In the Divided States of America, There’s Only One Way to “Unite”

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Following the attempted political assassination of several GOP members of Congress this week, calls for “unity” echoed through the halls of power.

Democratic and Republican leaders alike offered up their ruminations on the matter — ”ruminating” not in the sense of offering profound thoughts on the latest tragedy, but rather, as cows “ruminate” on regurgitated cud. That an American citizen would take the ruling class’ dishonest and hyperbolic partisanship seriously enough to actually start shooting congressmen is tough for the political class to stomach, so for now, they chew on their hopes for national unity while promising to temper their rhetoric.

Such calls for “national unity” in the wake of violence are nothing new, and as I heard this latest chorus of “Kumbaya” reverberate around the country, I couldn’t help but snicker. I couldn’t hold back my laughter because I suspect too much about American government, too much about the meanness and bad faith of contemporary American politics, too much about the very nature of human beings’ relationship to political power to take American politicos’ calls for unity, love, and respect seriously. I have nothing against unity, love, kindness, and respect (and I certainly do not condone citizens randomly shooting members of Congress), but I cannot take the power-hungry seriously when they use the language of peace and community to advance their national ambitions of political control.

Political invective, per se, is not the problem — the drive for national solutions is. Even if the political class softens their rhetoric for a time (don’t hold your breath), they will sooner or later find themselves at one another’s throats again as long as they continue to nationalize every political issue under the sun. There is too much power at stake to behave otherwise. In fact, I expect we will soon see that rhetorical game whereby partisan “uniters” criticize anyone who disagrees with their political projects as “dividers.”

Contrary to popular political opinion, “national unity” is not synonymous with basic human decency and peace among men. Quite the opposite. But as long as “our” political leaders continue to conflate the two, a cruel irony will be at work here. The more America’s political leaders try to “unite” the nation through political power at the federal level, nationalizing every issue in the process, the more divided the nation will become. The United States is too diverse to be treated as one big happy family ready to march in lockstep.

The political class’ appeals to American ‘family’ and ‘unity’ is merely a means to obscure what’s really on the agenda— an agenda that goes far beyond the purview of our actual families, villages, townships, cities, and states. The political establishment continues to falsely believe a diverse nation of 300 million-plus people, a nation of nearly 20,000 actual cities, as well as countless families and cultures, can be managed like a singular political body without negative consequences. If only we surrender more of our liberties and governing decisions to Washington D.C., says the political class, “the people” of the United States can be prodded into unity — as long as we are allowed to chew on a bit of happy talk and watch a charity baseball game.

No doubt, how we speak to one another as fellow human beings is important. Indeed, culture and rhetoric are important. And, yes, though politics may often be downstream from culture, politics can also pollute the river of culture and discourse if allowed to become too pervasive. Immense political power has a way of rendering men suspicious and jealous of one another. And once politics comes to define a people through the power of a central state, all that is left is an impending battle over whose culture will be imposed through the power of that state.

In the face of such a looming war, it is no surprise that people often despair only to hurl invective, material threats, and people see actual bullets towards “the others” as the source of their angst. In such a world dominated by national political power, it is understandable that politicos, whether elected officials or disgruntled campaign volunteers, see anyone who opposes their national projects as a threat to humanity.

But the tyrant in you is the tyrant in me, and if we are not careful — if we keep offering the American people the immense national power to command and control their fellows — even our reactions against tyranny and violence will tend to mutate into movements to destroy one another for power’s sake.

If we truly wish to unite the American people, we must abandon our greedy nationalist daydreams. We must decentralize political power away from Washington D.C. and truly embrace the diversity of the American populace. We must reduce the potential power we have over one another so that tolerance for those we disagree with may flourish absent the threat of political coercion. Let California be California. Let Texas be Texas. Let Vermont go their own way and Alabama go another way, and so on.

Furthermore, we should go beyond the idea of states altogether. Local governments can be just as tyrannical as national governments despite their limited geography. Rather than first saying, “We are all Americans,” “We are all Alabamians,” or “We are all Californians,” suppose we instead say:

We are all individual moral agents, each of us with our own unique tastes and talents, each of us possessing the flame of our innate freedom, and we can do as we please as long as we respect one another as free individuals.”

If one day that does become our motto, dare I say, what a statement of human solidarity it would be.

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  • G’ma G

    If what we are doing isn’t working we need to try something else. I’m not sure Balkanization of America is the answer for Americans but It most certainly would help get us off the back of the rest of the world.

