Idaho Militia Arrives in Malheur Wildlife Refuge to “Secure Perimeter”

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Ever since armed militiamen took control of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, rumors have swirled over the possibility that law enforcement could turn the situation into a Waco style standoff. On Friday, a militia from Idaho arrived on the scene in the hopes of preventing that from happening.

The group known as “3% of Idaho” is sympathetic to the cause of the Ammon Bundy led militia, and wants to provide a buffer between them and law enforcement. They are apparently trying to “secure a perimeter” around the building, though the precise nature of this perimeter is unknown. According to Bundy, “They just keep an eye on everything that is going on” and are making sure “nothing stupid happens.”

The number of militiamen that will arrive is also unknown, and the few that have showed up, so far appear to be only armed with handguns. Spokesmen for the group have asserted that their presence would not be “paramilitary” in nature. The perimeter is supposed to protect the militiamen in the compound and prevent hotheaded sympathizers (or provocateurs for that matter) from joining them and causing trouble.

Still, to most outside observers and law enforcement officials who are not sympathetic to the militia takeover of the building, these new arrivals may appear to be contributing to the standoff, despite their claims. What do you think? Will the presence of “3% of Idaho” and other militia groups, heighten tensions in Malheur, or will they help keep the peace?

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  • Enough is enough

    I been reading up on the 3% movement and the history of them. They really seam like good guys just trying to stand up for there rights to be an American.

    • Airb0rne4325

      We are. We are fathers, husbands, mothers, brothers, sisters. Some of us have military experience, some have none. Some have police experience, some have none. It takes nothing to be a Threeper other than determination and education. There is no card carrying member, no activation fee. It is a state of mind and attitude.
      Now having said that, I will say this. There are always bad apples in everything. There is also some that are intermixed with the movement to keep tabs and to be provocateurs. They have to be weeded out constantly in order to maintain the true intentions of the movement.

      • Enough is enough

        Thank you and all of the gentlemen that are in the 3% and all the movements like yours that are there to protect are rights. My son and I pray every night for you guys and people willing to protect the rights of Americans from threats that are foreign and domestic.

  • doucyet

    Another “layer” would certainly help maintain the accuracy of the story if something crazy were to happen. If the men aren’t coming out any time soon, then another set of eyes may keep the feds from burning the place down and then claiming that a kerosene lamp sparked it off.

  • Airb0rne4325

    They will not add to the overall armament of the standoff. From what I understand they are to not be dressed in military garb nor have any weapons. They are there to be observers only. They are there to be witnesses should there be any indiscretions from the Feds. With all the camera phones out there it would be easy to capture anything.

  • James

    In site of a American cop your like to be shot. More people in there sight more chance the cops will accidently let off a 100 rounds or so. Under the I thought law.

  • AllodialTitle

    Lovely speculation, guesswork, impreciseness,,,,just what we’d expect from the CORPORATE MEDIA owned by the counterfeit ‘government’

  • SP_88

    From my current understanding, most militia groups do not support this wildlife refuge standoff. They agree that what happened to the Hammond’s was wrong, but they say that because the Hammond’s refused the help of the militia groups that they didn’t feel that this was a battle worth fighting. The Oath Keepers and the III%er’s are not a part of the group holding the refuge and the people who are holding the refuge are not affiliated with the Oath Keepers or the III%er’s. They feel that it was wrong for these outsiders to come to Oregon and claim that they are fighting against the government on their behalf.
    TheHossUSMC is from Oregon and he has a video explaining why he doesn’t support this standoff. Stewart Rhodes also put out a video explaining why he and the Oath Keepers do not support this standoff as well. They made very good points and even though they were sympathetic to the cause, there were too many reasons why they shouldn’t pick this battle. The Hammond’s refused their help was one reason, and despite the fact that they were likely intimidated by the federal government, without their support and the support of the local people, this will only lose the support of the people and give the militia movement a bad name.
    I know that the Hammond’s rights were violated, there is no denying that. And I know that the federal government has been overstepping their boundaries and usurping power that is supposed to be left to the states. But this wildlife refuge standoff is not the right time or place to battle the government. For a better understanding of their feelings on this, I would recommend watching the YouTube videos by the people who are more involved in this. TheHossUSMC is the first one I can think of and other similar videos should pop up as you watch it. BTW, TheHossUSMC has a lot of other good videos about prepping and tactics and firearms, etc, for those of you who are interested. I think he is a great guy and he knows what he is talking about.

    • paulgilpin

      too bad TheHossUSMC was not around to counsel Lt.Col. Travis, Davy Crockett, and Jim Bowie.

      • SP_88

        Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a situation like the Alamo.

