Hundreds in Texas Organize ‘Counter Jade Helm’ Surveillance Operation

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Several hundred people in Texas have organized “Counter Jade Helm,” in response to the upcoming multi-agency, multi-state, artificial intelligence-run Jade Helm military drill set to begin on July 15th in Bastrop, Big Spring and Junction, Texas.

From what appears to be the official website

Counter Jade Helm, aka CJH, is a training exercise for the people. In response to the military’s multi-state training, called Jade Helm 2015, citizens will participate in an unofficial fashion to practice counter-insurgency, organizational and intelligence gathering and reporting skills.

CJH is not affiliated with the military’s training exercise.

The objective is not to stop or countermand the military’s training, but to practice our own skills. Anyone can participate. Groups within each state that will play host to the military are being established to streamline the process. Individuals not wishing to be affiliated with a group can also submit information to this website for analysis and publishing.

The website includes a place for the public to turn in “Salute Reports,” which are described as:

SALUTE reports are used by the military to report, in short form, enemy sightings. Containing only 6 sections, it’s quick, easy and effective. It’s also, but less commonly called a SPOT report. When troops observe activity of opposing forces, special targets or other assigned observation targets, SALUTE reports are generated and passed up, typically to the S-2 or intelligence section of the higher command level.


Once reports come in, it appears they will be organized by state to help the public keep tabs on what’s being spotted on the ground. Reports can be submitted here.

The site also includes a helpful military vehicle ID list which has graphics to aid the public in identifying what they might be seeing during Jade Helm for report submission.

Considering a lot of people feel helpless when the government carries out these types of drills in their area, this is one creative, clever way to fight fire with fire (so-to-speak) and to gather and share information.

There are obviously a lot of reasons to be suspicious of this drill.

Again as previously reported on TDS, this is the first massive military drill of its kind ever in America. It is set to include Green Berets, Navy SEALs, and Air Force Special Ops among other government law agencies, setting loose an estimated grand total of over 1,200 troops. It has been said drill participants are supposed to try and blend in undetected with their surroundings, although how blending in on Main Street U.S.A. is supposed to help our troops do anything overseas has never once been explained to anyone with a critical eye’s satisfaction (mostly because it makes no sense as to how successfully infiltrating America will help our troops in the Middle East, for example… it only really helps them if they plan to occupy America itself).

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called in the Texas State Guard to “monitor” the exercise, supposedly in response to martial law takeover fears, but that’s just as likely cover for the fact that they were set to be part of the exercise all along… why not, so many other military agencies are.

In addition, all media has been banned from witnessing the exercise, as reported in the Washington Post:

Embedded reporters won’t be permitted at any point during the exercise, in which military officials say that secretive Special Operations troops will maneuver through private and publicly owned land in several southern states.

Wapo reportedly made several requests to observe Jade Helm and help quell public fears, but they were refused on the grounds that the exercise will be isolated and the identity of those involved needs to be protected. Wapo’s Dan Lamothe went on to point out this makes no sense, however, as Wapo journalists have been granted access to Special Forces during military drills before.

The Jade Helm 15 drill, named for a DARPA-developed A.I. quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and will be in charge of the drill in order to “master the human” domain and predict human response, is set to run from July 15 through September 15.

Although we have been informed of the three cities the drill will begin in, all other locations are classified.

Of the Counter Jade Helm exercise, the Houston Chronicle reported:

Eric Johnston, a 51-year-old retired firefighter and sheriff’s deputy who lives in Kerrville, is a surveillance team leader in Texas.

If a team member sees two Humvees full of soldiers driving through town, they’re going to follow them,” Johnston said. “And they’re going to radio back their ultimate location.”

They aren’t worried about martial law, he said, but feel like they can’t trust the government, and want to make sure the Military isn’t under orders to pull anything funny.

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  • frankw

    Good, buts let’s hope these counter measures are not, in themselves, being overseen by the very forces we are monitoring. Be wary of all organizations that may have dual roles to play in this exercise.

    • Yep, sometimes that can be like trying to join anonymous over the internet, lol!

      • molon_labe

        These guys are actually helping them without even knowing it.

      • The watcher

        Knowledge is free.
        We are Anonymous.
        We are Legion.
        We do not forgive.
        We do not forget.
        Expect us.
        Join us.

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        anonymous do you know who they are i know
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      • mirageseekr

        There are several sites on facebook of all places! Although it is nice to see the masses start to awaken to what the reality of our situation is. It is no longer just the “preppers” and “conspiracy theorist” crowd that are figuring out things are not right.

        • Facebook anonymous web application = PRICELESS! I bet if I set one up I would get entries, lol!

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            all right talk to you then and then ill show you some shit for real all this stuff on the news and so on some is correct some is a decoy lets just start with the Iran nuke deal they just did and jade helm 15 and some other stuff ….. anon and so on.

