Illinois Institutes Chilling New Mandate for Schools to Teach Children How to Submit to Police

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by Matt Agorist

The police state apparatus will now condition children to prostrate themselves before their masters as they are extorted during traffic stops. Illinois drivers education now includes instructions on how to properly allow police to generate revenue.

The bill signed into law on Friday by Governor Bruce Rauner authorizes a new curriculum for driver’s education classes which includes interacting with police. It will be instituted for the 2017-18 school year and become mandatory training at both private and public schools.

The guidelines, created by the secretary of state’s office, will instruct pupils on how to respond if they are pulled over by the police. It will condition them to not be afraid of being robbed on the roadside.

“I think it’s really timely, so that teenagers and young drivers don’t look at a police officer as a threat or a problem,” State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield), who sponsored the legislation, told the Chicago Tribune. “It’s just a part of driving, and if they respond in a responsible, correct way, it should never escalate.”

However, as anyone who’s ever seen those blue and red flashing lights in their rearview mirror knows, the last thing going through your head at that moment is “safety.” The officer pulling you over is most assuredly a “threat” and a “problem” as their job is to look for or otherwise create a crime so that you can be kidnapped or caged in order to generate revenue to pay their rising salaries.

In the latest figures from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), police made more than two-million traffic stops in 2014. The rate of traffic stops for minorities is far higher than their white counterpart. Will that be taught in the class?

Will the fact that police officers are allowed to legally lie to you to trick you into confessing to a crime be taught? Will the fact that cops can steal your property and never charge you with a crime through the process known as civil asset forfeiture be taught? Will students be taught that they are criminals for forgetting to put on their seatbelt or having window tint that is ‘too dark’?

A study in 2013 released by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois found that Chicago Police were far more likely to stop African Americans during traffic stops than white residents, as reported by RT. They also found that African-American and Latino motorists were far more likely than whites to be searched during traffic stops, yet white motorists were far more likely to be caught with contraband. The study used data from the IDOT.

In 2013, the Chicago Police Department conducted a total of 100,676 traffic stops. Of those, 46 percent were of African-American drivers. Since they comprise only 32 percent of the city’s population, the data revealed that blacks were stopped at a rate 42 percent more often than indicated by their population. In comparison, 32 percent of the Chicago population is white, but the traffic stop rate for whites was 27 percent, according to the report.

The very idea of teaching children how to properly submit to revenue collection and privacy invasion is chilling. We can rest assured that the individual’s rights will take a back seat to what these students are taught.

It seems the state has finally figured out how to combat future resistance to their tyranny — teach the children that it is the norm. You must be robbed at gunpoint to protect your freedom.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.  and now on Steemit

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  • Doyle Nibits

    First thing you do is ask a Policeman if he has a Warrant for your arrest. If he wants your drivers license, ask if it will violate your 5’th Amendment rights and could be used to incriminate yourself. Refuse if he says yes, and uphold your 5’th Amendment right. Never give up a right, should be taught.

    • ExecutorOffice

      you could ask if the policy enforcer has a search warrant to LOOK at you or your property. btw: A search warrant based on probable cause

    • abinico

      The big problem with your advice is that by accepting a driver’s license you agree to the states terms and conditions and do give up some rights, so at that point it becomes meaningless to invoke the 5th.

      • Doyle Nibits

        No, you’re wrong, you have the right to travel, I don’t know who told you you give up your rights when you get a license, maybe a Jew.

        • abinico

          The below URL has some good info on legalities of accepting a driver’s license:

          But in general I agree with you, but most people just do not have the time or knowledge to fight the ‘system’. And if you try to fight, the jews will make your life miserable.

          • Doyle Nibits

            There used to be a law club that taught everyone to fight against the police through Constitutional legal means, but after Oklahoma city, it was shut down. I still have my law books from that, it taught you how to sue the police, and I have never lost a case.

          • Put ’em online on anon files or something! I want to read that!

          • Doyle Nibits

            That’s what I was wanting to do, specially the ‘public servant questionnaires, which has never been filled out by a public servant, ever. I hand them this, then they throw it back to me, get in their car and leave. They are required by law to fill these out so you can take civil action against them, their home address, phone number, etc.

          • Wow! Awesome! Yeah that sounds like some great info. Also, good job ignoring the cucks and just know that ’round here you have support!

        • Mary Brumley

          O silly Doyle! Just blame everything bad on the Jews!

          • Oh Mary, let’s kiss the ass of the tribe trying to wipe you out. In some ways you deserve it for being so gullible.

  • Doyle Nibits

    But if you’re black, just say, ‘Sheeet, MuthaFugger, Dindu Nuffin.

    • NonYo Business

      black lives mattah massah

  • SexualMustard

    Illinois, here is a better idea. Teach the police and school kids the The Constitution For The United States and the Bill Of Rights, neither seem to have a very good grasp of that.

  • Roy Hobs

    The rate of traffic stops for minorities is far higher than their white counterpart.

    Call me crazy…..but maybe…..just maybe………the White race is slightly more ethical. Could this crazy outlandish conspiracy theory possibly be the explanation? Gee….I wonder.

    How the hell does this author who would probably admit to being “red pilled”……still buy into White Guilt???!!!

    • You, sir, are literally Hitler! 🙂

      • Bush Family Nazis

        That is IMPOSSIBLE but go on Jr. and tell us how the kids at school feel, then when you grow up maybe you can grow a pair also! LOLOL

        • Hey sock puppet troll, your sarcasm detector is broken but that must just be a (((coincidence))), right? L.O.L 🙂

          Now run along before people find out who you really are.

          • Bush Family Nazis

            You are just not very skilled at it….:-)

          • OR… you’re just not that bright. ONE of us will never know LOL!

