If India Can Afford a Space Program, Why is the US Government Giving Them $98.3 Million in Aid This Year?

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Mars Orbiter Mission Rocket

The Mars Orbiter Mission successfully took off at 09:08 GMT today from the Satish Dhawan Space center on the east coast of India. If it goes into orbit around the red planet, India will become the fourth space agency to have a craft orbiting Mars.

From the BBC:

Some commentators have wondered whether India should be spending $72m (£45m) on a scientific mission when the country has one of the highest rankings for childhood malnutrition in the world.

But those who defend such projects say the MOM is comparatively cheap and that the technological development required to mount this mission could indirectly benefit the country’s other activities.

Nisha Agrawal, chief executive of Oxfam in India, told the BBC: “India is home to poor people, but it’s also an emerging economy, it’s a middle-income country, it’s a member of the G20. What is hard for people to get their head around is that we are home to poverty but also a global power.

“We are not really one country but two in one. And we need to do both things: contribute to global knowledge as well as take care of poor people at home.”

There is nothing wrong with India putting a rocket into space, it’s their choice, their decision. As Agrawal says in the comments above, they want to contribute to global knowledge. Very noble.

What they shouldn’t be doing in my very humble opinion is holding their hand out for US dollars to feed their poor and educate their children at the same time announcing to the world they have spent $72 million on a rocket.

What’s even more shameful is that the United States government is willing to hand over $98.3 million in aid this year alone.

$98.3 million.

How many jobs would that have created?

How many families flung into unemployment and foreclosure could that money have helped?

How many schools could have employed extra teaching staff?

How many people living in tent cities and in cars could have improved their lives with just a few thousand dollars of that money?

How much of the crumbling infrastructure in the United States could have been updated with $98.3 million?

Charity is all well and good when you have cash to spare, but right now so many American citizens are struggling to make ends meet, to do such a basic thing as put food on the table for their families that spending million of dollars in aid to a country that can afford to launch a Mars mission is nothing short of obscene.

It’s not just India either. The United States still gives millions of dollars to China, one of the fastest growing economies on the planet. We should not forget Brazil, the Pacific Islands that get tsunami assistance, and all the other countries that get the dollars that fly from the United States government  with a mere click of a mouse.

What about American citizens?

I’m sure that those who have lost their jobs and their homes, and are living under canvas tonight will feel better knowing that the United States has helped India send a rocket to Mars.

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Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • Barn Cat

    Foreign aid is taking money from the poor in rich countries and giving it to the rich in poor countries. Ultimately, it’s a bribe to the government officials that get it.

    • Marie

      Why Barn Cat, where’s your sense of charity? I for one am so proud to be working and paying my taxes so someone else can sit home and take it my share. That’s what the government calls fairness and equality. And if they want to give it away to a country that not only has a space program but also has a lot of our jobs, who am I to have a say in it?

      • Marie

        Line 3–delete “it.” Must be the ACA computer hacks.

  • RickE.

    This is not surprising! We ARE the planet’s welfare and police department. We literally get our taxes taken by force from us, and we have no say in the manner in which the money is wasted.
    If the fed doesn’t bankrupt us, WE should bankrupt them by not paying taxes.

  • Jay

    You mean they borrow money from China to give it back to them for free? Brilliant !

  • Bill

    All “Foreign Aid” is nothing but a round about way of giving our tax dollars (or the equivalent in debt) to the major US weapons manufacturers.

    The US “gives” foreign governments free money, but there are strings attached. That money is used by that gov’t to purchase the latest and greatest weapons from Lockheed, Raytheon, Boeing, etc.

    So, we “the people” are paying the largest war corporations for their products and they end up in foreign countries. Those weapons then inflict harm on someone that can guarantee to keep the cycle of violence and profit alive.

    An absolutely brilliant scheme by the most despicable people on the planet.

  • Grandma Ruby

    We sent them our jobs, now we do without meals, homes, and healthcare so we can send them our money. Is this a great and generous country or what?

  • abinico warez

    Better question is why is USA giving israhell multi billions in aid year after year.

    • Michael Petch

      For the same reason we give it to India. Strategic interests.

  • Southern Dixie

    So let me get this straight, we borrow money from China to pay only the interest on our debt, we increase our spending, raise our taxes on the middle class to give money to a third world country that rather send a rocket to mars than feed its poor. I think the leaders in India our smarter than our leaders, they found a patsy to fund their expensive program at no additional cost to their country.

  • Nexus789

    It is not just a their mickey mouse space program it also the fact they are spending billions on weapon.

    Meanwhile 600m+ Indians crap in the open. Me thinks they have their priorities wrong.


    Would give them a cent.

  • smolt

    you all got it all wrong. our government send this mas amounts of money to other counties and they don’t have to be accountable as to what or who gets it so the two governments stash it in there own pockets. And theirs no paper trail.. Its why usa is always in a war..

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Some people really are out of this world LOL. Here’s a better and cheaper plan:- before going to Mars send a probe to the Sea of Tranquility to pay respects to the Apollo landing. The conspiracy theorists will for starters fully apologise for their once treasured beliefs. Then they will become the most enthusiastic of allies and supporters of today’s Governments, Banks and Corporations which so I’m told, have our best interests at heart.
    They will also be 1st in the queue for any vaccination programme, possibly even taking part in a sponsored canoe race through the North West Passage to raise awareness of Warble Glooming, secure in the knowledge that Summer in Alaska is very warm indeed:-) Please click on a link I am about to publish which outlines my business plan for planting my own vineyards besides the Hubbard Glacier..
    Drink to this!

  • john q publik

    if any of you really understand how this world works, you would not be in shock and awe. we have been doing this for a long long long time. why you bitching now? you let it happen for over a half a century now. so instead of bitching like little cry babies here on the net, stand with us. United we stand, Bitching on the internet we fall.