    • GAZOO2

      Us ? The US Government doesn’t represent the interests of the American people.

      • G’ma G

        I say “us” because we are responsible…at least the rest of the world will hold us accountable.

        • GAZOO2

          We are responsible. Apathy +denial ÷ Stockholm Syndrome = treason. However, the diliberat dumbing down of the American public by the satanic psychopaths should be taken into account.

          • SP_88

            Indeed the rest of the world holds us responsible for who is running our government. The way they see it, we elected these criminals.
            But even if we didn’t, because our election process has been corrupted or for whatever reason, it’s still basically our fault because we didn’t stop them. We were not good stewards of our country and the government that is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people.
            The government is supposed to be composed of ordinary citizens who are in touch with the needs and wants of the citizenry. But it has been taken over by wealthy aristocrats who have sold us out for their own greedy interests. And now they have set in motion an agenda that is designed to ensure their absolute control over all of us forever.
            While we sit around wondering what they are doing, they have been gathering groups of people, all experts in their field, to form think tanks to come up with ideas for designing an agenda that would cover every conceivable angle to ensure it’s success. That’s why their agenda has been so effective at changing the course of America from a freedom loving country to a thoroughly divided fascist police state run by the wealthy aristocrats who are unelected bureaucrats and are thus accountable to nobody.
            The federal takeover of our education system was part of their agenda. Keeping the people dumbed down was necessary to ensure that we were unable to put up a unified front against them.
            And it appears to be working well.

          • GAZOO2

            Not really. They’ve had a hell of a run ( pun intended ). But it’s over now. People are waking up way to fast for them to stop it now. Your reply is my proof. Who are you? You’re just some random dude. Yet you got their number. You just broke it down. There are millions of others just like you and me and a shit load more on the way. All the chemtrails and GMO and insane level of deception can’t stop us now. You have every reason for optimism. IMO.

          • SP_88

            I certainly hope your right. I’ve been going back and forth between believing that we are doomed and believing that we will all wake up and there will be some huge change that ends the aristocrats grip on power.
            For some reason I just can’t decide which one I believe in. So I guess that means that I’m on the fence about it. In my opinion it could go either way. There doesn’t appear to be a clear cut winner.
            My reason for believing this is because the wealthy elitists with their agenda have had a very long time to put this together and to implement it. It’s been in the making for over a century. And so much of it has been implemented already. And a lot of people have jumped on board with them and their agenda. It’s a lot to overcome.
            As far as my beliefs of us getting out of this mess, I only have the fact that there are more of us. And many of us are well aware of their agenda. Many of us are aware of something, but they aren’t sure what. And there are many who have no clue. And then there are the idiots who believe all these lies and propaganda from the MSM and the lying politicians, etc. These people are so stupid and they refuse to see what’s right in their face.
            Unless we do a lot more than just wake up, we won’t fix this. We have to be willing to do what’s necessary to wrench control away from these people.
            I can see people waking up. It’s a slow process, but it’s happening. And as “slow” as it is, it’s much faster than their agenda was moving. Their boiling frogs scenario requires a slow moving agenda. And if they try to speed it up, it will only work to wake people up faster. People will then be able to see their agenda and their desperation.
            But I don’t have the same list of things we have done to fight back against their agenda. We haven’t been fighting back with our own agenda for a hundred years. We are way behind.
            But also, we don’t need a long time. The truth is what it is, now or next week or next year. The truth doesn’t need a bunch of smoke and mirrors to make the people see it. The truth doesn’t need this big, elaborate hoax to make the people understand it.
            And that’s a huge advantage over lies and propaganda, which require a bunch of tricks and lies and deceit to make the people swallow it.
            The truth is raw. And it’s fine like that. And I hope that it’s enough of an advantage over their agenda to be successful.
            I would like to believe that the truth always wins in the end. I hope so. It’s a comforting feeling to be on the side of truth, knowing that we will win in the end. I just hope it’s for real.

          • GAZOO2

            I’ve been awake since 1983 and the difference in how awake people are between then and now is YUGE ! But also they love nothing more than instilling a sense of hopelessness and defeat in folks so I figure let’s be as optimistic as possible. It really is a mind game. Anyway check out this video. It’s food for thought.

  • ‘L’etat c’est moi


    • TrevorD

      Smells a liitle bit like it to me. `Order born from chaos` anyone?

  • Gil G

    All the President has to do is call for a state of emergency and clean up society the way the government cleared out Communists back in the day.