Critical of the Gov’t? Pro Liberty? Pro Gun? Get Ready to Be Lumped in with the Vegas Shooters

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The mainstream media is officially having a full-on field day with the Vegas shooters’ online postings, demonizing the patriot movement and basically anyone critical of the government.

In case you haven’t seen the news, the main report is that 31-year-old Jerad Miller and his 22-year-old wife Amanda shot two police in cold blood at a Las Vegas CiCi’s Pizza, left a Gadsen “Don’t Tread on Me” flag on one cop’s body and a Nazi swastika on the other’s before heading over to the Walmart across the street and yelling about how the revolution had begun.

If it sounds really stupid, that’s because it is.

Today’s reports are highlighting with fervent glee every single detail of the Millers’ anti-government, pro-liberty movement beliefs as per their Facebook posts and YouTube likes.

Take a look at just a few of today’s headlines:

Las Vegas Cop-Killers Hated Government and Left Swastika on Body
Vegas Shooters’ Facebook Pages Reveal Support of Bundy Ranch, Gun Rights
The Chilling Anti-Government, Cliven Bundy-Loving Facebook Posts of the Alleged Las Vegas Shooters

Those with even more obvious agendas are going even further:

Meet The Crazed Pro-Gun Anti-Government Right Wing Shooters Who Killed 5 In Las Vegas

That particular headline is from “The New Civil Rights Movement” site which posted a link to an even more telling headline:

Walmart Shooters Who Left 5 Dead Had Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, Tea Party, Bundy Ranch Ties

The site Mediaite reported, “Jerad’s ‘likes’ include such conservative pages as Conservative America, Conservative Daily, Mr. Conservative, Ron Paul, the NRA, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, all in addition to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Amanda’s included some of the same along with the Drudge Report and Hobby Lobby.” (Their emphasis, not mine.)

Wow. Shooter Amanda Miller even liked Hobby Lobby. That’s pretty hardcore. The outlet then added this post from Miller’s Facebook page:


Mother Jones took a similar reporting route with, “Jerad Miller’s Facebook ‘likes’ include the NRA, American Patriot Media Network, Support the 2nd Amendment, The Patriot Party, Rand Paul 2016, Ron Paul, the Washington Examiner, Legalize Weed, Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Heritage Foundation, FreedomWorks, American Crossroads, and Allen West,” discussing how the Millers rallied behind “cause celebre in the so-called ‘patriot’ movement” Cliven Bundy whose standoff with the Bureau of Land Management made national headlines this past April.

Cliven Bundy’s son Ammon told the Associated Press that Jerad and Amanda were maybe the only two people out of hundreds who came to protest at the Bundy Ranch who were actually asked to leave:

He said that while details were still sketchy, the Millers’ conduct was the problem. He called the couple “very radical” and said they did not “align themselves” with the protest’s main issues.

“Not very many people were asked to leave,” he said. “I think they may have been the only ones.” (source)

In the article, “Las Vegas ‘revolution’ shooters ID’d as right-wing conspiracy nuts with a deathwish,” Raw Story included this post reportedly from Jerad’s Planet Infowars page:

“How the Gov. spends billions of dollars on the war on drugs and all these missles and bombs to kill people, I think about all that money that could do to helping people instead. Creating jobs, creating happy, healthy people. I dont want a hand out. I just need a foundation to stand on. One that wont be pulled out from under me as soon as i step up on it.” [sic]

Raw story went on to report, “The same InfoWars user complained that chemtrails were causing higher levels of respiratory illness, including strep throat and ‘bronchidus,’ and he also warned that ‘Im sure the floride isnt helping much either.’”

And the following excerpt about liberty and fascism Jerad Miller posted in early May is everywhere:

“There is no greater cause to die for than liberty. To die for that cause is easy, to live for it is another matter. I will willingly die for liberty. Death, in a sense is freedom from tyranny. Death, is the easy way out. Most notably is the “suicide by cop” routine. Yes, standing before despots is dangerous and most likely does not end well for you. I know this, my wife knows this. Soon they will come for us, because they don’t like what we think, and what we say. They don’t like the fact that we, simply will not submit to fascist rule. We don’t have much, but we are willing to sacrifice everything…….for you, for your freedoms. Even if you wouldn’t let us have ours. We know who we are and what we stand for, do you?”

