“If You Don’t Have Anything To Hide, You Shouldn’t Care About NSA Spying” DEBUNKED

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Some who believe that government surveillance is keeping us safe say “If you don’t have anything to hide, you shouldn’t care about NSA spying.”

Mark Dice debunks that argument in his latest video.

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  • Lee

    The current luciferian doctrine isn’t working for you?

  • Rick E.

    We ALL have something to hide. From the most staunch and dedicated religious person, to the most corrupt politician. We all have to hide: our PRIVACY.

    • If governments and “free” email providers can peek through your webcam, read your emails and look inside your computer, so can the criminals.
      Solutions exist. Today, regaining your online Privacy means going Abroad…

      • On Target

        Eddie Bates is selling a product, nothing more, nothing less. He just wants to scam people into believe the fears he fabricates to make money. He’s been told he’s abusing the Terms of Service of most web sites, but he just doesn’t care. This is a public service message from a concerned internet user.

        • “This concerned internet user” continues to state that we have nothing to worry about when the government infringes on our 4th Amendment Rights. Anyone who will not use their real name must have something to hide so who is the real hypocrite here? Regardless of whether you choose to go to my website to sign up for secure email, find a secure email provider as there are many good providers in Switzerland besides the one I represent. Again “Off Target” who are you? You should look up the definition of a “scam” I don’t promise anything that isn’t delivered.

  • Protecting your 4th Amendment Rights