If Hillary Isn’t Indicted, the Rule of Law and the Republic Are Dead

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Editor’s Note: But she ISN’T going to be indicted. You watch. So I guess that means the rule of law and Republic are dead?


Once the Oligarchy is above the law, the Republic is already dead.

To paraphrase Ernest Hemingway: How did you lose your Republic? Two ways, gradually and then suddenly. The Romans experienced this when their Republic was extinguished by Empire.

The erosion of the Republic was gradual: slowly but surely, the lower classes’ representation in governance was curtailed; the Oligarchy of the wealthy and powerful cemented their privileges at the expense of the many; Oligarchs rose above the laws that were supposed to apply to all, and executive power was consolidated in top administrators and the wealthy at the expense of the Senate.

When Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his army to seize control of Rome, the Roman Republic ceased to exist. Gradually and then suddenly: this is how Republics become Empires.

We find ourselves in a parallel moment in history: the American Republic has been hollowed into a shell that is maintained for PR purposes. Beneath the propaganda, the Establishment runs the nation for its own benefit. The people are ignored, because they are powerless in this hollow shell of democracy: their only role is to provide bodies, talent and blood for the Imperial armed forces, pay taxes if they have any money, and be content with their food stamps if they don’t.

Here’s the proof:

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens

Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.

Here are two articles in the same vein:

America the Banana Republic

The Quiet Coup

The United States has reached a crossing the Rubicon moment: either Hillary Clinton is indicted for knowingly violating statutes regarding State Department security, or the rule of law and the Republic are dead. This is a binary moment: we either let Hillary evade the laws that were established to protect the security of the nation and confess there is no rule of law now for the Oligarchy, or the agencies tasked with defending the nation indict her.

There is no middle ground. If Hillary isn’t indicted, the rule of law, i.e. no one is above the law, is dead.

If you believe Hillary that she didn’t really do anything to violate the spirit or the letter of security laws, please review these statutes:

U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs Manual Volume 12 – Diplomatic Security
12 FAM 531.1 Top Secret Storage
12 FAM 531.1-1 Domestic
(CT:DS-185; 01-31-2012)
(Uniform State, USAID, OPIC, TDP)

(TL:DS-70; 10-01-2000)

Incidents involving intentional or grossly negligent release or mishandling of classified information may be subject to criminal penalties. An illustrative list of criminal statutes establishing penalties of fine and imprisonment for the release of classified information is set forth in 12 FAM 558 Exhibit 558.

Once the Oligarchy is above the law, the Republic is already dead. Once the people have lost the ability to influence the central state’s policies and decisions, the Republic is dead. Once the elected officials can no longer impose the nation’s statues on the Oligarchy (or have lost interest in doing so because they are all corrupted cronies), the Republic is dead. Once the nation’s agencies of law enforcement are stayed from indicting, prosecuting and jailing members of the Oligarchy, be they super-wealthy politicos like Hillary or super-wealthy Wall Street bankers, the Republic is dead.

The Democratic Party bosses and special interests have already selected Hillary as their shoo-in candidate for the Presidency, and these Oligarchs and special interests won’t let any pesky details like laws protecting the security of the nation stand in the way of their Not So Quiet Coup.

The nation’s Deep State, which I have covered extensively, has at least grudgingly approved Hillary as the next neo-conservative (never met an Imperial entanglement or drone strike she didn’t like), neocolonial (we’re going to put the “little people” in their rightful place, i.e. under our management) Imperial President.

A vote for Hillary, unindicted Oligarch, is a vote in favor of the destruction of the rule of law and the Republic. This is the Rubicon every voter must decide to cross or refuse to cross: vote for Hillary (destroy the Republic and surrender to Imperial Oligarchy) or refuse to vote for an unindicted Imperial Oligarch.

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  • I forgot

    The scariest part of the story is Hillary’s photo at the top of the page.

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  • No victim, no crime.
    Clinton is certainly a criminal due to her involvement in the war of aggression in Libya, but articles such as this seem designed to distract from her real crimes. US politicians have been murdering innocents for decades and I have yet to see that first indictment. It’s ridiculous to think she will be indicted over a few embarrassing emails while she skates on war crimes.

    • John C Carleton

      This is the circus part of the “food and circus” distraction plan.

    • Fred Bastiat

      War crimes and crimes of aggression are certainly more unethical, but I do think HC’s countless blatant acts of disregaring the rule of law for personal gain and power reveal the rule of law as a farce. On display is the rulers vs the ruled. To me it’s a beautiful example of how the government is not ‘for the people’.

      Some are using her corruption to supposedly show how the government rule of law is in danger, I say government rule of law is the danger.

      • Is it a coincidence that Bill’s crimes in Serbia and Kosovo were not the focus of wrong-doing but instead a romantic tryst was?

        • Fred Bastiat

          Unlikely, political theater is real. I believe some of the drama in the Royal Court is real, but the propoganda is outsized to cover authentic crimes of aggression. The debate of the day is never the reality.

        • Amerrikasfinest

          Monica was a planned distraction….never happened….just something to keep the real problem out of the papers.

  • Mike

    The republic died decades ago. We are just now realizing it.

  • Broos

    As an Eternal Flamer (aka bleeding-heart liberal “baby” ‘boomer’), I AIN’T NOWAYS Bush-diving for CLINTY.

  • Frank

    The indictment charge and paperwork is with big DOJ now, awaiting Loretta Lynch’s decision (who is awaiting Obama’s permission – or not). The Director of the FBI, James Comey, has stated that he will resign in protest at the complete corruption of the DOJ and US justice system if Hillary is not indicted and charged with multiple crimes and counts thereof. We’ll see what actually happens.

    • Amerrikasfinest

      James Comey better sharpen up his resume as he will be job hunting soon….

  • Whodbelieveit

    A contract is an agreement entered into voluntarily with out force, coercion or deception. The Constitution of the US is not a contract. Neither You nor I nor any one alive today signed it. Most have not even read it. No legal contract can bind the future inhabitants in perpetuity. Besides the Constitution was a coup, they were supposed to fix the “Articles of Confederation” they threw it out and secretly created a document that fewer than 100 people had any knowledge of then foist it by deceit on the people of that time.
    It is purely a PR stunt that we pretend it exists, while it has been in ‘Breach of Contract’ Since before Lincoln’s illegal war on Americans. Do Not believe me. Read the anti federalist papers, investigate for yourself. You have been deceived by the Oligarchs since the beginning.

    Hillary is guilty, she will go free. You will pay taxes,fight and die in immoral wars to make her and others rich. The sheep are fleeced.

  • Dan Morgan

    The law applies to everyone, or it applies to no one.

    • Amerrikasfinest

      It applies to no one…..so tell that to the Judge when you get a speeding ticket….that you are hillbilly’s official chauffer and see how far that gets you.

      • Dan Morgan

        Speeding ticket? Really?
        We are talking about espionage at the highest levels of government, and you want to use a speeding ticket analogy…..

        • Amerrikasfinest

          To HRC it’s basically the same thing, Dan. “What difference does it make? Speeding ticket or espionage….gee that’s a hard one for me….” HRC

  • Amerrikasfinest

    Naaaah. He now knows just how corrupt the FBI really is and his Ambien is not working anymore and he’s run out of sheep to count.