In 24 Hours, Multiple False Media Reports Cause an Air Strike On Iran and Financial Markets to Crash

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Despite the fact that trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low, reports from the media can still have major international repercussions—even when they are false. In fact, in just 24 hours, false media stories caused financial stocks to crash and led to an airstrike that could have provoked a war.

Former U.S. National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday to lying to FBI agents about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. ABC’s original report claimed that Donald Trump ordered Flynn to contact Russian officials during the 2016 election when he was still a candidate.

However, Trump actually ordered Flynn to contact the officials after he became president-elect. The original claim was made by ABC News Investigative Reporter Brian Ross, who said he was quoting an anonymous source. This method was used by the mainstream media throughout the election to push exaggerated claims with no evidence.

While ABC brushed off the mistake as nothing more than issuing a simple correction to one of their reports, the allegations from their “anonymous source” had serious repercussions. Ross made the claim during a “Special Report” from ABC News at 11 a.m. on Friday. Within minutes of the report, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 350 points.

While the market eventually recovered, and ABC News suspended Brian Ross for four weeks, the fact is that one false mainstream media report based on an anonymous source that included no concrete evidence had the ability to send financial stocks plummeting—and that should be a wake-up call for everyone.

Although it has not received nearly as much media attention, the BBC made a similar error that was used as evidence to support an airstrike on Friday, that could have pushed the United States into yet another war.

As The Free Thought Project reported on Saturday, Israel launched a series of both surface missiles and airstrikes, targeting a town near Damascus, Syria. The attack targeted what appeared to be a military base.

The existence of the base was apparently revealed less than one month ago by a BBC report, which included satellite images of several buildings. According to BBC, these images were evidence that Iran is establishing a permanent military base inside Syria.”

However, the entire report was based on information from an anonymous “Western intelligence source,” and there was no confirmation as to whether the buildings were being used by the Iranian military.

Following the attack from Israel, BBC reportedLast month the BBC revealed a claim that Iran was building a permanent military base near the town. A series of satellite images showed construction at the location of the alleged base, which was made known to the BBC by a western intelligence source.”

BBC also noted that, “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has previously warned that Israel would not allow Iran to establish any military presence in Syria.”

In response, a report from ZeroHedge noted:

It appears the BBC is playing war propagandist for Israel, instead of including any level of critical inquiry regarding Israel’s unprovoked act of aggression against its neighbor. In short, the BBC spread what it acknowledged to be a mere “claim” based solely on an unnamed “Western intelligence source”. Then Israel used that claim to attack Syria, after which the BBC in circular fashion justified the attack based on its own original dubious “claim.”

If Israel goes to war with Iran, it will rely on its closest ally—the United States—for support. Because of this, every American should be aware of how mainstream media reports can have real repercussions on the current state of events, even when those reports are based on claims from anonymous sources with no real evidence.

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  • idontknow

    Welcome to the NDAA…

    • what does the The National Defense Authorization Act have to do with the ongoing false and irresponsible reporting?

      • idontknow

        It legalized domestic propaganda…

        • ah ok. I didn’t see the connection you were making. thanks.

  • Meltonmark

    British Bullsh*t Corporation is entirely controlled by Jews. Here:-

  • TrevorD

    What would one expect. The BBC is Zionist Controlled Fake News Media. Why would the British be so dumbed down and hence biased on world affairs, because they watch and believe it to be true……

    • BeverageBob

      Remember the BBC announced the collapse of Building 6 20 minutes BEFORE it actually happened! It’s all a rehearsed script but, they fu and it shows that it is ALL fake.

      • SP_88

        I think you mean building 7.

        • BeverageBob

          Oh yeah….Bldg 7…thnx

      • TrevorD

        Yes I remember. Just shows who is pulling the BBC strings.

    • Richard O. Mann

      I guess you have plenty of proof you can share with us about the BBC being controlled by Israel? I’d like to see it. That is, if it exists. Which I doubt.

      • TrevorD

        Want proof. Just watch it. Very simple really……

        • Richard O. Mann

          Just as I thought. No proof. Just subjective hate on your part for Israel.

  • SP_88

    Who the hell fires a missile into another country based solely on something they saw on the news?
    The market dropping from Ross’s fake news is one thing, people see news that has an effect on their financial situation, so they sell. But to conduct military operations and lob missiles at people because of something you saw on tv is insane.
    They should have conducted their own intelligence operations to determine if that was a valid military target, not rely on the news, which has a habit of being unreliable at best.
    I feel like I’m preaching to the choir here.

    • Richard O. Mann

      Yeah. I highly doubt Israel made a decision based on a BBC report. Israel has it’s own sats, and people on the ground in the area.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Welcome to the age of instant news. It happens fast, travels fast, and by time anyone realizes that it is incorrect, it is too late. That is why the anti Trump people won’t stop with the false reports. They leaned from Hitler, and others, that if you tell a lie long enough, people will begin to believe it as truth. And today, you can broad cast that lie and have it travel the Earth in a matter of seconds. Over and over.

  • randy wellman

    that was what a CRASH looks like?…PFFT!….he got an EDUCATION Coming.

  • PPTA

    Welcome to the Globalist News Stations who want confusion, who ant open borders, who want a one world Government, who are now not only in Brussels an the EU, But also in the UN, also in Canada, Also in the US Government, and the Australia Government, and working in Africa , South America, and Russia. But Russia is fighting back. People Like George Soros are financing all of this and are in the Bilderberg Group. Look it up yourself with your search engine.