Indian Government Official Says Secret US Weapon Is ‘The Real Cause of Global Warming’

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But here in America, we’re all sitting inside a Republican National Convention/race war news bubble, so our media won’t even pretend to be paying attention to something like this (not like they would anyway, but…)


Via Humans Are Free:

The Indian government has accused the U.S. of using a secretive weapon system that is likely to have caused global warming.

According to Environmental Minister Anil Madhav Dave, the U.S. government are able to focus electromagnetic beams via a weapon called High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) across the Earth which reduce the yields of major crops like wheat and maize in India.

“HAARP strikes the upper atmosphere with a focussed and steerable electromagnetic beam,” the Minister said in a statement.

“HAARP is an advanced model of a super powerful ionospheric heater which may cause the globe to warm and have global warming effect,” he said.

Dave was replying to a question on whether the government is aware of HAARP, capable of effecting devastating impact on the world’s climate including that of India and resulting in destabilisation of agricultural and ecological systems.

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  • Mike

    duh, been saying this for years that they use haarp to manipulate the weather.

    • Al Mather

      No doubt.

  • Roy Hobs

    Are there Chem trails in India? Or is just Western nations where they are spraying. No doubt chem trails and harp go hand in hand.

    • Maddog

      The chemtrails are worldwide. There are videos all over youtube from around the world. Many where I live (NW Nevada) have noticed the reduced crops in resent years and this year the major drop in insects.

      • Betty Caraballo

        <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc973p:….,.

    • Doyle Nibits

      There’s no Chemtrails in Non-Nato country’s. Which isn’t many.

      • Gary

        Not exactly true, but I suppose it may depend on how you define “non-NATO”.

  • LibertyOrDeath1775

    No news here…move along sheeple.

    • g.johnon

      oh looky; a little tool trying to distract us from exploring possibility.
      aint he cute? and posing as a patriot too. just precious.

      • LibertyOrDeath1775

        Ummm.. This was tongue in cheek. Ever heard of sarcasm?

        • g.johnon

          well liberty, I will apologize even though your sarcasm was not so obvious. you actually did sound like the tool I described. in the future you may want to put (sarc) after your attempts.
          keep having fun and playing fair.

          • LibertyOrDeath1775

            I have a strange sense of humor, I am told. To me, putting (sarc) after a sarcastic comment seems unintelligent. It kind of defeats the purpose, like explaining a joke. Anyway, thanks for the apology. Perhaps, in the future, you should not be so quick to judge.

  • Broos

    Hey, Indian EPA head, Dave; just in case, stop industrial emissions AND don’t buy GMO seeds, either! Also, try not to get fracked by Our Queen HELL; aka Killary !

  • Frank

    So, India is being targeted by…the US Gov.? More direct info regarding the operating status of the HAARP site indicate that it is not in operation on a regular or frequent basis, owned by the University of Alaska – Fairbanks, and is rented to researchers on a per-use basis. If this “weapon” is affecting global agricultural interests, why aren’t China and Russia bombing the site to stop this obvious attack? Apparently, anybody who wants to tour the facility is welcome to do so.

    • jhpace1

      According to Steve Quayle and what I’ve heard from another source on Coast2CoastAM, HAARP is being downplayed because 1.) everybody knows it’s there now, and 2.) the CIA/Illuminati have come up with something better: HAARP-like weapon platforms in the US Navy. Look for these “over-the-horizon” radar ships to be able to put trans-atmospheric heating over much wider distances, and because they are mobile, they can hit targets previously difficult to reach via the stationary Alaska HAARP, and can move around, so people cannot find them. Jim Willie has talked about the Philippines being targeted by numerous cyclones until they agreed to have a US port built in the islands.

  • Gil G

    Mention the science of AGW and Conservatives zone out but mention weather control/HAARP and they think the climate can be manipulated by people on a whim.

  • It is not Paranoia

    Conspiracy theorist!!1!11! Take of your tin foil hat!!11!!1

    Ain’t it funny that this shit we’ve been talking about for years now gets talked about in government positions?

    Would the people that ridicule us dare to ridicule Indian minister? Or would they listen to what he says?

  • Al Mather

    India is about to double down on Coal plants … because it’s the cheapest way to bring electricity to it’s people .. this guy is a stooge. Translate this to “Hey! We’re not causing global warming THOSE GUYS over there are! Trying to deflect blame for what they are going to contribute to the problem.