    • Joe

      I apoligize for not responding to your reply on my post sooner as I am still proof reading it so the grammatical errors won’t take from the context. Look I live an hour south of where this is taking place and when 4 straight months of smoke a filled summer brought on by Southern Oregon fires hospitalize your 6 month old daughter with an upper respiratory infection you might feel a bit different about people burning “our” wildlands so they can kill off the juniper tree which are drinking up the ground water inhibiating the growth of the grasses that feed there cattle. And for someone who seems to have an issue with the dipshts in Washington managing our wildlands, you sure seem quick to defend someone who’s been sucking the big fat tit of the federal government for half a century. Hammond Ranches Inc. reports an annual income of $222,000 dollars which is just slightly more then the rest of the people in that area. I do agree that it’s bullsh** that the federal courts overturned the first sentence forcing them to do the minimum for a crime that did little to harm the area and like the first judge said “didn’t warrent such a sever penelty”. Sucks for them. They were running locals off “there” wildlands that there cattle grazed on. You might think different if you had a couple of gun packing ranchers land there private plane on the forestry land you and your family decided to camp on and tell you to “get off there land”. It happens alot around here with the big ranches who are grandfathered in for cattle to have dominate grazing rights every year over the smaller local ranchers. They think and act like they own it. As far as “freeing up” the wildlands as the Bundy boy put it, they want to free them up and what? What? Oh, you want to give them back to the government employed people who live in that area who manage those same lands and I quote “strip mine for gold and harvest timber”. Well I know I don’t own a mining or logging company so I’m (and this is not a fact) pretty sure you me and the rest of us Americans won’t see a red cent of hat money and will be deprived of chance to enjoy another piece of whats left of the Oregon national forest. So we get this land back and then what? I’m sorry if he had some pipe dream in which the federaly proctected national parks and forest in 8 states were just going to be “given back” to the American people. Yellowstone, Yosemite National Park,The Redwood National Forest ,The Olympic National Rain Forest so we watch as big companys come in and log and strip mine them. Fish the rivers dry and kill off the wild life while the state governments argue over how to redirect hundreds of million of there states tax dollars to manage them beacuse they no longer have federal funding. My dad was good man, who didn’t care to much for the government who left him disabled and crippled. After serving in Veitnam and then reinlisting at 39 to fight in Desert Storm and reciving The Soliders Metal for Heroism he came home only to fight the V.A. for 20 years for benefits to help raise 5 kids. The only job he could get was a forest ranger (your federal officer)who collected the camping fee’s from the little box and emptied the garabge cans at the forestry camping grounds. He’d come home and have to wipe his ass with pages of old telephone books because he coludn’t afford toilet paper in the off season’s when the parks were closed.He was a laid back herb smoking survivalist who raised us with our eyes wide open to the real world. Thats just 1 of the people who “manages” your federaly maintained forest lands. He died 2 years ago in a broke down shabby trailor of a lung infection brought on by poor living conditions while still fighting the V.A. for his benefits. The only thing they ever did for him was put him in the ground with the respect and honor he deserved. So when you ask me “where do I stand” buddy, its right here in these mountian’s of northern Ca. at the base of Mt. Shasta with my Native American wife and kids fighting this bullshit as best as I know how. Now they want to force me to let them shoot my kids up with a coctail of vaccines to line the pockets of politions and big pharm CEO’s. My eyes are wide open brother and I’m pretty sure on this battlefield we may not always be in the same unit, but I’m pretty sure for were on the same side.

      • SP_88

        It’s tough all over, and the federal government doesn’t do anything to make things easier. In fact they usually make things harder for people.
        I live on the opposite side of the country, so I only know what I read. And from what I read it was just a matter of land rights and the Hammond’s 5th amendment rights.
        I had a good idea that there were some details I was unaware of, there always are, but for the most part it seemed like it was just a local issue at this point.
        Those are big states compared to the states on the east coast. So I thought that the fires they lit were in the middle of nowhere and didn’t bother anyone, I had no idea that the smoke went that far.
        Also, the fire the Hammond’s started was actually a backburn, which is a fire to stop a bigger fire from burning down their house and burning their cattle alive. The fire that they were protecting themselves from was started by the BLM. So once again the federal government is the bad guy here. I read this after I wrote the other post.
        A lot of those fires are started by the ranchers, but the BLM starts a lot of fires also. And they have gotten out of control and caused extensive damage. But the BLM is never held accountable for their actions. So they have a lot of nerve arresting the Hammond’s for starting a backburn to save their home from being burned down by a fire that the BLM started.
        I’m sure that the ranchers are not always nice to everyone, some people are nice, and some people aren’t. I don’t know them, so I can’t say. I only know what I’ve read. And regardless of how this turns out, I won’t see a penny from it, but I still believe that we should stand together against things we believe are wrong.
        Also, I hope that you can fight the vaccine Nazis. There is no reason for them to force you to put dangerous chemicals that don’t protect anyone into your children. They are filled with toxic chemicals and they are 95% ineffective. It’s just wrong and it’s nothing but a scam to make money. And the politicians who allowed this forced vaccinations law to pass was paid off by the pharmaceutical companies that make these useless vaccines. They should all be in prison.
        Good luck and I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