…along with the fact that Miller discussed people “waking up” and the pro-liberty movement images he posted online, including those expressing that the 2nd Amendment is about freedom and that Democrats want to end the Benghazi investigation.

Outlet after outlet has exploited the Millers’ pro-liberty, pro-Cliven Bundy, pro-tea party, pro-Ron/Rand Paul, pro-Constitution, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-NRA, pro-“so-called Patriot Movement,” anti-Obama, anti-government, anti-police state, anti-chemtrail, anti-fluoride, anti-drug war, anti-U.S. War on Terror, anti-fascism stance to the hilt.

Essentially, the entire kitchen sink of the alternative media and every government-admonished “crazy conspiracy theory” has been thrown together into one highly publicized shooting.

How bad is it? It’s to the point that NBC posted the following pictures with the tagline, “Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller pose for a mug shot on an unspecified date and location.”


While Jerad Miller has been arrested multiple times, the likely reason Amanda’s “mug shot” is from “an unspecified date and location” is because it’s not a mug shot at all, but one of her personal photographs taken in Las Vegas that’s been brightened and had the background Photoshopped out:



When blown up, you can even see remnants of some of the red writing that’s been left around her hair by the sloppy Photoshop job.

The second picture was posted up at under the headline “Jerad & Amanda Miller: The Pictures You Need to See” and Heavy is right, because I needed that much more proof that this tragedy is being pushed for all the political agenda furthering it is possibly worth…and more.

The level of propaganda is staggering.

Now if you have any legitimate criticism of the government in pretty much any area discussed in the alternative media, no matter how valid your points or beliefs may be, get ready to get lumped right in with ‘crazy right wing neo-Nazi white supremacist conspiracy theorist cop killers’.

Mere minutes after posting the above video on this story, someone already called me a “terrorist” just for pointing this straw man out.

Jerad Miller’s Facebook page can be found here. Do you know anyone who has a similar-looking Facebook page?

I just shared this picture from former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura’s page:


Wonder what the mainstream media and those who hand them their agenda would have to say about that today?

(For the record, my first guess is that Senator Dianne Feinstein would say it’s one more reason that alternative media journalists should have their First Amendment rights straight up revoked — one of her more recent pet projects along with attacking the 2nd Amendment every chance she gets.)

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  • I need my coffee

    They can wipe their ass with the Constitution and ignore the 1st amendment or the whole thing all they want. They can call us terrorists for believing in this country and what it was founded on.
    But one thing they don’t understand.. when you put our backs to the wall.. we WILL fight back.

    • Justin OB

      The globalist agenda will continue until the Constitution is completely destroyed or the globalists are all in jail.

      • Truth

        Justin, you know they are not going to jail. You will go to jail before they are. They never will. You and they will die eventually still bickering about it all, for the next generation to do the same exact thing. But no one is going to do anything about any of it, no matter how much they bump their gums, and spit with their lips.

  • Justin OB

    Who cares what they intended? They were meth addicted suicidal homicidal idiots

  • Joseph Lizak

    Now you know why our government and the NSA has access to everything electronic that you do. Look at this article here. The government has made everything on this guy and gals computer public. Including all their bookmarks and favorites! It’s all made public to spin the reports in favor of the governments agenda. Namely this: From now on anyone viewing Drudge or other alternative news sights will be considered a potential terrorist.

  • Manny Buggers

    It appears conclusively that the Amerikan government is paranoid, schizophrenic, pathological and morally bankrupt….should they be allowed to possess firearms? The danger we face is this entrenched series of regimes that have clandestinely run the government and our rights into the ground and into the bank accounts of their overlords. Question everything coming for the media….everything. They will first endeavor to deceive!

    • Truth

      Oh please. The US Government has always been like that since your forefathers showed up here in turtle island, to kill, steal, rape, or torture everyone who wasnt them. Get real. Grow up.

