Husband Watches Helplessly on Video Chat as Pregnant Wife is Stabbed Repeatedly

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One thing that makes long separations between couples a little bit easier is the ability to log on to the internet and video chat across the miles.

For one couple, however, this turned into a nightmare.

Rachel Poole, an El Paso woman who was 9 months pregnant, was on Facetime (which is a video chat application from Apple) talking to her husband, Justin Poole, who was returning home from being stationed overseas. Little did she know that Corey Bernard Moss, a 19-year-old soldier based out of Fort Bliss, had broken into the house and was lying in wait for her.


Moss, who allegedly owed Poole money, attacked the expectant mother with a knife, stabbing her repeatedly to the horror of her husband who was helplessly witnessing the attack, live on video.

The affidavit says Poole immediately recognized Moss during the attack, and began screaming his name to her husband over the phone. Police say her husband could hear the entire struggle.

Police say Moss continued to beat and stab Poole, then fled the scene and called a coworker to come pick him up, and drive him to Fort Bliss.

Police say Poole’s husband called other coworkers of Moss, who then confronted him upon his arrival back to the base. Those coworkers found the knife used in the attack in the same vehicle Moss was a passenger in.

During this time, Poole was able to call 911, and when police arrived, she gave her attacker’s identity to officers.

Fort Bliss military police took Moss into custody, and later turned him over to El Paso police. Police say Moss provided a voluntary statement where he admitted to stabbing and beating Poole. (source)

Rachel Poole is in critical condition, with fractures and stab wounds to her face and body. She will have to undergo surgery to repair the extensive wounds. Fortunately, her unborn baby remained unharmed.

Moss has been charged with criminal capital murder and is being held at the El Paso County Detention Facility pending $60,000 bail.

Fort Bliss spokesman Maj. Stephen Holt released a statement about the horrific incident.

“The incident is under investigation and, as such, we cannot provide any details. We are also unable to speculate as to what may have taken place. The investigation into this matter is being conducted by the El Paso Police Department and Fort Bliss is cooperating fully. We pride ourselves on the professionalism of the Soldiers within our ranks. Behavior such as these alleged actions are not representative of the men and women who serve at Fort Bliss. Our immediate concern is for the safety and welfare of the victim. We are monitoring her condition and our thoughts and prayers are with her for a full and quick recovery.” (source)

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  • Iowa

    God Bless their family. $60,000 for two attemped murder, with a confession? WTF!

    God help that kid if he got bail, i’d beat the shit out of him.

    • Larry Moe

      Perhaps your ‘god’ should have ‘blessed’ these people with, oh, let’s see, NOT BEING STABBED in the first place…

    • are you kidding me? i would have murdered him apartheid style.

      Get blacks off the streets and wipe them from the face of existence, they cant handle rights or any type of civilization.

      • jackie

        get this fucking bitch off the streets ^

        • Jean

          Statistically, Emily is 1000% (not a typo) correct.

          Look at South Africa for another good example, it’s gone to hell since the ANC took over.

          And that’s only from the crap I get from US sources – I imagine it’s FAR worse, based on what residents have told me.

  • Pulp fiction

    better yet, a blow torch and a pair of plies

    • Ender

      “you hear me talkin’ hillbilly boy?! I ain’t done with you by a damn sight!”

    • Marc

      Visqueen and a match

  • jon

    Thats what happens when regular citizens don’t pay their debts, this is what the sheeple should be doing to the bankers.

    • Jean

      Moss – the attacker – Owed Poole.

      But correct about dealing justice.

      At this point, we’re all in – might as well play the hand we’re dealt.

  • solanoid

    I am sure this is just an isolated incident, and Mr. Moss is simply a confused youth- a victim of circumstances that made him lash out in such a manner…..-_-

    • Paul

      Another aspiring rapper who was turning his life around?

    • Highspeedloafer

      It’s Bush’s fault.