          • Bush Family Nazis

            Your response is a typical narcissistic psychopathic one, envy the world much???

          • Your response is just a weak projection because you can’t think of anything better to say, trying to save face are we? 🙂

          • Mary Brumley

            WE know whom it is that is the “moron.” lol

          • Considering the source I’m just not offended 🙂

      • Mary Brumley

        You, sir, are literally foolish! 🙂

    • Mary Brumley

      No, have never bought into “White Guilt”! As far as the Black minority, percentage wise, they commit more crime. Certainly they will be stopped more frequently.
      The minorities should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps as did my Scots/Irish ancestors in this nation’s early days.

    • Hey Roy, that was just a sarcastic a joke. I thought you would have found it funny yourself… guess I was wrong, lol

      PS: You can call me Hitler anytime!

      • Roy Hobs

        I knew what you meant. And I thought it was funny.

        • Oh okay, good, lol. Judging by the visceral reaction by the sarcasm impaired around here I wasn’t sure. Was just reading through your comments BTW… very good stuff!

  • Clementine

    I thought this was going to be an intelligent article… then I realized it is simply more anti-white race baiting. Pathetic!

    • Roy Hobs

      exactly! “Race” is like the third rail. In spite of us being ‘enlightened’ this past decade; there are still those who refuse to touch Race. “Why” is the question. Gate Keepers? Or just ignorant.

      • It’s racist to not want to genocide the white race, didntchaknow?

        • Mary Brumley

          Why don’t YOU try it? Good luck staying alive.

  • Bob

    The police only can stop you if they require assistance or if you are being dangerous. By dangerous I mean way over the speed limit and weaving in traffic. The speed limit is designed to ensnare so this is out of what I call dangerous. It has already been proven that rasing the speed limit makes the roads safer from people looking at the road and not the speedometer. I have taught my kids to understand that the vehicle is their ship and they are the captain. The great thing is that my Son was present during a traffic stop where I left without a contract. A ticket is a contract which is why they want you to sign. If you are forced to sign, then write on there “signed under duress” and then get the contract nullified later. A friend of mine was threatened with arrest/kidnapping when he declined to sign so sometimes there is no choice but to sign the contract and to nullify later.

  • Bobby Bill

    One sentence, and one sentence only – “Officer, do you know what the word ‘inalienable’ means?”

    (hint – it means a judge can’t take away your rights by enabling cops to become a national network of lying thieving murderers, even if ridiculously improbable “terrorist” attacks that have been laid out in precise detail years beforehand in their Hollywood films are used as justification)

    I read at a website what one guy wrote on this topic — “If the cop won’t answer or pursues violation of your rights, at least from a constitutional point of view and from the personal writings of the Founding Fathers, you have the right to use lethal violence aginst the cop”.

    I’ll refrain from a personal opinion here, but it does sound like someone has been doing their reading.

  • ExecutorOffice

    IF you are a registered voter and have signed off your kids to the STATE by signing the Birth Bond Certificate you are chattel property.

    IF you buy everything advertised on this page you just might become free, no disease, no taxes, no problems.

    • Can you NOT sign the Birth Bond Cert.? Will they let you out of the hospital if you don’t sign?

      • ExecutorOffice

        You can tell them to shove it. There are alternate certificates you can file at the Clerk’s office – I don’t recall the name at the moment.

      • Gary

        You can in AU – there is a statute requiring persons to register births within a set number of days, but if you’re a man or woman rather than a person, I guess it doesn’t apply. That said, it may cause all sorts of problems (e.g. government funded kidnappers) going to a doctor or any other government controlled service provider without a corresponding person for a child.

        Haven’t tried it out myself – I own a person, but am not the person.

        • It would cause hurdles but it also would keep your child off of the “this one is not vaccinated” list. Sounds like you’re set up similar to US which makes sense because we both are mere extensions of British Empire.

          • Gary

            Heh, heh, heh. I did get some correspondence saying they didn’t have evidence our babies were vaccinated. I just told them that medical history is a private matter between patient and doctor (and parents, until coming of age of the child). I also told ’em to quit botherin’ my wife, and to their credit, they stopped.

            I’d like to go off-grid, but don’t have the guns or the expertise. At the moment, its easier to play legal games, ’cause I can do that and they seem to respect it, too.

  • enough is enough
  • Meltonmark

    Didn’t Adolf do this back in the 1930’s, and Uncle Jo?

  • In an amazing breakthrough using this new technology called statistics it has come to light that some ethnic groups are more violent than others and therefore have more interactions with the law!

  • Window tint on cars is a side effect of having freedom.

  • Gil G

    Presumably the author loves to fight and get repeated tazed.

  • Steve Rusk

    The lower classes have recently noticed just how many of them are being killed by the police. The obvious answer to the problem, teach the lower classes to be better boot lickers. I expect that this will be a required subject.

  • Bush Family Nazis If you are traveling, not operating for profit “commerce” they have NO Jurisdiction unless it is an emergency and they need your help. The Supreme Court has ruled on this more than 25 times..many more.

  • knifemare69

    Public schooling is nothing more than prison training for a captive population, that and institutionalized child abuse. Any parent who allows these cretins to humiliate and break the spirit of their children obviously HATES their own flesh and blood…

  • knifemare69

    “By allowing the owners to tint the windows so strongly I can’t see the
    human inside, you increase their danger to others, and especially to
    police officers WHEN they ethically pull someone over for dangerous

    This statement is so Soviet it’s downright creepy. It’s amazing how ungrateful commie *ssholes can ruin a good thing by wanting to get rid of every possible freedom to promote their beloved big government.

    Just move to North Korea already, it’s obvious you hate yourself, hate freedom and hate America…