Hurricane Sandy: A Rehearsal For Global Cooling ?

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Homes damaged after hurricane Sandy. Photo courtesy of FEMA

Officials in New York and New Jersey are looking for solutions to the problems caused by increasingly cold weather and the huge number of people left homeless from the effects of hurricane Sandy. They are worried about exposure, and hypothermia, and rightly too, but what if this wasn’t just the Eastern Seaboard? What if it wasn’t just the whole country? What if it were the whole northern hemisphere and the problem lasted six months a year for decades?

What if storms like Sandy happened regularly, year after year?

An increasing number of scientists are coming to the conclusion that global warming has stopped. Still more are aligning themselves with the theory that global cooling has set in. The fact is that the earth hasn’t warmed for more than a decade, the way of measuring warming has changed several times and having fleeced us all for billions of dollars governments can’t throw up their hands and admit they were wrong…their revenue from green taxes would vanish overnight.

Many scientists have come to agree that there is a correlation between the amounts of sunspots forming and the weather, less sunspots during a cycle seems to indicate a cooling trend, and in this cycle, sun cycle 24, that seems to have been proven. Groundbreaking work by two scientists, Livingston and Penn has determined that sunspots need a certain level of magnetic field to form, and that below that level sunspots will not form and the face of the sun will be blank. Sunspots need a minimum of 1500 gauss to form, and it is looking increasingly likely that cycle 25 will have a very small number of sunspots if any at all.

The reason this is a worry is that historically periods with very low sunspot numbers, or periods where sunspots have not appeared at all have been proven to be times of bitterly cold winters across the northern hemisphere. These were times of famines due to failed harvests, frost fairs on the River Thames which often froze to a depth of 18 inches. Periods in history where millions died of cold and starvation. The indications are that periods reminiscent of the Dalton Minimum, or even the Maunder Minimum will be returning in the not too distant future, possibly within the next decade, certainly within the next two.

With many countries cutting the use of coal and oil fired power stations, but not yet having anything in to replace them with, the future, winter heat wise, is already looking bleak. Rolling power cuts have already been predicted in the UK from 2015 onwards due to there not been enough energy to go around. Winter conditions several degrees lower than we currently experience will exacerbate
the problem as people struggle to keep warm in their own homes. Many hundreds of thousands will not be able to as demand for energy outstrips supply.

So, why is this not on the news? Why are we not being told that the likelihood is that many millions in the northern hemisphere are going to freeze to death or starve to death, or both in the next decade or two?

Why would they? What a perfect “natural” way to achieve depopulation on a grand scale. Global cooling is here, and the evidence suggests that it’s going to get worse, much worse. I urge you to review your prepping plans accordingly. Having food for a year isn’t going to be enough, unless you can grow enough in the cooler/wetter (Europe) hotter/drought (USA) summers to sustain you through the winter that follows.

This is clearly an overview, I have included a reading list at the bottom of the article for those who wish to research the facts for themselves.

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Contributed by Lizzie Bennett of Underground Medic.

Lizzie Bennett retired from her job as a senior operating department practitioner in the UK earlier this year. Her field was trauma and accident and emergency and she has served on major catastrophe teams around the UK. Lizzie publishes Underground Medic on the topic of preparedness.

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