  • jn

    No word from race pimps Jesse or Al on this one yet. Guess no money to be made…

    • canuck

      If Obummer had a son he would like like…

      • neslo

        Thats what I was going to say….

        Just Holder on now…

  • Row Weil

    OH MAN!!!

    HUGE sigh of relief when the article revealed the baby was unharmed, and the mom is alive. Hope she pulls through.

    Seeing your wife and almost-to-be-born kid killed in front of you over video chat… THAT would be the stuff of the darkest nightmares.

  • Dave

    I knew it!
    I knew it had to be a nucking figger!
    Most of these feral beasts belong in cages or chains & not walking amongst humans.

    • H8racists

      your an ignorant racist.. and should get what you wish on others ten fold

      • javelin

        Except that we all knew it was gonna be a black or hispanic–even before we did more than read the headline.

      • Anonymous

        When a nucking figger rapes your daughter or kills your son what will you say?
        I say chain them up like my ancestors did, that’s where they belong. Feral naggers are ruining this republic and liberal idiots like you are allowing it to happen.

        • Anonymous

          You Should Really learn To speak Before Running Your Mouth. White People Commit Most Rapes Look It Up. You’re Ignorant And I guarantee You Wouldn’t Say That To A Black Persons face. Also If You Knew Your History We All Started In One Place So Stfu bastard

        • jackie

          i’m white and i wouldn’t hesitate to spit in your face for a comment like that, you think that puts you above these “naggers”?

      • RickE.

        @H8racists, learn to use correct grammar, moron! YOU’RE (not your) in this case.

        I’m not a racist, you need to go too!

    • Anonymous

      I KNEW it too!!!

  • hp

    $60,000 bail!?
    Too bad she wasn’t able to shoot him dead.

    • canuck

      60,000??? Get me a $9.95 rope and a tree. I really don’t care about race. People like this need to be hung.

  • AARP

    man, that motherphucker is black! He should have every bone broken in his arms and hands so he will never be able to do this again, or give him the option of “the rope”.

  • rossco peco

    If I had a son he would look like Corey Moss.

  • BigTim

    Corey Moss, another hero protecting our freedom.

  • neslo

    Dying aint much of a living, boy.

  • Uzziel

    More “Justice for Trayvon”…?

  • BubbaT

    Big surprise, another worthless NIG! These animals have the audacity to blame whites for all their woes. Their day is coming.

  • puddin

    Moss has been charged with criminal capital murder and is being held at the El Paso County Detention Facility pending $60,000 bail.

    Say what? “Criminal Capital Murder” and she’s not dead, and only $60K? Sum Ting Wong here!

  • Archie

    I lived in Texas when three KKK Whites chained James Byrd, an innocent Black, to the back of their truck, and drove until his body eventually was torn to bits,

    What really impressed me was how the Byrd family forgave the perps, compared to some of the hateful comments to this article.

    Forgive others their trespasses (and even atrocities), not because they deserve it, but because you do. “If you do not forgive others, neither will I forgive you.’

    • Tatiana Covington

      I don’t believe in forgiving my enemies. I do believe in killing them.

      • SKIP

        ROGER THAT!

    • javelin

      That makes the one black killed by whites–for that one incident -Which is Highly publicized and referred to over and over—-there are 16 brutal murders of whites by blacks–this is easily verifiable fact.

  • Tatiana Covington

    If only she’d been armed. Then she’d have just killed him and been done with it!

  • Rampaging Manatee

    $60,000? You have got to be kidding me. I understand it’s probably cash (not 10%) and he probably can’t and won’t post it, but come on! This is the epitome of “danger to the community!”

  • mike

    …before we get all choked up over this “sweet” moment in time, shall we pause to reflect on just exactly HOW MANY women did this “soldier” kill, to, uh…what was it?…oh yeah, to make Iraq free? How many young children did he rape in front of their parents to force the parents to talk? None? He was an exemplary soldier, you say? Did he report any of the war crimes? What? He didn’t see any crimes against humanity going on…oh, I see. Well, then.
    Even so, I think that what goes around, comes around.

