In Case You Missed It: Obama Just Proposed Raising the Federal Gas Tax 136%

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It’s all happening so fast, it’s hard to keep up with all the b.s. coming out of the president and his White House in his last year.

In case you missed it, Obama just proposed raising the gas tax to what would amount to 136%.

By proposing a $10 per barrel tax on every barrel of oil produced in the U.S., Obama wants to add a 25 cent gas tax on every gallon of gas you purchase at the pump. He wants to use it to pay for his green transportation initiatives.

Considering federal gas tax is 18.4 cents a gallon currently, this would mean a whopping 136% increase. When state taxes are considered, we will be paying 70 cents in tax on every gallon of gas.

While a 25 cent increase per gallon may not seem like a lot considering how low gas prices are at the moment, just consider how much we would all feel it if/when prices go back up to what they were a few years ago. The cost of everything will go up even more in this country, especially food.

Obama knows this fact. He’s the one who pointed it out actually.

As Daily Caller reported, Obama was just telling us all a few years back how much gas prices have the ability to harm everyone in the country, and especially people who are poor and just trying to make ends meet:

Obama told Georgetown University students in a 2011 speech that “rising prices at the pump affect everybody – workers, farmers, truck drivers, restaurant owners, students who are lucky enough to have a car.”

“Businesses see rising prices at the pump hurt their bottom line,” Obama warned in 2011. “Families feel the pinch when they fill up their tank. And for Americans that are already struggling to get by, a hike in gas prices really makes their lives that much harder. It hurts.”

So, in other words, Obama is openly admitting he wants to hurt you financially.

Guess that isn’t really news to most of us.

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  • it will be MUCH worse on Cali as we already have a $.70 a gal Tax ( Fed & State combined )

    • Reverend Draco

      Cali state tax is actually over a dollar a gallon, when you include the tax on the tax + sales tax.

      • The tax on the tax?
        I didn’t know there was a sales tax on gasoline anywhere.

        • Reverend Draco

          Cali has a “cap-and-trade” tax, on a sliding scale dependent on the rice of gas (minimum 10 cents per gallon) – this tax is included in the pump price, then the actual gasoline tax is added.

          Tax on a tax.

          Cali has sales tax on pretty much everything but raw food – the amount varies from one locality to the next, because they each have a local sales tax in addition to the state sales tax.

          39 cents for excise tax
          30-42 cents for sales tax
          10 cents for cap and trade “fee”—tax on a tax
          18.4 cents federal excise tax

          • All of the other states gasoline taxes are excise then, with California having a sliding, and so not excise, tax, which is uniform (remember that word in the Constitution?) per gallon? I really have to wonder why there is so much ignorance in a state with so many institutions of higher learning and high-tech design.

          • Reverend Draco

            Cali has an excise tax + a sliding tax. . .

          • Maybe the sliding tax will slide into the Pacific when the big one hits.

          • Reverend Draco

            With luck, everything east of the San Andreas will slide into the Atlantic.

          • That would make Chile look like a continent.

      • Gambeir Bay

        Just raping the people, just complete terrorization and thievery unchecked and without any justification for it all. Politics is now nothing more than a vehicle for legalized thievery. I can’t believe there are still people voting or supporting a single politician.

        • Reverend Draco

          I can’t believe it either. . .

          I worked at a carnival many years ago, in a game booth. . . the one where you toss a softball into a bushel basket. . .

          The game wasn’t obviously rigged – but it was rigged.

          The bottom of the basket was 2 layers of wicker. . . they attached the basket to the backboard by only one layer – leaving a gap between them. This gap made the bottom of the basket bouncy.
          The only way to win was to sort of drop the ball into the “corner” where the side and bottom met. . .

          I was taught to demonstrate the way to win by leaving a ball in the basket, then tossing mine in (the other ball absorbed much of the energy from the tossed ball, making it not bounce out) – but was taught to hurriedly remove the first ball (if they made it stick) before the next one went in.

          I don’t play the midway games any more. . .