        • Joe

          Thank you. Well for now theres not much I need to worry about as the states only threat if you don’t vaccainate so far is denial of a public school education. So thats pretty much like saying if you don’t eat this dog sh** were were not going to make you play in the dog park you’ll be stuck eating from your own garden and have to stay in your yard. So deny my kids a half assed education and potential school shootings…thats what your threating me with. I would almost laugh but theres nothing funny about this. With the passing of this bill it leaves you to wonder how far are they going to take this poisioning of our children. Kind of weird Obama care for all then no more doctor client privacy (like they didn’t strip that for us years ago already) then gun rights are no based on a vague term like “mental issues” when the U.S. uses more then half the worlds psyc. drugs and feeds them to everyone for everything. Maybe that ritalin they forced on millions of childrens will be one of the many ways they twist that vague terminology into slowly striping away the guns. They don’t plan a year or two ahead, these boys look decades at a time. I mean how many bipolar anti depressant eating, vaccine induced autistic, ritalan snorting zoloaft popping kid are the next generation? I just now found a Harvard study looking up some numbers that says some intersting thing . Check this out (this is from the harvard medical journel).Antidepressant use has been linked to mass shootings in America over and over and over again, and yet the mainstream media is eerily quiet about this. Is it because they don’t want to threaten one of their greatest sources of advertising revenue?.(or maybe this has been the plan for over 20 years) nearly 70 percent of all Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and 20 percent of all Americans are on at least five prescription drugs. If all of these antidepressants are helping, then why are more Americans killing themselves? The suicide rate for Americans between the ages of 35 and 64 increased by nearly 30 percent between 1999 and 2010. The number of Americans that die by suicide is now greater than the number of Americans that die as a result of car accidents every year.United States writes 259 million prescriptions for painkillers each year.And an estimated that prescription drugs kill approximately 200,000 people in the United States every single year. Approximately one-third of all foster children in the United States are on at least one psychiatric drug.One study discovered that mothers that took antidepressants during pregnancy were four times more likely to have a baby that developed an autism spectrum disorder.According to the New York Times, more than 30 million Americans are currently taking antidepressants…..”Improved screening for mental health issues”. I caucht that the moment I heard it as I have been following the insane rise in the perscrpition pill industry since 94. Something to wrap your brain around and maybe get a few more numbers on these stats if you havn’t already.There telling us to push the trojon horse throught the gates and were eager to help them do it. Good luck man BLM or not I’m glad I live deep in the damn sticks and away from the big citiies.

