff

    Our problem is within us. As a Nation, we just can’t be bothered to make a serious fuss over an agency (or head of an agency) in our government that acts against it’s citizenry. THEY are above us. Who is hungry? Not those in Washington- not the media that fails to hold the government up to the truth. Just average Americans from New York and New Jersey. But those aren’t fly-over states!!! Where is the justice?
    Wait a bit, THEY will come to help with all of the ammo they have been buying up. Knock Knock.

  • Chris

    Expensive hollow point bullets are not for training.
    They are preparing to kill you not feed you. That is why they ordered a trillion rounds of hollow points ammo and didn’t bother with much food and water.

  • me

    What else do you expect from the Feds? They’re a little busy preparing the internment camps to bother with hurricane victims! Geesh, get with it people!

  • duh

    Maybe they should eat the bullets? Oh, those are to be served later…

    WTF? WHat is the point of FEMA at all? They would be better off not doing ANYTHING. At least then, folks wouldn’t have the illusion that FEMA could help. Like every other single govt program. Overbudget and under-delivered.

    heck of a job, brownie.

    • SKIP

      ROGER THAT duh! and with Obamuslim’s re-election we can expect way more of the same…after all there are still lots of blacks and muslim terrorists not yet working for the federal government.

  • ?What is the point of fema? Why another gov. agency to subcontract out to Walmart, Home Depo, Proctor& Gamble and op thers courtesy of your tax dollars under the guise of privitization. Do nothing,be a middleman of cash.

    • SKIP

      The point Evie, is to employ more negro democraPic voters.

  • Thurquan

    OK u idiots!!! Realy?!?! Blaming obama?? Name a president that ever really controled anything. This has been goin on for 100’s of years and bcause your a racist your goin to blame Obama??!?!? you white people have been doin this around the world since the crusades but now u wanna cry?!? And just a heads up this country belongs to the hispanics watch!!!!!

  • Thurquan

    any comments????