      • Mike

        yea, cali is one screwed up place thanks to liberal regressive rule.

    • Helluva3ngineer

      Well, that’ the price you pay for living around a bunch of Communist scum.

    • masterblaster

      To bad all these freaking moronic policies come from there . RIDE YOUR BIKE like a good communist

  • renda blue


  • gingercake5

    Emperor O’s green initiatives have not been working out so well…

  • SP_88

    This is his plan, to destroy our economy and force the middle class into the poor house. He won’t be happy until there is no middle class and everyone is poor with the exception of a handful of elitists.
    And raising gas prices along with the price of heating oil and other utilities will raise the cost of everything else. It’s a brilliant idea if you really hate to see a prosperous population. And when Obama is gone, if he leaves office when his term is up, nothing will change because some other communist dictator will take over for him.

  • desertspeaks

    thieves never met a tax they didn’t like!

  • Ben William

    I can’t believe it took them this long for that one to come down the pike.

    • Janinesbailey3

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  • Nathan Togain

    Red Foxx?

    • Reverend Draco

      Sammy Davis, Jr.?

  • Jon Geissinger

    Barry’s controllers got this into the mill. Barry is too stupid to think that hard!

  • 11eninodstsinoizcinatasdid

    Is ziObama yet another in a line of their puppet servants?

  • Nick


  • D.Moore

    Doesn’t mean this will happen he has no power to raise taxes.and I doubt it will pass. Don’t get to upset stay calm and carry on he has ten months left to screw America

    • masterblaster

      He has allies Mitch the bitch Paul Ryan and half the republicans in the congress. So far they have given him everything without even a whimper

  • Mike

    Yea, lets find a way to destroy the middle class even faster. Freaking America hating muslim.

    • Joan Camara

      Yup, if this video don’t prove, nothing will. Everyone needs to see that Obummer’s words and his actions, are..MUSLIM!!

      • masterblaster

        They sure as hell are . Import tax excluded only american oil taxed he is a fuking manchuraian candidate terrorist and should be handcuffed and sent to GITMO for serious interrogation and water boarding

  • amylewis

    Didn’t Obama say that under his plan of cap and trade the cost of oil would necessarily skyrocket? Seems he’s still committed to that idea.

  • 11Mic22hael33

    When are the military, (the military leaders), finally going to go in and arrest and forcefully remove the fake president who was never qualified to begin with? How many crimes and treasons will they allow him to commit? How much damage to America will they allow to happen on their watch? By doing nothing, they are complicit in his crimes. Congress is just sitting by and enabling and even HELPING him in his crimes. They are aiding and abetting the treasonous fraud, the marxist kenyan pretending to be president. We The People need to organize, rise UP and take this country back and make sure ALL of the criminals and ALL of their accomplices and helpers are arrested, put on trial and punished to the fullest extent! The only peaceful way I can see of making this happen would be to get Trump into the White House. Otherwise, it will have to be by force of an organized and armed American Public! One way or another, it will have to get done!

  • Leon Tarr

    Taxation with out representation.

    • Joan Camara

      Hey, you took MY words!! Exactly what I was going to say in my comment. Glad I read them all, before I copied someone! Otherwise, Obumma might have put me in jail for plagerism! Lol….but yours says it ALL!

      • Leon Tarr

        Short and to the point Joan. These politicians take way too much liberty with our taxes, and our pay checks, meager as they are. Executive orders has to go.

  • frankenbiker

    When will people get it? He FCKING HATES AMERICANS. He always has and always will. He will stand with his goatfcking muzzie brothers, and push the NWO global redistribution scheme.

    • Reverend Draco

      As opposed to your goatfucking muzzie brothers?

      • frankenbiker

        Sorry rev, you must have me confused with someone else. I’d just as shoot one of those douchebag pedophile goatfcking bastards than look atmine.

  • I_P_Frehley

    This is something not even the mighty economy of Texas can bear when it finally kills the economy…

  • ccambridge

    Green is all a lie. The only thing green is the money part.

  • mayday911us.

    Oh good they collect more tax dollars to waste.