    • Good advice, but remember that the enemies of our Republic are apparently well acquainted with Seligman’s Theory of Learned Helplessness. Convince the masses that they are helpless against our ruling class, and they won’t rebel even if they easily can. If the Illuminati and/or Reptilians have been running this planet for centuries, if not millennia, using subtle methods beyond our comprehension, then how can we possibly conceive of ways to overthrow them? If absolutely nothing is as it seems, then we are indeed living in a schizophrenic state! Our enemies themselves propagate these schizophrenic delusions to send the classic Borg message, “resistance is futile!” Fear mongering is the stuff of those who wish to suppress dissidence.

      Just assume that this, and all other, similar organizations are infiltrated to one extent or another. We must equip ourselves with the equipment, knowledge, skills, and supplies we need to survive and fight back in any situation. While we must not be so paranoid as to shun support from whatever source [believe it or not, we still have friends among the police and the military – but they are being singled out and expelled (or worse) when they are detected], we must be prudent and wise in doing so. Calls to commit acts of unprovoked violence are coming from either agent provocateurs or fools – don’t listen to either.

      More and more people are taking to the streets. And when we take back the streets, we must be prepared to use whatever force is necessary to defend ourselves and our cause. We must also be prepared for the consequences. As with the anti-war demonstrations of the 1960’s – some of us shall die and many more shall be injured. Our enemies learned from the “60’s and are much better prepared than they were then.

      The first American Revolution succeeded because we already had a replacement government in existence. We need to create local “shadow” governments so as to reduce any period of anarchy to a minimum. Some State governments are actively opposing Federal lawlessness. True, there shall be corrupt and opportunistic people who shall try to suborn the new government – this always happens. But as long as the government FEARS the people, such corrupt and opportunistic individuals must hide or die. To decide not to take action from fear that “the new boss might be just like the old boss” is doing exactly what the Plutocracy wants – we’re right back to Seligman’s Theory of Learned Helplessness!

      • Reverend Draco

        What a load of shit.

        “We need to create local “shadow” governments so as to reduce any period of anarchy to a minimum.”

        Yes – let’s create a local version of the entire fucking problem, so we can go right back to it without interruption – that’ll fix everything!

        The mindless fuckwittery of State-theists reminds me of hydrogen – almost impossible to avoid.

        Get an education, slackjaw.

  • SickOfTheStupid

    If these soldiers are spotted and they are armed it is a act of war ……..

    people need to wake up , these are not drills or training this is a live fire military operation on US soil against US citizens ……NDAA 2012 WAS A OPEN DECLARATION OF WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  • Gearmoe

    Reasonable to stay aware, just don’t become reactive. It will be of no surprise to see MP’s and some Marine’s armed for protection purposes. I however agree, if this practice session holds live rounds, this indicates something more than practice.

  • The watcher

    I am Anonymous Over the years, we have been watching you. Your campaigns of
    misinformation; suppression of dissent; your litigious nature, all of
    these things have caught our eye. With the leakage of your latest
    propaganda video into mainstream circulation, the extent of your malign
    influence over those who trust you, who call you leader, has been made
    clear to us. Anonymous has therefore decided that your organization
    should be destroyed. For the good of your followers, for the good of
    mankind–for the laughs–we shall expel you from the Internet and
    systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form.
    We acknowledge you as a serious opponent, and we are prepared for a
    long, long campaign. You will not prevail forever against the angry
    masses of the body politic. Your methods, hypocrisy, and the artlessness
    of your organization have sounded its death knell.

    You cannot hide; we are everywhere.

    We cannot die; we are forever. We’re getting bigger every day–and
    solely by the force of our ideas, malicious and hostile as they often
    are. If you want another name for your opponent, then call us Legion,
    for we are many.

    Yet for all that we are not as monstrous as you are; still our methods
    are a parallel to your own. Doubtless you will use the Anon’s actions as
    an example of the persecution you have so long warned your followers
    would come; this is acceptable. In fact, it is encouraged. We are your SPs

    Gradually as we merge our pulse with that of your “Church”, the
    suppression of your followers will become increasingly difficult to
    maintain. Believers will wake, and see that salvation has no price. They
    will know that the stress, the frustration that they feel is not
    something that may be blamed upon Anonymous. No–they will see that it
    stems from a source far closer to each. Yes, we are SPs. But the sum of
    suppression we could ever muster is eclipsed

    • Reverend Draco

      Barely smart enough to copy/paste – but not smart enough not to copy/paste brainless nonsense.

      Well, America – this is what happens when you let Duh Gutterment edgicamate yur chidren.

      • The watcher

        you have been warned back off last warning

  • Mark

    “Controlling the tyrants’ domain”

  • arahn

    All they need are some provocateurs to turn this into more than just a training exercise.

  • varlog

    “…will be in charge of the drill in order to “master the human” domain and predict human response…”

    And these reports will help them do just that. They will be monitoring them to see how much the public has figured out.

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