  • matism

    Quite frankly, with the record of murders by the LVMPD and the “Legal” system’s total refusal to prosecute them for same, those cops got what they deserved. At least Fullerton was willing to prosecute.

    When there IS NO Rule of Law, it works BOTH ways.

  • Thomas Parker

    Two psychotic Hatriots go off reservation and commit second amendment murders and now it’s the media’s fault, yeah right. Until you guys start policing yourselves and start turning down the rhetoric, this shit ain’t gonna stop.

    • Mark

      Israel’s War on Children: Part I Murdering Children for Sport –
      The Jewish Holocaust Against Arab Children

    • Mark

      KHAN YUNIS REFUGEE CAMP, Palestine– May 7, 2001– Israeli troops shelled homes in this Arab refugee camp today and fired large-caliber
      machine guns, killing a 4-month-old baby girl and wounding 24 civilians.
      Doctors said 10 Palestinian children were among the injured.

      One Israeli cannon shell hit the shack of the Hijo family in the refugee camp, instantly killing 4-month-old Iman Hijo, with shrapnel tearing a hole into the infant’s back. The girl’s 19-year-old mother, as well as three brothers and sisters, were wounded, including 18-month-old Mahmoud Hijo, was in intensive care at Nasser Hospital with shrapnel wounds, doctors said.

      The slain infant’s uncle, Wael Hijo, carried the girl’s body from the hospital’s autopsy room to the X-ray department. In the emergency room, Iman’s 7-year-old aunt, Dunya, sat on a bed with a dazed look on her face, her frilly white-and-green dress pulled up above scraped and bandaged legs. “They killed the baby,” Dunya said, then burst into tears.

  • Thomas Parker

    THIS JUST IN: New second amendment killing of a high school student in Oregon.

  • Thomas Parker

    Little Mosquito: Does that make their crime less heinous? “Stolen freedoms.” Could you list them please? I want to compare them with my experiences to see if any of mine have been stolen-I haven’t noticed anything missing, except some socks.

  • Reagan’s Drool Bib

    Face facts, you gun-loving weirdos ARE the problem, you’re just too stupid to know it.

    • Mary Brown

      Really? I have owned guns for 40 years, I have never shot anyone and only once had to point my shotgun at someone who threatened me with a rifle first. Self defense is our right, if you choose to not own guns kindly out this is a gun free zone signs in your yard and on your doors so the criminals know which house to break into. Hope you aren’t home when it happens, druggies are known for killing people in gruesome ways. You can cower in a corner and wait for the police too. By the time they get there they can call for the morgue to come pick up your body.

      Meanwhile if someone breaks into my house I am not waiting the 45+ minutes it takes for a cop to get here. I will defend myself and my property on the spot.

  • Regina P

    Exactly. Most who go on these killing sprees lean to the left, but democrats and liberals/progs love to ignore and/or gloss over that. They are sad souls who jump on every single tragedy to push their agendas.

  • Thomas Parker

    The Alex Jones denial machine hit the ground running Monday morning. But the strategy was the same old turd-encrusted crap about false flags; even the most brain dead of his infowarriors must want some other pablum. C’mon Alex, you need new material-you’re getting stale. Take note from what DS is doing. They’re working on mind control to explain the mechanisms of evil.

  • Mary Brown

    Liberals can kiss my a$$. First amendment gives me freedom of speech as long as I do not cause physical harm to anyone. And if people can not see what Obama and company are doing to this country they need to try better meds for their mental illness

  • Kristen Christian

    He’s wearing a TAPOUT shirt in one of the videos. Should we blame Chuck Liddell too? The only person responsible for these murders are Jerad and Amanda Miller.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      It looks like a set up by the government to demean anyone who criticize them. You know what a patsy is or an agent provocateur. Things aren’t always as they seem!

  • Kristen Christian

    Being asked to leave the Bundy Ranch could’ve been the catalyst for a complete mental breakdown.

  • If you are not a USG “Watch List” then you are not a patriot.

  • Truth

    Done even fight it anymore. Let all that follow the lie be enslaved like they desire.