          • SP_88

            I am aware of the prescription drug epidemic in America. I can never remember the numbers but I have seen them. The one that did stick with me though was the number of deaths from prescription drugs every year. And it’s not overdoses, accidental ingestion or drug interactions, this is just death from adverse reactions from a prescribed drug taken as directed. That’s around one or two million people per decade being killed by FDA approved drugs. Then there are the deaths from vaccines, and reactions to them. It’s almost as if it were their goal to kill people.
            You make a good point about public school being withheld if people don’t allow their children to be poisoned with forced vaccinations. To some parents this is no big deal because they will just homeschool their children, something that is a benefit anyway. But many parents either can’t or won’t homeschool for various reasons. And then there are many parents who just get their children and themselves vaccinated because they believe the hype and fear of diseases that in reality haven’t been around for decades or are just not dangerous diseases in the first place, like chicken pox. Chicken pox was never a serious disease. And when children catch it, the symptoms are mild and after they have lifetime immunity, something that vaccines do not do. In fact, children who are vaccinated against chicken pox can never get lifetime immunity even if they end up catching it, which many times they do because the vaccines are ineffective. Which I think is a dangerous situation. What’s gonna happen a few decades from now when suddenly there is an outbreak of chicken pox among adults who were vaccinated but are not protected from it? It is a lot more serious for an adult to catch it and it can be especially dangerous for pregnant women and their baby. Without lifetime immunity there will be a lot of women who could lose their baby or give birth to sickly babies that grow up into sickly adults with all sorts of health problems. It’s already getting hard to find children who have chicken pox to help spread lifetime immunity amongst the population.
            And this can happen with a lot of the other vaccines as well. In another generation we could start seeing a whole lot of people with serious health problems caused by vaccines that we cannot fix because the damage is already done at the genetic level. These are very serious problems that are being created just so drug companies can make a profit.
            The drug companies are putting profit before public safety. And this doesn’t even address the issues caused by overuse of antibiotics. That is creating a whole new strain of dangerous drug resistant germs. These people are gonna wind up killing us all just to make a buck.
            And then there is the communist goals. There were 45 on a list as far as I can remember. But one in particular was to takeover the psychology industry. They wanted control over the mental health care industry so they could control their opposition by declaring them mentally unstable. And suddenly there were huge numbers of children being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, autism, etc, and the prescription drugs started flowing in mass. Suddenly every other child was given some sort of anti-psychotic drug to “treat” their “disorder”. And it became another cash cow for the drug companies. But it had another use as well. When these children grew up, they had a record of having a mental disorder. And even though they may have been fine, after years of taking those drugs, they ended up having a chemical imbalance or some other problem and now they are prohibited from having a firearm. And in several instances they had a mental breakdown that resulted in a mass shooting. But instead of blaming the drug companies or the psychology industry for over using those psycho drugs, they blame the guns. And now they have a way to prohibit many people from having 2nd amendment rights. Between the gun control laws, the mental health industry and the no-fly no-buy law, they would have been able to prohibit many people from owning a firearm. Thankfully the no-fly no-buy legislation was shot down because that would have been abused by the government to disarm many people who they labeled as domestic terrorists and anti-government groups.
            They are desperate to disarm Americans and keep us drugged, fat and complacent and keep us fighting amongst ourselves over foolish issues like race and religion so they can fundamentally transform America into a dystopian police state without any of the freedoms that we used to enjoy.
            Be safe out there. And keep yourself informed. I wish you and your family well.

  • Mike

    Tick tock.

  • Enough is enough

    They are another layer. Not every front is fought was guns. Maybe this is the start of a revolution. To take back what belongs to the people…. There rights

  • Smokey

    Im in the 3% Colorado and I can tell you about 30% of us are “Rent-a-Nazi” types that are surely paid to perform certain theater and actions that divide the group and cause infighting and fear!!!

    • Razedbywolvs

      Fear of what?

      • Smokey


        • Razedbywolvs

          30% of a militia being shills is a little to much. A militia is not like the military in it’s social structurer, it would be a mistake to try to apply the same type of top down leadership. The militia is a swarm not a hierarchy (there is no copyright on the 3%). The good news is that if utilized right it can be far more effective than the military. I suggest chapter two, Getting Your Swarm Organized: Herding Cats.
          If you can “manage” the swarm the shills will be isolated and rendered useless.
          There not scared of themselves. Fear is trigged by external stimuli. I suggest you figure out exactly what there scared of. Wean you figure out what it is point and laugh at the boogie man.

    • StevetheHun

      No self respecting National Socialist would ever refer to themselves as “NAZI”. Nazi has been a slur since well before WW I.

      Funny how history has been re-written that way.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Even a member of NSDAP would have to admit that there are a lot of non self respecting National Socialist out there that have sold there soul. “Rent-a-Nazi” is probably a appropriate slur.

  • Gil G

    When the unregulated militia meets the regulated militia?

    • StevetheHun

      Regulated means well running. It is newspeak to think that regulated means government controlled; the government wanted people to think everything that is government controlled is well running or “regulated”.

      Funny how that works.

      Department of War becomes Department of Defense.

      The Public Dole becomes “welfare”, and thus the constitution now says to provide a public dole…

      • Reverend Draco

        “Promote,” not Provide – the lack of education in the country is a serious issue, when people mistake one word for the other.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Rapist see girls wearing short skirts as provocation.
    Thieves see unlocked doors as provocation.
    Government see’s living as provocation.
    Of course that how they see it. But there is no use arguing over the appropriate hemline of your skirt wean your taking it up the ass.

  • StevetheHun

    Well, it’s more public use of the building than it’s had since it was built. And yeah, it’s even the original intent of the building, which was about protecting birds… in this case, now Jail Birds.

    I mean, who’s heard of this place before this? The tax payers are finally getting their money’s worth from this boondoggle.

    Better this use than to provide a mountain home for left wing liberal park rangers, IMHO.

  • berrybestfarm

    Well I sure hope the militia will come to protect me if my appeal fails. I was arrested and jailed for attempting to read a redress of grievance to our county district court judge before court was put in session. I’ve been sentenced to a year in jail should the appeal fail. Just for the trolls and naysayers here is a quote from the prosecutor at the sentencing hearing: “It wasn’t a violent crime. He didn’t hurt anyone. No property was taken.”