“I’m actually quite flattered!: ISIS Hacks Website of Tiny Solar Company with Only 11 Employees

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Right now as America literally fights a proxy war with itself in Syria, stories about ISIS continue to spill out that are less terrifying, more ridiculous and embarrassing for the West (see list below).

In one of the latest, the owner of a tiny solar company called Solar UK in East Sussex says he’s flattered that ISIS actually bothered to take the time and effort to hack the website of his tiny solar company.

The hack redirected visitors to Solar UK’s website to an alternate page with the message, “Fear us. We are the Islamic Cyber Army. We have responded to the call of war and have risen across the globe, from within their own back yard to strike viciously – anywhere and any time.”

The company was also featured in an ISIS video outlining “crucial” targets.

There’s just one problem for the terror group. Fear wasn’t exactly the response they got from their hack. Bemusement would be a better description of it. Solar UK only has eleven employees, and at first, its founder Duncan Lee thought the whole thing was a joke according to the UK Express:

“When it initially happened, I just thought it was some 16-year-old kid showing off his prowess. If they have put it in a video and claimed that we are a target, then I’m actually quite flattered!”

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        We wouldn’t want to make anyone think we are smearing anything or anybody.

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    Actually, it is America’s proxies that are fighting each other. The government is fighting the people all by itself.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Obama was right all along. It’s all a part of there master plan to Terrorize clean energy to cause global warming and Terrorism.

  • mirageseekr

    It’s as if they are trying to test exactly how brain dead the population is by gaging the reaction or lack thereof by this shit.

  • pebsham

    “Solar UK” is an interesting company, their HQ is the only heptadecagon (17 sided) industrial building in Europe. Maybe ISIS don’t like complex geometry?

    • http://www.shitsenders.com Я0llyJ0g3r

      lol, we’ll defeat them with angles(rubs hands together)

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Listen. The 1st thing I would have done is go running . . . to the person in charge of marketing and insist we drum up some new business in the land where it is sunnier than UK. Sales would hit the roof because EVERYONE is concerned about energy issues ☀️