“I’m Gonna Show You What a D*** Is”: 12-Yr-Old Student Records Teacher’s Profanity-Laced Tirade

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Talk about the The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.

The kids were laughing, but their parents weren’t.

After you listen to this video, your first question might be, “Was this guy smoking crack?”

A sixth grade teacher at Holmes Middle School in Dallas, Texas has been put on paid administrative leave (what is he, a police officer?) following the leak of video recorded by one of his 12-year-old students in which he not only cussed like a sailor, but he made numerous references to his private parts.

Here are a few highlights:

“If you don’t give a f***, then I don’t give a f***. If you don’t give a f***, then I don’t give a f***.”


“I’m gonna tell you the truth, you f***ed it up.”

and worse,

“Some people’s d***, they only go that far. My d*** goes all the way to that fence. I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna show you what, I’m gonna show you what a d*** is. I’m gonna d*** your a** over.”

Is this guy a wannabe rapper or a middle school teacher?

Perhaps the crazier part of the story is how the principal reportedly reacted to the video when the parent of the student who shot it showed up at the school, recoding in hand:

KFOR reports that Diana immediately took the recording to the Homes Middle School principal. However, she was incredibly dissatisfied with the response she received. Diana claims the principal simply told her to delete the recording. Diana said that isn’t happening and she will keep the recording as assurance that this teacher never gets the chance to speak to students like that again.

The teacher’s potty-mouth was confirmed by other students from the girl’s class. Another student claims the teacher frequently uses the b-word, a-word and sometimes calls people mother f****.

The school has since placed the teacher on paid administrative leave while they investigate the recording. (source)

A “mother f****” huh? Sounds really inspiring, you know, in an educational sense. Way to go, taxpayer funded public schools!

Seriously though, what is there to investigate? It’s not exactly Sherlock Holmes level mystery here.

Sounds like the only “mother f*****” in this story are the educational leadership of a school who are apparently just a-ok fine with a teacher telling his 12-year-old students he’s going to d*** their a*** over.

(Is getting one’s a** d***ed over covered on the Texas state STAAR assessment?)

P.S. — Wow, it’s sad this story even had to be written because this is a thing that actually happened.

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  • bustattmovec

    Whats the demographics of the school student body? I’d be willing to bet they all talk like that anyway. Teacher was just relating to their level.

  • Mossy Oak

    And the students were horrified that the teacher stooped to their level?
    Ha… give me a break.

    • I guess you missed the part where the students thought it was funny. The mother should post the video on her social media so that they can be brought up to the school’s standards.

  • roddy6667

    He’s black, right?

  • BunE22

    Listen to the recording. Sheesh.

  • Honey badger

    Public indoctrination at its finest… Also paid leave!?!? Maybe China should come over here, than we might have a decent education system than the b.s. we have now.

  • stephen joseph

    Well if we have no litmus test for cops and allow nut cases to roam freely within their ranks, what’s stopping mentally and morally deficient teachers from infiltrating our schools….after all so far we’ve allowed the nightmare common core to exist.

  • Epona6161

    Zero tolerance if a first grader points his finger like a gun but this kind of language is tolerated by students and teachers while on campus. Students heard using language like this at school should be suspended just like they suspended the first grader. That “teacher” needs to find another career

  • Lou

    A “principal” who does not know the language being used by HIS teachers in HIS school on HIS students. That “principal” would be on the street in a NYC minute in MY School District.

    For heavens sake people give your kids a break. HOME SCHOOL.

  • Lou

    Home School

    What is going to happen in government “schools”

    o School Clinics are being built to “vaccinate” your children with every new “vaccination” on the “schedule” with or WITHOUT your permission. Most new “vaccines” are not being tested as they were 20 years ago. Please READ the “vaccine” information.

    o Your children are being introduced to perverted sex way before they have had the time to enjoy their bodies asexually. We once called it INNOCENCE. That innocence is being STOLEN from your children.

    o Your children are NOT learning Reading, Writing and Arithmetic In these core competencies the USA is scoring LAST in the developed world..

    o Your children are learning USSR style to rat out their parents who may have a firearm or other such contraband in the State’s structure which the old fashioned parents believe is their home.

    o Your children are learning Homosexuality, One Worldism and DEPENDENCE. To become good little World Citizens who will gladly trade our Constitution for a sick pile of promises.

    o We have seen these “schools” before in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Chairman Mau’s People’s Chinese paradise.

    All led to blood baths where both children and parents were slaughtered. What do you think the plan is this time?.