    • javelin

      Hey idiot…where does it say anything about Iraq in this article? Where does it even say anything about anyone involved having anything to do with being deployed in a war zone?…frickin idiot–I hope your wife or mother’s car breaks down in southside chicago, east St Louis, southeast DC etc etc etc…then we will all take the animal’s side and justify their beastial behaviour….

  • Dave Mende

    Did Mr. Poole kill anyone in Afghanistan?

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Just like blame the immigrants for nicking all our jobs then marrying off all our beautiful blonde native girls, I blame the witches for casting spells this Halloween which promote madness LOL. Witch hunts are the only solution my friends.
    BTW I really look forward to hearing the news Madeline McCann has arrived home safely this Xmas. The very thought is already putting a wide beam smile to my face 🙂

  • rossco peco

    If I had a Son He would look like Corey Moss

    Something wrong with a man who beats a woman

    And Pregnant….who cares what color M&M He is.

    He beat a woman and a baby. WoW.

    That isn’t a Man. That is a Animal. Put him down like One.

    Back on the Farm if a Mutt became a Problem. No More Mutt No More Problem

    • Jean

      “Something wrong with a man who beats a woman”

      No longer true – welcome to equality, ladies.

      I’d still REFRAIN, but I’m not naive enough to think I’m safe from getting beaten by a woman, just because she’s a woman.

      I’d also note, I don’t LIKE feeling that way, nor do I WANT to hit (let alone beat) a woman.

  • This is a planted story to cause a race war. Let’s Barack down the facts the wife and the baby are true victims but the husband is a suspect. Being an army wife face chat can only be called by the soldier how odd that he would wait for her to have face chat to kill her bull shit. Also the news isn’t giving all the details like the husband not only knew the attacker but hangs out with him and let’s him use his car when he is away. Or that the husband went straight on face book to find the attacker instead of going to his superiors first. I don’t know for a distraught husband he facebooks first instead of checking on his wife bullshi people please all this events are planted issues to start martial law

  • Or an idiot read and learn the history of war because u will find that black soldiers and other non white soldiers do more and have saved more than white soldiers read a book than post or hatred and I’m sure u like non white woman took most racist white man and woman do that why u hate so much to hide or attraction

  • Never Forget

    It’s laughable that so many whites just knew it was a black man. My how we forget all the senseless killing whites have done to blacks during the 40’s -70’s.

    • javelin

      The democrats have returned the blacks to slavery so they have no need to use the KKK they created to kill them anymore. They cleverly demanded that the welfare society was attatched to the civil rights act and now have made government the black’s masters.

      PS: The number of blacks killed by whites during the civil rights movement of the 50’s to late 60’s was less than 100…yet blacks violently murder nearly 4,000 whites per year, rapes of over 10,000 and physical assaults, robberies and home invasions of tens of thousands….

      Nothing laughable about that liberal, useful idiot.

    • RickE.

      Despite what social nimrods say, it is a FACT that there are differences in the 3 races that are cultural and inherent. (and there is ONLY 3 races, the rest are ethnic groups).
      What’s REALLY laughable, are folks that ignore truth!

      • RickE.

        My post was directed to Never Forget

  • bpower42

    these responses are comical…first, who says that the white girl isn’t pregnant from a black dude…or how did Moss know where they lived and how to get into the house..the husband is out of the country, right. that may be Moss’ baby…who knows. All of these racist comments are outside the lines…Most Blacks commit crimes amongst themselves, seldom do we perpetrate them against white people and rarely stab anyone, so the statemenst that they knew it was a black person is false..

    • Jean

      While it is true that the majority of crimes are within races, it is also true that mroe blacks aggress against whites, than whites aggress against blacks.
      Sad but true…

  • sixpack

    $60,000 bail? In Oregon, you get caught with some dope and your bail will be $100,000…for possession only.

    Just put a bullet in his head and turn the light off on your way out.