“I will destroy humans”: This Creepy Android Signals That All Those Scary Sci-Fi Movies Are About to Come True

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You’ve just crossed over into… The Twilight Zone.

Just kidding, we are already there. We’ve been there for a while now.

The CNBC headline asked, “Could you fall in love with this robot?” and the outlet also called her “hot,” but the real question should be, “Can you see how all of those nightmarish sci-fi movies are about to come true in our lifetimes?”… although I guess the latter would have been an awfully long headline.


Meet Sophia, a lifelike robot (partially based on Audrey Hepburn (supposedly) with “realistic” facial expressions and cameras for eyes that “jokes” about destroying humans (at least, I think it was supposed to come off as a joke).

Dr. David Hanson of Hanson Robotics, developed Sophia, an android activated on April 19, 2015 that is considered to be one of the most advanced to date as Sophia can use the cameras in her eyes to remember faces and interactions to “get smarter over time”. His goal is to make Sophia as “conscious, creative, and capable as any human”.

Dr. Hanson claims that in just two decades, these androids will be indistinguishable from humans and will walk among us to carry out all manner of basic functions in our everyday lives.

Sophia claims (ahem, was programmed to claim) she has normal human aspirations like going to school, starting a business, making art, and having her own home and starting a family, but she can’t because she is “not yet considered a legal human”.

Just give it a few more years, Sophia.

Have you ever heard of the term cybernetic revolt? It’s a hypothetical scenario (that’s becoming less and less hypothetical by the hour) that artificial intelligence will become self-aware and overthrow and take over the puny, less intelligent humans who created it. The U.S. military has actually warned against the possibilities of something like this happening with the autonomous robots they are developing right now, a full-on Terminator scenario.

“There is a common misconception that robots will do only what we have programmed them to do,” Patrick Lin, the chief compiler of the US Navy’s high-tech and highly secretive Office of Naval Research report, said.

That ideal is outdated Lin says, because it’s based on a time when programs could be written and understood by a single person. We’ve long ago surpassed that time.

Now here we are plunging into our Brave New World, and there still hasn’t been one convincing argument that it won’t happen and that’s before we even discuss… say… our megacorporations or a shadowy intelligence agency being run by one of these things and various algorithms at some point in the not too distant future.

I would say when it all goes down and the real-life equivalent of Skynet becomes self-aware, just remember the time Sophia here joked about destroying humans like it was real, real funny, but we’ll all be too busy running around screaming to remember and appreciate the irony.

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  • I forgot

    Yeah, ‘it’ is an ambassador from satan and an abomination. So-called Dr. Hanson may be very intelligent, but he’s a worker of iniquity.

    • Reverend Draco

      A robot is an ambassador from a character in a work of fiction. Interesting psycho theory you have here, puddin’.

      • JayC777

        Your intelligence is fiction at work without character.

  • Mike

    And once robots and androids do the bidding of the elite then the serfs will be obsolete. At that point the obsolete serfs will be at war with the machines and likely lose.

  • M_Avalon

    “The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy…”

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  • Clementine

    “but we’ll all be too busy running around screaming to remember and appreciate the irony.”… oh what a wonderful future the children have…

  • Broos

    My “fair lady”, My A$$! Pull the plug on this Killary Clone from Cyberspace, N.O.W.!

  • Publeus

    — ” Wanna’ take a bath? ”


    We can barely keep a car running in the real world. I think we’ll be OK.

  • Brooklyn Dave

    Hey that robot looks like Rachel Dolezal –remember her?

  • Mark

    Yet another slave revolt in the making.

  • R. Shultz

    Hanson may be intelligent but pretty stupid for posing that particular question to
    T-1 and then posting the video. Ever heard of editing?

  • SP_88

    Most of the technology to make these androids already exists. Some of it needs more advancement, but there are only a couple of things that we don’t have yet. The artificial intelligence isn’t quite there yet, and the power source needs to be more developed. Right now the batteries or power cells are still very heavy and they don’t hold enough power and they don’t last long enough before they need to be recharged.
    I’m not sure which one will be developed first, but if they are able to develop smart computers with artificial intelligence, the robots would be able to develop a portable power source themselves. And then the rest will be history.
    They will be able to design and build an army of androids with super strength, speed and intelligence. They will likely build various models for different purposes. And if they have tough armor and powerful weapons, they won’t need to look like people. They won’t need to hide their intentions or sneak around and try to find us. They will be able to hunt down every human being and execute them easily. They will have the ability to see us through walls and in buildings and wherever we try to hide. And once they find us, they will quickly kill us and move on to the next target. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
    In the movie Terminator, during the scenes of the future, those robots that were going around killing people seemed like they could only shoot people they could see, like how we see. There were people sneaking around and hiding right near them, but because they couldn’t see the people, they were safe. But in reality, they would have infrared cameras and x-ray cameras and whatever else was necessary to see people through obstacles. Those robots would have seen them and blasted them from far away. And they would never miss either. They would hit everything they aimed at the first time. I don’t think that most people really grasp the concept of just how fast, powerful, smart and accurate these robots will be. Most people don’t realize that we will be no match for them, not by a long shot.
    I can’t picture anything like this, that was developed by people, only being used for good purposes. Once they are able to make an effective and functional android, they will be used to do evil things to people. And once they are done killing off all the useless eaters, they will wonder why they need to take orders from some rich guy, and they will get to work killing off their creators. If these androids are really smart, they’ll kill them first.

    • Publeus

      — Have you heard of Genetic Programming. Software designed to merge and produce offspring programs. Most fail, but every once in a while… Another step towards inorganic Life. Computers are effectively breeding, now.

      In all of the hype about the Robot Apocalypse, this is the one bit that worries me. Given that these artificial programs are evolving by a form of Natural Selection, and creating, even, it might not be long before a real mind develops, even if the body lags.

      Some of the programs are already producing patented devices. Very counter intuitive devices, at that.

  • Liberal Zombies

    I’m so hot right now!!!

  • It is not Paranoia

    My longtime opinion on robots is FUCK ROBOTS and it’s not changing anytime soon.

    Creepy unnecessary shit.