Illinois is One Step Closer to Total Gun Ban

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Late Wednesday night, a special panel of the Illinois State Senate passed the bill, and has sent it to the Senate floor to be voted on, bringing the state one step closer to a ban on “assault” weapons. The vote will most likely take place today, January 3.

The bill bans the sale and possession of high-capacity ammunition magazines as well as the sale and possession of so-called “assault weapons.”

Representatives from the NRA were present to plead their cases. “I don’t understand why certainly the only ones who think their lives and their families, like the mayor and governor, are worthy of armed guard protection 24-7, yet now they want to dictate the terms and conditions I or my family use to protect ourselves when I have gang members living down the block in the suburbs,” said NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde.

The lobbyists were treated with scorn and condescension. Sen. Antonio Munoz (D-Chicago) told Vandermyde, “You don’t hunt with a 50-caliber weapon, my friend.”

Notorious gun grabber Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel must be rubbing his hands together in glee. He released a statement endorsing the measure. “I urge the full Senate to follow the committee’s lead and quickly pass this important legislation.”

Chicago, the city with the most un-Constitutional gun laws in the United States, stands as evidence that gun bans don’t work. The city won the dubious crown of “the murder capitol of the United States” this summer as it exceeded 500 murders.

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  • Kerick Walters

    what I don’t understand is why there isn’t an armed citizenry storming the legislature arresting these treasonous scum for violating the constitution. what part of shall not be infringed can these traitors not understand?

    • Kulafarmer

      And that is the problem is that these tyrants are able to just keep pushing their agenda, the clip quoted again refered to one of these politicians stating that a weapon isnt used for hunting, the 2A has nothing to do with hunting.
      The 2a is about preservation, these wannabee dick taters need to get happy.

  • G-DAWG

    Isnt the basic reason LEOs are armed is for their personal protection. Hmmmm. Typical. Hope yall have a true 3% up there. A lot of firearm owners go round spouting these catchy phrases, we know the phrases. Well, it will require many, many moving as one to protect their rights, otherwise THEY WILL make examples of individuals which will shortly bring everyone else in line. If there is not a single coordinated response, we may well see hundreds of WACOs and Ruby Ridges. Look around at your family and freinds. 99 1/2 wont do. Are you ready to go all the way. The fix is beyond the ballot box. Just remember, those politicians and LEOs have families too. Semper Fi. III

    • cop

      Just try to remember not all LEO’s are against you. myself and all the ones that i know feel the same as you, and i have never met an officer that wants to take anyones guns away. most feel it would be better i everyone carried one. I also agree it would be suicide to try and take people’s guns away.

  • White Knuckle Driver

    This will be struck down. If not, this will be precedent setting and the end is near.

  • Jonesy

    Well said G-DAWG…if it truly has come to this point, success will only come by standing together. A month ago, who knew we would be facing events like these? I hope you are ready Illinois….it might start with you.

    • MDM

      Threats against your own Government make you sound like some conspiracy nut job. The majority elected these officials to make the laws. This is democracy. You have the right to protest but making threats is childish and shortsighted and will get you nowhere.

      • umx3

        America is a REPUBLIC. Learn the difference, rube. A democratically held election does not nullify our Republic.
        The 2nd Amendment states ‘shall not’ – that’s legalese for ‘you can absolutely never, ever pass a law abrogating the God-given/Natural Rights of a human being to protect him/herself from a tyrannical government’ – the reason for the 2nd Amendment.
        The Declaration of Independence was definitely a threat to King George et al. Are you saying the American Founding Fathers were childish and short sighted?

      • steadysteve

        This is not my government. My government would respect the 2nd Ammendment and the similiar provision in the Illinois Constitution. And .50 caliber weapons are for hunting scum like Munoz.

  • CARL Citizen’s Army for the Restoration of Liberty

    Decentralized individual cells. Rough terrain. Mountains. Forests. Wilderness.

  • I guess none will come forward in this state as I bet most guns are owned illegally. Chicago has a high murder rate regardless of strict gun laws. If this bill passes I bet murders will go even higher. Chicago never had much regard for laws. During the depression, Chicago looked very robust and thriving. Thanks to the politicans the black market is the only true free market.
    Ron Paul said furing the depression ration stamps were traded and there were places to buy meat and metals. Gov regulation encourages crime, not discourages it.

  • dustin

    “You don’t hunt with a 50-caliber weapon, my friend.” Actually muzzle loading season for hunting is almost 90% .50 cal black powder muzzloaders……once again I hate people that have no clue.

  • dont they have any people that believe in the constition there,isnt there anyone that is willing to fight for there rights granted to them by the constition,or was a comment i made on another article right when i said the new american citizens are face to face with the goverment they are going to go along with whatever there told,if you are not willing to fight for your rights you dont deserve them…no wounder hitler i mean obama is taking over..

    • americuh

      To answer your questions: Yes, as the article states Todd Vandermyde is willing to stand up for the 2nd Amendment. Which by the way, and this is important, is not granted to us by the Constitution, rather it is a natural God given right protected by the Constitution.
      As it states the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
      It is with heavy heart I watch the progress of this bill. I do not want to have to shoot anyone, nor do I want to be shot, but I will not surrender any firearms. I am a daughter and a mother of veterans of foreign wars, but now, the enemy is domestic.

  • Cnsay

    Snatch them treasonist bastards out of the statehouse and execute them in the street. When each one of them see the blood leaking out of their colleagues while they await their bullet, then the realization will dawn on them that they fucked up big time, albeit too late.

  • Rick45

    2k Left lets keep it going people. Try Senator Dianne Feinstein in a Federal Court For Treason To The Constitution,

  • Donna W.

    What is to stop armed citizens from storming the state government? Who is going to stop them? The cops? All of this WILL result in a bloodbath between the tyrannical government goons and those who want to live in the real America. This has already gone too far to avoid bloodshed. That seems to be the only thing they will listen to. People will die or become slaves. Simple as that.